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Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open) Empty Fri Oct 23, 2020 11:06 am

Priscilla Ivalice
One thing Priscilla/Valerie would make sure to slowly teach her son is how seasons and festivals bring their own interesting things to enjoy. Most likely for the moment it was most likely too early for Hasani to really take in these lessons, Over time she knew that would change. until as life moved on Priscilla would continue being as she was, seemingly the typical new mother.

Dressing her son in a typical tiny pumpkin costume that would fit him, Nasira was not around seemingly for the moment, did she opt out of this travel? maybe not."Even if your mind can not understand it yet my son, Today you will see so many new things."Joyfully mentioning in delight Priscilla seemed so happy."Slowly, I will teach you how the festive season bring."Priscilla would teach this small boy of hers many things.

Even if Priscilla in reality did also wish Vali was here for this moment too, She had come to the reality that for how long it has been since she had heard or seen him, something was not quite right anymore. Priscilla would have to look into it eventually, just to be sure what had happen to him. After all Priscilla would want to know if the man she would devote her heart entirely to was gone.

Priscilla herself would be dressed into a costume as well, dressed up as a some what typical depiction of a demon. Making horns that matched her skin tone and placing then on her forehead making sure they where in place, moving her hair out of her eyes so even with the missing one shown, it was part of the costume even if she was missing it before this day.

Putting on a torn up sleeveless shirt that was gray, torn up black pants, drawing on fake demon markings on her arms, along with various fake sword scars, she would not need to hide her werewolf fangs that would work along with her outfit capping it off with vary worn sandals, Since she did not need to be anything else so to say, She was walking with a stroller that she made sure fit the theme of the area, but carrying her son with in her right arm as she walked.


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Steel was walking along the streets of this halloween town “Samhain” and as he walked around his towering form was intimidating to all around. Even though he had not wanted it to be. Sadly there was no way of fresh pressing his suit nor was there a way to wash around here. Meaning. Steel walked around in his tuxedo with his burlap sack on his head looking like a sort of executioner holding mjolnir in his right hand. And under his left arm he had a slowly rotting pumpkin filled with candy. His tuxedo was covered in piss,puke and dried coagulated blood. And his mask was covered in puke and blood.

The games had taken their toll on the poor soul. Steel’s mentality had changed. He was at times like a small child laughing skipping along whilst at other times he seemed like a trained killer walking along to find prey. A case of insanity unlike most others. Steel was still there somewhere on the inside but right now not truly. He saw the woman dressed as a devil and the one walking in close proximity to the woman. The childlike pumpkin. And so he put the candy from the slow rotting pumpkin into his pockets and then put the pumpkin on his head. It had eye holes carved into it so seeing was not a problem.

Coming up to them he stopped and talked in a childlike voice “Hello. Are you guys having fun? I lost my mother and I need help finding her.” Then he started talking like a cold blooded killer “I need pops. Do you have any?” Whilst talking like a cold blooded killer he scratched at his neck that was now covered in rotting pumpkin flesh. It almost seemed as if he was a drug addict looking for his next fix.

Steel's outfit:

Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open) Cb7b0710

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open) Empty Mon Nov 02, 2020 6:07 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was still seemingly pretty standard for Priscilla, it is what she expected in terms of what this place, season and festive nature, Sure her son did not understand or truly know anything of what was going on around him, Priscilla even could keep in mind. exposing a child who barely grasp even speaking yet was in some manner a bit risky, something Priscilla was keeping in mind, as slowly these things went on hopefully Hasani her son would adjust to the reality that this was all festive and not exactly anything dangerous to him.

Priscilla would not throw her son child into anything she thought was super dangerous for him, She was in her own mind slightly worrying that she might be pushing the boundaries in some manner, then again Priscilla was just doing this entirely on her own so it seems as well a internal worry of hers she can just hope she did not mess anything up in this manner.

Was taking a small child out to an unknown area that seemed to be theme around a festive season, With some more costumes seemingly more realistic.

Maybe it was just how it seemed to start, Maybe Priscilla was risked something off of as protective in some manner.  The voice did almost fool her, Then again Priscilla had not known what to expect, Since looking upon whom it was, Even if could manage to keep herself in control. Hopefully making sure her son was not super scared, even if the realism of how this person seemed to be acting, or she hopped he was acting. Priscilla did not think she had any, if anything she had things to stay care of her son, bottles of water and a stroller in case he was tired from this exploring."I do not think, I could check what I have."Priscilla could casually mention, so far she had no reason to be super defensive yet even if this man seemed a bit creepy.


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Steel looked at Priscilla as she mentioned she did not have any pumpkin pops. This made Steel start to cry loudly. It was as if he was a child throwing a tantrum. as he brought his hands up besides the pumpkin mask helmet that he was wearing(it was an actual carved pumpkin) and started screaming “I WANT MY MOMMY!” on repeat.

Then he started squatting. The tears from his tantrum started flowing out from the bottom of the pumpkin where the hole that his head went into was. As the tears streamed down his neck making his suit wet.

Steel started pressing his hands towards the pumpkin head as if to crush it whilst screaming “I don’t want to live anymore, I don’t want to live anymore.” And then as the pumpkin head burst into pieces with a loud sloshing and cracking sound Steel stopped pressing.

His voice changed again as he looked at priscilla. He was no longer wearing the pumpkin on his head. Instead he was wearing a burlap sack mask made from brown cow leather. That tightly wrapped around his face. There were holes cut for his eyes to look through but other than that it just looked like a burlap sack that had been turned upside down. A rope had been tied around his neck to hold the sack together.

His voice changed again into that cold tone he had had before when he was scratching at his neck. “I’m sorry about that. He is gone now.” he continued speaking with the same cold voice “I see. Please check carefully for my sake” He was still squatting down and as he said it he looked very intently at the woman's son with longing eyes.

He spoke again “You are lucky you have such a nice mother who dresses you for the occasion.” He paused before continuing. “They eat kids who aren’t dressed for the occasion around here.”

The other mask:
Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open) Man-in10

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open) Empty Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:54 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was getting Priscilla quite on edge still, in fact some part of her was starting to feel a bit scared, mostly for her son since he might not know how to feel in this situation, covering her son just to ensure he was bit more safe in her view from the sounds and the screaming and the tantrum.

Was Hasani scared? Priscilla felt he was slightly, only the slightly fast shifting around he felt of him moving since she was keeping him closer to him, Keeping in mind Priscilla still would ensure he was safe, Priscilla would die long before her son would if she had control. Then again Priscilla wondered if this was all an act by the man? was he just merely following along with the season upon them, He was doing a fairly good job if he was and found it remarkable how his outfit was and how he was expressing everything.

If it was not, then he might really need some help that Priscilla could not give, So far she would give him at least the benefit of the doubt, That this was in fact a test of reaction, Most likely because Priscilla wanted to believe he was acting.

So Priscilla would put her little one into his stroller gently with returning his comment of."I would not risk his life intentionally, I would prefer him safe as he is now."Hoping her words here would not back fire on her, Priscilla was use to the colder tones of people and such, It was just after so many years of the life she had been in. Hasani the small son had been paying attention and still managed to keep quiet during these moment, But laid upon his stroller Priscilla would use to look through the things she had with her, Priscilla looking for whatever these pumpkin pops could be so far she did not recall packing any, She also did not know what they were either, Which was something she might want to figure out how to get.


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A flashing light by lacrima cameras in the festival area. Snapping back into reality Steel felt ashamed of his behaviour. This place had gotten to him. If not for the flashing of the lights he would have probably attacked the woman and her child. It seemed as if he had been saved from ridicule. Deep down inside he had the feeling that he had wanted to eat them. Something was so wrong within him. He had been such an exemplary hero. But now he was slipping from consciousness almost all the time. Was he really even there anymore?

His facial expression was cold. Contemplative. Who was the true Steel? Was it the monster hiding behind the curtains or was it the hero he had always tried to be? Albeit recently he had failed to be a hero. He recognized this as somewhere along the way he had started committing acts of evil.

As Steel pondered on all of this he blankly stared into space. It was as if he was looking at something that was not there. Looking back to the woman he smiled awkwardly. He then slowly stood back up on his feet propped his hands into his pockets. “Sorry about all that. I think it’s best if I leave now…” He looked at the woman then looked at her kid. He then started walking away. He wasn’t gonna stay here. He was already embarrassed enough.


#7Priscilla Ivalice 

Starting Steps Of Teaching.(Open) Empty Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:24 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed the tense moment was over, if ever asked Priscilla herself could even mention maybe she herself was slightly scared, Even if she was trying her best not to seem to be, Priscilla could easily had her emotionally stunned reactions broken pressed any more, Even then Priscilla was more hoping this man even if seemingly having a horrible time might not to as far as she assuming.

If he had maybe really needed help, Priscilla did slightly wonder now as well, It was something that had hit her just now. She would loosen her grip on her son only out of worry that she might be over reacting.

But eventually he seemed to just be on his marry way. in some way of almost depressing way, If Priscilla did not feel like it was a trap she might have stopped and offered the man a hug and some one to talk too, Even finding it rude in her mind she did not offer that sooner as well as be sure if he really needed some one to talk too or not.

But as he left Priscilla then seemed to remain a bit more quiet her only departing words well."Yes ahh...I am sorry i did not find what you are looking for, Do have a pleasant day."Priscilla doing her best to remain settled and collected.

Even if strange, Priscilla bared no ill intentions against this man. She would go about her day and time as she normally was planning too slowly showing Hasani even if her son had no way of showing he understood his mother's lessons, What this kind of place was about and what it meant. One of the many lessons Priscilla would in time show her son, as well take time to enjoy being what she could consider normal up until some one guild or work related had her return to what she was.


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