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It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:49 pm

Daiko Flayme
Spells Being Trained:

40% WC Reduction from Intelligence (INT: 130)

1200 WC per A-Rank Spell

Now that the barbaric pest was taken care of, the Avvar Mountains were more available for merchants to pass by in order to sell their wares. People could finally travel through its ancient cave systems without worrying about being raided by old men in ragged clothes and wielding rusty axes, screaming like baby animals and demanding respect and submission. A good job by Blue Pegasus, in his book… so obviously, he would venture out to the mountains alone, needing some alone time to train. His body had gotten so used to the TakeOver Magic that it possessed now that he began feeling like taking it up a notch and retrieve an old spell of his back when he figured that he was just a mere Fire Mage - one of his oldest spell ideas and one of the most classic examples of Fire Magic in display…
It was all in the breath of the caster, who had to heat their lungs up and release these brilliant flames. He didn’t want to just have an ordinary fire-breathing spell, though; he had to push himself to the point where he wouldn’t be able to feel the cold, stinging air around him up in the mountains. Imagine if he succeeded; his fire-breathing would probably reach absurd levels of heat that could turn any cold opposition into a scorched wasteland… it was a frightening thought, really, but given that it was his favorite kind of spell idea, why wouldn’t he be eager to begin his training?
Coda would watch him from above, for his targets were the ice-cold boulders covering the mountain passes. It was late fall, and while the mountainous areas promised cold weather all year round, it was really getting cold now… snow began to fall down early, signaling the beginning.

WC: 300/1200

#2Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 12:40 pm

Daiko Flayme
Breathe in… breathe out…
Breathe in… breathe out…
Gee, it was getting colder now. The later hours brought in grim, dark skies, and the night was creeping in early today. Daiko had just been breathing… he couldn’t afford to waste mana until he got used to the temperature up here. This, y’know, this kind of body-breaking training - all alone up in the mountains, challenging the elements like a suicidal psycho - reminded him of his old guild. While he saw steam escape his mouth and nostrils, it was as if Kái’s face formed by it. Keira’s face followed suit, followed by Kon’s… then Shahrbaraz’s, then Aguero’s…
What they must’ve been going through right now was but a mystery.
There was it! A flame escaped his mouth, licking the air before dying out by the cold temperatures suffocating it. Getting the feel and hang of it, Daiko exhaled rapidly to release a tongue of fire travelling through the air. It was bright and dazzling, befitting of his magic, but his feathers wouldn’t want to grow out yet… besides, the lick of fire barely reached halfway to the boulder. He had to continue.
Coda’s nearest source of heat was near those fires, so she perched on his backpack laying on the ground near Daiko. The fires escaping his mouth was quite a lightshow for her, albeit being a very poor one. It took a few hours before Daiko could release mere 10 centimeters of fire out of his mouth, but by that point, he was getting exhausted for today. The night had engulfed the land of Myras, and if he didn’t seek refuge in his tent, then he would surely freeze to death.
Blasphemous… his guild counted on him to return from his training, and he wouldn’t let them down.

WC: 300
TWC: 600/1200 (btw, training Firebreath)

#3Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:42 am

Daiko Flayme
… The sun rose up again in the eastern horizon. Daiko was in his tent, snoozing in as he was both exhausted as well as feeling pretty cold after his extreme training. This was nostalgic, pushing himself this far to gain results… it made him a little sad, too. He missed Lamia Scale. This whole ordeal made him remember his days out in the forests and up in the mountains with Kái - how they crossed a sea by swimming to another island, how they build bonfires to warm themselves up near, how they searched for that one weird-looking apple and many other adventures flashed through his head as he looked up at the tent’s top. Coda was tucking herself right next to him, fluffing up her feathers for more warmth.
Today, Daiko would continue his training. He was able to manifest clear fire out of his mouth, but they only reached a couple centimeters ahead before dying out, and that simply wouldn’t do. His fire-breathing spell should have enough firepower to demolish the boulder 20 meters ahead of him. Therefore, he breathed in just like yesterday, then practiced his breathing and allowed more and more air to fly into his lungs. He had to remember that the air was ice-cold outside, so they had to be heated up thoroughly once in his lungs before being able to ignite fire… but he also had to be careful, for he could feel his lungs twitching in pain. Having such ice-cold air circulating deep inside there could wound him… fatally, if he didn’t watch out.
That was another reason why he had to master this spell! Only by being able to light his entire respiratory system into fire could he avoid things such as frostbite, frozen lungs and the likes of that.

WC: 300
TWC: 900/1200 (training Firebreath)

#4Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:03 am

Daiko Flayme
He did it! After a handful of days up in the mountains, breathing like crazy and feeling like getting lung infections, Daiko’s fire-breathing spell was able to hit the boulder 20 meters away from him. He was so excited that he kept pouring mana into his spell, trying to see if he could completely incinerate the rock under these harsh, cold conditions - it was below 0 degrees Celsius, and his skin ached a bit. He had to heat himself up regularly to prevent himself from getting frostbite, but now that he had trained his lungs this vigorously, heating himself came so easily to him. One inhale, and he could feel a raging fire deep down to his belly, and one exhale released a wave of dazzling flames that lit up the coldest air around it.
He repeated his breathing training for one more day… but this time, the results were far grander. Instead of just being able to scorch down a boulder, he could breathe up into the cold air and release a blast of fire from his mouth that travelled so far and so wide, despite the low temperatures that deemed it practically impossible to reach these levels of heat under natural circumstances. His fire-breathing spell got so severe that not only had it melted the snow around him in a wide area, but it began to simulate the coming of spring and cause winter lilies to bloom prematurely.
Coda flung around in the air, happy to see Daiko’s improvement. However, now that his spell was complete, he had to focus on keeping his entire body heated up - his skin was starting to turn blue, after all. He glanced at Coda and approached her, wanting to hug her tightly to gain some warmth before he caught the sound of someone nearby…
A little group of viking-like men… remnants of the barbarians from back then.

WC: 317
TWC: 1217/1200 (Firebreath Mastered! 17 words in excess, training Talon Swords = 17/1200)

#5Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:19 am

Daiko Flayme
… Or so, they appeared to be. However, their conversation proved them to be a little different.
“It’s true, guys… I’ve searched all day! Bhuttan’s nowhere to be seen!” one of the barbarians who wore a blue helmet explained to his two companions, “And what we’ve heard from the others… I almost can’t believe what I’m about to say, but I think that he was eaten…”
“By what? Wait, no, don’t tell me-“
“You heard the news! People are seeing dragons return again; dragons! Dragons! He must’ve run into one… and we’re no safer if we stay here! Let’s fucking run, already!”
If they were friends of Bhuttan, then they would prove problematic in the future. Therefore, with his skin shaking yet, Daiko walked towards them with embers escaping his mouth. “Heeeey, you guys mentioned Buttman, didn’t you!?” he roared at them, even larger flames exhaling from his lungs, “I don’t know about any stupid dragons, but he was beaten by us!” He clenched his fists as blazes escaped his palms to form… uh, nothing. He shook his clenched fists a little more to make the flames form swords, another old spell idea of his, but he was back at square one in terms of that.
“… Wait, who the hell do you think you are?!” another barbarian who carried a thick, ginger beard cackled at him while approaching the troubled Fire Mage. The third barbarian, who was blonde and had a clap over his right eye, stopped his friend from advancing and reasoned: “Don’t you see that he’s a mage? We can’t beat that!”

“Oh, stop being such a baby! That’s why nobody likes you back in Sieghard,” the ginger barbarian insulted his mate, “Besides, look at him! He can’t do shit like that; he can barely conjure up a bonfire!” Thinking that Daiko was some kind of novice mage, the ginger barbarian ran up towards him and unsheathed his longsword with the intent of cutting the Fire Mage in two.

WC: 332
TWC: 349/1200 (training Talon Swords)

#6Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:28 am

Daiko Flayme
It was to be expected that the bold barbarian would get a clenched fist planted into his head before he could swing his huge longsword down at Daiko. The impact from his attack was enough to send the barbarian flying, a possible overkill from his side, but he was just trying to figure out how to form these flames into short swords like he used to - back in the day, Daiko was able to form various weapons out of fire, but it was so difficult to do that now… was it because that his magic was, essentially, a Takeover? C’mon, Phoenix, help him out here!
Why would the Phoenix inside of him never respond to his pleads?!
Another thrust with his fists finally gave a flame that was long enough to be considered an acceptable length for a sword, but the form was far from sword-like. Therefore, while the barbarian’s friends helped their fallen idiot up on his feet only to realize that he had been knocked out cold, Daiko swung his flame around to sharpen it - it was pretty much like using the cold air as a grindstone, however ridiculous that might have sounded.
“You little shit! Karl, who is this?!” the blonde barbarian breathed out in rage, “You’re the one who knows about these places! Tell us, before he starts killing us or something!”
Accidently, Daiko’s attempt at sharpening the fire sword that looked more like a random torch resulted in him swinging it straight at the blonde guy, scarring his face up real bad. The Fire Mage paid no mind to his foe, not after having related them to Buttman and his dead gang. The best thing they could do now was to run back where they came from…
“… I heard that a guild of wizards were helping people in Myras nearby… Blue Pegasus. I-I don’t know who he is, though!”

WC: 317
TWC: 666/1200 (training Talon Swords)

#7Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:37 am

Daiko Flayme
“I! Don’t! Care!” Daiko shouted back at them with a growling voice as if he was in a bad mood, “Buttman is gone, alright! Gotta stop harassing people up here in the Avvar Mountains, and I swear, if you guys start it all over again-“ While threatening them with the sound of an otherworldly monstrosity, the flames emitting from each fist grew in size and began to take the shapes of short, wide swords The air around him heated up and melted whatever snow was left on top of this mountain after all of his training from before, which - by the way - must’ve been scarce. “-then I will find you and burn down every single one of you until none of you are left! You got it?! You stupid, retarded group and all of you barbarians! I’ve had it with you guys!!!” Lifting up one of the swords, Daiko swung it down with fury at the two barbarians, and while he expected to see them cut in two, the flames died out before they could even touch them…
He still hadn’t fully mastered - or remastered, if you asked him - this spell yet. The two barbarians, however, were more than willing to forfeit their opposition against him. They weren’t looking directly at Daiko, however, but they spotted burn marks… on the tip of the mountain whose roads they stood on right now. Daiko’s flames had reached so far without his knowing, and they didn’t want to deal with monstrosity like that. Hell no!
And as if things couldn’t get any worse, roars could suddenly be heard from a distance. Daiko cancelled his pseudo-completed fire swords and glared to the left of him with Coda perching on his shoulder in worry. Something was on the horizon… a black dot at first, but as it got closer, its scales could be seen…

WC: 313
TWC: 979/1200 (training Talon Swords)

#8Daiko Flayme 

It's All In The Breath [Spell Training | 2x A-Rank Spells] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:29 pm

Daiko Flayme
The two barbarians had ended up just dashing away - the flying dragon almost made them pee in their pants, those poor guys. Daiko gladly waved them farewell internally, for he was glad to see them use their brains and realize that they had no chance. Perhaps, this would teach them something about letting people be… so, back to training.
Those flame swords were lousy. Daiko betted that he could sharpen them by swinging them through the cold air, for if the swords of pure fire were able to burn as sharply as ever through such temperatures, then imagine how hot they would be down on the water’s surface where the temperature was way higher… they would be nigh unstoppable. His guild would be so proud of his advancements… and so would’ve Lamia Scale…

Coda chirped while basking her wings to push herself up in the air, for the cold air wasn’t nearly as stinging as before. Daiko’s training had done quite a number on the ecosystem around this part of the Avvar Mountains, and truth be told, he didn’t mean to - he just wanted to best the cold elements, not ruin some grizzly bear’s hibernation! The bear in question had climbed all the way down to him from the tip of the mountain, angered that the air suddenly heated up and became unbearable for the poor creature to sleep in… and it was soon winter, so it had to fall asleep with what energy it had stored throughout the latest fall.
It roared viciously at him, but Daiko was grinning back with no fear for it. So, there were bears here in the mountains, too? Just like in Worth Woodsea, Daiko had a connection to animals, and he understood them very well - figuratively, not literally. Yet, it was just the kind of judge he needed to see if his spell was complete.
And by the view of his fire swords, the bear ran away with its chump of a tail beneath its legs. Yup, those fire blades looked sick…

WC: 343
TWC: 1322/1200 (completed Talon Swords)

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