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Shopping Crisis [Quest]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 10:40 am

Sage Meilyr
Sage decided to go back to mingle with society. He needed to buy some essential things, though he did not want to be recognized by anybody. He was wearing a brown cloak over his head and body, concealing his face from being seen by whoever he passes by. He was heading towards a very known street where there were shops with items of good quality. He went to one of the shops and brought his essentials. After he was done with that he walked out of the shop. It was quite late already, yeah Sage shops for a really long time, the sky was already crimson in color. He noticed a man, around his 40's panicking opposite of the street, the man was walking around in circles with his hands up on his face. Sage could tell by the look of his face that he was worried of some serious shit.

For some reason, Sage felt his heart tugging a little, tugging him to help the man. Not thinking of the consequences, Sage walked up to the man and began to ask if anything was alright. "Er, excuse me, but you don't look okay, is there something wrong?" he asked with a gentle tone. The man quickly grabbed Sage's shoulders. "Yes, yes. You look like an adventurer, do you take requests? Please you have to help me." the man said, panic in his voice. "Yes, I do take requests, what is it?" Sage replied. "Well there is this man, he- he is someone with power, I was supposed to pay my due to him but I didn't because it isn't his right to ask for money in the first place! So now, from what I heard, he would sent his men to rob my shop clean. Can you please defend this shop for me?" The man explained to Sage. Sage nodded his head, "Well I can see that you are clearly the victim here, so yes I will defend your shop, you don't need to worry about it." Sage agreed with a soft smile at the end of his sentences, providing reassurance to the man. "Thank you thank you!" The man exclaimed.


#2Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:15 pm

Sage Meilyr
The merchant showed Sage the way in, entering the shop Sage looked around the place. The door had a big glass window and adjacent to it were windows displaying the interior of the shop. Sage could already picture the robbers diving in through the glass windows and rob everything, or they could be sneaky about it. Sage had a moment of thought again. He looked over the merchant, "Can you show me all the entry ways to your shop?" Sage asked. The merchant simply nodded his head and turned walking towards a backdoor. Sage took that as a gesture to follow him along, so he did. The merchant showed him a vent hole but that was it. Then the merchant left the shop as it was already dark and he did not want to be there went the action happens.

Sage decided that it was time for him to set up the traps. He already knew that he might be screwed as he could not conjure a single spell, but it won't matter he still got his wits. So he began to gather materials from around the shop, ropes, glues, marbles, and sacks of poisonous wolf bane powder. First he needed to be ready for the first scenario, which was where the robbers enter through smashing the glass windows. He tied up a rope from end of a window to another end, then again to another end, forming a criss-cross that would surely trip anybody up that was coming from the glass windows. Next he splattered marbles across the floor near the glass windows so that the robbers would trip and fall. He then coated the surfaces of things like walls, shelves et cetera, with glue, so that if one of the robbers would try to stand up they would be stuck there instead.



#3Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:45 am

Sage Meilyr
Sage stood up and walked back a few steps, he crossed his arms over each other and looked at the trap he had set. "One more to complete it all.", he said to no one. At the end of the rope criss-crossing over the glass windows were quite a length of the rope still. Sage walked over to the end of the rope. He grabbed the length of the rope and brought it to a corner where stacks of sacks filled with poisonous wolfsbane powder. A slight grin appeared on his face as he grab one of the sacks and tied it to the rope. He tied the other sacks across the rope. When he was done with that He walked over to the place where he had set the trap. He then realized that he could not reach the ceiling. So he placed down the rope carefully and went to look for a ladder inside the store. When he found one he grabbed it and carried it over to the main entrance of the shop. He set the ladder down and began climbing it, bringing along the sack-attached rope with him. He hung the rope across the wooden panels supporting the ceiling. When he was done with that he climbed down the ladder and brought the ladder to the next wooden panel and same as last time, climbed the ladder carrying the rope along with him and hung it across the wooden panel. He did this for a few more times. When he was done with that he carried the ladder back to the place where he found it. He looked at the trap he had set and let out a sigh and a soft grin. He was proud of the trap. There were a slight chance where the trap won't work but it did not matter to him at the time all that mattered at the moment was how brilliant it looked.



#4Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:34 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage then went over to the back where the owner of the showed him an opening to a vent. It would honestly be a really good pathway for a person to climb through it and enter the shop. Sage brought his hand to his chin and rested his arm on his other arm, while letting out a soft 'hmm'. He was thinking of a way to set a trap for anyone that entered the shop through the vent. "Aha!" he finally exclaimed as an idea appeared inside his mind. He went to one side of the store to look for oil. Once he found them he went back to the place where there was the vent. He started to spill the content of the container of the oil at the bottom of the vent opening. Sage giggled a bit as he thought of how the robbers would slip over the oil and crash. Is he enjoying others people pain a little too much? Probably.

Once he was done with that he waited in a corner, where he waited for the robber to come. Before he do that though, he went to look for some kind of weapon, as he had no magic at the time, all he could do was some nice reliable weapon. Then he saw a bat. "Perfect." he whispered as his eyes gleamed at the sight of the bat and the thought of how hard it would hit the robbers in the head. Was he still enjoying this too much? Yes he definitely is. He grabbed the bat and started to swing it around. The bat was made from metal. Sage's smile grew even wider and his eyes gleamed even more. He went back to his hideout, metal bat in his hand. He wait silently while reading a magazine laying around the counter.



#5Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:44 pm

Sage Meilyr
Suddenly there was the sound of something crashing, the shattering of glass. Sage quickly looked up from the magazine he was reading about. Then he heard some shouting, actually a lot of shouting, and the sound of heavy things falling to the ground. A sly smile form on Sage's face. The robbers were there and it was time for him to execute his job properly. Sage stood up, and grabbed the metal bat, resting it on his shoulder. He then started to walk slowly towards the trap area. The shop was dark, Sage purposed-fully closed all the lights so that he would gain an upper hand. The robbers would not expect any of this at all, the traps, Sage, no they would all be surprised and shit the hell out of their pants. The robbers had already fallen over due to the ropes and the marbles. Some of them stuck due to the glue Sage had fixed onto the walls, some of the robbers must have tried to stand up, but got trapped all over again.

The wolfsbane powder had fallen all over, but as Sage predicted it was not strong enough, The poison's poisoning power was reduced by a great deal. Something he should have suspected out of a store-bought poison. The poison's uses must be for little creatures like pests, so it won't have much of an effect on human beings. The robber all simply struggled to stand up, but they weren't that injured, in no time they would all be back to their feet like nothing happened. Before that could happen, Sage would step in. First, he would analyze the situation first. There were six robbers, in which two of them were frail and skinny, one was huge and muscular while the other three were medium sized. A grim grin formed across Sage's face, he knew who to take out first.



#6Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:53 pm

Sage Meilyr
With the help of the moonlight, Sage could see the figures of the robbers. But the robbers could not see him as he was on the other side of the shop, the moonlight did not light the place up, hence they could not have seen Sage. Sage swung the metal bat swiftly, knocking out the robber with the frail body. He then immediately swung it again. Knocking the other robber with the frail body in the head. The frail body robbers were both knocked out instantly. The other four robbers noticed this. Sage then turned and ran into the darkness of the shop, while giggling evilly. The robbers had to divide and search for him. But here, Sage would have the upper hand again, as he already knew the way around the shop. As he had checked out its map already. Sage waited on one corner. He then heard foot steps, light foot steps. Which meant that it was one of the average sized robber. The robber turned the corner and bam Sage swung the bat at the robber's head. The robber was immediately knocked out.

Sage then went to wait on another corner. He had to watch out for the big guy though because it would be a bit harder to knock him out. He knocked the other two average sized robbers pretty easily. When it was his turn to deal with the big sized robber, he opened all the lights. Sage grabbed some flour, and went to look for the big sized robber. Once Sage found the big sized robber, the robber immediately charged at him. But Sage was prepared, he has calculated everything and figured already how things would go. Sage tossed the flour mid air and swung at it with the metal bat. Flour then immediately began to scatter in the air.



#7Sage Meilyr 

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:01 pm

Sage Meilyr
The big sized robber was definitely shocked by this as he did not expect it at all. His vision was blurred. Because Sage was much shorter than the robber, the flour in the air did not effect him at all. He then began to swung his metal bat at the robber's crouch. The robber immediately wailed in pain and fell to the ground backwards. Sage took this chance and immediately swung his metal bat on the robber's head. The robber immediately fainted like the rest of the other robbers. After all that, Sage went to look at the opening of the vent, and it looked like nobody had went through it. Sage sighed at the mess he had created. He then gathered all the robbers together and tied them up with a strong rope. He also tied the robbers up with a tying that would make sure they won't escape at all. He learned this technique of tying from some interesting magazines he found.

Afterwards it was almost daybreak. So Sage simply waited for daybreak to come and for the owner of the shop to come. But before that he cleaned up the mess that he did. Which are the traps that he had set. But he didn't mess with the shattering of the glass because it was one of the evidence that the robbers did break in. When the sun was finally up, the owner of the shop appeared at the doorstep and was a bit shocked at how his glass windows were all shattered. Sage greeted the shop owner with a bright smile and an enthusiastic toned good morning. The shop owner was lost at words at first when he saw the group of tied up robbers. He then thanked Sage for defending his shop and rewarded him. Sage happily received his rewards and went back to his place where he could finally sleep.




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