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Samhain: Painful Pinball

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Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:03 am


Name: Painful Pinball
Reward: 2x Pumpkin Pop
Type: Solo
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Can you beat the highscore?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth in which a pinball machine rests. After dusting it off, the user begins to play the game.
  • An eyeball will roll into the game which then needs to be kept up with the skeleton fingers serving as flippers. Roll a dice, even number is a win, and uneven number is a loss.
  • The machine will start screaming, bleeding, and eventually stop working if you manage to beat the highscore.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Juni Anastos 

Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Thu Oct 22, 2020 11:59 am

Juni Anastos
Juni cried as she stuffed weirdly looking human fingers in her mouth. The fingers were made of chocolate but anyone not knowing that and standing at any distance away would think otherwise. Santa Claus with his red eyes and " bloody hands " kept giving Juni back rubs and reassuring words. He tried to make her feel better by saying not everyone's gonna be a winner all the time but eventually her time would come. All she could cry out was doubt but Santa was having none of the self-loathing bullshit. Pulling her bunny suit-wearing ass up on her feet and slapping her chocolate hand into her basket the jolly old killer lifted her dead bunny eyes to meet his own gaze.

" Listen here little bunny. We are gonna win you a prize no matter how long it takes, now comes on. get your shit together. You are the goddamn easter bunny. Let's go get some lemonade and start another game. " The pep talk actually worked or rather she just didn't want to hear him talk anymore so she just did what he said. The two would end up getting the lemonade and then quickly made their way to the next booth. This booth was not manned by a skeleton which was a first. They were pinball machines and according to Santa maybe those skeleton boys were throwing her off her game. Now with this she didn't have to worry about them and could play until she won or got tired. Juni had never played pinball before but Santa was right there to show her. In his demonstration, he had gotten a little out of hand and ended up with a high score. Juni was up next and using what she learned started up the game and began to play until she got tired.

- 308 -

Samhain: Painful Pinball Tumblr_pyx5lxTUxo1usc9y9o5_540

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Dusting the cobwebs off, Vice enters as an orange lizard. Tis the season for many orange thingies or people, like pumpkins, and a lizard. Like an excited kid, Vice does not dress for success, and his bright orange costume is a baggy one. The heavy sunshine is a heavy responsibility. Other costumes were smuggled in, but Vice is happy with his current choice. Something needs to scare away the lurking monsters, and shine light in the eerie darkness. Haunted MANSION, what an extravagant attraction. All the eternally kind monsters frequenting this land can't help themselves, trying to help out with attractions. Having been guided/pushed into this wonderful mansion, Vice has an anticipation that he wants to leave badly.

It'd suck if Vice had to rest in this mansion forever. Anxious, the humanly man feels like he's gotten on a wild ride, and all the future rides will suck. Skeleton friends forever? What if all the skeletons are Liches? It's like attacking the level 1 mob, to suddenly have to face the level 100 boss in disguise. It'd be cool if Vice could meet those Halloween magics that he'd consider the best in Earthland. Slay away the useless lizard domestic violence. Imagine, somebody FLYING at run speed, as their base movement option? Haha rawr.

Looking at the most dusty game machine, in the house, Vice likes easy prey. Hopefully he doesn't get some disease touching this machine. Poking away the dirtiness, Vice plays this game, and has hopefulness ready to be crushed. The eyeball manifests, and Vice tries his best. Staring into the soul of the eyeballness, Vice feels like he's getting closer to luckyness. The game eventually gets boring for Vice, and looking at an eyeball made him hungry. Will the machine reward Vice's desire to get lost in this mansion's riches? Decisive contemplation, Vice deserves to winnn!



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Finally! She had finally won one of those skeletons their games! Of course it was to be expected that the event had brought a smile upon Esperia's lips, who felt her enthusiasm slowly renewed. It had been a odd start of the festivities, but at least the first victory might be a sign of more to come? She could only hope lady luck would start to continue smiling upon her. This time she had found something peculiar, some sort of machinery she had seen at some of the more expensive taverns, a pinball machine, although it was clearly a bit different from the usual type, there was an eyeball instead of a regular pinball, and the flippers were actually skeleton fingers! She could appreciate the fact they had gone all out in terms of the thematic nature of this game. Starting up the game she watched as the eyeball bounced up, the skeleton fingers doing a wonderful job at flipping it back up repeatedly, the sound of soft pings heralding that she was making some sort of score that was being tallied. She was not sure why, but it stirred a sense of competitive spirit in her, wanting to hear the sound more often as she excitedly played the game, and as was bound to happen when one was having fun: Esperia had almost lost track of time, and the poor eyeball was almost deformed from being hit so often that after what felt like hours, she allowed the eyeball to roll down and she finished her game, allowing the machine to tally up her score. Would it announce a new highscore, r would it go silent? She wasn't sure, but at the very least she had enjoyed quite a funny adventure with this pinball game! So hopefully the other games were going to be just as entertaining to her!

Samhain: Painful Pinball MHKs2Uu

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Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 6:49 pm


Steel wearing his tuxedo and scary outfit made from carving a pumpkin and wearing it as a head was now covered in blood. Was now also covered in water as a scary clown had popped out from the floorboards and had sprayed him with water pistols. Very specifically he had sprayed Steel’s crotch so that it looked like Steel had pissed himself and true enough he was pissed because he had not won any pumpkin pops in the haunted houses maze game.

Now he instead moved towards a new game, a pinball machine as it appeared was standing in a booth. He wiped the dust off the machine he placed his hands on the controls and shortly after he pressed the play button. An eyeball rolled onto the board and he punched it with one of the pinball skeleton finger bone styled flippers. The eyeball rolled away and bounced around and as it came back down Steel hit it with the skeleton finger flipper again. He continued doing this for a while throwing the ball up and down and up and down.

During this game all Steel could think about was the pumpkin pops and what he was going to do with them because he did not really know. He knew he could buy things with them but he was unsure what.


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Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:49 pm


What was next? She was starting to hate haunted houses after that one. She was being chased by something she did not even want to remember. She had a ghostly emotionless face as she continued on. She was not sure rather be disappointed by herself or to call it rigged as she felt like she could have destroyed the thing that was being evil, rude even. She was wishing right about now to at least be doign all these things with her family, but with the family she had left - they were probably busy doing Halloween with their actual blood-related family.

Her eyes caught more games, but was she really ready? She had to keep on going as there were many more games to go. She sighed softly as she was just going to play all these games and get it over with. The next one was a pinball machine-like game as she saw how there was some eye as the pinball. Who's eye was it and were they okay? She shivered inside as she just approached the game slowly. Her hand was on the machine as Kurisa started to play. The game was lighting in colors and all she could do, was simply play.


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Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Mon Nov 02, 2020 7:59 am

Victor had both shot slimes and had eyeballs in his mouth. Fricking disgusting! But he had gotten some pumpkin pops for it. Great! You only get chances like this once in a lifetime Victor thought. As he skipped along towards the next location. He left the market with all the nice booze and taverns behind. Which made him a little bit sad but then again you couldn't stay in one place forever. You gotta keep moving sunny. He thought. And so he walked towards a haunted house.

However unlike a house this place was huge. It seemed more like a mansion. Victor remembered that he used to know a guy called Luigi who would probably have loved this place. But Victor was not so sure himself if he did. Skirting around the outside of the mansion and going inside through a side door.

Victor found a new game booth. This time. There was no skeleton instead there was only a pinball machine. Odd. Victor thought to himself as he simply for the fun of it started playing the game. Putting his hands on the controls. The oddest part was that the ball in the pinball machine was an eyeball. Something that made Victor who had recently had eyeballs in his mouth gag a little. Still he played.


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Odin felt cheated. He had rolled the ball just as was asked of him, and he had gotten a damn good roll as well. The skull-ball had perfectly aligned itself to the hole, and had made a beautiful arc in the air as it looked like it would land perfectly in the slot, winning Odin another game. And despite the fact that even fate seemed to be on his side for once, the skeleton had a different approach. For you see, rolling a sentient head meant that the head could adjust themselves in mid air, or perhaps tilt in such a way that they do, or in this case do not, fall into a specific hole. The Lich was ready to crush the skull, and the only reason he didn't was due to the room changing all around him once more, the skeletal head disappearing as the entire world morphed around Odin, and he was instantly transported to the next game.

It looked, for all intents and purposes, like an average pinball machine. However, as Odin pressed the 'start' button on the machine and saw the eyeball roll up and into the game, he knew it would be anything but. All he had to do was beat the high score.


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#16Günter Von Wolf 

Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:11 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter enters the next tent, which lo and behold, has another skeleton. But this one's sweeping. The skeleton looks up with his broom and says "Oh I'm just the janitor, I dunno what's up here." Gunter walks further in, paranoid of this tent no matter what the anorexic cocksucker said. Gunter comes across a dusty, rusty, smelling like shit pinball machine. Gunter then says "Does this thing still work?"

"Uh probably. Everything works here, until it doesn't."

"Uh, okay. Let's find out."

Gunter grabs the janitor's broom and dusts off the pinball machine because he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. He then pops in a token he finds on the ground. The machine lights up, and noises can be heard coming from the machine. Gunter looks at the high score and feels confident that he could beat it. Sitting at one point. The ball drops. All Gunter needs to do is have the ball NOT fall immediately into the hole. Either he can push a button quick enough to launch it anywhere, or he can't. The ball drops. Gunter presses the button... and turns, leaving it up to fate. But also, he just wants to get the fuck out of here and stop dealing with shotgun skeletons. The janitor that was there with a broom is now standing there with a shotgun. "Gimme back my broom asshole!" Gunter gives it back, and as he leaves, the skeleton says "That's right cocksucker, nobody fucks with my brooms!" and goes back to dusting.


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Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Wed Nov 04, 2020 6:20 am

Aly was so close to winning it, but the idea of rolling an actual skull had thrown him off, and his usually infallible aim was slightly off. It was a shame, but the skull he had rolled did its best to console him at the loss. It was equally heart-warming and confusing to receive such praise from a decapitated skull, but it just cemented once more the truth about Samhain. There was nothing evil or dark about the people who lived here, they were all just people, going about their business and living, to varying degrees, their own lives. It was an experience to be sure for the sheltered elf.

Exiting the room, back to the main entrance, Aly this time turned to his left and went towards the next game. It was a simple concept, even if the machine looked foreign and extremely confusing to someone who had never seen it. There were multiple switches and flaps, and all he had to do was make sure the eyeball didn't fall down to the bottom. It made sense in theory, but whether the ranger would be able to adapt to the circumstances would be another matter. He placed his hands on the machine and began the game.

Samhain: Painful Pinball Unknown

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#20Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

What a disgusting dish he was served, Shichiro thought to himself. there was no way that was edibleif he didn't think it was trying to kill him. Of course he had failed and began to barf his brains out, figuratively speaking. Unfortunately, Shichiro had lost the game but the Skelton said he was welcomed to try again in which Shichiro politely declined. He's had enough of this for one day and decided not to explore the rest of the tower. Making his way from the table with all the delicious looking food, Shichiro took a table cloth and began wiping his mouth with it and tossing it aside. Tracing his steps backwards, Shichiro found himself back outside of the tower. With one last spit, he had left in the direction of a small settlement with a famous haunted house. Making his way there, he happened to reach his destination faster than he thought he would. Asking for directions, he eventually got to the haunted house he was looking for. This was different from the one he explored with Juni and it had some games to play. Walking in, the first thing that caught his attention was a pinball machine. Dusting it off, Shichiro decided to give a try.


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Samhain: Painful Pinball Empty Fri Nov 13, 2020 12:00 am

The goal had started to become: "Beat the highscore," right when Masami approached a broken game machine. He didn't have the intention to play it at all—rather, the game had taken a peak of his interest. All of these stalls had skeletons guarding them, well, most of them – this one was rather abandoned, yet it was fitting for Samhain's general theme. He dusted the glass screen with his left sleeve, and that's when the game machine lit up. It didn't look like it was so dead, after all. It was pretty thematic, too: it had a glossy eyeball pinball, and skeleton fingers as flippers, exactly as it was describe.

Masami didn't have to insert a coin to play it, too, so he played while the game was still alive to accompany him. If he manages to win by beating the highscore that was recently set, then the game will abandon him by dying. Masami could only play this game once, since there was only one eyeball pinball inside and when he inspected it, there doesn't seem to be more for one player. The game was designed to be played once per person, it was a train ride of luck, once more.

Samhain: Painful Pinball Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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Ikazuchi had won for the second time in a row with the last game. Rolling the talking head down through there ended up being more entertaining than he had expected. The duo had an interesting dynamic that made the game enjoyable whether he won or lost. His initial bad experience with the bobbing was gradually being forgotten now that he was having a good time. It was partly due to the change in scenery, but mostly because there wasn’t a second occurrence.

The second booth he stumbled across was slightly different from the last few. The previous ones were manned by skeletons, but this one simply had a machine of some sort within. “Hmm?” The difference was enough to pique his interest, so he approached despite there being no operator for the game. Looking closely at the machine Ikazuchi could see clear signs of dust having been brushed off. It seemed as though it had been gathering dust until recently, but someone had wiped it off and used it. Despite being unsure if it was a proper booth, his curiosity was getting the better of him. “I’m sure that it won’t hurt to try it, right?” There wasn’t anyone to answer his question, but it seemed to have been enough for him to try to operate the machine.

After messing around with the machine for a bit, an eye rolled out from the side. “Another eye…” His disgust shot back up at the sight of an eye that reminded him of the bloody eye bobbing from earlier. He already understood the basics of the machine, so it wasn’t too hard for him to pick up on slapping it with the skeleton bone flipper. “This isn’t that bad.” He wasn’t particularly fond of eyes, but he found himself entertained by the simplicity of the game. Time and time again, he continued to smack the eye with the flippers. A small part of him was getting a slight satisfaction due to it, so he wasn’t in a rush to complete the game. ‘I will just keep going until I can’t.’ And like that Ikazuchi would keep on until he either wins or loses.

WC - 360

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