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Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:29 am

As Maneki was told: wear clothes that makes him inhuman so that the residents of the mirage city of spooks, Samhain, would not take him away. "Mmm, I don't look human anyway, right?" in fact, that was correct. Maneki was a Nekomata so he didn't have to dress up, so he went to the rumored location without a change of garments. "Oooh, pretty dark here," fortunately for the cat, he was able to see in the dark (despite his eyes being closed; with the power of anime, he is able to see, of course) so the darkness did not bother him. There were still changes in color which indicated the dark; the Nekomata was completely aware of this.

"Kekeke..." Maneki pulled out a large meat bun from his pocket, and he did so as he continued to walk through the muddy pathways, looking for a hotspot such as perhaps a town or a marketplace. Right when Maneki was about to consume the said meat bun, a cat hopped from nowhere and snatched it (which was ironic... stealing from what should have been MORE SUPERIOR); Maneki was quick enough to pull the black cat's tail but despite his efforts, the cat escaped his grasp and ran towards a nearby house, entering the cat door that was small enough for only pets to enter. "DAGNABBIT, FIORE," ah, yes. What else is a better choice than blame a whole country for your misfortune? Maneki screamed that out loud, and in the Fiorian language too, because he really needed to blame anything else than the cat—he also didn't notice that the lights had started to lit up. Carved pumpkin and lanterns—they illuminated the cob webs of the graves, as well as the haunted house that the black cat had entered.

The Nekomata clapped twice, "Oh yes, we will be chasing my kind tonight," he acted egotistic on purpose, because Maneki knew that there was NO WAY he was going to enter a haunted, abandoned house like that. He needed someone—or something...? Maneki's eyes looked for a living entity, and eventually spotting one (which is, the character Maneki will be roleplaying with!), in which the Nekomata would automatically approach to land on their back, doing what is known as becoming the "clingy demon cat that will act nice to get what they want and betray their owner". Maneki wouldn't let go because he'd have his claws digging in the new owner's clothing regardless if those said garments were expensive or not.

"Hey, hey, it's adventure time. Now, new slave! Walk north, then east, to that house over there."

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#2Valentine Stevenson 

Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 2:41 pm

Valentine Stevenson
Halloween, Valentine remembered how wild and crazy the streets of Era would get during the spooky season. Kids would have commonly dressed as characters from their favorite book, whereas, teenagers would dress as monsters and demons, and found all sorts of mischief to engage in. Fortunately, he was no longer apart of that pathetic excuse of a law enforcement organization, and he was free to make his own decisions. It would seem that his newfound freedom would push him to go explore Samhain and seek out some mischief to cause. It would be a nice change in pace, seeing that Valentine spent most of the year recovering from that incident, and had only recently felt strong enough to go out and about. In fact, this would be the first time in about a year that Valentine would leave Oak and travel into some dangerous and unknown territory.

Well, the mysterious town of Samhain wasn’t really dangerous, or made out to be dangerous but Valentine could not help but get a bad feeling about the place. Traveling unknown and bizarre pathways and roads, Valentine would wonder about the place trying to find something interesting to do, or at least, something that would make his time worth being here. While he was traveling, a pop up floaty or something would scare the living crap out of him, this quickly angered Valentine, who immediately retaliated with the prop and simply started to beat the living crap out of it. His miniature temper tantrum ended when the little inflatable popped, running a hand through his hair, Valentine would fumble through his giant pelted fur coat for a cigar and a lighter. Finally founding his cigar and lighter, Valentine would tuck the death stick between his lips and light it, inhaling sharply he would look around to discover that the path had brought him to a haunted house.

“Tch.” A plume of smoke bellowed out of his lips, Valentine silently debated if he should or shouldn’t enter into the house, he scratched the under side of his chin before pulling the cigar out of his mouth and sighing. Rubbing his forehead, he felt something tugging onto his coat, no, he felt someone tearing his coat! “OH YOU!!!” He shouted shoving the cat child person off of his coat with his foot, “You are tearing my coat, this cost more money than you! Tch!” He tossed the cigar onto the floor, and stopped the

"SLAVE? AH-AH-AH! Don't be mistaken little brat, I am no ones slave! Now run home to your momma before I get mad!" 


Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:46 pm

"Ooh, Fiorian! You smell nice, by the way," nevertheless, Maneki did not let go and this grumpy Fiorian man had only helped Maneki by struggling towards the cat's designated location. "I'm Maneki, like the Joyan lucky cats? What's your name—pretty boy?" oh, indeed, the cat was enjoying himself—even more so as the man tossed the cigar to the floor, that way Maneki no longer needed to suffocate himself in such an unfamiliar air. Maneki was stupid enough to answer the man's question despite the irony and sarcasm, thus the Nekomata would nod, and even coming to the point of thought.

Let's see... the objective for tonight is to enter that haunted house, so he should get acquainted with this new mount. "Yes, 'slave', but some people call them 'friends' though. Hmm, 'friends' do sound nice, so I'll just call you that," he nodded, "momma ain't here so hurry up to that house over there!" At that point, Maneki had started to rock the new "friend," may or may not have been tearing the expensive coat more as the childish Nekomata would groan and mumble... childishly. Hmm, maybe it's better to explain why Maneki is so badly in need of entering such a scary-looking house? That would be the best choice, considering that he has to earn this new slave friend's trust!

Maneki prepared himself with a small cough, "You see, this evil-doer stole something from me and ran to that house, and it's very important for me so I need help bringing it back," oh yes, Maneki would never admit that the "evil-doer" was a cat, after all, and that meat bun was "more expensive" than how "expensive" this coat was. Maneki's carefree nature worried that his story might not sound convincing, even though it's the truth! Any kind man should be able to help such a poor, stray cat retrieve his lost item! Maybe this plan should work, otherwise Maneki would have to go with Plan B(eg)!

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#4Valentine Stevenson 

Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:06 am

Valentine Stevenson
“Huh?” Despite his persistent kicking, it seems that Valentine was not going to get through to this little brat! Also, was that compliment sarcasm? Valentine studied the neko before him, and choked on his own frustration and anger, it seemed that this thing was enjoying being an obnoxious little brat! “Did I ask for your name?” He found himself growling at the Joyan, and then consequently rubbing his temples to squeeze out the headache that was being brought upon by this annoying Neko. Admittedly, Valentine was starting to regret every single decision that led him up to this moment in time, and as his coat started to rip more, so did his patience.

Valentine reached into his coat and pulled out a pill bottle, grabbing a handful of pills Valentine would shove them into his mouth and sigh loudly. This little cat-person was obviously a little too brave for his age, maybe, he should teach this kid a lesson in manners. “Don’t call me friend, and don’t call me slave. And if you tear on my coat again, I’ll bury you in an early sandy gave, understood.” With that threat, Valentine managed to pry his coat out of this Neko’s claws, and then he closely inspected it. His eye twitched a little at the holes and tears within his coat, he shot the Neko a glare before turning on his heels away from the Neko and the haunted house. “stupid kid.” He grumbled under his breath, and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“If something was taking from you, then it is your responsibility to get it back, weakness is a sin that cannot be forgiven, and those who suffer from weakness are nothing more than animals to be slaughtered.” He paused for a moment, casting a cold apathetic gaze to the Neko, and then to the haunted house. “If its very important to you, and you lost it, then maybe you didn’t deserve it to begin within.” Hopefully, those harsh words would cause the kid to leave him alone, after all, Valentine was not baby sitter.


Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:11 pm

The Nekomata cringed in surprise when suddenly, this "filthy rich" man took out a bottle of pills and shoved it into his own mouth. "Ew, what the heck?" he was supposed to feel grumpy for not getting a name in return, isn't it basic etiquette to put your name out there first? When the man pulled his (now-damaged) coat and the Nekomata flew off of it, and landed to the ground, apparently he had not minded it. He shot a glare at the man when he did so; air filled the cat's cheeks when he reacted to a pout for being called, not "stupid," but a "kid." It was always better to be younger, but it looks like it's better to teach this man what it means to be over a hundred years of age!

However, this man spoke before Maneki was able to pull his sleeves up in accordance to punching the man... except using words, and not fists. Maneki was not ready to accept the fact that he did not deserve that meat bun—no, he was better off accepting otherwise!

Now, Maneki would rub his palms together, for it was time for Plan B(eg), except it came off rather emotional than logical so it probably didn't even come off as how it was supposed to look like. "NONONONONONONONO!!!" Maneki would shout—or scream?—while lightly bumping the "filthy rich" man's beautiful albeit damaged coat. "You don't know how much that item means to me... and you're my only hope! Please, take me there!" yes, it's working exactly as planned before Plan C(ry). Maneki had enough guts to kneel down and once again, grab the damaged coat in the best way possible. "Oh, look, I can pay you back."

Poke, as Maneki appeared right beside the man, a palm-sized golden coin being bumped into the "filthy rich" man's cheeks. Unfortunately, it's not the Fiorian Jewels nor was that golden coin being used for transaction, nowadays. Oh well, they can still find a way to sell it in exchange for Jewels, anyway. As Maneki poked the man's cheeks with one... two coins now, a large grin stretched from ear-to-ear (not in a cat-way, of course).

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#6Valentine Stevenson 

Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 8:23 pm

Valentine Stevenson
Even with his harsh and brutally honest words, it seems that this kid still did not know to leave him alone. At one point, Valentine noticed that the kid had rolled up his sleeve like he was going to give the sand magician some sort of knuckle sandwich. The kids got guts, Valentine admitted to himself, but outwardly remained unimpressed and even annoyed with the brats persisting pestering. Hell, he was starting to wonder what the hell this meat bun was, and more importantly, why the brat could not just go pay for another one.  

Valentine went to leave, but the stupid kid would bump into him and start screaming ‘nonononono’ to the top of his lungs. The sand magician grabbed his forehead and irritation and groaned loudly before he dropped down to the brat’s level and then roughly grasped the Nekomata’s shoulders, faintly Valentine would start to shake the kid. “WOULD YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!?” He growled menacingly; thin trails of sand rolled off of his hands like smoke as he weakly shake the kid. Tired, Valentine would stand up and hold out his hand, for a moment sand would have swirled in the palm of his hand but it would quickly disappeared when the kid produced a gold coin.

He would sigh as the Mankei poked him with two gold coins. Valentine glanced back at the haunted house, slowly realizing that he could lose the brat in the house and end this dreadful series of events once and for all. “Fine, thirty of those golden coins, no make it forty.” He stated shoving the kid away from him, Valentine started to walk towards the haunted house.


Spookitty [SOCIAL; VALENTINE] Empty Thu Oct 29, 2020 9:30 pm

Huehuehue, looks like Maneki's plan worked! And he didn't even have to go through Plan C(ry), unlike any other conquests. Surely, this was an easy feat; so, Maneki rubbed his hands, which continued to spawn at most fifteen golden coins, which he then offered to the "filthy rich" man that wanted more than what Maneki has to offer. "I'll give you the rest once we get that item!" as the rich man approached the haunted house, Maneki was there to push his back so that they could immediately go inside the haunted house, and then reclaim what was needed to be reclaimed. Maneki was a lucky cat that wasn't supposed to give golden coins just to anyone but... in these cases, he has been rather enslaved.

Now, they were at the door of the haunted house, and Maneki held unto the rich man's waists and stayed behind them, slightly shaking in fear. "Go on, knock like the noble person you are," he said, because he didn't wanna take the rich man's place and knock in his stead, "it looks dark inside, so you go in first."

Maneki's eyes gazed from left to right, looking through each window, but all there was is darkness from within. Maneki's ears could pick up sounds of creaking and water dripping from old wood, and a quiet nyaaaaa~ sound from within. When he heard that, his Nekomata ears raised up, and then he felt jumpy. "YEEEE, did you hear that?! It's the suspect!" once again, Maneki staggered with his claws digging into the rich man's clothes from the back, as Maneki tried to climb to the man's shoulders as if he was a tree. Realizing how loud Maneki has been, he decided to whisper this time: "Open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door, open the door..." spook(itty).

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#8Valentine Stevenson 

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Valentine Stevenson
The neko rubbed his hands and continued to spawn around fifteen coins, to which, Valentine greedily and discreetly plucked them out from the kid’s hand and tucked them safely into his jacket. He was a little irritated that the kid possessed enough wisdom to not give him the full sum, if he had, Valentine would simply push this brat into the dirt, take the coins, and leave him to cry. Or well, Valentine liked to think that he would do such a thing, but admittedly, he couldn’t bare the thought of little kids being harmed; call it one of his greatest weaknesses. “Fine, but you better give me the rest of the coins or else there’ll be hell to pay, understood?” With that, Valentine would ignore the kid to the best of his ability, but that was kind of hard seeing that the brat was pushing him towards the door like some sort of package. 

“Tch, coward.” Valentine would pry the brat off his waist, and scoot him away from his personal bubble. Rolling his eyes, he would knock on the door, and waited for a few minutes to see if someone would answer. His gaze drifted to the window, and he peaked in quietly. The house was filled with darkness, and from what he could see it was dusty, wet, and abandoned. A creaking sound would frighten the Neko, who had started to climb up him like some sort of cat pol. Irritated and thoroughly annoyed, Valentine once again pryed the brat off of him, and then knocked down the door with a sand blade.

“There now shut up! If this place were truly a danger you would have gotten us killed by now.” Valentine growled angrily and pushed the Neko into the house. “Be a man and face some mystery for once in your life."


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"Yeah, yeah, I will give you more coins after we get my precious item," Maneki waved a hand right in front of the rich man's face, because the Nekomata is now riding the back of the human and Maneki would like to keep it this way. His nails dug into the man's coat which restricted Maneki from launching away by accident, or by PURPOSE, so he was still able to use the human male as mount. So, when the man had ATTEMPTED to push Maneki inside the haunted house, he ended up pushing himself in, along with Maneki! Success! The haunted house's door is opened!

Maneki would greatly laugh, "I am a man, who faces most of the mysteries in my life! Hey, hey, did you know that I have a cult now? Hehehe... you know nothing about me, filthy rich nerd!" he said, because both Maneki and the "filthy rich nerd" have now flopped onto the floor of the haunted house... whose door closed on its' own! Maneki, naturally, stood up first and looked around. "Huh, it doesn't seem so dark here. Let's go, my servant! We'll look for my thief!" right after pointing to the North, Maneki held the "filthy rich man's" back collar, and started to slide him away. The floor was smooth and glossy, so Maneki didn't have a hard time pulling a larger man to any direction.

Maneki's Nekomata ears plopped up, searching for any cat noises. The culprit must be here somewhere, but it doesn't seem like it's near at all. "C'mon now, let's go upstairs!" he would step up and with both hands, attempt to drag the "filthy rich man" upstairs if he doesn't stand up. Nevertheless, Maneki will continue forcing this new companion to any location he wanted! Now, he is one step away from being a real deity.

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