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The Ghost Annoying Mouse Ever [Kurisa]

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Towards the outskirts of Samhain there lay a farm. As one would come to expect from a town with a seemingly sole purpose to be for Halloween, it was filled to the brim with nothing but pumpkins. Zane wandered these pumpkin fields with a sense of curiosity, his ghost pirate costume looking especially out of place between all of the bright orange made by the vegetables. "You do notice that there's literally nothing but pumpkins here, right?" Zane scoffed at Beelzebub's comment. He did not expect the demon to truly understand the appeal. After all, Beelzebub was a creature that did nothing but want more. While Zane always wanted more as well, he was able to also recognize the value in quality as well. Pumpkins were a splendid food. Even just a single look at them brought back a wave of nostalgia from his childhood in Baska. For a boy that practically grew up on a farm this place practically felt like a second home.

"These pumpkins are all pretty nice, actually!" Zane bent over and ran his hand over one that was laying on the ground in the dead center of the 2 acre field. "I was a chef once, ya know. I can tell these kind of things. I wouldn't mind making a hundred pies outta these..." Zane felt no need to keep their conversation in his head. Nobody else was here anyways, at least not to Zane's knowledge. He'd imagine a guy talking to himself probably wasn't too uncommon for a town like this anyways. "Sometimes I miss those days. I was a lot shyer. Can you believe that I almost never talked back then?" Beelzebub almost seemed envious at the idea of a quiet Zane, chiming in as the man stood back up from his pumpkin groping experience. "You're making me wish I had gotten in your head years ago."

The evening wind blew a bit faster this time, the full moon shining down on the field. Zane wondered if he'd get too cold standing out here. Perhaps he would only look around for a bit longer. Making his way towards the northern end of the square field, Zane whistled a happy tune to himself while taking in all the nostalgia he could before it was time to head back. Finally approaching the exit gate at the center north point, Zane was about ready to leave this place in peace. That was when he heard something. The sound of some kind of rodent.

Being a farm boy as a kid had taught Zane one very important thing: rodents were never to be left unattended to. Procrastinating and deciding to come back and deal with it later was only a recipe for disaster. A problem like this had to be stopped right away. Turning back towards the field, Zane's eyes squinted as he tried to make out where he heard the sound from. Towards the northwestern corner of the fenced field. Approaching the wooden fence slowly, Zane now looked especially crazy. Not only was he talking to himself, but he was now crouch walking and creeping around in a pumpkin field at this time of night. "Come here little mouse..." Zane requested in a softer voice, though he was well aware that there was a very low chance that the mouse would actually heed to his demands. "Are we really gonna spend time hunting down a damn mouse?! C'mon, Zane! We're above this! Let's go back to town already!"

There was no way that Zane could do that. This mouse would eat away at his conscious the same way it was eating away at this field. Perhaps even a month from now he'd still be thinking about the mouse in that timeline. Perhaps he'd think of the mouse every time a pumpkin made its way into Zane's vision. Thankfully that timeline wasn't going to come true. Beelzebub could metaphorically kick and scream all he wanted, but Zane wasn't leaving this field until that confirmed rodent was gone from the land of the living - or at least this field, anyway. Zane heard another squeak, diving forwards towards the sound. In his attack he finally got a good look at the mouse. Purple colored. Fitting.

Zane's dive was fairly ineffective though. The short wooden fence had gotten in his way, the pole of it soon colliding with his head with a loud thump. Hastily recovering from his overshot dive, Zane rubbed his head in pain and stood back up to see if he could try to find out were the mouse was again. It would squeak again eventually. All mice loved to squeak after all. Crouching down once more, Zane continued his pursuit. This pumpkin field will be saved.


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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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Kurisa gazed at the area as she realized where she has gone. The place looked familiar from years ago, but she had her doubts that it existed. Maybe it was not the place she thought it was. Her eyes gazed forward with her arms crossed against her chest. Long purple-silvery hair flowed against the current of the wind as she started to walk forward. Her devil-like horns felt heavy yet it was just because it was different. For Halloween, she went the opposite of what she usually was. Instead of being some wannabe, washed-up angel, she was a devil. Where will this go? Her tongue licked her lips as her mental state was not quite right there, but what did that mean for Arisa exactly? She could not know herself.

Her eyes gazed forward towards the fields as she heard the best pumpkins could be here. She wanted to pick the best one and carve it. Call it childish, but she never really had a childhood nor could recall one in the first place. The devilish woman had simple pleasures to satisfy and the first thing on her list was close to her, but she bumped into more than what she called for. As she got closer she heard some rustling and roaming, making her eyes search to find a man wandering the fields and close to the fence itself. She did not realize who it was until she already called out to him. "Enemy of the pumpkins or perhaps one who is here to find one as well?". Kurisa didn't really know anything about a mouse nor the fact that he was chasing one. She just got here and saw some guy from the back. The hair seemed familiar and something told her that she knew this person.


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A spectator had found their way to the fields as Zane turned around hastily to meet his eyes with them, worried that they might have ill intentions. "Huh?" He asked, clearly taken aback by the woman's sudden appearance. It was easy to have that kind of reaction during this time of the year, especially in the night as it was currently. Zane's eyes looked up and down the woman. She seemed familiar, Blinking once, Zane stood up to face the woman, placing his hand on his chin in a mostly subconscious attempt to appear as though he was smarter than he actually was.  "Your voice, your chest, your face... they all seem very familiar..."  Zane had the woman's name on the tip of his tongue. "Kurisa, right? The kinda scary woman from that brothel." Right, her! Zane remembered now. She was really only scary for a moment though - otherwise she seemed pretty nice.

Zane snapped his fingers at Beelzebub's internal answer as if it was one he had figured out himself. He echoed Beelzebub's own words as he wore an oddly proud grin. "Kurisa, right? The kind of scary woman from the brothel!" Zane's mind soon caught up with his words. Those probably weren't the best ones to say. Clearing his throat nervously, Zane tried to amend it quickly. "Ah, I meant beautiful woman! Sorry, being in this field at night is making me say weird things, haha..." Cursing himself internally Zane turned around to face back at the fields, pointing out towards it while taking the time to explain to Kurisa just what he was doing here. "There's this purple mouse here, ya see. I used to be a farmer, so I know what they can do to your average pumpkin patch. I ain't leaving this area until I have it in my hands." Zane's odd insistence to catch this mouse would no doubt seem odd. He didn't even live in this town, after all. Zane couldn't really care about what Kurisa thought of him at this current moment, surprisingly. The farm boy spirit that had been long held back within in him had come out tonight.

Crouching back down towards the ground of the field, Zane looked back to Kurisa and made a movement with his hands which seemed to suggest they do the same. He now spoke with a more hushed voice. "You should help me look for it. It'll be fun, right? Besides, I'm sure you, like most people, must dream of being able help handsome, funny, intelligent, charismatic and lovable guys like myself." Beelzebub's triplet fly eyes practically rolled so hard into his nonexistent head that they went down the bowling alley and scored a flawless strike. Zane faced back forward, making his way through the pumpkins as he focused on the noises of the area. Spotting the mouse through sight alone was unlikely. He need to use his ears. Zane just hoped that Kurisa's hearing was just as good as his - hopefully better. If she even planned to help that is. "You head to opposite corner of the patch, I'll try going forwards for now."


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Sometimes, the heart changes a person.
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The boy saw her as scary. How cute. She gave off a chuckle with a small smile. Chris started to explain how he use to be a farmer so this mouse was something he cared about getting rid of. His humor was small yet amusing enough as he called himself all the things a person with an ego does. She flipped her hair as her eyes slanted, gazing at him. Her eyes gazed towards the area where he 'instructed' her to go. 'Might as well.'. She believed and thought while walking towards that direction slowly. Kuri was unsure about the shenanigans that were happening at the moment.

Was this a waste of time?

Her eyes gazed around as she carefully walked through the field of pumpkins. Perhaps this was a good time to look for the right pumpkin anyways, maybe a few. There were so many things a person could bake and create with a simple pumpkin. If only her eyes could see in the dark perfectly. Not even actual angels could see in the dark perfectly. Her eyes gazed downward and then left, right, finally forward. Nothing yet so she kept on walking. Her eyes cornered and turned her head to look where Chris was. Was it an actual physical mouse or perhaps a spirit? This was a dimension of spirits and unhumanly people.

Her head turned back to look around even more and for now, her mind was on looking for the mouse. As she was her necklace started the shake. Within a few seconds, one of the jingles pointed towards the left. From there, she followed it. Perhaps it was to the mouse?


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"Thank you, Arisa. I'll pay ya back for this later, somehow." Zane actually didn't have any money to give her or anything, so he wasn't sure how exactly he would pay her back for her assistance. Perhaps he could say that he'd go on a date with her in return? No, that was too cliche and unrealistic. Even Zane was not egotistical enough to actually think Arisa would agree with that, let alone be anywhere near satisfied with the concept. He supposed he would have to think of it later - after all, this mouse needed catching. Moving around the patch of pumpkins, Zane kept his ears and eyes peeled.

Finally spotting the mouse in the corner of his eye, Zane dived towards it, trying to grab it in his hands. While his face did collide with a pumpkin the small bit of pain he endured was worth it; Zane had finally grabbed the pesky purple rodent that had so elusively been evading him for the last few minutes. Catching his breath, Zane sat up, looking at the small mouse he held in his hand. There was no way for it to escape. He could do whatever he wanted with this mouse. "Kill it, Zane! Just be done with the damn mouse so we can get out of here." Kill the mouse. Sure, that was easy. Zane had killed mice before, as any farmboy would. Preparing himself to tighten his grip against the small rodent, Zane took a deep breath while he felt... hesitation.

Why would he hesitate to kill a mouse? Zane stared into the thing's black eyes as he pondered on it, the sound of Beelzebub sighing slightly in the background of his mind while thoughts ran through his head. This mouse... was cute. Zane didn't want to kill something this cute. As Zane stood up from the ground, mouse still clenched in his hands with its head poking out, he took a deep breath of relief. He wouldn't kill the mouse. He'd decide on something to do with it. "So, what's the deal here friend? You are killing me, yes?" Zane blinked. An Icebergian accent. He had heard it before. First by way of talking to Liberty, then later by impersonating a fictional Icebergian prince and maid with a woman he met in Hosenka. This was different though. This was coming from the mouse.

"You talked?" Zane asked in disbelief, staring down the mouse. "I didn't realize they talked either, I assumed them to be pests with a brain the size of your modesty, Zane." The mouse wiggled a bit in Zane's hands, trying harder to get free. Eventually one of its arms did break out of Zane's fingers, but Zane tightened his grip slightly in an attempt to learn what was happening. A talking mouse was no common find. He wouldn't let this chance slip by him; Zane was greedy for knowledge. "You tell that voice in you that mouse speak in this country. If he dare insult my kind one more time there will be hell to be pay." This was probably the biggest plot twist of it all, actually. How many people and things had Zane crossed in his time in Fiore the last few months? Including the people in the street, thousands. Yet they all had a single thing in common. None of them could hear Beelzebub. It was a rule Zane had assumed applied to everyone but him. A rule he assumed especially applied to mice.

"You are shocked, yes?" Damn right. Both Zane and Beelzebub had fallen silent, the only thing they could hear being the mouse's loud voice. For such a tiny creature he sure had a commanding voice, strong enough to reach out to all of the pumpkin patch. "Us Samhain mice, we are strong. We hear what is not heard, you see. You are with two souls inside you, even the smallest of the children in my family could tell!" Was this really happening? Was it really a thing that was going down in front of Zane's eyes? Both Beelzebub and Zane happened to say the exact thing inside of their minds at the same time. "What the fuuuuuuuuck..."

Seeing as Zane and Beelzebub didn't have much to say at the moment, the mouse turned to face Arisa while still locked in Zane's grip, using his one free hand to wave at her a little. "You help your dumb boyfriend here, miss? I do not have time for such silliness, I have family to feed." He seemed to be asking for Arisa's help in sorting this out for now, given that Zane was so stunned that he may as well be here all night just trying to process what was truly happening here.


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Kurisa was following the needle which was going all over the place. It was supposed to direct her towards what she wanted. Didn't she come here for a pumpkin? The best pumpkin ever? Yet, now all she could think about was helping Chris with the mouse. At that moment the needle swung back towards where she first came from. 'It seems to be confused.' Ana replied coldly and chuckled.Kuri sighed and walked towards Chris who she then saw talking to the mouse. Her head tilted while slowly approaching since she did not want to scare the mouse at all.

As she got to an ear-shot she heard the mouse talking to him. 'Seems like he's not just some normal rodent.' Ana snaked around Kuri's physical form and studied the mouse. "Look, even though the blonde is extremely cute, he's not my boyfriend." She approached beside Chris and ruffled his hair. "More like a little adorable brother.~" Boyfriends... what were those anyways. When she was younger, she never really had a boyfriend. Just a lover and someone she had to call 'husband', but now ex. Love just wasn't kind at all.

She gave an angelic smile while appearing as some devil. She postured more seriously as her arms crossed against her chest. "If you have a family to feed. Perhaps go easier on the pumpkins. The headless horsemen like them untouched." She halfly-gestured. "Now, can you find me a large pumpkin that isn't ruined? Two." She replied to the mouse. A talking mouse isn't the most surprising thing she has witnessed. Over centuries old, you see many things within that time.


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Zane frowned as Arisa's hand ruffled his hair in an endearing manner. It wasn't as though Zane needed Arisa's validation on the matter - he had Raina, after all - but being called a little brother like that oddly stung. Was he not handsome enough? Zane looked down at himself, losing a bit of confidence. A few seconds later the stupidity kicked in and Zane was back to normal. Being dumb truly was the greatest superpower a person could have. The head ruffle felt nice, all things considered.

The mouse continued wiggling around, confused by Arisa's question. "Two unruined pumpkin? Woman, we are standing in field of unruined pumpkin!" Zane motioned forward a bit, clearly spotting the mouse's lie. "I saw at least a dozen pumpkins ruined!" he said in a somewhat deeper voice, as if he was trying to look cooler to the nearby Arisa. "Your balls drop, friend?" The mouse asked, confused by the very sudden shift in Zane's voice. He's trying to impress the female, mouse man. It's a very human thing to know, I do. I'll never understand these savages..." The mouse let out a hearty laugh at the lord of the flies' quip. Zane spoke out loud to Beelzebub this time, agitated by the demon's teasing. "And you stop too! I don't wanna hear any more of your quips tonight!" After Zane spoke, he noticed that he, well, spoke. Looking up to Arisa, he blinked. Would she think that he was talking to her? He certainly would not! Being too nervous to maintain his deeper voice, Zane sounded like normal once again. "Err... Not to you, of course. I love your quips, Arisa. I was just talking to... myself." Yeah. Himself. This was definitely not making him look crazy in any capacity. Turning back to the mouse, Zane sighed.

"Look, if I let you go, will you promise to never touch this pumpkin patch or any of the farmland near it again?" The mouse nodded hesitantly. "Yes, I will never go here again." Freeing his hands, the mouse dropped onto a pumpkin that Zane had intended him to go on, safely landing. Looking up to the two of them, the mouse spoke. "You two should know something, though. There is ghost in these part. It haunts the men who work in farms here." Ghost? Ha. Zane had already seen something way scarier than a ghost in his lifetime - he didn't have any fear of that. "Masami's scarier than any ghost, and I lived through seeing his spooky face at 1 am. I'll be alright."

The mouse shrugged, wandering off. Zane wondered if all mice in Samhain were like that. Perhaps he could try talking to a different one next time. It might be able to help him understand his connection with Beelzebub. Turning to Arisa, Zane took a deep exhale, looking into her eyes. "That was way more effort than I thought it would be." Zane had the deep voice again, this time in an even lower pitch than before. If the last one stuck out like a sore thumb, this stuck out like a glowing disco ball of a thumb. "So, what do you think of this ghost? It's getting late, might come out soon. Uh, don't worry. I'll protect you if it shows up." Zane truly was the coolest most reliable guy in the whole wide world... according to his own ego, at least.


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Zane and the mouse were bickering towards each other. It was like some old friends having a disagreement. Something was indifferent though. He was talking to another person that was not there. She was far enough so they could not hear her whispers, but she could hear them perfectly fine. 'Something is odd.' Ana coldly believed. Kuri played with her beautiful hair as she finally put it down. Having it up for too long was straining to the neck and it made her scalp itchy. Her arms crossed as she watched this progress. She giggled adorably as Zane was talking in some tough tone. Was he trying to impress or something?

She lived long enough, lived after another life enough to know what most men are trying to do. Then there are some she wished she understood. Something caught her in surprise as he talked about her son, Masami. She stepped back suddenly, taken aback by the name. "M-Masami? You know him, Zane?" Her eyes gazed deeply into his as her face was covered with worry. "How is my son?" She frowned. They weren't fully blood-related, but her heart belonged to him as family. She would destroy the world to make her family happy, smile... anything if anything good came out of it for them.

After some answers, if he gave any, she then looked around with a few blinks. "Ghost? Could he be headless?" She wondered. Perhaps always reading about spirits, the dead, and spooky stories was a bad thing to most people, but that was all she had since she never believed in true love. There was no such thing even when she kept growing up as a little girl... every... single lifetime.

"Don't worry, I believe a strong man will protect me." She teased and hugged onto his arm that ends up between her plushie chest. "Shall we look around then?" A gentle smile as she let him escort her.


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Son?! Zane didn't know that. He supposed it did explain why he remembered Nuala mentioning Arisa at that little gathering the 3 had in the theatre. Glancing Arisa up and down once, Zane wondered if Arisa was his biological mother or adoptive one. They didn't look much alike at all, so Zane assumed it was the latter for now. "I think it would be wise not to mention Lucifer..." Zane agreed. Besides, not many parents would believe Zane if he told them there was a demon living inside of their son's head at all times anyways. Zane imagined if he ever tried to explain Beelzebub to his mom all he'd get would be a frying pan on the back of his head, followed by being scolded for having far too crazy and dark of an imagination. "Yeah, we met in Hosenka at one point. He's a nice kid. He found my eyepatch cool too, so I can tell you raised him to have good taste."

Smiling at Arisa, Zane felt like he respected her a bit more now. She was a mother. No wonder why she always seemed so mature. "Ugh, humans. What is so special about being a parent? Just about everyone ends up having offspring." Zane challenged Beelzebub's comment. "Not everyone, you know! Besides, I don't think I'd ever have kids."

"Yeah, because I can't imagine there being a single female of your species willing to procreate with your idiotic genes." Zane huffed a bit at this comment as Arisa talked about the ghosts, the audible nature of it most likely seeming weird. All of Zane's thoughts on Beelzebub's attitude were soon dismissed however; the feeling of Arisa holding his arms managed to override just about everything else. Her words also got to him. A blush filled his entire face, causing him to become so flustered that he dropped the deep voice act, his tone now going back to normal. "Yep! Don't worry!" Zane took a step forward with Arisa at his arm, his words sounding very rushed and clearly a tad bit nervous. "I won't let a single ghost lay their translucent hands on you! I promise!"

Walking out of the pumpkin field, Zane continued on with Arisa at his arms as the outskirts of Samhain grew even darker. It was now night moreso than evening, and most of the people who were previously out were starting to head back to their farmhouses. Zane didn't plan to sleep in a barn tonight though; he needed to get back to his hotel in town. He had paid a fortune for that room, after all. Waking on a path that led back to the urban area of Samhain, Zane guessed it would most likely take them 10 minutes or so until they got back. Stepping down the trail that was littered with jack-o-lanterns providing light, Zane shivered just a tad as he heard the wind. This entire situation was spooky. Still, he knew that he had to look tough for Arisa. Looking over to the woman, he spoke. "If that ghost shows up, I'll protect you. Don't you worry, Arisa." Zane smiled down at her, trying his best to look cool. The wind howled again, Zane shuddering a bit. He cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure. Small talk. That would keep the fear away. "I had no idea you were Masami's mother, Arisa. Was he a handful growing up? He seems like a nice boy nowadays though, if a bit odd." Zane wasn't one to talk though. He was extremely odd. Perhaps that's why him and Masami got along so well.


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He seemed to be reacting to something or even someone that was not her, but who? It was kind of like how she is with Ana or when Arisa appears to want to talk. Kuri was unsure about all this so she decided to remove the subject of thought at the moment and move along towards Masami. "Adopted mother." She giggled, "but I and he are quite close so it feels all the same. My actual children are with their aunt currently to stay safe." She smiled at him. She sighed as she thought about their father for a moment. "Their father decided to go after a more... younger life so there's also that problem.".

It started to hurt and to be fair she had to keep on a smile for Chris. Chris. Zane. I don't think it really mattered to him which one she called him. Which made her feel good about it. "Masami is a great child.~ They're becoming strong and I'm glad I was able to help them get further." Her eyes shifted to look at him and hugged onto his arm. "So. Where will you escort me to?~" She teased him. "How about you tell me more about yourself, Chris. A question for a question and no lies." She insisted. She was probably the most non-judgemental being around. It was obvious since she was even friends with someone like Caius. She wondered how he was.


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"Oh, that makes sense." Zane remarked, the fact that Masami was adopted clearing up any questions about a lack of resemblance in his mind. It seemed as though Kurisa's father had left both their children and her. Zane felt bad for all of Kurisa's kids. While Zane didn't have a dad growing up, his was absent due to, well, dying rather than simply pursuing something else. "Their father sounds no good! Those kids deserved better. Er, you deserved better too." Zane seemed a fair bit more nice than he usually was in this moment, mostly thanks to his empathy being higher when kids were involved. Zane seemed to be awfully nice to those younger than him, hence why he was willing to stay around at the theatre in Hosenka despite the fact Masami was definitely a bit creepy. "I wonder if Kurisa knows, Zane. About Masami and Lucifer."

Zane grumbled a bit, wondering if it was best to ask the question just yet. He was rather enjoying having Arisa on his arm like this. Would telling her something along the lines of 'hey, your son has a demon living inside him' sour the mood enough for her to let go? "I'll bring it up later! Just let me enjoy myself for now." Beelzebub let out a disappointed sigh, Zane continuing on the path he walked Arisa down. "Where?" Zane asked in return, realizing he was supposed to give an answer. Oh no. He actually hadn't thought about it. He was initially just planning to return to town, but maybe then he'd miss out on a chance to protect Arisa from a ghost. But would he be able to protect his own self from a ghost, let alone her? It wasn't too big of a secret that Zane and Beelzebub were quite easily frightened by the idea of a white, translucent specter. Even Masami managed to throw them completely off their feet before, the boy's pale skin and creepy features having made them gasp in terror.

No. Zane steeled his soul a bit, finding the courage. He was going to do this. He had Arisa right there clinging to him. This was his perfect chance to impress her. If there was anything that could make Zane forget his fear of ghosts, it was the chance to look good in front of a pretty woman. "We're gonna go find the ghost!" Zane proclaimed, walking down a separate path at a fork in the roads, this one seeming to lead into a forest rather than to the urban area of Samhain. His heartbeat raced, but Zane managed to keep focused with the feeling of Kurisa's chest on his arm, being just close enough to make him forget about the wind howling a bit and the moon slowly rising, becoming fuller by the second.

"Tell you about myself?" Zane asked in return, always having been a bit of a bragger. Telling someone about himself was easy for Zane. It would probably help with distracting him from their spooky surroundings further. "I used to be an elf." Zane revealed, casually tossing the fact out there. The last time he had told someone that was Kaiser, the girl dismissing the reveal as a joke. "Then all of a sudden I kinda just... got hit by some dart thing, I think. Next day I woke up human. It feels kindaaaaa weird still, but I don't mind. My family would probably kill me for saying this, but I definitely look more handsome as a human." Zane smiled over to Arisa, letting her get a look at his face, hoping that she would compliment him despite having no prior reference to what he looked like before now. "And as for a question for a question, hmmmm... what was it like? Raising those kids on your own? My mom was a single mom most of the time too." Zane seemed a bit more serious than he usually was, something that often happened when thinking of his mother. He wanted to see her again, just not now.


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Kurisa relaxed a bit with Zane around as he was willing to protect her. Was he really though? Will he run off at the sight of true danger like all the others? What she did not know was that she was probably the most dangerous person to herself and to most people. Her sanity was at normal levels at the moment thanks to his calm yet happy demeanor. If she was half her age, maybe this would have been counted as a date. A dark deep side of her chuckled at that fact as she was no longer human so age was really nothing for a bit till she became closer to her higher hundreds.

"The ghost?~" She wondered if perhaps there was more than that around here. Something felt strange as if it was over-shadowing her. Something that felt familiar. This was after all a place where the dead are. She listened to how he was once an elf, but wondered if it was a joke or not. She felt like complimenting, "Elf, Human, I think you're handsome either way. I feel the only difference between the two is the ears and how the eyes are presented." She looked forward. "Just like every race... there really are only a couple of differences. Angels with wings, demons with horns and sometimes tails... it goes on." She did not want to ramble for so long.

A topic she did not find herself talking about a lot was her life with her kids. Her eyes lowered for a moment as she as in thought. "Lonely, but thankfully I have my sisters to help me take care of them." Her head turned to Zane. "I'm always surrounded by danger, so having a sister who is not around it at all is sort of a perk." She giggled cutely and gave him a cute smile. "Sadly... this curse will move onto one of them..." She mumbled under her breath after looking away. Quickly, she hugged onto his arm tighter against her chest and gave him a sweet happy smile. "If it wasn't for race, you look as if you could've been my little brother, y'know." She winked teasingly and then heard some dark chuckling. 'The only siblings you have are fakes. You create them... Look at Judith.' A rather dark raspy voice from a female escaped a shadow's lips as it hovers over her backside.

Hmph... She knew it was trying to piss her off.


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"I guess you have a point. In the end, we all do look fairly similar." Zane hadn't really thought about it before, but it was true. All of the races he had seen in Fiore were humanoid before anyone else; even Odin's lich self was clearly a human skeleton, at least from the way Zane looked at it. "My family certainly wouldn't look at it that way, though. Mom always kinda thought ourselves better than the average human. Makes me afraid to go back to visit her, honestly." It was one of the few times Zane had opened up about his mom in the last couple of years. Perhaps Arisa's more motherly demeanor was enough to make him want to share a little bit more than he would with the average person he met. "I'll visit her one day, of course! Just not now, that's all..." His voice clearly showed he was unsure if he ever would. It sounded more like he wanted to visit her, not that he necessarily ever would.

"Your sisters?" Zane asked. He was somewhat envious of how Arisa had them around. The closest thing Zane ever had to a sister was Marwyn, and she wasn't really a constant in his life to any degree. "Are they ho-" Zane stopped himself, instead pausing and choosing a more 'proper' set of words, Arisa's more mature demeanor perhaps pressuring him to speak more formally than he usually would. "Are they all as beautiful as you?" He asked instead, a nervous smile on his face. He hoped that Arisa didn't hear that first part. "She heard. Her ears look pretty functional to me." Beelzebub commented, feeling the need to make a quippy remark; he needed to slip at least one in per post after all. "Shut up! I don't always need the peanut gallery, you know!"

The wind howled once again, the sound louder than usual. Zane shivered, the spookiness of the entire situation even getting to him now. His steps slowed a bit, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up a little. If there was a ghost in this forest, they were probably pretty damn close to it at this point. "Mom.... mom..." A young girl's voice seemed to echo through the forest, Zane jumping a little at the noise. Something about the way it came off seemed extremely unnatural, as if the voice wasn't really in that forest at all. Stopping the walk and looking around and behind his shoulder nervously, Zane first confided in Beelzebub. "Did you hear that?!" He asked, first wondering if he was just going insane. "Yes, I did. We share the same mind, remember? Of course I heard it, you dumbass." Zane supposed there was only one more person to ask in that case. Turning to Arisa, he inquired her about it as well. "You heard that, right? The creepy little girl's voice?"


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Kurisa gazed at Zane every so often to check on him or perhaps just to see if he was checking on her. Their walk was peaceful and their conversation was about family. She does not even remember what her own mom looked like, nonetheless her father. She always ended up killing them or they died giving birth to her. It was always a cycle. Revana's mother, (Revana being the girl she took over) was still alive though, but she does not know their whereabouts. "Mother's always missing their children. It's good you will meet her. Even if you have different opinions on things." She spoke softly and patted his arm that she was holding onto.

She chuckled at his question about her sisters. "One of them loves hearing how hot they are. The other is more into 'beautiful' than the other words people use." she explained. Alisa was more open about their appearance and flirtatious views as Judith was more 'peaceful' and loved to stay like a hermit. Her conversation was cut short as a girl spoke. Her arm squeezed Zane's arm as it spooked her a tiny bit due to the fact it came out of nowhere. "Perhaps we should see what's wrong with her or perhaps move away from the voice?" She wondered what Zane wanted to do. She usually goes towards danger like some Angel - oh wait, she was a watered down angel.

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