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Samhain: Haunted House

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Akushitsuna approaches a rather odd looking building with a haunting appearance about it. Not that he was particularly scared of such, but just that it appeared to be a house that would be haunted if any a house. As he approaches the door yet another skeleton accompanies its entrance much like that of the booths he had seen thus far. He was somewhat wandering why ALLL of the events involved these similar looking mages, and exactly why they wouldn't include a variety of 'spooky' things for such an event.

In either case, he would step into the darkly lit house only to have the door slammed shut directly behind him. The man wasn't the most known for his manners, but he couldn't help but feel that was a rude gesture before continuing onwards. As the man ventures onwards he hears a variety of uncomfortable noises, followed by a nearby sense that footsteps were approaching. While running away wouldn't have typically been his normal reaction, he felt like an unknown force felt the need to make his body want to do so anyhow. He ran with al of his might as if the thing behind him would be his death.



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#28Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe entered what appeared to be a large house, ominous by all definitions, and found the door slammed behind him. "Fucking skeletons.", Tomoe would murmur, knowing that those bony undead hosts were up to something and played by their own rules about it.

Rather than busting down the door and making his way out, Tomoe decided he'd play the game of these skeletons and abide by their rules. Believe it or not, Mr. Tanaka was still respectful of the rules of the undead. Whatever they had in store for him would be respected, of course. He wandered the halls, hearing voices all around him and eventually realizing he was wandering some kind of dark maze within the mansion. Even more than that, he heard footsteps behind him and the sound of high-pitched giggles. Whatever horrifying monstrosity was in here, Tomoe knew he had to escape from.

Tomoe fled, running through the corridors and tricky, confusing corners and turns of the maze from the roaring laughter and hurried footsteps behind him. He'd try his best to escape, and avoid the terrible creature behind him. Very quickly now, Tomoe would either get out or meet the foul ghoul behind him... one way or another, he'd soon reach a conclusion to this chase through the mansion he found himself in.

+10 to first roll due to speed, +5 to second roll due to intelligence.


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#30Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
The last game in the area would be the haunted house itself. Genevieve did not want to go inside of that place and almost decided that maybe that wasn't worth playing. Fortunately for her Asmodeus was there to give her a little encouragement and seeing as she wasn't really going in alone Genevieve changed her tune. As she approached the Haunted House the Skeleton man did not greet her as the others did. Instead, he simply opened the door for her to walk through and closed it when she was fully inside. Taking deep calming breaths she began talking to Asmodeus as she ventured farther into the spooky house.

Noises could be heard all around and soon Genevieve began to realize she was very lost. With that realization, loud footsteps could be heard behind her and she wasted no time in running away from them. With her feet picking up speed she kept looking behind her to see what it was that was chasing her but she couldn't get a clear view of it. Genevieve was starting to get frustrated as she ran into dead ends which caused her to backtrack a lot but soon she could see a light that she thought led to the exit but she didn't know if she would be able to get away.

- 222 -

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As Ezekiel approached the haunted house, he realized just how lonely he might have been. Who the hell in their right mind would enter an actual haunted house alone? The Vampire didn't believe that the house was full of people dressed up in spooky costumes hiding throughout the house. Nah, he had been in Samhain for a while now and to be quite honesty, has seen a lot of crazy things here. With a gulp, the Vampire stepped forward. He should have nothing to fear considering he was a living breathing Halloween costume already, but he couldn't shake this extreme anxiety he was feeling. The Skeleton opened the door to the haunted house and bowed, gesturing for Ezekiel to walk inside. This should be fun, the Vampire thought. Quickly he walked deeper into the house, further and further until he realized that he was already too far away from the door to go back. The Desiertan took a left, and then a sudden right, then a couple more turns before realizing that he was actually in a maze. Suddenly pieces of the ceiling began to fall and the walls seemed to be closing in on him. As he moved deeper within the haunted house he could hear voices of children around him? Oh no... then...he could hear footsteps approaching him. Without even looking back the Vampire began to run. There was no way that whatever was behind him was catching him, real or not. As if his life was on the line, he ran for the hills. He had to get out of this haunted house, he was way too drunk for this.

[+10 first number | +5 second number]


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He approached the haunted house, apparently this was one of the main attractions of Samhain and a place where a few of the town's games were located. He climbed up the flight of stairs and stood in front of the door where a skeleton was waiting for him, identical to the ones from the game booths, oh how creative, he thought and smiled softly. The skeleton greeted him, as per usual, and opened the door for him explaining that once inside he would then have to find his way out. This could prove challenging depending on the situation but nevertheless he wanted to give it a try. He nodded to the skeleton and ventured inside with the door closing behind him followed by a loud noise. "Well that was a wicked start." he whispered and proceeded onwards, suddenly he started hearing voices and soft laughs, maybe it was just his imagination he thought and continued when he noticed a sound coming from above, he quickly raised his head and avoided the piece of wood tile that fell right on to where he was standing previously and was now hearing footsteps. When he turned around he saw that the door wasn't there but he was lost inside a maze, with the footsteps getting closer he panicked and started running, whatever that thing was he had to outrun it and reach the exit but would he be able to make it...



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Most people agree that haunted houses are most iconic. Urban extravagance gathering for such a nice play, Vice figures he'll give it a try. Festivities are still loud and hot with all the non-people around. Hopefully, the house is clean, as Vice has kept himself clean enough while distancing from getting too invested in Halloweentown. Wearing a simple oni mask keeps Vice from having to treat his costume as trash later on, or having to wash something discarded. Not looking to hoard any memories, Vice looks forward to cheating his way forward to the conclusions. With only one high-reward game left, Vice just wants to win one of anything to save time. The chaotic artificial assortment stuffed in one place doesn't bring up Vice's excitement in entering the house. Once lost inside a maze, Vice's guard evidently presents that he's being CHASED. Why should Vice let something unknown meet him? Pretty smart and fast, at least one game has been found for an advantage. Pants could have been discarded to be big-brain alcoholic. While running, Vice considers turning around to destroy a house, yet backers are the real scary ones. One does not simply assassinate the clown waifu in management. Keeping himself clean hopefully brings Vice outside for more fun stuff, after doing this game.


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