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The Endless Party

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The Endless Party  Empty on Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:48 pm


"Yesterday, I was a priest...today I'm a bad bitch." He said to himself as he pushed open the door in the middle of the forest. Ezekiel had gotten word that there was some sort of party happening in the void tonight. They called it "The Endless Party". Most likely had something to do with the fact that time was very different in the void. Ezekiel slowly walked past the doors and immediately saw the area filled with all different types of people. Some seemed to be humans dressed in costumes but others were literal creatures of the night. He saw some vampires, zombies, demi-humans, and even what appeared to be some werewolves. He could also spot a few elves dressed up in their costumes. The music was booming but he couldn't actually tell where it was coming from. He could spot a few small campfires around the foggy area. Some people were laughing, somewhere talking and some were...moaning. "Ooh. I like this." He smirked. About five hundred people were occupying the void, almost all of them dancing and jumping around.

Tonight he wore wearing absolutely nothing with the exception of two large leaves tied to a g string. He was nearly naked. On his feet, he wore black fresh leather eight-inch heels. A bad bitch indeed. His nails were painted black. From a distance, Zeke could see a hunky man making his way towards him, but he ignored it. He was too busy looking for prey until "Who are you supposed to be?" The man asked. Ezekiel slowly turned to face him, analyzing his features. He was muscular and almost as tall as he was with his heels on but human nonetheless. He looked like he was dressed up to be a vampire- how ironic. "Tarzan, I suppose. Or actually, let's go with Adam and eve- but make it fashion. Adame and Eva." He rolled his wrist. "Now leave me alone before I make you my dinner." He looked at the man, running his tongue across his fangs.

"I like it." He smirked. "You mean suck my neck? Go ahead, do it. I'm not stopping you." The man moved closer. Ezekiel raised an eyebrow in confusion, then began to snicker. "I can't promise that I'll be able to stop." He whispered before baring his fangs. He then quickly used his hand to push the man's head over, revealing his juicy neck. With a final lick of his lips, Ezekiel bit into his neck. His fangs pierced through the skin causing blood to burst into his mouth. "Mm." He continued to drain the man's blood. The man on the other head held his Ezekiel's head on his neck. He obviously enjoyed the feeling. Ezekiel could hear little moans from him.

Too bad he wasn't going to stop.

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#2Valentine Stevenson 

The Endless Party  Empty on Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:55 pm

Valentine Stevenson

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Now, this was something new and something that Valentine could get used to and even like. As the sand mage pushed upon the door and entered a new world filled with sensual and sinful mirth. A huge smile had etched its way into Valentine’s face, as he noticed the humans and creatures from all around the world, they danced, chatted, joked, and moaned in a beautiful sinful melody that Valentine found oh so wonderful. Laughter erupted from his chest and boomed out like thunder as Valentine explored the area and enjoyed the madness. But his laughter, was not doubt drowned out by the other sounds within this endless party. “AH AH AH. So many wonderful sights and pleasantries to engage in! I hardly don’t know where to start.” As he spoke, two attractive male elves dressed in nothing more than a leather thank top, short shorts, and fishnets walked by him; causing a devilish grin to spread across his lips. “Never mind.” With ease and smoothness, Valentine wedged his way in between those two elves, wrapped his arms around their shoulders, and brought them to him. He started to engage in conversation with them, the three men chatted

The sand mage was dressed as some sort of mobster, he wore leather pants no shoes, a lot of gold rings with shiny jewels, a fishnet shirt with nothing underneath, and a large white fur coat. With much swooning and sweet words, Valentine managed to convince the two elven men to come with him to the back. Pushing through the crowd of sinful people, Valentine managed to find a nice red couch that for the most part, had no occupants and was completely free to taint With a toothy grin, he made his way to the couch, and plopped down with the two men in between his arms. The three men chatted more, Valentine got them to blush a little, and even laugh. They were about to engage in some fun, but then Valentine noticed a tan skin elf or vampire feeding on some sort of idiot, and when the two elves noticed their moods were ruined.

At the sight of the vampire feeding, the two elves felt a little sick to the stomach, and they pushed away from Valentine who was rather obvious confused. He quickly search with a irritated gaze for the culprit and find the tan skin vampire, feeding on some fool who moaned. With a vein twitching within his forehead, Valentine would lean forward and rest his elbow onto his knee, and his head into the palm of his head. "HEY, YOU TWO." He called out to them, irritation and frustration laced into his voice. "Do you mind? Eh? I was having some fun and your feeding ruined it." He paused for a moment, then started to wonder why the two elves would get disgusted at such a sight; and more importantly why they attended the party. Valentine studied them for a moment, his eyes in different to the vampire draining the man. "Eh, poor idiot." he stated. 


The Endless Party  Empty on Mon Nov 09, 2020 1:30 pm


Blood was a delicacy and not every persons blood did the trick. This mans blood however, was perfect. As the vampire drained his victim of all blood, he could taste the alcohol in it which sent a warm fuzzy feeling down his spine. The man was foolish to give himself over like this but in the span of a second he had become addicted to the feeling of blood leaving his body. Some people described the feeling as euphoric. The victims knees buckled as he moaned. His life was fading with every passing moment until a voice boomed from about 20 feet away. Ezekiel glared towards the direction of the voice with a frown. Some of the voiders turned to see what was happening but most people simply ignored. The Desiertan grunted as the victim struggled to breathe. "I don't give a fuck." He responded, obviously annoyed that he was interrupted by some entitled gay mobster. The Sentinel glanced down at the man in his hands before sighing. "Sorry...my appetite is ruined." he whispered to the dying human. Then he snapped the mans neck, ending his life in the void.

Zeke slowly walked over towards the man in the suit, his heels clicking on the ground as he strutted gracefully. Admittedly the man was rather handsome, especially in his suit. Ezekiel wasn't too fond of white men, but this one was rather...spicy looking. The vampire used his fingers to wipe away the blood on the corners of his mouth and smirked, stopping in directly in front of the mobster. "You know, If you wanted my attention that's all you had to say." he sighed. Without wasting another moment, he sat himself beside the man. He crossed his legs and shifted his body to face the man. "And just like that, you've been blessed with someone even more fun." he grinned.

#4Valentine Stevenson 

The Endless Party  Empty on Wed Nov 11, 2020 5:37 pm

Valentine Stevenson

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You would never find Valentine being on the receiving end of a vampire’s bite, and watching that vampire who had ruined his hard time drain his victim dry reinforced that belief that Valentine would never allow himself to be on the receiving end of a vampire’s bite. Only an idiot would give himself up to a vampire, and well, Valentine was certainly not dumb enough or deranged enough to fall victim to a vampire’s seductive nature. Or well, Valentine liked to believe that he was not foolish enough to do something as stupid as being a vampire’s prey. In his opinion, vampires were nothing more than hopeless parasites, too chicken to face death, and too stupid to ever hope to understand and accept their fate. Pathetic worms, Valentine thought bitterly to himself as the vampire who ruined his fun time snapped the neck of his prey and allow him to collapse to the floor. Valentine wrinkled his noise bitterly, and turned his attention elsewhere, namely, his eyes started to roam around for another pair of elven twins. Yes, that was what he needed, another pair of elven twins to finish what was so rudely interrupted by the unsavory sight of a parasite.

The sounds of heels clacking against the floor would catch his attention, slowly they came with haughty confidence, much to Valentine’s irritation. The sand magician would turn to face whoever was coming his way, and much to his irritation and annoyance, it was the blood sucker who had previously ruined his fun time. Valentine would study this parasite with little interest, and cock an eyebrow upward curiously as the vampire would smoothly slide into the seat next to him. A vein in his forehead would pop and twitch, as the vampire had the audacity to believe that he was worthy of Valentine’s attention, the sand magician simply chuckled deeply and turned his gaze elsewhere away from the vampire. “Bold of you to assume that I wanted your attention, Ah-ha-ha.” He mused a little, and continued to allow his gaze to wander throughout the crowd for those elven hotties. “Yes, like a mosquito to a open wound, you are here. Now, what do you want?”


The Endless Party  Empty on Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:15 pm


Would you look at that. Either this person was strong or idiotic, perhaps both if he was so eager to reject Ezekiel. The mobster turned away from the Elven vampire as he spoke, stating that it was bold for the tan-skinned male to assume he even wanted his attention. Zeke couldn't help but snicker at the comment. He was obviously one of those "Hard to get" types. Either that, or he was judgmental. Most people were when it came to vampires. People believed that they were monstrous beings who only sought to drain every living being of blood until they were lifeless. What people failed to realize was that someone isn't just born a vampire, they were turned. The man before Ezekiel was obviously not thrilled to be in his company. "Oh please. IF you didn't want my attention, you wouldn't have said anything to me at all." The man's next comment hurt his feelings a little, which wasn't an easy thing to do these days. Now that he was a vampire, he cared a lot less about things but a cute guy just called him a mosquito. Still, the mobster had been looking away, his eyes scanning through the crowd for one thing or another. In a world full of magic you would think people would mind their words. Ezekiel licked his lips before responding, taking time to gaze over the mobsters physique. "I don't want your blood, if that's what you think." He began with a chuckle. "Though I want many things. I want to save the earth, I want eternal peace, I want...my family back, but tonight... I just want the company of a handsome man." He finished warmly with an innocent shrug. "What do you want?"

#6Valentine Stevenson 

The Endless Party  Empty on Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:59 pm

Valentine Stevenson

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Admittedly, while Valentine did believe that vampires were mainly parasites with issues, that did not necessary mean that he did not appreciate their company, nor did that mean that he thought any lessor of them compared to other people. Valentine believed that everyone was beneath him, and vampires were no exception to that belief. Valentine did not care what life choices lead a person to turning into a vampire, they were still pathetic for making such a decision. Yes, immortality was nice, but the price of immortality for a vampire was simply too sad. In exchange for eternal life, they became nothing more than leeches, and that was pathetic. Liches and Daemons were a little different, at least they did not obsessively need to feed on something like a babe to his mother. But to each their own. Well, it would seem that this elven vampire was a mosquito in more than one way. Not only did he suck blood! But he also annoyingly buzzed around when obviously unwanted. “If I wanted you in any way, I would have specifically invited you to sit on my lap and allow me to enjoy you. But as you can no doubt see, I have not invited you to do such a things.” Valentine stated coldly and folded his leg over his other. 

The other would go on to say that he was not interested in a bloody drink, Valentine was cast a gaze to the dead body, and then back to the vampire with a look that said ‘no shit’. Despite his efforts, Valentine’s gaze could no longer find a cute elven twin, much to his disappointment. Oh well, two elves would have to do. Eh whats this? Valentine would think as the vampire would go on a miniature rant about how he wanted many things, yada-yada, admittedly, the sand magician was not really paying attention. He simply heard something about peace, and saving the earth, and well he could no longer take it. Valentine found himself laughing at the idea of eternal peace, what kind of idiot would even think that was possible?! “Eternal peace? Ah-Ah-Ha-Ha-Ah.” Laughter would rumble throughout the party, and his gaze had finally settled onto the vampiric elf. “Only a weak fool would desperately ask for eternal peace? AH-AH-AH-HA” He paused for a moment, as the stranger would exam Valentine’s physique, he would be able to see a large ‘x’ shape scar that rested in the center of his chest. As for what I want, well, I don’t think you can give me what I want. Mr. Mosquito”


The Endless Party  Empty on Fri Nov 13, 2020 4:44 pm


This man had successfully piqued Ezekiel's interest. Humans were seen as nothing more than food or toys until the vampire was done with them, but that was mostly because he was usually so alluring. This man, however, was not so easily swayed. He replied by saying if he wanted Ezekiel than he would be sitting on his lap right now. The vampire couldn't help but laugh. "You do realize that I could just kill you if I wanted to, right?" He teased. Of course he wasn't actually hurt or offended by what was being said, but it was the truth. Unless the man had some power of his own, then Ezekiel could have swiftly leaned over and taken a bite. That would have surely made him give in. Feeding was an addictive sensation to both predator and prey. Often times people became addicted to it, like the man he had just killed. It was better for him to be dead or he'd just become a human blood bank for another vampire.

The mobster asked what Zeke wanted and he responded honestly. He had nothing to hide. Sure, the stranger probably meant right now, but Ezekiel wasn't that predictable. Oddly enough the man laughed at his remark about eternal peace. The vampire raised an eyebrow. How ironic it was for him to be called an idiot when the very man who disagreed had not thought about what Eternal peace could mean. "Did you think I meant eternal peace for the world? Hohoho! What a Naive fool you are!" Ezekiel snickered. "Eternal peace is possible. Whether it's through death, or separating oneself from the rest of the world with their loved ones- it's all possible. Peace is different for everyone." He stated. "And everyone deserves it." When the former elf scanned over the mobsters body, he noticed an X-shaped scar on his chest. Then the man answered. What he wanted was not something Ezekiel could give him, he thought.

"I wouldn't be so sure, but whatever you say." He shrugged. "My name's Ezekiel, what's yours?" Then he quickly reached over to softly touch the scar. "And how'd you get this?" His tone softened, his eyes would look directly into the mobsters. Ezekiel was a genuine person, kind to most people regardless of what they thought of him- that much didn't change. Whatever caused this scar seemed like it hurt and perhaps had created some trauma. This man was obviously not a happy person.

#8Valentine Stevenson 

The Endless Party  Empty on Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:14 pm

Valentine Stevenson

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Did this mosquito truly think of him as weak? Just because Valentine did not look as threatening or seductive as a vampire, or other monster, does not mean that he was some powerless weakling that could not defend himself! Truly, the thought that this parasite could easily kill him, the great Valentine, irritated and frustrated him to no avail. It was obvious that this blood sucker did not understand his place within the natural scheme of things, or well, either that or he was delusional! Tch! “Don’t think about even trying to kill me, looks are deceiving, and I am not some mindless blood bag waiting to be drained like some poor sod.” His eyes drifted over to the man who the vampire had drain, almost like he was inferring his differences from the man.

The laughter that was brought about by the mentioning of peace slowly died down, this time replaced by sickly coughing and then wheezing. Just as the coughing fit occurred, Valentine fumbled throughout his giant coat and then pulled out an orange bottle of pills. He swallowed one or two of the pills, and then returned the bottle back into his jacket. A small utterance of an apology slipped past his lips for no doubt interrupting the handsome vampire who spoke foolishly about peace. It would seem that Valentine did indeed misunderstood what the vampire thought of eternal peace, and from what he could understand by the mosquito’s delusion words, it sounded like eternal peace was simply a nicer way to say death. Did that mean the vampire wanted to bring about death to the world? “What is your definition of peace then? Death? Then if that is the case, why would you choose to be a vampire, if death is your only chance at eternal peace? Eh?” He paused for a moment, and tilted his head in thought, “Or, is the latter what you seek to aim? To separate yourself from the rest of the world with love ones?” He gave would drift to Ezekiel. “Why would you want peace anyway? Peace is corrosive, it whittles away at progress and strength, and prevents you from improving.”  

As his name was asked, Valentine would go silent, and quietly determine if he should give this blood sucker his name. After a while he decided that it would be rude for him not too, and most likely, after tonight he would never see this parasite again. Therefore, his name would prove to be harmless in this situation. “Valentine.” He stated softly, his eyes widening in shock and discomfort when the vampire touched his chest. Once again, the vein in his forehead popped and twitched with irritation, and Valentine quickly and viciously swatted Ezekiel’s hand away. A trail of sand would roll off his hand like smoke from a fire, Valentine would stand up, and pull the jacket over his chest more before sitting background. “It is simply a permanent reminder.”


The Endless Party  Empty on Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:56 pm


Valentine was his name and he was no pushover as the Vampire soon learned when his threat was met with another threat. Ezekiel wasn't one to boast about his abilities as a mage or anything else for that matter, so the conversation about that would end. Valentine was quite the brooder. Zeke's playful comments did nothing to penetrate him or make him more comfortable, but at least it didn't make him any less comfortable either. The mobster dressed Valentine began to cough. His cough was similar to that of a smokers cough except worse. Then when he brought out his pills it all made sense. "You're sick..." he whispered. The conversation about peace continued. Still, Valentine would know nothing of where Ez was going with this. Not once did Ezekiel say his definition of peace was death or being alone with loved ones yet Valentine had assumed so. Ignoring the coughing, Ezekiel responded to his new associate. Valentine didn't believe in peace evidently. That was what was wrong with humans. They aimed so low that they had faith in almost nothing- not even themselves sometimes. Zeke, however, was in no position to judge for he had his own inhumane issues.

When Ezekiel touched Valentines scar, the man quickly swatted his hand away causing sand to magically fly off of his own. There it was confirmed that he was indeed dealing with a mage. Interesting. The Desiertan retreated his hand and placed it on his own lap. The scar was a sensitive subject for Valentine and the last thing he wanted to do was make him leave so when he finally sat down again, Ezekiel would leave the matter alone. "Why do you assume that I chose to become a blood-sucking parasite. I was forcefully tuned by someone who thought I had potential- yet even then, even if I didn't have this incurable curse, death isn't the peace that I want. My family has been gone for a century and they are not my peace. Peace for me looks different then peace for most people." He paused, quickly thinking of a response for Valentines follow up remarks about how he felt about peace. "Peace is subjective, Valentine. Who's to say that I don't find peace in improving?" He asked with a devilish smirk. "Do you understand now?"

The vampire sat up, once again looking Valentine in his eyes. "Vampires don't age, they don't get sick and they hardly ever die. For some people it is a gift- a cure if you will..." he began, glancing over at the pocket the man had slipped his pills back into. "Not all vampires are monsters." Without actually saying it, he was offering to turn Valentine into a vampire right here, right now. It was the kindest thing he could do for someone who was obviously dying, and it wasn't everyday that he showed this kindness to a random human. Either way, whether Valentine shook the idea of altogether or considered it, Ezekiel realized that this man was filled with way too much emotion and it was all bottled up. "I think you need a drink, we're at a party after all." The vampire would grab the drink he had placed onto the table in front of them earlier- the same drink he hadn't taken a sip of yet before handing it to Valentine. Suddenly the music he had been tuning out seem to flood back into his ears. "Here, consider this an apology for ruining the mood."

#10Valentine Stevenson 

The Endless Party  Empty on Sun Nov 22, 2020 10:34 pm

Valentine Stevenson

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It would seem that the playful threats would quickly cease, Valentine would hate to have to flex his ego beyond his own capabilities. Valentine’s shell was not easily broken, especially after the betrayal that he had gone through while working for the rune-knights. However, even before the betrayal, Valentine was bit of a hard ass that was deeply reserved and cocky. Therefore, it would have taken a bit more than playful jests and threats to break his harden demeanor, but more importantly, Valentine would need to get to know someone before he let his guard down even partially. Ezekiel’s comment on his health completely threw Valentine in a loop, but nonetheless, in his confused state he shot the vampire a glare while utilizing a handkerchief, that he had took out from his pocket, to clean up any mess he made due to his coughing. It was rude to comment on someone’s health, to even point out that he was sick was considered bad manners, and admittedly, Valentine loathed people with bad manners. Which was rather ironic, seeing that Valentine’s cocky and overconfident demeanor occasionally caused him to forget his manners. “I’m not sick.” Valentine would state plainly, and tucked the handkerchief into his pocket, “And my health is none of your concern.” 

At least the mosquito knew how to leave a sore subject alone, and needless to say, Valentine was pleased that he did not press for more information about the scar. Maybe, just maybe, in the far future if he had come to like the blood sucker, he would tell the tale of his embarrassing scar. The conversation would quickly shift back to the topic of peace, and to the subject of vampirism. More importantly, Ezekiel would inform Valentine that he had been forcefully turned, but something about that did not sit right with the sand magician. Perhaps, it was his moral compass that had guided him as a former rune-knight, or maybe, it was disbelief or an unhealthy dosage of skepticism. But even as Ezekiel explained peace to Valentine, the sand magician still did not understand what his peace was, but nonetheless he could understand the general message. “I suppose I understand what peace can mean, but your peace I still do not understand.” He would wave the subject away, all of this mushy stuff was making his stomach churn irritatingly. 

An eyebrow would be cocked upward as Ezekiel explained the perks of being a vampire, for a moment, Valentine silently asked himself if this blood sucker was offering to turn him. Both men’s eyes momentarily locked, and various emotions flickered throughout Valentine. Though, one thought did stick with him, the potential to heal and regain former stamina and power that he had lost, that was incredibly appealing. Valentine fell silent for a moment, and sinked further into the couch like he wanted to disappear. “You are too kind, and I must admit, the offer is tempting. To be healed that is, but I do not know you, nor do I completely trust you.” Valentine stated silently, before taking the drink and quickly dunking it down. He would then stand up and survey the dance floor, in a kind gesture, Valentine would offer his hand to the vampire. “But, I would like to change that, Mr. Ezekiel. Not for the sake of being a vampire and gaining immortality. But because you interest me, and well, you do owe me for that interference.” He paused. “Dance with me?”


The Endless Party  Empty on Tue Nov 24, 2020 12:12 am


The truth was that Ezekiel was a kind man. A lot of people would have an easier time believing otherwise due to the nature of what he was, but the Desiertan had spent an entire century beneath the ground- he really had nothing to be angry at. His superiors had taught him love, and so he carried himself with that energy. It was true that Ezekiel did not care about humans anymore than he cared about most things but he did a great job at being respectful. Valentine had dismissed Ezekiel more than once and he still allowed them man to breath. Any other Vampire probably wouldn't have let that happen. In many ways, Valentine was lucky to have met Ezekiel- of course, that didn't mean he trusted the blood-sucking Sentinel just yet. Though for someone who didn't quite trust him, he did drink the cup of liquid like he did. Ezekiel chuckled and shook his head. "Fair enough." He let out lightly. "Whenever you're ready then." A genuine smile stretched his lips as his eyes glued themselves onto Valentine's figure. He was such a beautiful man, so effortlessly slick.

Suddenly the sand mage's hand was extending towards Ezekiel. The Vampire's smile slowly transformed into a shy smirk, but he didn't turn away. Touched by the spirit of fun, obviously. Valentine seemed to have a slight change of heart. He mentioned his change of attitude had nothing to do with the opportunity Zeke presented to him, but instead had everything to do with his interest in the Desiertan mage. If there was one thing Ezekiel learned, it was to never trust a person's word- moreso when those words were being spoken from the mouths of men. Ezekiel wanted to believe that Valentine was genuinely interested, but he- for some reason- couldn't tell if the sand wizard was lying or not. Perhaps it didn't matter anyway? Tonight was about having fun under the dancing stars in the nightsky. It was about letting loose, and allowing their inner desires run rampant. This was Samhain city, the city of endless Halloween. Without hesitation the former-elf gently placed his silky smooth skin atop Valentine's, lifting himself with ease.

The music filled his ears, sending a tingling sensation through his body as he moved himself closer to Val, his hand still in his own. The Vampire stopped when their body's touched if Valentine hadn't pushed him away, then he would gently move Valentine's hand to his waist. After, Ezekiel would slowly roll his waist in a circular motion, his sun-lit eyes looking directly into Val's with that devilish smirk of his. Zeke was a pretty good dancer, able to move his waist without having to move his back at all, totally in tune with the music. "So.." he whispered loud enough for his new dance partner to hear. As a man walked past them, Ezekiel quickly stretched his arm to reach towards the cup he carried, then simply took it. No ifs, no ands, no buts. The man wouldn't even have a chance to fight back for it. "Hey!" The guy groaned, sucking his teeth as he stormed away. His night was probably only going to get worse, that's usually how the world worked. Ezekiel didn't even bother to look his way though, he felt nothing for the man. It was only a cup of tequila anyway. Quickly he chugged the drink.  

"Is Valentine a single man or does he belong to someone?" He wiped the corners of his lips before placing his arms onto Valentine's shoulders. "Not that it matters of course."

#12Valentine Stevenson 

The Endless Party  Empty on Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:13 pm

Valentine Stevenson

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Kindness was not a trait that Valentine would expect to come across, and he definitely did not expect anyone to show any compassion towards him. In that manner, his pessimistic mind churned and struggled to comprehend the reason and nature of Ezekiel’s offer. To him, there was no reason to even consider such an offer to the sand magician, at least, without some sort of catch or reasoning for offering not only a cure to his sickness, but also everlasting life. What was Ezekiel reasoning for offering him such a gift, more importantly, what cost would it come to him to accept it. Surely, this offer could not simply be given out of pity, mercy, or kindness, but something else! It gave him a migraine just trying to figure out what Ezekiel’s motivation was, and therefore, he had taken the drink offered to him by the vampire as a desperate attempt to ease that stressful migraine.

In a similar manner, Valentine’s offer to dance with the vampire and learn more about him was both selfishness born out of a desperate desire for a cure, and a genuine curiosity on Ezekiel nature and his definition of peace. It irritated and annoyed Valentine that this vampire did not fit into the stereotype that he held for other vampires, or nonetheless, the stereotypes of people. Ezekiel did not seem to be a kind fool willing to give everything away to a desperate soul, but he also did not seem to be an arrogant blood sucker with a god complex.  In short, Ezekiel was a unusual person whose actions Valentine did not understand or could explain, and well, that rubbed Valentine in an awkward manner. Slowly the music drowned out his thoughts as the two men made their way to the dance floor and started to sway to the rhythm of the music. Ezekiel had delicately placed Valentine’s hands onto his hips, as their bodies were brought closely together. The sand magician would go a little red

Valentine could not take his eyes off of Ezekiel, there was simply something stunning and mesmerizing about the vampire, and well, he was not that bad to look at either. The sand magician could not really dance, at least, not as well as Ezekiel. Instead Valentine swayed a little awkwardly to the music, and it was clear that his thoughts were largely elsewhere. The vampire would steal the drink from a on comer, who quietly protested before disappearing into obscurity. Valentine was actually a little amuse about how easily Ezekiel was able to steal the drink, and he was tempted to make a comment about how Ezekiel was a sneaky little blood sucker, but the sand magician bit his tongue with manners. “Belong to someone?” Valentine would echo back, as he brought Ezekiel closer to him, mainly, due to the fact that he was admittedly having a hard time hearing the handsome vampire, but also due to the fact that, well, the vampire’s skin was so soft and delicate.

A devilish grin would form across Valentine’s lips as it finally ringed upon him what Ezekiel said, the vampire was asking if he was single and that amuse the sand mage. Clacking his tongue, Valentine would gently shrug in reply, “I don’t think I would be here trying to sleep around if I did have someone. But no, I haven't had someone in a romantic manner since the incident” He stated like a smartass and leaned into Ezekiel’s ear. “If it didn't matter you wouldn't have asked, now why did you ask?” He paused for a moment, and allowed his hands to slip further down Ezekiel's waist. "


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The night was getting older, but for a Vampire- someone who was ageless, there would always be other opportunities to indulge in a night of feeding. For now, he was far too occupied by the beautiful man in front of him. Ezekiel was brought closer to the sand mage, admittedly turning him on. He felt like at a moments notice he would he would just rip this mans clothes off and have sex with him right here. Ezekiel wasn't someone who cared much about what others thought of him- not anymore at least. Alas he kept on a leash like a dog. Valentine grinned and gave a modest shrug as he answered Zeke's question. Apparently he was the loyal type. In seconds the former-elf learned that if Valentine did have a special someone that he wouldn't have blessed the void party with his zestfulness. To sum it up, no, he didn't have a romantic partner. As someone who was dying you would think that would be one of the first things to cross off of his list.

Suddenly the black haired mafia-man leaned in and whispered in Ezekiel's air, lowering his hand on his waist. Chills ran up and down the Vampires spine and for a second he closed his eyes and let out a light moan in Valentine's ear. "Mmm..." He bit his lip. "I suppose you're right. I guess I wanted to make sure you were worthy to be kept." He flirted in a whisper before slowly bringing his head back so that his lips were only separated from Valentines by about a centimeter. If he had a heart, it'd be beating extremely fast in excitement right now. Then, he leaned in and pressed his lips against Valentine if the man hadn't rejected him. The man in front of him would taste his cherry red lip balm atop with his strawberry margarita flavored breath.

"Your honesty is appreciated." he'd say warmly after. "Tell me, Valentine...how would you like to end this night?" One of his hands would slowly slide to the man's chest, feeling his tie.

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Valentine Stevenson

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At this rate it would seem like the two men would loose into their lustful desires without truly getting to know one another, and while the two men were here at this eternal party to indulge in their most primitive of desires. Valentine was admittedly, more interested behind the vampire’s motivations and nature of vampirism. But he supposed that getting to know the vampires most indulgent of desires would lead to some insights on who Ezekiel truly was, and more importantly, if this vampire was worth his trust and attention. Valentine was more of a reserved man, one who valued his privacy and a sense of decency, but he was in no way above sleeping with a random stranger who he held no knowledge on. But admittedly, he was curious as to why the other male was interested in his relationship status, and well, Valentine was still a little paranoid about what Ezekiel’s motivations were in offering to turn him. Perhaps, by sleeping with this vampire he could disengage Ezekiel’s guards and walls, and probe the vampire for information.

Though, admittedly, Valentine did enjoy the feeling of power at the feeling of a vampire trembling in his arms. The sand mage could practically feel a rush of adrenaline, as Ezekiel allowed a light moan to escape his lips. “Now, Now, we don't want to make a scene here, now do we?” Valentine would whisper ever so softly, in a teasing and taunting manner. In truth, Valentine did not know what to make at Ezekiel’s next comment, about how he was determining if the sand mage was worthy of keeping. On one hand, Valentine was annoyed that the vampire thought that Valentine was his to keep, but one the other hand, Valentine was a little amused at the light flirting. Then, without warning, Ezekiel leaned into kiss Valentine, who did not reject the action of lust and affection, but he did prevent the kiss from being to lengthy or borderline romantic. When he pulled away, Valentine playfully bit down onto his lip, the taste of cherry fresh on his tongue. “Worthy of being kept? Careful now, Ezekiel, its starting to sound like you are interested in me, for more than just a simple one night stand.” Valentine joked.

The sand mage would take a few seconds or two to considered Ezekiel’s question. Admittedly, Valentine did not entirely know what he wanted from Ezekiel. Sex would have been nice, and well fun, but Valentine wanted something a little more. A cure perhaps, companion maybe, immortality definitely. But the prospect of a companion sickened his stomach with fear, but the idea of being healed lightly cured his stomach ache. “There are multiple ways that I want this night to end, they all end with me and you in a private room, the both of us remaining in contact with each other, and you coming to Oak to see me.” He paused for a moment, and gently ran a finger down the side of Ezekiel’s cheek, “Emphasis on contact and being able to see you again.”


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Being a Vampire did have it's perks. Everything was heightened so when Valentine whispered in his ears, the Vampire could imagine the sex. It would be passionate, definitely rough and perhaps chaotic. The Vampire licked his lips. Valentine wasn't the first handsome man he had come across and probably won't be the last in all honesty. The Desiertan magician could almost smell ambition on a person and something told him that Valentine had a lot of it, yet he didn't think too much of it. A man without ambition was not much of a man at all is what Ezekiel would say. After the savvy Vampire made his comment about keeping Valentine, the sand mage clapped back. He was smooth...almost as smooth as Ezekiel who honestly wasn't trying. That was the obvious difference between the two men. The sick mage's tone had changed entirely from what it was before. It was because he saw Zeke's worth. "I'm merely stroking your ego" He hummed, teasing the black haired honey.

Ezekiel's hands slowly began to slide down Valentine's chest as he responded. He caressed him, listening to his words carefully. After that short-lived kiss, he knew that Valentine was perhaps not looking for anything serious- or maybe he wasn't truly interested in Ezekiel, but that was the test. It was a quick, yet pleasurable connect. Val was doing well at keeping Ezekiel entertained which wasn't an easy feat for any human. The Vampire had little patience for anything dry and boring- especially if they were mere humans. Valentine was blunt with his words. He said he wanted the night to end with Ezekiel and him in a private room along with a few other things. The Vampire closed his eyes with a devilish smirk as Val's finger caressed his cheek. Emphasis on seeing him again. How cute.

"Look at that. Not too long ago you didn't want anything to do with me, now you don't wanna stay away..." Ezekiel ran his tongue over his fangs. "If I didn't know any better I'd think that you were running game on me." His hands moved to Valentine's tie before gripping it lightly. "I'll tell you what...how about we go to that private room you see us ending up in...and then..." He slowly stepped back, pulling Valentine along by his tie. "If you meet the standard... I'll come see daddy Valentine... whenever daddy Valentine wants." He chuckled.

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