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Cabin in the Void [Jan]

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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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Kurisa yawned as she gazed at the bus sign. She was supposed to wait here for some ride that was going to pick her up. She was invited to some party at a cabin with some other random people. Did she know these people? Her brown and blue eyes with a purple tint glistened at the light that was coming from the ride. "I suppose this is it." She crossed her arms against her chest and entered the ride. She ignored any help to get on as she saw others there. One looked familiar while the others were quite different. No one she knew. Perhaps she heard of this person.

She sat next to the guy with the sweet tattoos. Her white dress that gave off her shoulders shined from the light as it was made of some sleek fabric. Her pink bold lips pierced as she thought about where this place was. It took about a silent hour until they got to the ride. Rather or not any of them talked to her -- it was optional. She noticed that one of them was a blonde with golden flowing hair. The other was wearing glasses with brown hair and the next was a muscular guy with blonde hair. Her eyes then switched to see a guy that had blackish long hair with those nice tattoos. As they rode on this mysterious ride. All they could see were dead trees, some rivers and further was a lake. They finally went through a tunnel that went towards the cabin.

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Jan Ren


New spot discovered where one has to dress like a monster? Almost sounds like Halloween amirite?

Seated alone by the window, fully dressed in an outfit fit for such festivities; face almost fully hidden beneath a yellow talisman (which somewhat served to obscure his sights, annoyingly), skin tone painted entirely blue under the tattoos fully shown over his uncovered arms; a uniquely designed bowl of a hat on top of his head and body hidden by a simple Qipao, matching in color. Jan Ren awaited as the bus ride was appointed to take him into the city. When at one stop, his eyes laid upon a specific devil...

And per his hopes, the lady got on the bus. And per his hopes-er, she actually opted to sit next to him! Oh boy. Feigning no interest despite his screaming mind, Jan Ren remained still with his chin resting on one hand; looking out the window. Her makeup's scent immediately hitting home as the young man mentally thanked the Gods for this opportunity. What does he do? Does he initiate conversation? ---

"Cute costume." ---Of course he initiates conversation. Not even noticing the bus had soon entered a tunnel. "Handmade?" He asked, turning to face the woman with a welcoming smile; hidden almost entirely beneath the spell tag.

"Quote here."

Cabin in the Void [Jan] 2_1
Clickey for sheety

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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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She sat on the comfortable carriage next to the man who sooned felt like talking to her. The others were talkative as well with the other. Her head turned and heard him talk about her outfit. 'Cute?' Her eye twitched as she gazed downward, but just smiled, chuckling. She could not get mad or anything as she just did not care at the moment. As soon as they got to the cabin the carriage left once they got out. "Looks homey." she joked and walked forward. The man with blonde ran forward towards the door and opened it. "Yo, this looks great." He smirked and went inward. "Looks great for a party." She went up against the blonde haired man. "Right, we don't know our names." The Desertio man spoke and gave a sweet smile. "Name's Jesse, that's Jules and the man she's cuddling against is Curt." He looked at the guy with tattoos and her, studying.

"My name's Kurisa and he can speak for himself - cause I don't know." She joked and went towards the hall to find her room. The blonde duo went to do the same, leaving Jesse and the guy with the tattoos. She looked around in her room and saw that everything looked perfectly fine. Once Jesse was done talking to you he then left to go find his room which was next door to Kurisa's. The first thing he noticed after putting down his bag was a horrifying picture of a man's head being torn off and wolves surrounding a man who stood above him. "This... won't do." He anxiously spoke and put down the picture. At that moment and time, Kurisa was getting undressed to change into something more comfortable, but before she could even slide down her gown he spoke. He kept glancing but called out for her before it was too late.

"Hey, wait a moment." He coughed nervously as he called her over. Kurisa was curious as she went to look and see that they could see from the other side of the room. Finally, they called over everyone else to see what they thought.

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