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So He Was Not Dead [Open]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 3:15 am

Sage Meilyr
It had been quite a while since the disappearance of Sage the mage. Ever since he lost his magic he felt too vulnerable and weak to walk around the outside world. He was too ashamed. But one day, he heard about the appearance of a mysterious city called Samhain, near central Fiore, he couldn't help but to see the city for himself. He had always been a curious person, wanting to uncover the reason behind the occurrence of things and explore undiscovered territories. Before journeying to Samhain though, he had an internal struggle of contemplating whether he should go or not, due to the fact that he has no magic to protect himself should anything happen. But after discovering that the place was filled with games and the fact that Halloween was near and it was more of a festival, Sage decided that it was going to be alright.

So there he was, stepping into unknown ground. He was dressed as a witch, a black pointy hat and black attire, complementing his white robust hair. Sage was feeling a little bit nervous as questions appeared in his head like what if he met someone he knew? Or anyone who recognizes him began to ask him questions of his disappearance, as of now, not a single soul knew that he lost his magic. There were, though, some rumours about the reason behind his disappearance like how he was off to a mystical adventure or how he made a deal with a demon and what not. He disliked the fact that society simply made up stories just like that and how frustrating it was that fake news can travel so quickly.

He shook his head, and concentrated his mind towards the thing in front of him. There were a lot of people in the city of Samhain, some were mortals from the living world while there were also undead creatures mingling around. He noticed that there are games where he could try and play. But secretly inside he wondered how his friends were doing.

#2Valentine Stevenson 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 2:57 pm

Valentine Stevenson
Samhain was an interesting and color place, Valentine had to admit that he regretted not coming here while he was a rune-knight or well at least not coming here sooner. But admittedly, he was not a strong as he used to be and even though he was no longer bed ridden Valentine still was not completely healed. Hell, he was not sure that he could even be completely healed with the massive damage that he received. But as long as he took his medicine, Valentine reasoned that he could managed the pain and aching that occasionally occurred, and through a painfully slow process, start to regain the strength and power that he had formerly lost. Until then, Valentine would decided to keep a on the down low profile, and make sure that his name does not catch too much attention.

As he wondered about the mysterious town, Valentine started to notice some games that could be played, he interacted with some but largely kept to himself. Valentine was dressed as a ‘zombie’ gangster or mob boss, which honestly was not to far from his casual clothing. He wore a dark green pelted fur coat that dangled from his shoulder’s like a cloak, black slack and matching shoes, a white buttoned up shirt, and an orange pinstriped vest. There was a stitched scar that ran across his noise, and makeup was used to make his skin look very pale and deathly. Ontop of that, Valentine wore a large golden hook made from cardboard, that he carried in his left hand. On his other hand, he wore multiple bejeweled rings, made from gold, and an earring on his right ear. 

As he walked a sharp pain in his chest started to occur, Valentine doubled over in pain, and started to cough violently. Trembling he fumbled about in his cloak, searching for a bottle of pills that he kept with him. But as he found them, the coughing seemed to have intensified, he dropped them and used his free hand to cover his mouth. “Shit” His eyes glanced over to the ‘hook’ that he wore, and it too dropped as Valentine stooped down to his knees, searching for the pills as he seemingly coughed his lungs out.

#3Sage Meilyr 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 4:33 pm

Sage Meilyr
Sage walked around the city, marveling at its unique flora and fauna. He tried not to look at the undead for too long, afraid that it might offend them, so he stole little glances at them, peculiar of how they materializes into this world made of matter and atoms. He stood aside as he observed a group of people playing some halloween games. It looked fun but Sage wasn't bothered by it too much and there were also a lot of people and he was not a fun of waiting. Then he noticed someone, it was a man who was wearing, what Sage thought, a quite silly cloth, it was cute but silly, it reminded Sage of a pumpkin. He let out a soft, but not quite noticeable, giggle.

After some walking around and observation done, Sage decided that it was time for him to head back to his hideout. He then heard some violent coughing and immediately turned his head over to the direction of the noise. Sage had always been one to be aware of things, even little ones. Others who were passing by seemed not to notice this at first. Sage saw the man searching for something in his pocket and when he finally pulled the thing out, Sage saw that it was some kind of bottle with pills inside. But then the coughing got even worse and the man dropped the bottle. Now others started to notice what was going on, Sage knew that someone needed to do something, without thinking, he acted on impulse, as the man was struggling to find the bottle Sage rushed over and picked it up for him, handing it to the man straight away.

#4Valentine Stevenson 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Mon Oct 26, 2020 8:30 am

Valentine Stevenson
People were starring at him, and Valentine was definitely not about that, as he coughed, he balled up his free hand into a fist and held but his darkest instincts. Admittedly, he was tempted to bury all of these on watchers in a massive sandstorm, but something told him that if he even tried to use his magic the coughing would get worst. All he could do was sit there, with his mouth covered by his free hand, and cough his lungs out until the fit would end and Valentine would remain exhausted and broken. That was until, someone kindly reached down and handed him his bottle of pills. Valentine looked up to see a man with long white hair, dressed as a witch. In his hand was the medicine, greedily Valentine would snatch the pill bottle out of his hand and throw a couple into his mouth. Swallowing, he will allow a heavy sigh to escape his lips, and then stand to his fully height. He was a bit taller than the other man, Valentine studied him for a moment before tucking the bottle of pills into his hand.

“I suppose I should thank you for helping me.” A trail of blood had tainted his lips and stained his hand. Valentine casually regarded his hand, before reaching into his jacket and pulling out a handkerchief that Valentine used to clean his hand. “Tch. How embarrassing.” He turned around to see the people that were now watching them, with a long sigh he tucked the handkerchief back into his jacket and picked up the hook. “Indeed I should thank you, it would be rude for me not to thank you, tch.” He offered the stranger his free, and clean hand to shake. “Allow me to thank you with dinner and a drink, and then after that, none of us shall speak about this situation.”

#5Sage Meilyr 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Mon Oct 26, 2020 9:42 am

Sage Meilyr
Sage just watched as the man before him immediately snatched the bottle of pills from his hand and swallow down some pills. When the man stood up it was obvious that Sage was the shorter one. Sage was used to being the shorter person but this man, he was just much much taller. Sage suddenly felt exposed, as if the man towering over him was picking out layer over layer of him. He was definitely being scanned over.

The man was the one who broke the silence between them, Sage noticed the stain of blood on the man's lip and hand, he was about to offer his handkerchief but it seemed like the man was prepared with a handkerchief of his own. Questions then popped into the white mage's head; 'does this occur often or does the man do casually carry a handkerchief?', 'what kind of sickness does this man have? does he even have one?' but he knew that it would be really inappropriate to ask right away. Plus the man looked very uncomfortable with eyes watching his vulnerable state.

The man said that he must thank Sage for helping and offered his clean hand to shake, Sage took the man's bigger hand and shook it. Before Sage could refuse any further offer as it was just him picking up a bottle of pills, the man made an offer that painted a hot red flush across Sage's face.

He staggered for a moment, and for some reason, he could not say no, was it peer pressure? "Oh, y-yeah sure." he said smiling shyly. "Erm, I'm Sage, what's your name?" he said, still wearing a soft smile trying so hard not to make the situation awkward.

#6Valentine Stevenson 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 3:54 pm

Valentine Stevenson
Yea, Valentine recognize that he made had put the other male on the spot and even pressured him into joining dinner with him, but right now he did not care. It was one thing that he had a terrible coughing fit in public and struggled to take his pills, but it was another thing that a complete stranger had to come to his aid and hand him his medicine. If he managed to take his pills without the other male’s help, his moment of weakness would be replaced by some sort of strength, and he would showed that he wasn’t some helpless sick fool. However, that chance to prove to the crowd and to himself that he wasn’t a sick fool in need pity and help was ruined by this ‘kind’ citizen.

Taking this stranger out to dinner was not only a gesture of thanks, but also to exert some sort of betterment over the stranger. It was petty yes, but admittedly, Valentine was an incredible petty and self-centered man. The stranger introduced himself as Sage, but admittedly, Valentine was still fuming with hatred and anger, and he simply ignored the man. Instead Valentine simply marched down the street to a rather fanciful and prestigious restaurant, or well, a restaurant that would appear to be prestigious and fanciful within this bizarre town. He would glance back occasionally to make sure that the stranger was following him, and when they arrived Valentine would open the door for him.

“After you gentleman.” Valentine would wave Sage into the room, and for a small moment, took a chance to judge the stranger. He was attractive yes, but he honestly did not look like much. After Sage entered the building, Valentine would enter after him, "What was your name again?" he questioned after informing the waiter that there would be a table for two.

#7Sage Meilyr 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:44 pm

Sage Meilyr
When the man simply walked away and did not answer his question, Sage fumed a bit. He crossed his arms and looked at the back of the man's head with a puzzled and irritated look. 'What in the abyss is up with him.' Sage thought. Though when the man looked back Sage knew that he must have wanted him to follow. Sage gave the man a skeptical look and followed him. Sage was skeptical of the man yes, but he still followed the man because the man wanted to show Sage his gratitude, plus a free meal is always nice.

When they arrived, Sage observed the place. It was a bit better than the other buildings in Samhain. Surprisingly to Sage, the man was quite a gentleman. "Thank you," he softly said as he passed the man and the door. He undid his grey scarf and took of his witch hat, handing it to one of the staffs. The man followed him to the restaurant shortly after and asked one of the staffs for a table for two. A question was then asked by the man. A question that tensed Sage's nerves for a short moment. "Sage." he answered simply. The staff then went and showed where their table were. Sage followed the staff and sat on one of the two seats. When he looked at the setting of the table, it was really meant for two. The setting definitely were meant for a date. This then brought up a question in Sage's mind. 'How long was it since my last date?'.

When the other man sat on his seat, the waiter asked what they would have. Sage looked at the other man and said, "I'll have whatever he's having.". After the waiter took their orders and left, Sage sat up straight in his seat and crossed his arms. "So are you going to tell me what your name is or do I have to give you a nickname?" he asked, a slight sly smile appearing at the corner of his lips.

#8Valentine Stevenson 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Fri Nov 06, 2020 6:30 pm

Valentine Stevenson
The waitress would escort them to a lone table, and then ask the two what they wanted to drink. Valentine would take a moment to ponder the menu, searching for the section that would tell them about the alcohol section that the restaurant offered them. Flipping the menu, a couple of time, Valentine would finally found the alcohol section, and then finding his favorite beverage, the sand magician would order them a fine bottle of wine. Sage would simply mention that he would have whatever Valentine was ordering, Valentine grunted in reply, but the waiter left to buy them a bottle of wine.

“Sage.” Valentine muttered under his breath a bit thoughtfully and held his chin in thought. The name honestly sounded familiar, but he could not remember where or how he heard it, plus, he could not figure out anything else that had to do with the name. No worries, further questioning would give him insight to the name, and why it sounded familiar to him. “That name honestly sounds a little too familiar.” He stated, thoughtfully be shrugged. “Odd.”

Sage would then ask what his name was, and more importantly, if he had to give the sand magician a nickname. Valentine’s noises wrinkled up in distaste, and he wave the comment about nicknames aside. “No, I do not need some sort of nickname, that is something that friends and or petty lovers do. I barely know you, however, you can simply call me Val.” He leaned into his chair, and observed Sage. “I thank you again for helping me out, do you always help random strangers in need?”


So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:51 pm

All attractions can grow dull, so Vice has found himself at this restaurant's bar. Dulling his senses superficially can give Vice temporary pleasures. The festivities finally brought Vice some joy in this dark little festival. Tapping his finger on the bar's counter, Vice is fulfilled in his thoughts, and he's casually ready to get up from his seat. Playing games to fulfill a quota got Vice's confidence in surprises back. Cuddled up with his Eru hoodie, Vice doesn't seek companionship, and is only browsing his final parade around the scary past. It's time to move on from the dreary monsterland, but Vice still fits the theme, and has an orange lizard costume on. No compromises have been made on Vice's guard at his stay at this shady place. The Eru watches the blindsides of Vice, and stupor is only a foundation for potential bloodlust. Groaning, Vice reminiscences on a more simple time, where he could attack as he pleased.

"Trick or treat everyone, enjoy things." Not finding a particular purpose here, Vice isn't dull to opportunities, and isn't bound to his guild's reputation by announcing himself. A party game was finally won, with sufficient reward, but Vice felt his business here was unfinished. Looking at the restaurant's scenery, Vice's mind chills. Antsy hands of Vice have always been in motion, but not to damage anything. Turning to leave, Vice doesn't want to intrude on anyone, and just admires the dining crowd. The crowd seems to detach themselves from engaging, and are unamused for their ways forward. Vice gets the subdued fad-following, but he's met his filling, so it's time to depart.


#10Sage Meilyr 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Fri Nov 06, 2020 8:22 pm

Sage Meilyr
'Familiar'? Sage raised one of his eyebrows as the other man mentioned it. He was sure that he had done nothing of such significance to gain any kind of popularity though there is still quite the chance that something about him might slip out of people's mouth. Sage relaxed as the man simply shrugged it off.

A glinting smile formed across Sage's face as he saw the reaction of the man after being asked whether he wanted a nickname or not. But Sage couldn't help but to let out a soft laughter as the man introduced his name as Val, "Isn't that some sort of nickname as well?" his gentle laughter seemed to grew a bit louder as he mentioned it, covering his mouth with his hand to suppress it a little.

Sage reflected Val's gaze back by looking straight into his eyes. Him mirroring people wasn't something uncommon, he had done it a lot of times before, no matter who, it seemed natural to him to do so.

The questioned asked by Val caught Sage off though, he did not know why but he let out another round of soft laughters, his hand covering his mouth yet again. "You're funny Mr. Val." he commented.

"Ehem," he fake coughed and recollected himself.

"If I am able to, I will lend a hand. I like to help people, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Plus I don't think I will lose anything from it." he explained casually with his gentle casual tone.

#11Valentine Stevenson 

So He Was Not Dead [Open]  Empty Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:57 pm

Valentine Stevenson
“What is so funny?” Valentine would question as the waiter came by and dropped them off a bottle of fine wine, the waiter would ask if they wanted anything to eat, but Valentine would simply wave them off and informed the waiter that they needed more time. Truth be told, Valentine was not really hungry, but more importantly, he wanted to know what was so funny. In his opinion, Valentine did not say anything that was funny or anything that warranted a laugh. “And what if it is a nickname? Eh? Do you have a problem with that?” He would fold his arms over his chest, and lean grumpily into his chair, tossing a small glare towards Sage.

Sage would allow a fake cough to slip pass his delicate lips, which would cause Valentine to grunt in response and reach over to the wine bottle. He would take a moment to inspect the bottle of wine, closely judging toxic substances to determine if it was up to his standards, after a second or two, Valentine would grab one of the wine glasses that had been placed on the table, and pour some of the wine into one of the glasses. “A sense of satisfaction from helping people?” A cruel smirk would form across Valentine’s lips, before he would erupt into a fit of laughter. Laughter that would boom across the restaurant and attract attention to the table; “AH-AH-AH-AH-HA. AH-HA-AH-HA-AH”

“Now, that I find to be hilarious, and admittedly a little too pristine perfection.” He would respond and pour a glass of wine for Sage, and placed it in front of him. “Drink” he commanded before continuing.

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