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Candy Alley [Raina]

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Zane wandered the usual haunts in an attire that very much looked like one that a pirate would wear. Pirates were a pretty common choice for a Halloween costume, after all. The costume Zane was wearing specifically seemed to imply he was some kind of ghost pirate. While he chose not to opt for a hook hand or peg leg like some pirate enthusiasts might, his costume was still very respectable. "Alright Beelzebub, this should do. I gotta say, the thing about needing a costume is kinda weird, but I can respect it. This seems like a pretty cool town." Zane readjusted his eyepatch as he listened to Beezlebub's voice playing in his head as usual. "Most people commented on you looking like a pirate a lot of the time anyways. It's that silly eyepatch you always insist on wearing." Frowning, Zane took a right towards a street that was filled with many markets for various types of candies. This was the place that the pair had been looking around for. "Don't call it silly again or I won't be buying any candy for the two of us!"

"Ugh, fine."

Chocolate bars, gummy bears, lollipops, toffee... anything a candy enthusiast could ever want was right in this street. For a man with a talking greed demon who liked food in his head, this was one of the best places to look. Zane had no doubt just from the first look of it all that this was most likely the best place in all of Fiore to acquire sweets like these. Moving his feet down the alley, the full moon shined down upon the lantern-lit street as Zane pushed his way through crowds to make his way at the first stand he thought of visiting.

5 minutes later and Zane could already feel the cavities coming on. The toffee he had decided to buy was delicious without a doubt. It was beautiful. And while it was a cliche saying, all beautiful roses had their thorns. The candy had been hard as hell to chew, resulting in both Zane's jaw feeling sore and his teeth needing about 10 back to back visits to the dentist pretty soon. "I can't believe they're actually allowed to sell that... you could kill a man with those!" Zane thought it was a death worth dying, at least. Speaking of dying and beautiful things with thorns, Zane was quickly reminded of his, well, girlfriend. It felt weird to call her that. It had all happened to so quickly after all. He actually didn't even intend for it to happen. Still, Zane wondered if she was here.

"I'm surprised you even seem to want her here, Zane. Last I checked you were scared of those crazy looks she gave you once or twice that rainy night." Zane nodded, leaning against a wall of the alleyway and crossing his arms, looking out towards the crowd of people going across the popular street. "Yeaaah, I know. And I do feel that way still, ya know. Even so, this place seems pretty wacky and all already. I think running into her would be a good fit to match the mood here, right?" Zane wasn't sure if that trick would actually work this time. Still, Raina's presence here would be something that would bring more entertainment to his time in Samhain. Plus, perhaps she'd be wearing a costume Zane would like. That would be a nice bonus. Maybe if Zane was really lucky he'd spot her in the crowd. Maaaybe. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. Probably not.


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The wind blew a gentle breeze throughout the streets, sending leaves and empty wrappers hurdling through the crowds. Many a person was out and about, dressed in their best costumes and outfits, celebrating Halloween and loving every minute about it. The girl stepped through the streets Samhain looking a little under dressed. It was almost distracting to see the people stop and stare at her. She looked down at her outfit and sighed. Did she look bad?

She was dressed in a white nurse outfit white red piping that came down to her upper thigh. The outfit did not seem to have enough buttons to cover her entire chest area, so some cleavage was exposed, probably why so many people were staring. She continued her stroll through the streets, the sound of her red heels clacking against the cobblestone road ringing through the general area. Her body and hair swayed as she moved, trying her best to find her target. Zane owed her candy.

She smiled as she spotted him close by, with his back almost turned towards her. She took off quickly, sprinting towards him and tackled him to the ground, somehow flipping him over to were he landed on his back, with her landing and sitting on his chest. "Trick or Treat!" She exclaimed with a gorgeous smile on her face.

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Zane hadn't considered the possibility that Raina would find him first. It was a completely reasonable one though, considering the fact that just about everyone in Fiore had become interested in Samhain. Who wouldn't be? Still, getting pounced by the girl was something not even Zane could see coming, him letting out a little yell as he was somehow spun around mid air to land on his back in the small little spot he had been looking from. Zane was very clearly flustered by this, his face red and his eyes very much shocked. "Raina!" He exclaimed in a shocked tone, quickly adjusting and trying to calm himself down as he held her shoulders a little.

Zane noticed the girl's outfit, stopping for a moment. He immediately reached into his pocket with his right hand, digging around in the candy he had collected. Beelzebub let out a sigh of disappointment, though also one that showed he was expecting something like this to happen. Zane grabbed a fistful of  the candy from his pants and held them up towards Raina, seeming even more than willing to give her it all. "Here, I got you this." He said, trying his best to make the tone in his voice sound 'cool' even when it would be clear to anyone with half a brain that it was obviously an act. Zane was self aware of this, but the nurse costume that Raina had been wearing wanted to make Zane impress her more. Why? Well, not everything needed to be explained in the post, ya know.

Once he had shown Raina the candy he had collected, Zane looked over towards the alley where all the candy shops were. Right, he was going to ask her to walk around with him! Turning back to Raina and looking up at her face, Zane nudged his head a little to the side. "As nice as this is, we should walk around a little, right? Oh, pluuus, if there are any carnival games here we can win them together easy peasy." Zane hadn't forgotten about their first encounter. If Raina was able to win both of them - the three of them if counting Beelzebub - more candy here then Zane would take the chance to do so without question. He simply hoped that Raina did not think too poorly of the last time the two tried that. Hopefully her memories of carnival games were moreso focused on meeting Zane rather than the unfortunate situation with the security that evening. It wouldn't matter even if something like that did happen again though. If Zane and Raina could beat up a bunch of human security guards they could probably do just the same to a bunch of pumpkin security guards.

Then Zane remembered he had somewhere to be, saying goodbye to Raina and finding a way outta the area.


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