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The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:03 pm

Judith Karlinius
The talk of a city was showed up seemingly out of no where always caught wind of curious souls, Judith was one of the many that would come up upon this city, Coming in fitting attire since it hearing that anyone would arrive in the city often wore specific kind of outfits.

Gone was most of her light purple clothing, replaced with dark purple, over it, the only part light was the skirt part of her dress, her sleeves were dark purple, the part of it in dark purple, Judith in the mood of the city came with a lantern as well as three Jack-o-lanterns as well.  With a dark purple witch hat.

She was ready to face Samhain, She had told her husband,Alice and her child of this area and if this was their interest she would be  there, Exploring and learning what this city had in it.

carrying the lantern and the Jack-o-lanterns  via her magic with vines attached to her to keep her hands free. So far she had been alone here. Not that she mind, Judith was no longer that scared of everything forest hermit she was so long a go, new things were interesting and she often explored them.

It was something almost out of a book she would read of a children, Or a something she would believe a necromancer would come up, No a super dangerous one either. Since she was enjoying herself Judith would have her normally happy smile upon her face while she was walking around Samhain.

It was a lively city in Judith's mind as she started on her way around, Wondering she would meet anyone she knew here, Or anyone new so many things that could bring delight to this situation, It was going to be a hopefully wonderful time.

Judith's outfit:

The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Sample10


The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:31 am

The insect kept its head down as it meandered across Samhain. Its gut churned unpleasantly- on the one hand, it was admitted without a costume due to its naturally odd appearance (perhaps it was a mistake?). On the other, the experience of being able to freely meander around a populated area without being tailed by suspicious guards or townsfolk was downright strange. A skeleton had clapped it on the back, and it was occasionally greeted when entering buildings- amicably. Its mandibles chittered softly under its carapace. Adjusting the red fabric draped across its shoulders, careful not to damage the small gold pin, it didn't notice the person in front of it until they had nearly collided.

Besouro jumped back as if stung, empty eye trailing up. A human clothed entirely in various shades of purple- the quality of the make something that it had not been permitted to wear for many years. Its arms hung limply at its sides, careful not to appear as a threat. Hopefully, the insect would not be perceived as much more than an annoyance.

It exhaled softly, the noise muffled through the bandages wrapped around its carapace. It loved company- loved being part of the action. But more often than not company was more stressful than it was worth.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 1:29 pm

Judith Karlinius
It showed not matter the place or time, the people you meet were already in some manner interesting. some humans, some humans in costumes, some not even human. Such the case Judith would be in now, unknowingly anyway. But she was always the soul to keep this ins stride since that was just normal of her.

Judith was a future reader, she had no idea what she would collide with a demi-human but she did seemingly tune out of reality for a moment while she was taking everything around her in enjoyment. Her mind and thoughts being in the clouds was normal for the nature mage.

Compared to Besouro Judith was much smaller, While the demi-human insect person stood up to six foot two inches, Judith was a four foot nine inches in height total, anyone else but the air headed Judith would not normally bump into another being taller then them by such a considerable margin.

But when it happen or well almost happen, Judith would not take long to snap back to reality. Not realizing exactly what Besouro was right away Judith would react normally to almost dumping into some one."Oh Jeez,Sorry I was enjoying the sight of the town."the soft spoken, smell woman would say to them.

"I should pay attention a bit more it seems."Judith would take the looks of whom she almost bumped into account now, the size difference between the two, as well as the various different pieces of this beings outside, it was all bug like and damaged looking in slight manners, Even trying to come off not harmful to Judith.

Besouro bumped into some one, who herself was actually a person who did not mind meeting now beings and people, But did not view anything generally as an annoyance right away.

She was in fact interested."Oh...you look interesting."Since Judith and Besouro are in a seasonal town Judith was assuming it was an outfit."I wonder where it was inspired from?"Judith did not seem like she was trying to be rude, She was if anything clueless but interested, Just how would this be explained to her? it seemed it would be interesting for them both.


The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Wed Oct 28, 2020 6:21 am

The beetle paused as the woman spoke to it. As she continued to talk, it stared down nervously. If she thought this was a costume, would it be better to play into her assumptions or come out with the truth right away? The insect's anxiety made the choice for it before Besouro could make a conscious decision- its mandibles clicked shut with a distinctly non human sound as a chitter left its throat. Should it have the vocal chords to vocalize its discontent, it would've let out a soft curse- but its anatomy didn't allow that. After a moment, it figured it might as well go all in.

It lifted a spindly finger, covered in a black chitinous exoskeleton, before lightly tapping on its head. The clicks echoed quietly throughout the inside of its body before it shifted its cloth mantle, revealing a torso much too thin to house a ribcage or any appropriate organs. Slowly, it lowered its hand again, careful not to make any sharp jerking movements that could be interpreted as hostile.

The person below it was a lot of things the insect wasn't- small, confident. It tilted its head as it awaited an inevitable verdict. Perhaps its appearance wasn't too unusual in Samhain...

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#5Judith Karlinius 

The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:00 am

Judith Karlinius
So Judith had been fooled, But then again she did not seem scared at all. Even if the bug was worried. Judith was still well."Oh interesting, It isn't a costume."The noises that the bug used to communicate also did prove it's point."Well can't say, I have met something quite like you before."Judith was friendly still, Did not seem worried at all, Judith was in fact a lover of all things animal, nature and people related. something like this was something she did not mind encountering.

Judith was a bit naive that way, Which was normal for her, but might be strange but easier for the bug being to pick up upon if they understood how human beings tended to work. Judith wanting to explore the city around her, As well as wanting to continue her effort in some how trying to make a new friend out of an extremely unsure situation.

Judith would either seem overly friendly, Strange or whatever else that it would be thought of."Would you like to join me walking around this place?"Judith said offering that to them, because in some way Judith still wanted to learn more some how, As well as continue her curious learning of this city as well, why not kill two birds with one stone so to say? Judith also would not mind the company as well herself, Judith also had already started showing she did not being around this interesting being.

Judith would most likely be think up ways, to ask questions. with the request to join Judith around the city, It was worded that way they had a chance to think about it, nod yes or not or make some kind of noise. Showing no worry or like she assumed they were going to harm her.


The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 6:40 am

Its mandibles clicked together audibly as it took in the stranger's words. A feeling of unease churned in its gut- just... that easy? Before it could stop to think on the matter further, it had nodded its head forward. Just because it wasn't technically human didn't mean that it didn't crave company. The beetle would be careful not to touch her- more out of personal preference than anything but would be satisfied to trail behind her as she meandered around Samhain. Fiore was very different from Savannah, it reflected. Not just in location. It had a much denser population in cities and towns, and a vastly different climate. The insect didn't produce its own body heat, so the biting cold of winter months was nearly unbearable. And... the culture. It was simultaneously less and more diverse. Back at home, there were countless tribes, nations, kingdoms, and more who seemed to regularly interact with one another in various ways. Fiore, as one country, didn't have that, but there still seemed to be defined pockets of different groups or cultures scattered across the cardinal directions. Maybe that was due to its size? Or higher immigration?

It clicked its mandibles together once more. It wasn't able to respond to the nuances of conversation like most people, but hopefully, it would be good company nonetheless.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

The City of Seasonal Mystery.(Open) Empty Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:16 am

Judith Karlinius
Was this entirely a strange situation? almost for anyone it is was a strange situation bug beings or not. Judith was not exactly a normal person to be around, this factored in must be even stranger to people and being new to fiore, Judith however, seemed like there was little to no worry at all still, Internally if ever asked Judith did not fear death or danger, just embracing things in front of her as is, if it killed her well it killed her.

None the less Judith was over joyed she had the company of some one new, Even if asking questions of anything of him might be a bit difficult Judith had some idea what could help her talk with him. After all even if they were exploring anything.

So for the moment until something came up that Judith wanted to ask him, Judith would so as she would normally musically hum a song she had sung before. The musical humming and peaceful song fitting for the area around them.

It seemed like a rather almost quiet moment that might linger for far too long, Judith was staring at the plants that seemed to be from this land.

So Judith would stop completely what she was doing for a moment and looking upon what she would call her new friend."Would you like something to drink? I was going to get a cup of tea or water."Judith mentioned because Judith just as she normally was a super polite and friendly person. Judith would have to figure out how she would learn if he said yes what they would want, Judith did seem to enjoy the company of the bug being, Then again Judith also was fairly small and harmless, So her being this way maybe expected of her.

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