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Samhain: Eye Guess

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Samhain: Eye Guess Empty on Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:10 am


Name: Eye Guess
Reward: 3x Pumpkin Pop
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Find the eye underneath the cup.

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth where a skeleton greets them.
  • The skeleton will put an eye in the middle of the table and place a cup over it, after which he adds five more cups. He then reveals his four extra arms and starts shuffling the cups like a madman.
  • Roll a dice, if you roll higher than 75 you win the game.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.


Samhain: Eye Guess Empty on Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:38 am

The entrance was well decorated, and with stalls on both sides with different things to do, Yugo almost felt himself feel a childlike level of excitement. He first go a beer and a giant Turkey Leg. He devoured both as he waited in line for the cup game. He wasnt much of a Gambler, But these games intrigued him on more of a Mental level. He found it helped to keep his accuracy and following skills nice and sharp. He watched as the people ahead of him struggled, wasting a lot more money then they should have on second turns. He smirked to himself as the man walked away cursing himself and the game. That was why Yugo didnt let himself become addicted to gambling.

As he got to the front of the line finally, he tossed away his bone and beer in the trash nearby and sat down on the floor instead of the provided chair. He perfered to keep the cups eye level or as close to as possible. He looked up at the skeleton and told him to begin. The game was going to be a best of three, to win he needed to get it right at least twice. The first round was simple, and insulting easy, But thats how it always was. He smirked and looked at the Skeleton dealer, who smirked back. The speed was amazing on the second attempt, But made the fatel error of getting momentarily distracted by the noise of a child crying nearby.

He gritted his teeth and looked back up at the skeleton, who smirked and produced his extra arms. Yugo  smirked and smiled as his forehead vein bulged. The skeleton had been holding back the entire time. He would have to take it as serious as possible now, the skeleton had damaged his pride And Yugo wouldnt stand for that,



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"Alright alright alright!" Ezekiel said with a devilish smirk as he approached the booth. Behind the stand was a skeleton-man who wore a top hat and gloves. Ezekiel had a plastic cup filled with blood all the way to the top. Apparently they sold all types of drinks in this town, literally. Ezekiel leaned over the booth and pulled from his straw. "Welcome." The skeleton said before slamming a bloody eyeball on the table. Ezekiel pulled back his lips, cringing from the fresh eyeball on the table. Suddenly the skeleton pulled out six cups and placed one over the eyeball. "Oh, easy peasy." He smirked. Then, the skeleton magically formed  4 more arms and began shuffling the cups like a fucking lunatic. "Oh shit, woah. Slow down, hohoho!" Zeke chuckled. When the skeleton finally stopped, the Vampire elf rubbed his chin. He was watching the cups closely, but perhaps not close enough. After about twenty seconds of thinking, he pointed at the second cup to the left. "Hm. That one..." He said. "You sure?" Ezekiel raised an eyebrow, glaring at the Skeleton. "Yeah.." he frowned. Then the Skeleton lifted the cup and...


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#6Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Walking around what seems to be the streets of Fiore, shichiro found himself in a peculiar place which seems to be a Halloween themed Arcade. He thought he could use a little bit of fun so he thought he would go for it for a little bit. Entering the establishment, he wondered what game he should try first. Before he could decide by himself on what he should try, a skeleton had jumped out of the wood works and began to beckon shichiro over to where he was currently. Looking around, shichiro made absolutely sure he was the one being called too before cautiously walking over towards the skeleton to see what it wants. He wasn't sure if it was a real skeleton or not but he knew that he's seen enough shit to not be alarmed at every little thing that pops out of him. "Are ya looking for some fun there, stranger," the skeleton had asked shichiro. Looking puzzled, shichiro turned his head from left to right before looking back at the skeleton again. "I-i guess? Got recommendations for me or something,: he responded callously. "Well, you're in luck for I have the perfect game for you. It's called 'Eye Guess', get it? Heh heh," the skeleton said chuckling at his own joke. "You guess," responded shichiro, shooting him a quizzical look. "No, EYE guess. Heh heh, enough with the banter and jokes, go on step right up and try it. The game is right over there." The skeleton then pointed towards a contraption and quickly ushered shichiro over to give it a try. Following the pushy skeleton, shichiro decided he would at least give the recommendation a try since he didn't know what he wanted to do anyway. Taking a seat, shichiro also did the same and before he knew it, the skeleton grew four extra arms and put a human eye in a cup and began to shuffle.


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Despite his lack of a heart, and missing the ability of his eyes, Odin perfectly placed the heart on the paper skeleton. The real skeleton chuckled at the win, as Odin undid the tie over his vision and looked upon his success. He could tell that he knew exactly why the skeleton was laughing, even if neither of them were going to say it out loud. For you see, Odin didn't have any flesh, or any organs, as many of the people of Fiore knew, and feared. Sure, that made certain things impossible for the Lich but it gave him unique abilities. After all, it was the ear that controlled balance and kept an equilibrium in the body. Yet Odin, lacking in many things that made a human human, could not lose his balance. He was perfectly balanced, as all things should be, and so spinning him around had no impact on whether he could pin the heart on the paper skeleton or not. If anything, it had been a waste of everyone's time. Although, appearances had to be kept up.

With his first win sorted, the room shifted once more, giving Odin a familiar looking scene. An eyeball in the centre of a table, with five cups sitting behind it. Odin looked at the skeleton who had begun to consider a friend despite their lack of ever actually saying anything to one another. They both understood, but now the Lich looked at him with anger. He hated this game. The skeleton walked over to the table and placed one cup over the eyeball. From his rib cage grew three more arms, one for each cup, as he began furiously swapping the cups and moving them in between each other. Odin's job was simple: keep his eye on the right cup, the cup which possessed the eyeball. However, at this speed, it was only a matter of guessing and praying.


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Kurisa looked at all of these games. After she was done with Zane, she decided to head to some other games that would actually benefit her. What she did not know was that she was going to benefit from this more than she believed. Her fingers combed through her purple silky hair that shined from every light around her. Her eyes were like light purple marbles as her pupils gazed towards her destination. She elegantly walked with her arms famously crossed against her bosoms. She wondered what game this was going to be. She stopped and watched people play the first game she came across. The cups were motioning around as that was when she noticed this game. The man in front of her had eyes of gold, reminded her of her own eyes a year ago.

Now due to her magic they have changed. The man won and was rewarded some pops. "Pumpkin pops." She whispered under her breath as she then saw the next guy go next. He seemed a little shady, but it was not so bad. Sadly, he lost and now it was finally her turn. The skeleton was just gawking at the woman as if he saw a hot demon woman. She was no demon nor was she that hot. Beautiful, perhaps, but not hot. "How about a try, hot stuff?" He gave a grin. "Alright, one try." She nodded and so did they. He showed her the item and placed it under the cup. The more seconds that passed by, the more cups they added. They seemed to be trying to make it more difficult. Most people just have three. "Alright, missy. One try." She gazed at them and then at the 'cups' that hide the item. She wanted to figure this out by magic, but perhaps that would be cheating. It was not fun that way. Sighing, she lifted up one of them.



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Frost clung beneath him leaving icy footprints in his wake. Mist leaving the Lilac beauty’s body as an eerie aura. Small clouds formed and disappeared moments later as he exhaled heavily. He was running, from or to what, he didn’t know, only knowing he had to run to remember nothing before this instinct kicked in. His surroundings blurred into just colours as he ran faster then he had ever run, only to realise the colours were a pattern. He was trapped within a segmented section of Samhain, potentially doomed to run endlessly until he figured out why he was running. It was only when a figure appeared to his side shouting out. “Oi kid.” that Konyo took stock of the situation, biting his tongue as he did so. It was the same damn skeleton whom he had talked to only a few hours ago. A new location, a new booth, it seemed with them having a series of cups thrown about while slime coated the bench.

With a gruesome grin, he greeted the Guild Master. “You might not have won my last game, but I’m sure you can win this one, would you like to guess?” Brow etched with the harshest of scowls Konyo looked at the bench and then back at the skeleton. “Guess what?” A hearty laugh and swipe of the hand reveal a terrible mess, countless eyes. “Guess the number of eyes, of course!” Where, why and how he had them, Konyo either wanted nor cared to know. Waving away the matters, Kon merely resigned himself to play the game in the hopes it would let him get out of this hell hole. Glancing down at the eyes, the variety was astounding, human, vampire, even more exotic ones such as dragon could be found either just placed or swimming in preserving fluid. Unsure about the number, Kon threw up a random one with as a much confidence as he could muster.


Samhain: Eye Guess 6LwW1QF

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#14Vice Gamebell 

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Vice Gamebell
Another friendly skeleton is coming up, but all skeletons are just evil, Vice has learned. These skeletons have given Vice nothing, so they are nothing but evil. Vice is feeling old and grumpy, like he's going to turn boney like the skeletons. Thinking about the dead, Vice doesn't have much to offer this holiday, if there's no good party. Many people like to use the passing of others for their own joys and sorrows. Grieving can become the most special attention people can manifest for themselves. Committing to his orange eggy costume doesn't pause the steps of Vice forward.

Back at the outskirts should bring Vice some hidden gems of interest. The simple party games are classics. Lazily misplacing his mind keeps Vice from taking much of his surroundings into account. There's someone else with his Void Magic, and there's surely someone else that can see what Vice sees in this shifting place. Becoming dull and used to the abnormal body parts, Vice just twitches in front of the next failure of a skeleton game. Trying to guess the results of chance are a passing interest of Vice's, but he's had prior success in this sort of game. Body modifications to these skeletons are new. Damn, Vice never trusted these skeleton monsters that can have any sort of abilities.


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Steel had pinned the heart not on the fake skeleton but on the real skeleton and he had gotten a big old slap on the face for it but then they had laughed at each other again. Steels laughs now sounding more like loud wheezes as he had no voice to back his laughs with. His eyes were no longer filled with hatred. Rather they were empty. He had not won a single game for a long time and catching them all had disappeared from in front of his eyes for a long while ago. He had even put the pumpkin back on his head as the few pops he had could be fit inside of his tuxedos pockets.

Steel moved on towards the last game on the list. “Eye guess this is where the road ends.” he said to himself as he arrived at the last game booth. He looked the skeleton in the eyes as tears spurred forth from inside the pumpkin jack o lantern mask. The skeleton once more explained the rules of the game to Steel and Steel understood. He had to guess the position of the eye that the skeleton was going to hide under the cups and shuffle around.

So Steel waited until the skeleton had finished shuffling and then he guessed but he had no thought that he would actually win this as his luck was shit. Especially not when the skeleton revealed it had four more arms and five more cups. “That one” Steel yelled as he pointed at one of the cups.


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Even for a child, games would start to become boring if they were deemed as pointless or hopeless. Perhaps there's a reward if you lose every single game... then maybe the tables would have turned and that everyone would want to lose every single game, then? These are one of those tables; with few cups on top, one eyeball is hidden on the inside. Masami kept his eye on it, and that he was confident that he will know which cup the eyeball is in until the end—until the cups started to get misplaced, horribly fast. Masami's eyes couldn't catch up; after a moment, the gamemaster had stopped moving the cups around, and that Masami is left to choose for which cup the eyeball is hidden in. At times like these, the lack of skill will equal to the belief in luck, at least that was what the elders taught Masami when he was younger.

It was quiet, and it will be quiet until Masami decides to point at a cup. Instinctively, he pointed at the one which the eyeball was placed in, initially... since Masami couldn't catch up with the speed, then he'll roll the ethereal dice and hope that he wins, won't he?

Samhain: Eye Guess Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan) | #B2212E (Halloween)

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#20Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter heads to the next fucking tent, excited that there's only two more after this one. He breathes in the air. Excitement, and joy that this hell will almost be over and that the shotgun skeletons can fuck off. But now's not the time, as he hears another shotgun being pumped. The skeleton says "Well howdy there folks. This is the third to last tent you gotta go through before you skedaddle on your way. No funny business though, or I'll blow your cock off. Follow the red carpet, only got three left. Up ahead you'll come across Six-Armed Sal. If you can beat him, good on ya. But if you can't, well you can go fuck yourself and get out of here."

With that, Gunter makes his way towards Six-Armed Sal. He comes across a skeleton with two arms. "Are you Six-Armed Sal?"

"Yep, that be me." he says in a redneck accent. "Know what you thinkin'. I only have two arms, so why am I Six-Armed Sal. Lemme show ya."

Sal drops an eyeball and then covers a cup on the table, and then pulls out five more cups. He scratches the underside of his chin and says "If you got a good eye and quick wits you can take the prize. If not, fuck outta my tent. Just follow the ball." and Sal then grows four extra arms. "If you cheat, I'll shove all six arms up your ass and explode you like a pinata."

Sal then shuffles around the cups rapidly, throws them in the air, and then rapidly slams them all down on the table. If Gunter guesses correctly, Sal claps his arms together and gives Gunter the reward and a gold sticker. If he fails, Sal slaps Gunter across the face with all of his hands and then tells him to get the fuck out for being such a punk and a loser.


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Aly had just committed what many would likely call a 'faux pas'. It wasn't a term that the wood elf knew at that time, but he soon learned given how embarrassed he had felt in that specific moment. He was blindfolded, and he had no way to orient himself, which resulted in him perfectly placing the paper heart on the skeleton, in exactly the correct place. However, he didn't put it on the paper skeleton, as he took off the blindfold to a disgruntled actual skeleton, who currently had a paper heart sticking to him. An awkward smile was the best Aly could managed as he was promptly kicked out of that game, another loss for the day as he made his way towards the final game of Samhain. It had been a busy few days, but he was confident and ready to take on the final game, whatever it required of him.

Entering the final tent, which seemed to appear around him out of nowhere, Aly prepared himself for the last game. It was again, finally, one that played to his strengths, but that didn't mean he would win. It could in fact lead to his downfall, as the skeleton placed the eyeball under one of five cups, and proceeded to bring out four other arms, moving the correct cup as Aly kept as much of his sight on the correct one as he could.


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How predictable, one of the oldest games at a festival, well usually it wasn't hosted by a living skeleton... Actually was a living skeleton the right way to describe the host of this game? The skeleton greet her excitedly, waving an arm at her as it beckoned for her to come closer so he could start explaining the nature of the game to her. It soon started to explain that the eyeball on the table would be concealed under a cup, and then alongside several other empty cups be shifted back and forth and she needed to make a guess about the location the eyeball was concealed at. If she won, she could get a reward, and if she failed? Maybe have a laugh?

As she took a seat in front of the skeleton, the undead raised a cup over the eyeball and then out of nowhere several arms appeared, shifting and swapping the cups around till at long last she was left to ponder where the cup would be hidden. Raising a hand to her chin, Esperia quietly pondered for a moment before gesturing at the cup in the center. "Is it hidden underneath this one?" Time to see if she had guessed correctly!


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