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House on Haunted Hill [Manzo]

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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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A man was having a party for his beautiful wife within an ancient building that looked like a house. It was rich looking, built strong and within it held many mysteries. Five people were sent out letters to join them to have a party - each of them were known for something different than the other. Why specifically were these people invited? No one really knew, but Kurisa was one of the guests. Her eyes gazed at the carriage that she must enter as it rode up the hill and towards the manor. There were some in front and some carriages behind her. She was obviously not the only guest.

She wore her beautiful silver dress that had arm sleeves, shoulders were bare, and had a V-section that was revealing. Once the carriages stopped, people one-by-one stepped out. Before she did, her door opened to see someone holding out their hand to her, helping her out. Did they see her as weak? Were men always like this? Ready to use a girl, thinking they're easily manipulative. Bah, no... She grasped onto it anyways as she gave a soft sweet smile. 'We'll see where this goes.' she licked her canine teeth and gazed upward, flipping her scarf over her bare shoulder while her eyes wandered towards the sculpture of the large mansion-like house.

There were five people in total...

Not including the hosts.


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It was party time, he was the recipient of a mysterious letter. Said letter told him to wear his best clothing. So he brought with him an assortment of suits to wear. The one he had decided on would certainly fit the occasion. It was one that he would wear to official guild events. Seeing as he was a representative of the guild, now felt like as good a time as any.

The suit he picked was a black tuxedo, made of fine silk. Underneath was a silk white shirt, unbuttoned at the top, his guild tattoo peaking out. In his jacket pocket was a pegasus blue pocket square. Solid gold cuff links adorned his wrists as well as a matching watch on one wrist, and a tennis bracelet on the other.

On his feet were fine Italian shoes. Nothing but the best for this occasion. He stepped out onto the street corner, shortly after, his carriage arrived. He stepped into it, not thinking anything of it at the time. It seemed pretty par for the course for this kind of well to do crowd. People like this flocked to hargeon in droves to flex their wealth.

After a while the carriage stopped, the door opened for him, and he stepped out. Seeing five other guests. This would hopefully prove to be an interesting night. He pulled a cigarillo from his pocket, and lit it, making his way to mansion.


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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
template by Punki of Adoxography
Her eyes looked at all the guests, there was a blonde-haired woman who looked like a reporter, a man who was dressed up, but you could easily tell he was a werewolf. He smelled like a wet dog had brown hair and brown eyes. Her eyes cornered the other direction to see a man with black hair and abyss looking yes in a tuxedo, was he a vampire or perhaps something else? Her eyes then spotted a darker colored man who seemed from perhaps desertio. He was dressed nicely with some gold jewelry. Her devil horns were curled and beautiful and then that's when her thought was interrupted.

"Welcome! Come in." He walked towards the door. A man with a trimmed Mustache came over to the door. He wore a nice checkered suit and grabbed onto the handles to open it. "Blasted doors." His smile disappeared, but soon enough a woman snaked her hand on top of his to grab onto the bars herself and opened the door. "There you go. You're quite weak for a working man." She taunted her husband.  She had black flowing hair that went over her shoulder. Lips colored of scarlet like her silk dress. It was long with a high cut. Her brown dark eyes gazed at everyone with a taunting smile.

"Shall we then?" She then gazed at her husband who then opened the door for everyone. It revealed as the lights went on, a large table covered with a scarlet table cloth. It had delicious food, drinks of all kinds and the music started to play. The chandelier and Candelabras lit up the room. The area had furniture that was a rich-red. Floors themselves were made of wood and the pillars had carves of swirls.

"Welcome, guests.  We invite you here for my dear wife's birthday party." He embraced her, she gives a disgusted look and rolled her eyes. "Shall we get to know each other and have a drink?" He gave a smirk. The wife left his arms and went towards the bar. "Oh please. I doubt they want to hear you talk. Shall we just get to the game and drink?" She poured herself some scotch. "Pft, alright. It's your night." He shook his head. "If you survive the night without leaving, you get a million jewels."

"Sounds pretty easy." The blonde said while holding up her recording camera. "Heh, it's a haunted house." He half-heartedly joked. The blonde rolled her eyes and put down the camera. "Now, starting with you young lad." He pointed his cigar towards the black-haired man in the nice suit. He lit it up and started to puff it down.


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Upon arriving, the others were walking up, as well. He looked them over. Everyone appeared to be from a different walk of life. Interesting, though it felt a bit strange. What was the purpose of all this, honestly. Though as he was talking, a gentleman made his prescience known. He welcomed them, which didn't do much to calm his suspicions of this whole evening. He turned his back to them, attempting to open the door to the mansion. Seemed as though he was having a bit of trouble. Which given his age wasn't too odd. Though a woman would reveal herself to them all and give him a hand. She seemed much younger than him. But all in all it could just be the byproduct of having money, or magic at her disposal.

As the doors opened the couple would begin to quarrel a bit over where everything would start. It wouldn't take long for the true nature of this night to unfold. A death game, basically. Two rich people wanting to have some entertainment at their expense. What else was new. He endured things like this as a slave in Joya. Before he knew it. He was being pointed at. Starting with him huh.

"Alright, what do you want." He said as he exhaled smoke through his nostrils.


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The man seemed confused as if he has never been to a party before. Kurisa watched him as she also wondered when it was the other's turn as well - who was next? The rich man chuckled at him and pointed his cigar again at the black-haired male. "Introduce yourself of course." He said.  The woman came over and rolled her eyes. "It's our party. Don't point fingers without going first." Her eyes gazed at them. "This is Vincent, my darling husband and I am Annebelle." She gives off a smirk. "I create amusement rides that most people are afraid of and architecture.". He wanted to say it, but he held his tongue about Annebelle just being some trophy wife.

"Now down the line. Let's make an example." His eyes locked onto Kuri's. "How about you?" He tilted his head. Kuri's eyes looked left and right, shrugged. "I'm Kuri. I'm a scientist, doctor - anything about a human body and I could tell you.". She spoke in a rich breathy accent. Her eyes half-closed with her arms crossed against her chest. The woman's head turned to look at the black haired guy now as did everyone else.


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"What I do huh?" He said with a chuckle as he walked over the bar and began looking for something to sip on. Such things were quite important to him in a social setting. It helped to calm his nerves more than a little bit. After looking around for a moment he came to a vintage bottle of scotch. He walked behind the bar and grabbed a clean glass, putting a single large ice cube in it. He casually grabbed the bottle and popped the cork.

After doing so he poured a generous amount of liquor in the glass. He took a sip from his glass, letting out a sigh. "I fix things. Doesn't matter what, specialize in wet work though. Government clean up jobs, monster hunting. That sort of thing." He said as he took another drink from his glass, putting a cigar in his mouth after and lighting it. He did wonder what was the point of knowing any of this information considering it was just a death game. Probably psychological warfare for later. Who was to know, but surely all would be revealed soon, like it or not from the sound of how things were intended to go.


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Truly the guy finally spoke, but he didn't even say his name. Why so secretive? Her eyes looked at the others as they then introduced themselves. The only other female was named Viv and the two guys; Tyler and Brad. Brad seemed a little freaked out by something, but everyone else played calm. The wife of Price seemed smiling as she drank her wine. As everyone was casually walking and talking a loud bang was heard and an alarm went off. Thick shields of metal were enclosing the windows and door as it made Brad panic towards the door. "No, no!" He went over and slammed the metal with his hand.

"Nice trick, dear." The wife smirked as Mr. Price looked confused. "Some kind of sick joke?" Asked Tyler. Kurisa started to walk towards the bar till the upper house glass shattered, falling down towards the woman. Swiftly she was pushed aside by whoever decided to. All that was done was a slight cut against her cheek. Kurisa sighed, rubbed against it softly. "Well, that was eventful." She then looked around as she then looked at Price. The wife gazed at him. "Should we give out some party favors?" She jester. Opening the case in the shape of a coffin were some guns. "Don't worry, full of blanks." Mr. Price spoke. "Shall we test it?" The wife chuckled and pointed the gun right at her husband. Before she decided to pull the trigger, she decided to pull back and put it away.

"I'll test it some other time." She smirked. "Let's go find a trigger for the mechanism." Kurisa offered and gazed at the guy who gave no name. "You coming?" She offered for him to come with her and Brad. The others went their seperate ways.


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He looked upon the events taking place before him and chuckled. Shaking his head he continued to drink his beverage as his hair was gently rustled by the glass. Shattered glass and walls made of metal. Not all that concerning given the ordeals he had survived before. Suddenly his attention was drawn to the woman known as Kurisa. It would seem that she wanted his attention for something. He turned his attention to her. It would seem that she wanted to look around for some kind of a mechanism to undo what ever it is they had done in this room.

He loosened his tie, removing it completely, as well as his suit jacket. Leaving nothing on his torso but his dress shirt and vest. "Well let's not waste anytime then shall we." He said as he flicked his cigar and threw his glass behind the bar, hearing it shatter. He smiled to himself as he began to walk around the room, feeling the walls for anything that might be a switch.

No such thing being found. "It's never the walls now is it, usually a statue. These folks seem ridiculously camp. So logic would dictate, the statue is what we are looking for. Or perhaps a bust."


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Kurisa was unsure where to start, but perhaps going downstairs will be the most typical solution. The guy who gave no name was feeling the walls. It made her slightly chuckle as she then opened the door. "I'll come with you." spoke the guy who obviously knew something about this place, but has yet to say anything. Her eyes went to meet the man with the black hair. "What about yourself?" she wondered. Rather or not he came downstairs was on him as she went anyway. The guy had a glass of scotch with him as he followed Kuri.

She gazed around in the darkness, looking for the light switch. "Found it." The guy said in a tired-like tone. As the lights flickered she saw a glass case with a mutant-looking child that was dead. The skin looked departed from the actual body. The other one was a creature but was man-looking. She was confused more than scared, perhaps even shocked. They went through the halls after that and went forward. The area was creaking as if footsteps were above them. The walls had a darkened color plastered against it. She was unsure if that was just really old blood or perhaps other things.

"I hate this place. Not sure why my grandfather wanted to buy it in the first place." Then guy mumbled. Kuri gazed at him. "So you must know about it then. Why scared of it?" She wondered. Her eyes made sure that the guy with the black hair was following.

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