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Pass on the Word [Venus]

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"I'm tired."

"Aren't you basically just a voice in my head? How the hell can you be tired?" Zane felt no need to talk to Beelzebub in his head like he usually would. There was somehow nobody else around in this little area of Samhain. Zane supposed many were probably off to watch a carnival in another part of the place. Zane and his demon fly friend had no interest in it themselves. "Not what I meant. I simply desire to have something a little more wholesome in my life, Zane. I mean, obviously I want all the unwholesome things too. It's in my nature to want everything."

"You know, I honestly didn't think we'd ever have a conversation like this. So? Who is she? You fall in love with some cute demon girl? Her 5 foot horns and 1000 eyeballs must have really made you go nuts for that lady." Zane joked, laughing to himself as he sat on the empty bench. "Your view of demons just shows that you have too crazy of an imagination. And no, I don't want romance! Well, technically I'm going to want it eventually, but... not right now. What I meant is that we should get a pet, Zane." Zane looked a bit confused, looking to Beelz- oh. Right. Zane couldn't really look to Beelzebub. Zane METAPHORICALLY looked to the lord of the flies. "We get one pet and you'll just want every pet. I hate to break it to you, but my body just can't sustain cleaning up thousands of litterboxes."

"Just do me this one solid, Zane! All I'm asking is that we look around and see if Samhain has any cute skeleton cats or something, that's it." Zane sighed. He supposed that Beelzebub had certainly helped him out a lot since he mysteriously appeared in his head that one day. Standing from the bench and stretching his arms out a little, Zane tightened his eyepatch and straightened his ghost pirate costume just a tiny bit. "Fine." Samhain's alleyways awaited them, though Zane didn't really think they would find much. Perhaps they'd even get mugged by a floating pumpkin or some silly shit.

Whistling as he made his way through the alleyways, Zane couldn't help but admire the architecture of this place just a little. He wouldn't mind living in this town. While moving around a corner, Zane heard an interesting sound. It was almost like the sound of coins against a machine. Zane wasn't aware of there being any sort of casino in Samhain. Tour guides had never said anything, nor were there any listed on any maps of the town. Moving towards the door that he heard the sound from, Zane would lean up against it a little and press his ear onto the cold metal to try and get a better listen. There was no doubt about it. Between the sounds of coin and the music playing in there, this was definitely some kind of casino. But it wasn't any type of casino - it was a secret casino!

"Beelzebub, your stupid request may have caused us to stumble across something much more interesting..." Zane smiled at the door, placing his hand on the knob. Here he went. He could finally participate in the one thing Samhain was missing: losing all of his money from gambling. Turning the knob towards the glorious greed that would be behind, Zane opened the do- oh. The door was locked. Kinda made sense, considering it was a secret casino. "Maybe try knocking?" Beelzebub asked. The demon seemed decently intrigued. While it wasn't a cute Halloween pet by any means, it was certainly enough to draw both of them in. Zane cleared his throat a little and once again lightly adjusted his eyepatch to make himself look 1.5% more attractive and knocked on the door as firmly as he could. 3 times total.

"Password?" A voice called from within. Shit! Zane never considered the possibility of a password, despite it being something that also made perfect sense to have in a secret casino. "Uhhh... open sesame?" A sigh of sorts was heard from the man behind the door, as well as what sounded like steps on a grate. It was clear that Zane picked the wrong option. "Shit, guess we're just gonna have to try to figure it out..." Moving slightly away from the door and sitting down on the alleyway floor, Zane put his hand on his chin and thought at least somewhat deeply about it. Snapping his fingers, the man finally got his answer. "Oh, I know! We just gotta wait until someone who knows it either goes in or out of the casino. Then we just gotta get them to tell us the password, right? With my good looks I'm sure it'll be easy enough to have them spill all the beans."

Beelzebub wasn't sure about this plan, but he felt too tired to protest. This was a good chance for a nap anyways - or whatever the equivalent of a nap was while you were just a soul in someone else's head.

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Venus Rosé


It was Halloween; the celebration for townsfolk to dress up in costumes and children to do trick or treating house by house. Venus Rosé wasn’t one to celebrate such events often, but she thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and today was the day. Venus wasn’t merely dressing up to trick or treat, rather she was invited to a secret casino from one of her old acquaintances from her previous assignments to celebrate the grand opening of his property. Of course, since it was Halloween and with the celebration located in Samhain, the guests were required to dress up to accordingly to the theme to enter the casino and in Venus’ case, she was a Viking.

She’d stare at her own reflection in the mirror looking like a mess with mascara smeared down her eyes and lipstick smudged across her face. It was apparent that she went a little too hard on the drinking last night and it seemed that she was sane enough to not do anything that she would regret later in the day. Cleaned and refreshed, she brushed the tangles out of the scarlet silks on her head, learning how to style her hair. She’d spent half an hour merely braiding her hair to achieve the perfect viking look, hair tied and draped over her left shoulder. The rest of the hour was simply fitting herself into a female viking warrior outfit that had nearly one too many accessories for her to handle. No doubt the outfit was heavy with a fur coat sitting atop her shoulders and she finished off her Halloween look with paint smeared over her face to give an extremely grungy look.

Venus wasn’t going to celebrate the event alone, certainly she had to bring her beloved companion cat with her and to match, she even dressed Blair up in a tiny skeleton suit before finally stepping out of the house. It was cold even for the end of October, as if all the heat had been drained away. On this dark Halloween night, there was only the weak moonlight above them and the aging lampposts for illumination. The warmth of the summer left a fortnight ago, but it was only tonight for the first time since last winter that she could feel the frigid concrete through the soles of her boots. The young redhead read the letters engraved onto the yellow paper one last time; the address of the casino written with precision and grace before folding it and keeping it away inside her shirt.

Moving through the streets of Samhain, citizens both young and old alike moved in candy-craving herds of ghouls and superheroes while Venus lit herself a cigarette to desperately cling onto any available heat provided. The longer she walked towards the destination, the louder the roars of guffaws and giggles became. It was the only clue informing her that she was drawing close to the casino. Much to her horror, the person she least expected was standing right by the door as though he was completely lost. ”Eyepatch, what’re you doing here?” she peeled the cigarette away from her lips, and folded her free arm across her chest. It was a nickname that she’d come up for him without much thought – one could say it was a term of endearment, seeing how they’ve been gradually getting close when fate continually brings the two together during awkward times.

Her cat purred over her shoulder. ”Well, since I just arrived, you could be my plus one today.” She wasn't going to take no for an answer. Besides, it seemed like he'd been waiting for a chance to enter the casino as well. Her gaze glided over his body from head to toe, ensuring that he was wearing a suitable outfit to step inside the casino before nodding in approval. She walked over to the wooden door and rapped her knuckles against the structure and before whoever was behind the door could speak a word, she began, ”Don’t ask me for the password, I have the invitation card.” Having a reputation had its own perks, such as gaining connections that proved very useful to her in situations like these, albeit there were also moments that she didn’t wish to think about either, like being hunted for her head for example. A moment of silence and the door opened. The man behind the door peeped in through the gap and she flashed out the invitation that she’d pulled out from beneath her breast. And, they were finally inside.


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Zane's plan certainly involved a chance encounter, but he wasn't exactly expecting this level of coincidence. It seemed like the universe just wouldn't let him stop bumping into Venus, not that he was particularly annoyed by it. He liked her company and could tell that she was starting to enjoy his pretense at least a little bit. Standing up quickly and smiling to her, Zane happily greeted her in return. "Venus! I was hoping to get in this casino. You been here before? I'm sure such a pretty, elegant, intelligent and mature woman such as yourself has!" Sure, the compliments were being laid on a little thick, but Zane wanted in that casino badly. It's not like any of his compliments were lies either. Besides, he took the name "eyepatch" as a compliment anyways, given that she seemed to be one of the only 2 people in Fiore so far who brought it up in what Zane assumed was a positive light.

"Plus one? For real? Nice." Zane felt an odd sense of relief in knowing that he didn't have to go put on a show for some random person to get inside. All he'd need to do now was simply to follow Venus. "We're lucky you met this girl, Zane. Seems like your idiocy in trying to speak with every woman you meet is finally showing some sort of benefit." Zane chuckled to himself, an act that would seem weird to those that couldn't hear Beelzebub. In other words: literally everyone besides Zane. "Now you can never complain about it again." Following Venus as she walked through the door, Zane gave an accomplished smirk of sorts to the man who had just previously denied him entry, enough to cause even the seemingly stoic bodyguard to roll his eyes just a little. Stepping inside, Zane's eyes widened at the quality of the place. He supposed private casinos like this needed a password or a card for a reason. Only the best of the best were allowed in here. Zane was so impressed with the sight that stars were practically in his eyes, the excitement in the face being very clearly visible despite him so obviously trying to hide it. "Damn... this is truly much better than any skeleton cat could be, no matter how cute."

Still, Zane wondered something as he tried to stick by Venus while the two made their way into the casino, Zane trying to keep his eyes off of all the roulette tables and bunny girls, the latter proving hard for him. Looking to Venus for the time being, Zane figured it was probably best to ask his questions before they got into the thick of things. He was curious about too many things to just ignore that itch to learn more. "Have you been to this place before, Venus? You seem to be pretty important given that card you have. Wait... does that mean I'm important now too?!" Zane looked down at himself, wondering if he too had ascended to what he presumed was some sort of VIP status thanks to Venus' kind invitation. Oh, right! Zane also wanted to say another thing while the two had the chance. Looking back up to her, Zane gave Venus a friendly smile. "Thank you for inviting me, by the way! You're a good friend." Were they friends? Zane had run into her a few times, but he wasn't quite sure what she thought of him. He knew that Venus must at least like him a little, or she wouldn't invite him to a casino like this. Noticing that what he said probably seemed a bit out of character for him, Zane wondered if perhaps he was being too friendly and tried to hide it with his usual self. "Of course, I'll pay you back by letting you stick around me this whole time. I'm sure if everyone here saw you with an extremely handsome, elegant, intelligent, and mature man like me they'd all think even better of you!" Zane didn't realize that he had given the same compliments to himself as he had to Venus earlier. He needed to work on his sucking up.

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Venus Rosé


The wicked grin that Venus always wears on her lips instantaneously turned into a frown when Zane shot her bullets of compliments that she wished she never heard. Compliments were every girl’s favourite – no doubt – especially when they were not forced so when his words sounded a bit too much thickly sugar coated, she sent deadly glares his way, ”Say that again and I’ll chop off your limbs,” and walked past him as though nothing happened. As they were escorted inside, Venus seized the opportunity to absorb everything that entered her sights and she had to admit; it was magical. Venus was utterly awed by how grand and entertaining the structure was and with uncountable number of people standing around them, one could say that the grand opening of the casino was truly a success.

”First time,” spoke the female as she snatched two glasses of champagne from the server who held a platter full of various drinks over his hand before he whizzed past them and handed a glass over to Zane. ”I suppose having a big reputation sometimes gets you an audience of important people.” Perhaps she almost sounded as though she was boasting her status. What she said was true although, little did he knew that Venus worked for the owner before and did his dirty work when she had nothing and was desperate for money. How ironic was it, that everything she craved then was right there before her eyes now.

”I’m quite awed by this place, just like yourself.” It was no lie; the only place that could possibly be any more lavish than this was most likely the royals’ residence. Venus glanced up above her, only to see that the ceiling were tens of meters high from the ground. It only made her wonder how this was even made possible, especially when it was hidden so secretively away from the average populace. The Viking woman looked over her shoulder and shrugged, a devilish smile growing onto her lips. ”If people ask, I’ll say you’re my lackey. I assume that’s important enough.” She joked teasingly, turning away to sip onto her glass of champagne.  

The duo was eventually escorted to their assigned table, a little booth where they could drink and chat for the time being. Venus usually always had a bit of company whenever she attended events like these, even if they weren’t at a casino but seeing how she was able to whip Zane into coming along, his presence proved much better than a bunch of strangers around her. ”Am I that nice for you to consider me a good friend?” She raised an eyebrow. Having friends was dangerous – that was what she thought, considering the occupation she has and the path that she was following, which would only bring danger to her beloved ones so she made sure she wasn’t easily attached to those around her. But, her plan did fail tremendously when she met a certain Advent World mage who whisked her off her feet as though she was a chess piece on a checkerboard.

Exhilarated screams erupted by her side as she turned to see ladies in uptight skirts dancing across the palm of men as they threw their money at the roulette – to win or not, which excited them. People came here to seek the glee and wonder of a night-time refuge and they weren’t just anyone, but only the wealthiest people in the country – good and bad like – who were able to afford to throw away money like they change clothes. Venus watched them caught on invisible cerebral hooks; everywhere you looked were them being seduced into destitution. ”Do you gamble?” she finally asked. ”We’re here so you might as well do something worth the while.”


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Zane wasn't entirely sure about Venus' reputation, though he was certainly a somewhat ignorant person overall. "Well, you must have quite a reputation if you've got a pass to this place... err, not as prestigious a reputation as mine though." Zane didn't know why he tried to pretend he was some kind of big deal when he knew not only that he really wasn't, but that Venus was also probably aware that he wasn't. "It's your ego, I think." Beelzebub sounded oddly proud, as though he was actually making an original or witty comment when it was very clearly obvious. "Good going, Sherlock Holmes..."

Zane wondered why exactly someone would build a casino so prestigious in a town that was only around for a month, though he imagined the limited release of it all would probably help make them seem appealing. It wasn't JUST top secret; it was top secret and only existed for a limited time. What a truly amazing strategy. Zane would one day like to pull off something similar, though he had a feeling that Beelzebub would most likely not give the luxury of having enough time to do so, given the demon's constants requests that they go off and hunt for new thing after new thing. While Zane admired the place, he was quickly brought back as he looked to Venus after her comment, a slight and endearing pout of sorts displayed on his face. "Huh? They'd think you're MY lackey if anything." Zane wasn't so sure if he actually believed that one either; he was on the fence about it.

Later on, Zane found Venus' comment in the booth weird. "Are you one of those people who are really edgy and try to minimize their chances of friendship in the belief that it would make them either be or be seen as vulnerable?" This sounded like a weirdly specific insult at first, but Zane's next comment would better explain his intentions behind asking Venus such a thing. "If so, good. I've kinda wanted to seem that way myself, ya know? I think that cold, apathetic vibe would really do well for my public image." Zane had said something similar to Arisa months back, remembering that the older woman had simply laughed it off and treated him like an innocent kid anyways. Zane only half minded when Arisa did that. With most people he'd at least 80 percent mind it, but Arisa was so pretty he was willing to let it slide a bit more than usual.

"Oooh, she's asking about gambling! Zane, now's our chance! We can go hit up the machines and wheels and everything!" Beelzebub sounded extremely exciting, enough to make you think that the idea of him wanting a pet was just a distant memory - and to the demon, it might as well have been at this point. The entire casino was essentially a whirlpool trying to suck Zane and Beelzebub in, and their ship had already gone in far enough to be going down that spiral at some point tonight. The only question was how fast they wanted to reach whatever was at the center of that metaphorical watery vortex. Their answer? As fast as possible. Standing up at Venus' comment, Zane left the booth as he headed towards the nearby machines, waving back to her for a moment. "Come with me, Venus!" he called out, assuming that the girl would just go along with him.

Standing near a large wheel of sorts, Zane looked up at it. This was one of the machines that took both jewels and tokens - other ones, like the slot machines, only took the gold-colored coins that the casino sold themselves. Zane didn't have time to wonder why this one was different. Talking out loud while facing the wheel that stood upright, Zane assumed Venus had simply followed him and was currently standing behind him close by. "Watch me win this one really quick, Venus. My luck will dazzle you even more than my amazing blue eyes. Or, er, eye. Most of the time anyways." It would probably be eye for the night, unless the two left the casino at some point. Putting some jewels into the machine, Zane immediately went for the highest bid. It costed him a fair bit, actually - but he was doing it for a reason. He was trying to impress Venus. Surely she'd admire him even more if he was such a daring - and hopefully successful gambler. Spinning the wheel, Zane took a few steps back as he watched it go, letting out an exhale that contained both hope and anxiety. "Here we go..." Zane continued look intently as the wheel spun around, nearing its stop. It would be really embarrassing if this wasn't a win for him...

Winning Numbers: 70 or higher


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Venus Rosé


”Well, I don’t consider myself as a cold or an apathetic person.” She’d explain. Venus had always been amicable, making acquaintances wherever she went – connections that she’d use for her own gain . There were many she considered friends, though none that she considered close enough to confide her feelings or emotions to, with the exception of some of her guildmates from Daeva Eye. ”I don’t see why you’d want to live your life that way. You’d die without anyone knowing who you actually are.” It sounded slightly exaggerated, though there was always the possibility that as time passed, people always changed so perhaps, Zane might have a different outlook in the future.

Venus realised that she was being sentimental and almost sounded like she was giving a lecture of some sort, which definitely didn’t suit the atmosphere of the casino they were in, and quickly let out a discreet cough to pretend as though she hadn’t said anything. Her attention was soon diverted to Zane calling out for her as he rushed away to the gambling booths almost like a child, excited to play with his toys. The woman smirked.

Gambling had never been something that interested a particular redheaded woman – she lived off with scraps at one point and valued money too much that she couldn’t bear the thought of wasting it on something so pointless. These wealthy people that filled the building, on the other hand, had no hesitance about throwing their money away onto these roulettes as if it grew on trees. Surely, Venus has had her fair share of expenses albeit, they were all spent on things that she loved; clothes, finery or alcohol. These machines that sucked money out of people never assured victory and once you fall into the spiral abyss there was no way of coming out until it consumes you.

She’d watched Zane try one of the games and somehow, he’d won within his first game. Her eyebrows shot upwards, ”I’m impressed. You have pretty decent luck.” Luck, in retrospect, wasn’t included among the things she liked to consider her forte and truth be told, that was also another reason why she disliked gambling as well. ”Let’s see how far your luck can take you. If you win five games, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.” The Viking lady crossed her arms over her bosom, a devilish smile spreading across her plump heart-shaped lips as if she was planning something evil.


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Zane felt pretty high off of his good luck, even if it only was one roll. He usually wouldn't be this excited about it if he was in a casino as usual, but having a girl as pretty as Venus was watching him made the victory all the more satisfying. Greedily snatching up his reward with his hands, a huge smile lay on Zane's face. It wasn't a jackpot by any means, but it certainly felt good to win a nice amount from it. It was his first try too, a sure sign things would probably end up going pretty well this evening. "Hah, told ya so." Zane responded, feeling pretty happy with himself. Zane looked back to Venus, perhaps wanting to show her just how good he felt right now.

Venus' challenge intrigued Zane. "Anything? Like, anything anything?" He asked, putting his hand on his chin, thinking about what he could have her do. Anything? Wait, did that mean... "Stop!" Beelzebub shouted out, the strength of his voice being almost enough to give Zane's poor mind a headache. "I don't want to hear a single bit more!" Zane stopped the train of thought for now. He'd have to ponder on it a bit more when Beelzebub was 'asleep'. Not literally asleep of course, but Zane had noticed points in which Beelzebub just stopped paying attention to everything Zane did. He was thankful for it; if Beelzebub had listened in at every single second, Zane would've probably wanted to die from now. He had a feeling Beelzebub would've probably wanted to die too, though it was possible he already did.

"Five times in a row, right?" Zane's face looked pretty confident, mostly due to the fact that he had won the first game. "You're on. I've already won one, after all. I'd just need four more, no big challenge. In fact, I'm willing to do whatever you ask me to do if I don't win at least two of these upcoming spins." Zane turned around to face the machine again, ready to insert his money and start his rolls. "Zane, you do know what your odds of winning five times in a row is, right?" The demon asked, a hint of concern in his voice. "No, why?"

Beelzebub explained the math to Zane, a horrified expression soon coming onto his face afterwards.

"U-uh, don't take what I said too seriously by the way, Venus!" He nervously shouted out to the woman behind him. It was clear to anyone that his confidence had quickly faded away. A nervous expression on his face, Zane loaded up the money into the machine, starting to take his spins. This wasn't going to go well for him at all. There was probably no way in hell he would win against Venus, but he could at least try not to lose. Then again, even asking for that would probably require a lot of luck. Was it luck he had, or luck he didn't have? After all, meeting Venus here was probably already most of his good fortune for today, given the fact he'd have no way in without her. Zane went ahead with his gambling, hoping that he had at least a bit of lady luck left on his side.


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