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Samhain: Ogre Smash

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Samhain: Ogre Smash Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:07 am


Name: Ogre Smash
Reward: 3x Pumpkin Pop
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Can you swing down the ogre hammer hard enough?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth where a skeleton greets them and gives them a large hammer. The skeleton will point towards a large barrel on the ground that needs to be hit with the hammer and shattered.
  • Swing down the hammer on the barrel, roll the dice once and add on 10 if your base strength unaffected by boosts or items is greater than 30. If the total of the roll is over 80, you win the game.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Juni Anastos 

Samhain: Ogre Smash Empty Sat Oct 24, 2020 6:58 pm

Juni Anastos
The cool night air and her own boredom caused Juni to change her costume. Before she was a horrifying killer easter bunny, changing out her eggs for jellied brains with " blood " caked into her fur. For most of the night, she had been enjoying those jellied brains but now she traded all that in for something more comfortable. Dressed in a skin-tight suit that was blacker than the blackest black hole, a pair of boots of the same color, her hands covered in the very same color, the only thing that was full of color was her face. If anyone asked what she was, she would reply that she was a floating head. It was the stupidest thing in the whole world but she found it funnier than anything else. The grounds of Samhain were lit of course with lights but there were some places, no there were a lot of darker places that her costume would be able to shine in all its glory. She was even lucky enough to scare some kids with it, another great victory. Since she was in such a good mood she felt the skeletons of the game booths calling out to her. They teased her with prizes and a good time and she was easily swayed. Walking up to the first booth that was close to her with a big smile on her face, Juni looked towards the skeleton being who in turn gave her a large hammer. In her hands, the hammer had a bit of weight on it but it was nothing she couldn't carry. All she had to do was hit the large barrel and shatter it with one swing. Juni knew her strength wasn't her strong point but she tried anyway. The worst that could happen was she would lose and that wouldn't bother her. Bringing the hammer up and over her head, she brought it back down with all her might.

- 327 -

Samhain: Ogre Smash Tumblr_pyx5lxTUxo1usc9y9o5_540

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#4Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Eating the rancid dish in front of him, shichiro had attempted to keep his composure as he stuffed a spoonful of whatever this disgusting dish in front of him was. He was going strong for the first few minutes but after a while, he rapidly began to feel sick. Not being able to handle the smell or taste anymore, shichiro began to feel it all coming back up at once before leaning forward and puking it into the bowl in front of him. After puking out the rancid food, he felt a lot better almost immediately but since one of the rules was to keep the food down in his stomach, he had failed the challenge. Honestly, at this point, shichiro wasn't sure if the cost was worth whatever prize that was supposed to be given to him and decided to assume it was and not question it any further. The skeleton had chuckled a bit but gave shichiro condolences before bidding him farewell. He then gave shichiro in order to proceed up the tower the quickest way possible in order to play the final game of the tower. He was also told he was allowed to go sight seeing through the tower but shichiro decided against that and only wanted to play the next game. Traversing through the tower, shichiro quickly found the next skeleton who would give him details of the next game. He was given a large, heavy hammer and all he had to do was smash a barrel with it. That's it. A simple test of strength. Pretty simple, he thought to himself. He thought himself to be a strong person so even he could fail this game, right? Raising the large hammer with both of his hands, Shichiro brought it down with all of the might he could muster onto the barrel.



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Managing to just get four, and even scoring a perfect on one of the throws, Odin won his second game of the day, meaning there was only one left. Perhaps Samhain had judge him fairly this time, or perhaps he remembered how he had lost in the previous games and had subconsciously rectified that concern. Either way, he had one game remaining before he needed to leave Samhain's Tower. Heading back into the elevator, Odin expected to go up one more floor, just as he had previously, but that was not the case. Instead of going up one floor, the elevator began speeding at incredible pace downwards. It was heading directly for what Odin could only assume was the basement.

Just as soon as it started the rushing stopped, and the elevator doors opened to reveal a very large room. Given how far he travelled, Odin knew they were very deep underground, allowing the towering structure to exist. It looked harder than last time, but he knew the idea of the game and he was stronger this time. The hammer fit nicely in one hand, but powerfully in two, and so the Lich would grab hold of the weapon with both of his skeletal hands and, with a little run up, would smash the hammer onto the marker, hopefully breaking the impressively strong barrel in the process.

Base Strength: 101


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A single drop of sweat ran down the pale woman’s forehead as they clutched a hammer with all their might, Hands clammy and struggling to hold tight. Another game, another day. This was it Konyo’s own personal hell being followed around by a skeleton who was almost begging him to complete his ridiculous tasks. This time he had been challenged to strike a mysterious barrel with an equally mysterious hammer. Its shape and weigh just didn’t seem to correlate in the slightest with him barely being able to raise it above his shoulders. The difficulty he had shown seemed to have amused the skeleton immensely. Perhaps he hadn’t taken kindly to the fact that he had won the last game. How was he supposed to know that most of the eyes were fake and his guess would be right. The skeleton was not just a cheat but a sore loser, either way he was seemingly bound to complete any task that he was presented by the mischievous bastard.

Konyo didn’t have the slightest idea what was inside nor did he want to know. Any case he drew upon his inter strength and slammed down hard onto the barrel with the hammer. A pleasant surprise or otherwise awaited him as he looked into the shattered barrel.



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Steel wearing his tuxedo and scary outfit made from carving a pumpkin and wearing it as a head was now covered in blood. He was carrying the pumpkin that he had earlier had on his head under his shoulder filled with candies. Sadly Steel was a bit annoyed. He had lost a few games now and getting all the pumpkin pops was just getting further and further away from him.

Steel had missed on the ringalings game. He hoped he would win the next game. As he walked along he noticed that this place truly was weird. It almost seemed as if it was always night in Samhain. And it was always a carnival party. People wearing masks, eating candy. Steel hoped he could get some potato chips from somewhere around here. After all, it was the best snack possible. Not a lot of sugar, tasty and full of salt and carbohydrates. The perfect snack for someone that was gonna stay in shape.

On the topic of staying in shape. Steel found another game booth. Steel as usual greeted the skeleton with a “trick or treat” The skeleton explained that if Steel wanted to win the pumpkin pops he had to take the hammer and shatter the barrel standing in the game booth in a single swing. Steel picked up the hammer and swinged.

+10 because strength above 30


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Ugh, these games were stupid to her. Was it just because she was losing or perhaps it was more because she was getting impatient. The stupid game got her to lose as she did not get enough points for the pinball machine. Softly, sighing she continued on her walk and assumed that perhaps she will see someone she knew at the games. No one so far though. Curiously, she wondered what the next game was as her eyes noticed there were some things to smash. Was the point of this game to smash things apart? If only magic was usable as her strength was not very good at all.

They lead her to the game and gave her a hammer. How the hell was she suppose to pick this up and use it? She could not even really do much with a weapon in the first place. It was why she had no weapon at all. It was her and her magic spells. Her fingers wiggled and clenched into a fist before approaching the hammer. She gripped onto it tightly as she tried to pick it up. Her eyes squinted as she had to use more power to pick it up. If she did then she was able to rock smash.


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#14Günter Von Wolf 

Samhain: Ogre Smash Empty Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:50 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter heads to another area, met with a skeleton with a remington. Gunter just sighs. "What do I do here?"

"Well I'm glad you asked sir! Come in it's quite cold this evening."
The skeleton says as he cocks his shotgun. The skeleton then hands him a hammer. "This hammer is a relic." Gunter put a hand to his forehead, rubbing his forehead as if having a massive headache. "This, sir, is the Cock Hammer of Slut Smiting. In that barrel over there are thots. With this hammer you need to break that barrel and the thots inside. Can you do it, or will you be bewitched by the wenches?"

Gunter walks over to the barrel and opens it up. Gunter, to his surprise, opens it up and sees a bunch of skeletons as the "wenches." Gunter walks over to grab the hammer. "Yeah, I prefer women with meat on their bones." Gunter walks over to the barrel and with a giant swing, slams the hammer down on the barrel.

Should he succeed, the barrel would smash into a thousand pieces, and the skeletons inside. Should he fail, all that could be heard is a loud 'squeak' and nothing happens. "Seems you've been bewitched.", the skeleton would say on failure, pumping his shotgun. "Get out of here, thot-lover!"

Either way, Gunter would quickly either collect his reward or not and take off into the night.


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Samhain: Ogre Smash Empty Wed Nov 04, 2020 7:33 am

Once again, the minigame required patience and a good eye for aiming ranged projectiles. For a practiced ranger who grew up in the wilderness, this was nothing. The first four rings neatly arced through the air and rested on the floor around the skeletal arms, scoring four points in as many moves. A smirk formed around Aly's lips as he just threw the other two without much care, not even looking as he had already secured his win. One of these actually scored another point, while the final throw was simply a miss. He was a cocky ass at times, but he always had the skill to back it up. He was nimble, quick and able to shoot a rabbit from more than fifty metres. Currently that was his record, but he was sure he could improve on that if he put his mind to it.

The next game, the final one of the area, was definitely NOT one that played to Aly's strengths. Namely, it required him to have strength. Being a nimble ranger, powerful muscles had never been a requirement. He was lean and possessed very little body fat, so to call him unfit was definitely incorrect but, as he lifted the hammer, he didn't expect much from this game. After all, he wasn't winning any arm wrestles in his current state.

Samhain: Ogre Smash Unknown

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Samhain was really a mysterious place, in a way it was supernatural, yet she felt it was more or less in a comical way, the games that were hosted by the denizen of this land were clearly meant to be entertaining, in some peculiar fashion, but considering they were rewarding in their own manner, Esperia saw little reason not to compete in those games, especially if it meant learning more about Samhain. Unfortunately, it appeared the games would soon prove to be a bit more... out of her element so to speak. The giant ogre hammer that was prepared at one of the game booths clearly suggested it was a game that relied on strength, and let us be honest here: Strength was the least of the things one could say Esperia possessed. She was physically lacking in power, a vulnerability she knew all too well, a price paid for her more magic-affiliated abilities. A soft sigh escaped the white-haired witch her lips as the skeleton tried to goad her into participating into the little game. Grasping a hold of the hammer Esperia hesitatingly lifted it up, taking a deep breath and prepared to smack it down at full force, hopefully the ogres would be proud!

Samhain: Ogre Smash MHKs2Uu

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Walking out of the tower again Victor had started feeling a bit disheartened. He had not won games in a while now. And so he was stuck in the tower's main entrance. It was a revolving door and Victor was just walking around and around and around until he did not really know where he was. From time to time he would go back inside for a cup of coffee and from time to time he would go outside and have a smoke or a drink but he was really just walking around in the revolving door hoping to know what he should do next.

And that was when it hit him! He should just keep playing games and hope he will win. Sure the games were hard but as long as he trusted in the heart of the cards and had a little magic for his friendship. He was sure he would win. And so Victor soldiered on. He went back into the tower and straight up to the first game booth he could see. This was gonna be the one he would win. He thought to himself as he asked the skeleton in the booth about the rules of the game and the prize. Pumpkin pops again it seemed. But Victor was ok with that for he had not yet fully understood what he could do with pumpkin pops. Maybe he could get all the liquor in the world.

He had to smack barrel and so he would cuz thats the life of a gangsta tryna get their pumpkin pops.


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Samhain: Ogre Smash Empty Sat Nov 07, 2020 10:17 pm

A hammer lay in Zane's hands. The skeleton man had given it to him. Yet another tool used for one of these games. Zane was familiar with this type of game, actually. Just about every fair he'd been in had one. He remembered being horrible at it back when he was an elf boy back in Baska. His arms were like noodles then. Zane's arms weren't exactly big now, but he had certainly gotten a lot better in the strength department. Maybe he'd end up doing better this time. Gripping the hammer firmly in his hands, Zane took a deep breath. Beelzebub didn't speak in Zane's mind, knowing that doing so would most likely only distract his host. In this case, Beelzebub did want Zane to win. A lot. After all, there were things to be won. And for a demon of greed, things were the most important, well, things. Zane lifted the hammer above his head, summoning all of his strength into his swing. Would he prove his childhood self wrong and actually end up doing well on one of these things? Could he hit it with enough precisions to effectively use said strength? Ready or not, Zane was about to find out the answer to those questions.

Base Strength: 45


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Now, this game is purely about luck in Masami's case. Both Masami and Lucifer knew that they weren't the physical-type, and this one's going to test both their patience and strength. Well, if Masami manages to win, then is he considered strong afterwards? They're waiting for a miracle to happen, which was why Masami took his time to breathe in... and then breathe out, the ogre hammer being held using both hands for a long time. It was already too heavy for the boy to even lift up, and it was an awkward case because the ogre greatly resembled his Joyan Noh theater mask. When he was ready, he'd open his eyes and breathe deeply, quietly scream (in a rather childish voice) with power, and then on goes the swinging of the gigantic hammer! That one swing had caused the boy to sweat, tiring him to great extent, not even giving him the excitement of winning at all. This sort of weight-lifting was more of an exercise rather than a game, and Masami knew that he had to play 'all' of the games here in Samhain, just to make good memories in the end, you know? The kid didn't want to miss out, at all.

Samhain: Ogre Smash Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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