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Boo! [SOCIAL; Natsumi]

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Boo! [SOCIAL; Natsumi] Empty Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:28 am

It was tiring for Masami to keep walking around with no objectives nor any knowledge of where he was. When he entered Samhain, he wasn't given any map nor directions—except he was told that if he doesn't dress up, he'll get eaten alive by the residents of this city, which explains his appearance, fixed by Lucifer himself (thumbs up for the demon soul of fancy). Masami decided to tuck an arm onto his stomach to grumble, "Ugh... I'm hungry," after all, Halloween wasn't a thing back in Joya so who knows why there were games? He also didn't know what trick-or-treating is; poor reserved kid. It was inevitable that he'd see a "haunted house" which appeared quite cartoony; a part of that house reminded Masami of mooncakes. Mmm, mooncakes. Masami's roleplayer has been craving for mooncakes for a week now.

As cliché as it can be, Masami approached the haunted house's door and gave it a knock. "Hello?" he called out—not begged out, not yet. There's something about horror movies that makes the characters approach danger instead of waiting for... the police? Maybe? It looks like the Halloween spirit of Samhain was present enough to inflict the same occurrence to Masami. Nobody seemed to answer from the inside of the house, so Masami backed away. Then, a huge echo came from the inside of the house, which said: "Password!"

Unfortunately, Masami doesn't know the password. "Please?" he said instead, but the word escaped his lips before he could even realize it. Masami was used to saying "please" as an answer to "password" so you can't really blame the kid. "You seem to be underage. Come back when you have an adult with you!" they said, then slammed all the curtains shut. Now, there was no more light that came from the haunted house, so Masami looked around and hoped that he'd find an adult. Now, it felt more like a task rather than an adventure.

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#2Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi was walking around, wearing one of her old dresses, a gothic lolita style dress was was quite nice. She looked rather Nice, havent worn it in some time due to the face she needed to modify it for her new height, her legs showing quite abit. Up till now she was just wandering around aimlessly, not sure what she should do. She heard about a haunted house, having a sudden urge to run into danger more then she normally does. Hearing about such cliche within Horror stories. She soon smelled a familiar scent as she made her way to the haunted house, Waving rapidly, before stopping as she snuck up behind Masami. Soon hugging him from behind into her chest. "Trick or treat" She said as halloween was her favorite holiday, having such rich culture about it, she cant help but get excited about such things before looking at the door.

She easily picked Masami up as she looked at the haunted house, Getting an odd feeling about it. Unusual for her, as what could give a Dragon Slayer a bad feeling anyways. What was inside the building that put her off, Some eerie prescence surrounded the building, she was getting an instinctive like fear feeling.


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"Uwah! Natsumi..."

It was a good thing that Masami recognized Natsumi's voice before he could dig his sharp nails into her skin out of fright. However, automatically, he had distanced himself away from her before he could gaze at Natsumi's outfit from head to toe. "Oh, you're going for the Fiorian doll look?" emphasis on the "Fiorian," because Masami knew all too well that it was specifically Fiorian or Caelese dolls that resembled Natsumi's outfit and general appearance. "I hope I don't look too different," well, he looked utterly different on first glance, indeed, but Masami was still Masami.

He'd then point at the door, "I guess we'll be having cookies," would Natsumi like that? Natsumi seemed to like the idea of having a meal, "Except, I don't know the password. Go ahead and knock, see if they'll let two kids inside," little did Masami know that the password must be a pun, but the host will tell them once they have seen that Masami is accompanied by another friend. "Hmm, I wonder what it is..." he wasn't good with puns in general, nor in jokes. Would have been a tough choice for Masami considering that he hasn't realized yet that he is in a haunted house—except it looked less-haunted on the outside. Actually, it feels slightly ChristIlluminmas-y, doesn't it?

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#4Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi didnt even feel his nails digging into her, hearing the fioran doll look, she realized she forgot to wear a costume.

"No....this is what I used to wear when we first met actually....abit too short tho."  She said as she looked down, as it just barely covered her knees, realizing on how much she actually grew since then. being rather tight in the chestal area. Hey eyes sharpened at the whole cookie mentions, drooling abit as she was rather peckish. She looked toward the door of the haunted house, having seen worst or so she thought.
"I dont know much about Passwords, in fact my family didnt spend much time in fiore back when i was a kid around this time. I was in Joya spending time with Extended family. She said before wondering what kind of password it could be. She was trying to think up all the knowlage she had of halloween but nothing came to mind. Soon walking up to the door as she knocked on it. hoping she doesnt accidentally destroy something while inside, as such would be a disaster class accident. Having actuall fun since her childhood on the seasonal times


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"... no?" Masami questioned his memory there—he has never seen Natsumi wear this sort of clothing, she must have been mistaken. "I am very sure that this isn't what you wore... the first time we met." Then, as if the memory was vivid enough, Masami recalled the first time they actually met.

@Natsumi Duranndal wrote:Natsumi dressed in what appears to be a hooded cloak covered her body, Finally returning after the blank period in which she was training. She could feel the wind blowing as it blew the cloak apart. Her attire has more skin shown, in a way close combat would be possible unlike how she was back then. A tshirt and shorts, her body had grown considerably taller and more mature.

He raised a brow at her, but then he'd shake the topic off. "Anyway, I don't know the password either, nor am I good at riddles. Maybe the (g)host of the house will—" the door creaked open, because Masami had stated a pun by accident. The host of the haunted house; rather, the "ghost" of the house, had accepted Masami's answer and opened the door for the two of them. Masami stared at the door, then to Natsumi, then back at the door. The two of them were in an awkward position because of how the unpredictable events settled in. "G-Guess we'll go for the cookies, then?"

Still, with the door opened up and now the two of them may freely enter, Masami stood on his spot. He even backed down a little. "Ladies first?" he chuckled afterwards, holding a hand out. Apparently, Masami didn't want to go inside first.


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#6Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi was confused for a moment as she spoke up. "Really I thought you knew me back when i was smaller then I am not, two years ago, might be thinking of something else.

She says as she sees the door crack open, quite curious of how it reacted so. clearly by some verbal cue, wondering as she headed inside, the door creaking as she opened it fully. Stepping inside as before they could get further then the entry way. There appeared to be a spell on the house everywhere was dark, unable to make out even the walls. Before the darkness she could see a small endtable, a few ghost stories piled up on it and at the top was halloween themed cookies, she laughed softly.

"Hey look I guess we will have to enjoy some of these Ghost "Boo"kies"

She read the sign that read to take one to light the way. Drooling abit as she started to eat the ghost shapped cookies, not all of them but clearly more then just one. As after handing one to Masami, showing how true her apetite is. She felt her body burning up, not the usual burning up she likes but this was somehow different.


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Masami could only raise a brow at her, not knowing how to react. "Natsumi, are you really alright?" maybe now's the perfect time to wonder and concerned over a friend. "We've uh... we've only met a few months ago, not two years ago." That was how he reminded her; they were previously guildmates, but it looks like the destruction of the guild had taken quite the toll on her... unless she doesn't know that Penumbral Guard is gone now, too.

Now that they have entered the haunted house, Masami having ignored Natsumi's generous pun, it was time to get their promised cookies. It was Natsumi who went ahead and started to eat them on her own, besides the sign specifically stating to take "one" cookie; Natsumi handed Masami one, and he'd hold onto the cookie until he decides to trust it. He watched as Natsumi becomes a glutton, and that she'd start to eat all of the cookie. Oh, Lord... Masami thought as he took a bite off of the cookie. After that single bite, he had started to feel awfully weird. It was just ONE bite, and now he was starting to feel uneasy.

He watched as his eyesight starts to blur a little, then he'd look at his hands, which now appeared seemingly younger and... smaller? "Hey, Natsumi..." huh? His voice apparently sounds younger and more childish, too—Masami turned to look at himself in a mirror. "UWAH! WHY AM I SUDDENLY A TEN-YEAR OLD?"

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#8Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
The burning sensation intensified as she begun to shrunk, her dress soon being too big on her. Her tiny arms barely able to fit in the sleaves as she looks like a 5 year old, her long hair reaching the floor as she was even smaller then Masami, no doubt due to eating more cookies.

"Yesh, I wave notished" She spoke in a small cute voice. Having trouble speaking some words as it seemed her over consumption caused a temporary side effect of making her talk more childish. pulling her sleeves back as she raised a hand. Being tiny enough to fit in Masami's hand. Soon tripping over her dress. unable to walk on her own.

"Ive becwum sweven" She said as unlike her tall adult self, she was smaller then a seven year, clearly she wal malnurished abit as her arms were thing and the only thing chubby about her were her chubby cute cheeks. Her complextion being even more pale then normal, Bags under her eyes as she had trouble keeping her hair out of her face. The path behind them was now covered in the darkness, unable to see outside as the path before them opened up.


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"What, seven? Why're you talking like a fool?" Indeed, the younger Masami was much more direct, and too brutally honest to even consider being quiet. He had witnessed Natsumi's figure shrink into, as she said, a seven year-old's body, right in front of his eyes. Though, even if that was the case, Masami has never heard a child talk in a similar gibberish. It makes him want to slightly back out a little. "Aya... the sign says to take one piece of cookie. This is your fault, then," he had gently hit Natsumi's head with his palm, giving her a small punishment. Now that they're in this state and unable to go out, they were like Jack and Jill, stuck in a witch's house. "How do you want to get out?" Masami was being awfully calm in this situation, probably because he doesn't believe so much in ghosts, especially in this age where he acted as if he was the toughest kid. He looked down on Natsumi, literally and metaphorically, because she was older and although Masami respected his elders, those who didn't act like it didn't seem to deserver the said respect. And, of course, it's not like he can leave this house without Natsumi, especially when both of them are in this state.

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#10Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
She stared at him with a blank face, struggling to show such emotions. Instead of her fiery personality she had as an adult. She rarely showed her emotions looking more like a doll. Looking up at masami she only said such.

"Ish maywee shide effwect" she said as she struggles to walk on her own. Still struggling as her eyes were still more reptillian and her teeth were sharp. Clearly still having her dragon slayer traits.

Being closer to the floor as her dressed dragged along it, kicking up dust as she was about to sneeze. and as she does sneeze, a mass of flames comes out of her mouth, breathing a small burst of fire as it was no where near as strong as her smallest roar spell. rubbing her nose as she sniffles abit.

"ish gwuess, teh only way to go is forward. Oh my speech returned. She said as soon she looked forward, barely able to walk let alone be able to keep up with a ten year old.

"Can you please pick me up, I cant move much with the dress on. she said as she looked as if she weighed almost nothing.


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Masami would sigh next, "Finally, I can understand you properly," unlike Natsumi, Masami's clothes had shrunk with him, so he had moved better than the lady could even. He looked at Natsumi from head to toe, slightly worried about her thin and smaller figure, since she was usually more older-looking and more fleshy. "I don't mind," he'd say, sliding his arms around Natsumi's shoulder, and the other arm behind Natsumi's knees. He was now carrying her like a little sister, "Your dress is heavier than yourself..." he said as he struggled, slightly throwing Natsumi in the air a few times to adjust the way she was being carried.

Now, it was time to look around. There was darkness everywhere, and the only place that had the light is the place they are currently in. The light shone down on the table with cookies, and that the cookie Masami bit on was now on the ground, and he has no intention of consuming it anymore. "Where do we go?" he asked, "It looks like the haunted house itself had shifted its' rooms. We'll probably get lost more if we try to escape." Maybe they should try to fool the house into thinking that Masami and Natsumi weren't trying to escape, nor were they trying to run away. Since Masami's mentality is starting to adjust to his younger self, it doesn't look like he will be able to trust his own self in this turn at all.

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#12Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Feeling his arm around her shoulder, the other under her knees as indeed she weighed almost nothing, the dress being heavier then her. no surprise as how she was unable to walk, maybe if she stayed fit like she was an adult, but a malnurition child could never do so.

"Yes, I started wearing this when I was 12, before that I was sickly alot, just hoping that doesnt come back as well. She said as she is soon thrown up in the air, flying abit high as she can help but cheer, showing her inner child by habit as she giggles softly.

She soon blushed as she didnt know why she was all cheery like that.
"Well I doubt we can escape.......even my dragon fire didnt burn anything so I doubt we can escapte considering we cant use magic. I suggest we just keep going, it seems like the house is guiding us. I just hope we dont run into a freak in a hockey mask. She said as it was clear she was emberressed as their minds seem to be adjusting to their bodies, for now they can think with reason but slowly they start to revert to the habits, thinking and even body condition they had at that age


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"Eh," he thought that all the burden will be brought down to only him. Well, considering how Masami's older in this form, it seems to be fitting—now Masami's going to have to let Natsumi depend on him like how he depends on the adults, mostly. "The house is guiding us? Seriously?" he gave Natsumi a concerned look, wondering if the transformation had messed with her head, or anything of the sort; every now and then, he'd adjust the way he held Natsumi, as if he was carrying a cursed doll throughout the whole haunted house. More like it wants to eat us, nevertheless, Masami moved forward as he carried Natsumi on his arms – this is exactly how he used to carry one of his younger siblings, but can't say that today's occurrence had brought soothing memories.

It was pitch black and the only thing Masami can see is the floor; actually, it was as if only the floor beneath Masami is illuminated while the rest are gone dark. He was starting to perceive eigengrau, as if his eyes won't adjust to the dim atmosphere at all. And, just like how the floor beneath him is lit up and completely visible, the same goes for looking at Natsumi. "Hmm, I don't think we're going anywhere," he said, still walking forward. His spine chilled at the thought of the inability to come back out of the house; suddenly, the sound of a grandfather clock had called from somewhere close.

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