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Oak to Magnolia [ Travel }

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#1Alice Duranndal 

Oak to Magnolia [ Travel } Empty Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:55 pm

Alice Duranndal
Alice was quite contempt with leaving the town of oak, not quite that sad to leave the area as there was some predujice towards her kind, not shocking as her kind has been rarely seen outside of Joya, and when one is, they are usually made a spectacle. She gritted her teeth, baring her fangs wanting to hiss as she started walking to the town gates. Seeing peoples gaze lie upon her, seeing some kids try to grab her tail. Giving them a glare, scaring them off as she wanted to cut up the human brats before they could grow up. Wanting to cut off human bloodlines badly, Wishing for the extinction of the human race, She calmed down abit. Wondering as to how she should do so, she needed allies in which to surround herself. Unsure as if she would be satisfactory with just killing just a few humans. Being groomed as the next nekomata cheiftein. Alot of preassure was on her to do so, grow as a leader.

"I Should head off, I need to get stronger. Maybe I can find myself a master. I heard there are strong swordsmen within fiore anyway. She said as she headed off, waling to her next destination wondering if she will ever meet her cousin.

Fioran : 00ffff
Joyan : ff66ff

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