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Samhain: Skyhead Slinger

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Samhain: Skyhead Slinger Empty Wed 21 Oct 2020, 05:03


Name: Skyhead Slinger
Reward: 1x Pumpkin Pop
Type: Solo
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Ever tried rolling a head instead of a ball?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth in which the skeleton greets them and presents them with a talking head.
  • The user must roll the talking head, just like in skyball, into one of the holes at the end of the curved lane.
  • Roll a dice, if you have rolled over 70 you win.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Juni Anastos 

Samhain: Skyhead Slinger Empty Thu 22 Oct 2020, 14:49

Juni Anastos
Dressed up as the killer easter bunny attracted a good amount of weirdos to Juni. She didn't mind the attention and even met with a deranged Santa Claus who traded her a present that had a chocolate hand in it for one of her brain gummies. The two had a blast just talking with each other and Santa Claus even showed her where all the good games were, well all the games he thought were good. With nothing else but time and an oncoming sugar rush, Juni followed him until the two got to a both, again a skeleton figure was there. She at this point had accepted their bony fate as the booth people who ran the games and she was ok with that. Coming up to the booth Santa explained that this game was his favorite among his favorite games. She didn't question why that would be but instead of having the skeleton being explained the rules of the game like he usually did she watched the jolly ole killer do his thing. Apparently, all one had to do was get talking head into a hole by rolling it one of the holes at the very end of one of the lanes. The lanes were curved making this a game of skill and luck. Juni wasn't happy about that luck part, the last three games she played all ended in a dud. She had zero luck today and she basically began chalking it up to it being a curse. Santa, of course, got his balls in the hole, and after giving Juni a crash course on how to win he let her have her turn. Taking a deep breath and praying to lady luck she sent the talking head rolling down the lane, trying to mimic the little trick in twisting her wrist as Santa taught her, now it was luck's turn to see it through.

- 322--

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After a quick change of attire, courtesy of a now beaten-up clown spraying her pants with water, Esperia was wandering around the haunted house section, mumbling under her breath and cursing the existence of mazes. It just made no sense! How could she, someone who had the knowledge of the world at her disposal possibly not be capable of answering a trivia of horror questions! Or find her way through a haunted house! Ridiculous! Her cheeks puffed up in a pout of frustration, she watched as a skeleton tried to beckon her toward one of its stalls. Nope! Not today! They weren't going to trick her again!

"You seem frustrated young lady~ I might have just the thing for you."

The skeleton chimed excitedly as it gestured at his game, trying to beckon her over as he explained the rules of the game. It seemed she had to roll a head of some sort through a path so it could correctly land at the end of the trajectory. A simple game, but being able to roll the head at full force seemed like an excellent way for her to get rid of the frustration she was feeling right now! Taking a deep breath Esperia grasped a hold of the head, that looked up at her. "Eeeh, I don't like the glint in this one her eyes, WAIT WAIT NO DON'T START LIKE THIS!" And almost as if she had been playing a game of bowling, she rolled the head at full force through the lane, not caring whether she would win or not, or even the fact the head was screaming like a banshee for someone to save it, but at the very least once she finished the game, a smile had reemerged on her lips and she could even let out a soft chuckle, seems the skeleton was right!

Samhain: Skyhead Slinger MHKs2Uu

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Of course Samhain had a Haunted house, because how could it be a Halloween parody without one. Odin hadn't visited it yet, but it was next on his list of the games to play. He had completed the games in the tower, unfortunately losing the final one which required his strength. Being a Lich, and lacking all forms of muscular strength, apparently still made it difficult for him to win. He brushed that to the side though, as winning two out of three games was not a bad statistic, even if some of the other games had worked well in his favour, like the Last Supper for example.

Today's game, the first of those found inside the house, involved rolling a ball up a slope and into a hole. If successful, they would be awarded one point and be able to progress. If not, then they would win nothing however they would still move onto the next game, which would likely follow the same script as that of the Void. He was in a single room of the house, and the room would shift all around him to form the next game. Who knew what would happen. Oh yeah, and also he wasn't rolling any kind of ball. He was rolling the talking skull of a skeleton, which in itself posed more problems.


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Steel wearing his tuxedo and scary outfit made from carving a pumpkin and wearing it as a head was now covered in blood. Was feeling the water that had sprayed on his crotch dry as he stood outside the haunted house. He smelled the air. His dragon slayer senses were going wild. What was this place, this Samhain truly? He had just played pinball with eyes and after playing the machine he had been at had screamed loudly in horror as it sprayed blood all over Steel. Weird shit. It was the kind of stuff you wouldn’t even hear of in legends because it was neither scary nor bothersome. No one would write about that kind of stuff ever because it was just weird. Steel liked it for some reason. Maybe it was the blood?

Approaching a new game booth Steel greeted the skeleton who was running it “Trick or treat.”
The skeleton smiled at Steel. Which was weird because it had no lips to smile with instead the bones contorted to be able to form the smile. Otherworldly.

The skeleton started explaining the game. Steel had to roll the talking head on the ground along into one of the holes at the end of the curved lane that was spread out in front of Steel. And so Steel rolled the ball just as if he was playing skyball.

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Kurisa shrugged as she left the Skeleton getting angry that she pinned him. Maybe they should not have grabbed her, instantly put her into place, and did that. Not really her fault at all. Too bad for that person. At least it was not a human or anything like that. She went off into the walkway to see what other games there were. She knew there were plenty of games but were there any fun ones? She felt like these were super casual. Her eyes felt tired as her skin was glowing of a pale color. Perhaps she should go see a healer or something after this trip.

She had so many things to do till then and she will end up doing all that she can before the 'end'. She gave a grimish smile towards the skeleton who was introducing her to a new game. "Just roll the head in hopes to win!" It gave off the same speech as it once again shoved her to the game. Most likely she will lose this game like the other games. "Hello, sweetcakes." The head spoke. "I hope you know how to rock n roll." She lifted her eyebrow and started to roll with an expressionless face. This was all she could do anyways.


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#12Günter Von Wolf 

Samhain: Skyhead Slinger Empty Tue 03 Nov 2020, 00:03

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter enters the booth in which a skeleton with a shotgun greets Gunter with a head in his hand. He now sees Gunter, annoyed, and Gunter says "Okay what the fuck do you want?" The skeleton pumps his shotgun and says "All you need to do is roll this ball in a hole! And don't be so rude."

Gunter looks at the head, which winks. He then looks at the skeleton, who pumps his shotgun; he doesn't have all day. Gunter rolls the head down the range like he's bowling, and the head winks at him while rolling. Gunter feels uncomfortable with this sexual head and looks over at the skeleton without even looking at the results. "Alright, I'm gonna get going. This whole thing is getting pretty gay." Gunter then either collects his reward or doesn't depending on whether he won, and then moves on and away from the skeleton who pumps his shotgun with intent.

As Gunter walks out, he asks out loud and remarks "What's next? Is the next skeleton gonna tell me to do bad things to good little boys?" Gunter leaves the tent, and sees the next closest tent without a skeleton with a shotgun outside waving like this is some stupid Halloween sitcom. Surprisingly, no skeleton at first sight.


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The final game in the marketplace had resulted in a loss for Alyssandra, but that came as no surprise to the young elf. Well, young by elf standards, but he had lived for almost one hundred human years, so it was all relative. Despite having been on Earthland for what some would consider a long time, he had been sheltered most of that time in the forests outside Caelum, so a game based on knowledge and intelligence was never going to be one he could win. He tried to guess some of the answers, but it quickly became clear that he had no chance, and he conceded with the two wins he had already gained. Happy in his day so far, he now made his way into the Haunted House, a rather brightly lit location despite its ominous name.

The first game in the location, as Aly took a right upon entering, was a long setup of a ball, a ramp and some holes. Another skeleton stood, detailing that he had to roll the ball up the ramp and into one of the holes to win. To say he was startled to find the 'ball' was in fact a skull was an understatement, but perhaps that would help him in the game.

Samhain: Skyhead Slinger Unknown

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As Victor played the pinball eyeball machine he forgot himself for just a minute and the eyeball rolled past the skeleton finger flippers. He had lost. He removed his hands from the controllers and shrugged. It did not seem like the machine would work for another try and Victor also did not feel like he wanted to hit anymore eyeballs anyways. Looking back at the tub of blood game. Having had eyeballs in his mouth was bad enough. And so he moved on. He would surely find another fun game around here to play that hopefully was not as disgusting as the last.

This place sure was weird and as Victor was now starting to get hungover he got a slight headache. Needing to find some place to sit down he looked around. He found a bench. Nice he thought to himself as he walked over to it and laid down covering himself up in his autumn coat.

Waking up on the bench a few hours later Victor would slowly get up. His back cracked with pain and his shoulders felt really stiff. He needed to find something to stretch his limbs back out. Luckily he found a game booth.

He greeted the Skeleton in the booth and they explained the game to him. Victor then started playing the game. Rolling a talking head down a curved lane.


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#18Shichiro Uchida 

Samhain: Skyhead Slinger Empty Mon 09 Nov 2020, 21:41

Shichiro Uchida

Trapped in the haunted house, Shichiro attempted to go back the way he came but alas the door was locked. Well whatever the game may be. he might as well get it over with. Making his way through the haunted house, he began to hear footsteps behind him but they were kind of far away. Thanks to his enhanced hearing, he was able to get an advantage on whatever was nearby and began to make a mad dash down towards the only path he could go through. As he ran, he couldn't hear the noise of footsteps anymore now confirming that he was logn ahead of whatever that thing might have been. Making it towards the exit, Shichiro had received a prize. This made him feel accomplished as he was having a bit of bad luck on these weird games. Moving on, Shichiro had spotted a skeleton standing next to another game machine. A little cautious, he decided to approach this one, hoping it wouldn't try and shove him into a locker or something. The skeleton began to talk to him, explaining the rules of this fairly simple game. After that, he began to start rolling the heads into the roles.


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Life really is unpredictable; Masami has never seen talking heads become a big deal. It's a head, so obviously, it will talk, right? Hint: Blame the Joyan mythologies that had convinced the poor kid that all heads talk, whether physically or spiritually. Nevertheless, this is what the next game is about. When Masami wandered around Hosenka City the first time, he has seen the exact same game, except they used a large ball rather than a large err... talking head. It was rather awkward for the boy to hold the first time he held it when the skeleton host gave it to him. For a talking head, it wasn't so heavy.

"I don't understand a thing you're trying to say," Masami told the head, giving it a one last look before the head pulled its' tongue out for a tease, and then being rolled into the void, just like that. Masami has been winning a few games lately, so it was expected that he'd hope he'd win this one, as well. Maybe he's being greedy for asking for more when he had already won the most epic luck-based game just a few months ago? Shh, no one will know that.

Samhain: Skyhead Slinger Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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Ikazuchi managed to win the shooting game previously pretty solidly by hitting five out of his six shots. Success made his good time even better, but he had to switch areas if he wished to continue. That’s how he found himself nearing the Haunted House. It seemed that there were a few attractions in the area here as well, so he settled for approaching the nearest one. He intended to visit them all, so the order would be irrelevant in the long run. Like the last one, this one was a kind of target game. It was the kind of game that he enjoyed the most so far, so he was somewhat looking forward to his chance to try.

No one was particularly impressed by his outfit so far, probably due to how little actually went into it. He had kept to himself during his time here, and others did the same. The games made for a good way to pass the time while he waited for Akushitsuna to arrive.

It wasn’t long before he made his way to the front of the line for the game. “Are you ready for heads to start rolling?” Before Ikazuchi could reply to the skeleton there was a severed head placed in his hands with a dead look. His gaze paused for a second before it came to life and spoke as well. “Be gentle big guy, I don’t want a concussion!

If Ikazuchi hadn’t seen the two put on a similar show multiple times now, he would have been surprised by a talking head. The two were laughing together as he watched on. Despite being prepared, he still ended up speechless for a short time. “Send ‘em whenever you’re ready.” When the skeleton saw Ikazuchi take a moment to respond, it naturally urged him on as there were still others in line.

Rather than respond directly to the skeleton, he held up the head in his hands to eye level and asked a question. “So, you ready to go?” Immediately after asking, Ikazuchi went on to roll the head with all his strength. “It didn’t sound like he was ready, kyeh-kyeh-kyeh.” The skeleton chimed in at that moment as it and Ikazuchi watched the head tumble onwards after being cut off. The skeleton was laughing, and even Ikazuchi was chuckling a bit. “Oh well.” All that was left was to see the result that would come.

WC - 400


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#24Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would continue his adventures through this odd and spooky place, finding another booth to occupy his time. Still dressed in an outfit that he didn't particularly like, with a black robe and a wailing ghost mask attached at his side, he went up to the booth where another skeleton awaited him.

"Hello, hello, hello, sir! Are you ready for another spooktastic game in Samhain?!", the skeleton would ask with the energy of someone very much alive, tossing a head at the unsuspecting Joyan.

"What the FUCK?!", Tomoe exclaimed as he reflexively grabbed the head, looking it over for a second before turning back up to look at the skeleton in confusion.

The skeleton explained that he simply had to roll the head like a ball down a lane. Sounded like a decent game; that is, until Tomoe saw the head open its eyes and almost seem as if it were about to open its mouth to talk.

"Oh, to hell with this.", Tomoe muttered, and rolled the head down the instructed lane before it could even start to speak in some horrible or wacky voice; it was an entire event he'd rather ignore.

Tomoe would leave soon after, thoroughly disgusted by the whole affair, and collect his reward if he had succeeded.


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