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Samhain: Spoopy Questions

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Samhain: Spoopy Questions Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:58 am


Name: Spoopy Questions
Reward: 3x Pumpkin Pop
Type: Solo
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Who can answer all of the skeleton's questions?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth in which the skeleton greets them and asks them if they want to answer some questions.
  • The skeleton will ask various questions on horror trivia. To answer the questions, roll the dice once and add on 10 if your base intelligence unaffected by boosts or items is greater than 30. If the total of the roll is over 80, you win the game.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Juni Anastos 

Samhain: Spoopy Questions Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:16 am

Juni Anastos
Another game lost. How could this god damn happen? Was she being cursed? That had to be it, that god damn whatever it was cursed her. It was mad at her for not letting it take over her body and be the damn water goddess it wanted to be. It wasn't because she was unlucky. Juni felt like she was about to cry, thankfully if she did her bunny suit would hide her tears. She was about to sit down and go and something to eat but she was drawn to yet another skeleton being and its booth. This one looked a little less stressful so Juni with a bit of hesitation and a lot of doubt in her heart strolled over and took a seat. The skeleton smiled at her and this took her by surprise because what the hell they smiled?! She didn't have enough time to think about that when it began to speak about this booth's game. It was a trivia game, something Juni was not so sure she knew anything about. The skeleton assured her it would be a cakewalk and with some more hesitation, she stayed and listened to the rules.

The game was simple enough when explained and soon the skeleton started firing off question after question. Some were easy like during what moon do werewolves change and some were hard like where it the best place to hide a body in a horror movie. And some were just plain weird like how many ghosts could inhabit one body before the person goes insane and kills their whole family and blames it on the voices in their heads. Thankfully a lot of the questions were based on things she knew or at least she thought she knew. Once the skeleton being was done he tallied up her score.


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What a curious time, although it was late in the autumn season, it seemed October was a month of peculiar festivities. Perhaps it was the emergence of the mysterious town of Samhain, or the overall folklore that surrounded the concept of 'Halloween', it was a fascinating event to say the least. Most of the time people would be afraid of the concept of monsters and the dead to have risen to walk among them and yet today it seemed like they didn't mind. There was also this peculiar state of the creatures within Samhain, a lack of overall hostility, and among the younglings there was even a activity that seemed quite popular known as: Trick or Treat, where the children went around trying to claim candy from the adults, of course sometimes they got pranked on instead, making it a fitting name for such an event.

Despite her age, Esperia was still a childish person at heart, so she loved events like this, as was evident in the small bag of candy she had successfully collected during her earlier escapades. But now she had found a new event to grasp her attention: rumors spoke of a skeleton that was testing a person's knowledge, their wisdom in the form of a trivia game.

Of course Esperia couldn't resist the temptation to participate in such a game, wanting to discover whether the World's Eyes would grant her the wisdom she desired to win this event. At first the questions seemed somewhat odd, funny even as they involved all sorts of myths and urban legends, and for a while it seemed like they all followed a pattern of sorts, but it was halfway through the questions that Esperia found the questions to change, growing more complicated, and if she had to describe how she felt about this challenge? Then calling it: exciting was one way about how she felt about those 'Spoopy Questions'

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Samhain, an unusual place, thick with magic from another world. Seemingly invisible save for the duration of Halloween. Konyo was fortunate enough to be in the area which it mysteriously appeared with him being thrown aside by an unknown mass rushing towards him only to disappear into the mist. Smells both savory or otherwise filled Konyo’s unfiltered draconic senses, it was a truly uniquely disgusting blend. This would not be the only offensive thing he would encounter, seeing bodies flayed and hung like ornaments above him. Curiously the sinister creatures that occupied the town seemed otherwise entirely friendly. And upon further inspection the mangled bodies partially hidden by the fog weren’t human at all, instead merely models. It was both comical and horrifying the level of detail they had managed to define on them. Having seen and even performed them in the past, it was clear they too had similar in depth knowledge of the art.

Seemingly out of nowhere a booth appeared before him followed by an energetic and peculiar skeleton dressed in formal attire with orange and purple undertones. His behaviour was almost comically as he twirled about and around the Guild Master poking and jabbing him everywhere with immunity. It was only after spending the first couple of minutes gaining his attention that the magical being spoke. “Lend me your ear and mouth for a moment, young lady and I’ll give you the chance to win some pumpkin pops from me, just answer these questions, three.” Konyo was not unfamiliar with this form of currency having used it before during Halloween and was intrigued as to what they would do for him this year. Because of this he drew up towards the booth while the skeleton took his own place and began to pump off questions at the Guild Master.



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#8Tomoe Tanaka 

Samhain: Spoopy Questions Empty Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:29 am

Tomoe Tanaka
So what if this place was another dimension, or something? That was fine. Tomoe almost felt like he was in his own element in this place, surrounded by legions of darkness. The only unfortunate thing was, these legions weren't under his own control. Ah, well. At least he'd seen fit to not encounter any demons or daemons in his time here yet. That would really set him off in a bad way. He wandered over to a game booth that was oddly packed with various people that looked very much alive. Or at least, they were when compared to the rail thin, calcium-enriched man before him once he stepped up to the booth.

"If you wanna answer some trivia about the things that go bump in the night, give it a shot by answering these questions I've got for you! There's a good prize of pumpkin pops if you get them all right."

Tomoe, as a Hunter, felt pretty confident about stepping up to the plate on this one. Granted, he'd mostly honed in on demonkind in particular as time went on, but the point remained that he did sort of bother to learn about the other nightly creatures for situations where he'd need to confront them. Not to mention, he'd remembered these 'pumpkin pops' in his travels, and recalled that they were a rather useful currency for all kinds of trades. He didn't question why it was so odd that people would deal in candy, but he didn't question it. If anything, they were laced with something mighty strong and suggestive, if the Joyan had to take a crack at guessing. Though, he couldn't let himself get distracted when they weren't even in his hands yet.

The Hunter answered the questions given to him to the best of his ability, and awaited a confirmation as to whether he had gotten enough of them correct before making his way out. If he was successful he would leave happily with his pumpkin pops in hand, skipping away freely like a little schoolgirl. If, however, he was wrong? This skeletal scrooge wouldn't see his game booth live to tomorrow, as Tomoe would vow revenge against him.


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Steel was no longer wearing his heavy plate and mjolnir instead he had switched them out for a tuxedo and a large candy bag stuck inside a pumpkin with handles. He was going to catch them all and by them he meant the pumpkin pops. You were required to make yourself look like a monster to be here in Samhain. You had to wear a halloween outfit so to compliment his already existing outfit Steel had carved circular eyes in a burlap sack and pushed it over his head. This was to protect himself from the still moist inside of the pumpkins flesh. Afterwards he had cut and carved a pumpkin into a jack o lantern but instead of removing the top part of the pumpkin he had removed the bottom so that he could stick his head inside. His get up was supposed to be something like a headless horseman originally but now that he had the tuxedo on he looked more like Jack the pumpkin king.

Walking up to the stand Steel was greeted by a skeleton on the other side of the booth. The skeleton asked if they wanted to answer some questions about horror stories. They also explained that if Steel were to answer correctly he would win some pumpkin pops. Steel instantly answered that yes he would like to answer the questions and so the games began.

+10 since int unaffected by items is 31.


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Samhain: Spoopy Questions Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 2:22 pm

The origin has returned. Back to the orange egg costume, Vice will have to lay a golden egg for the next contestants. Inspirations for ignorance has been inspired by his losses. While a bit sunny side down, this eggman is pretty satisfied with his luck. Victory Road ahem ahem, Vice thinks of other gambling things he's found success in, and might have drained his luck for a higher purpose. Now on to window-shopping again, Vice will do some horror trivia. On the surface Vice is good at researching magical horrors, since he didn't have his own magic for a while, and the world is frightening for non-mages. Are these sharing of tropes, or testing out methods of execution on the inhabitants? The best surprise is the one you give to yourself, so Vice hopes he'll surprise himself without any horrors.

Trivia parties and group games can be entertaining sometimes for Vice. Some people find a lot of different ways to spin new tales and gatherings. Childhood wonders tend to be dampened and dimmed in light of the tropes that can suffocate self-described creativity. Adopting the pleasantries with these skeletons has made Vice a bit more subdued than he'd like. If Vice could stay for moments more, he'd consider attacking these cruel players that have mastered the art of distribution. Being treated as an attraction and food for the tropes hasn't motivated Vice to play outside the games. After he's completed his focuses on the trivia, Vice moves on.


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#14Venus Rosé 

Samhain: Spoopy Questions Empty Sun Nov 01, 2020 6:36 am

Venus Rosé

Aside from dressing up and trick or treating for Halloween, another main feature about the celebration is playing Halloween games and a particular redhead was more interested in winning the games and getting the prizes then celebrating the event itself. Samhain, the new town that emerged onto the Fiorian’s map, not only rewarded them with new areas to explore but also had stalls of Halloween games spread over the entire region. Word has it that the prizes were merely pumpkin pops, ones that she wasn’t sure of the purpose, but surely, they seemed to be of great importance considering people lined up at every existing stall to play the game, whether they win or not, which amused her.

There was nothing to lose for her, so Venus figured that she would participate in the current mania of these games. After lining up the stall for what felt like hours to her, it was eventually her turn. Just like Samhain itself, the owner of the stall was just as spooky; a skeleton dealing cards and when Venus approached the booth, it looked at her with its hollow eyes and even greeted her. In Fiore, there was nearly nothing that surprised her any longer. The skeleton gave her a brief in regards to the game; to answer questions on horror trivia. She already had a premonition that she was going to lose this game, for she knew nothing that was related to the horror trivia other than skeletons and ghosts. But, a little effort wouldn’t hurt.


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Victor was walking along when suddenly a town came into reality out of nowhere. What the hell he thought as he fell flat back on his bum. Whoa he thought to himself. This was trippy. Had he been drinking for too long? Going into the town he was stopped at a sort of border office. From the booth he could hear someone ask “where is your outfit?” To which he answered with a blank stare. Outfit? He had no clue and so he asked “Do you have a sharpie?” The thing inside the booth gave him a water waterproof pen/sharpie. Victor then dressed down naked and started painting lines on himself in different locations. It was the type of lines you would find on a body about to be dissected. The lines were then crossed over with a lot shorter lines in the other direction. These other lines were supposed to be stitches.

He then looked at the booth. “Is this good enough?” The one in the booth laughed uncontrollably before answering. “Yes that will be good enough.” Victor nodded to himself. Good. He then put his pants back on and dressed back into his clothes but ripped some of them to make it seem as if he was a trashy zombie stitched back together. Victor was returned from the dead. An undead outfit for a weird halloween looking place. Perfect.

He then walked into the town and quite quickly found a booth with a skeleton inside.They told Victor he could win some pumpkin pops. A currency used in this halloween town if he only answered a few questions. Victor was intrigued by this. Wondering what he could get with those pops he agreed to answer some questions and so the game began. Victor answered question after question.


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She was successful in the slaughtering. Was it because she was meant to destroy things? She had her play in the wars, fought many things, but this. That. That was just a game. She took her pops and now it did not  matter if she won or lost anymore since she had enough to get the stuff she wanted in the end. Her eyes saw some cotton candy and walked to get some. "After that last episode of food, I could use some sweets." She claimed and took it from the stand after paying for it. She may be chaotic, but she was no thief.

Nomming the tasty treat she looked around for more games. She saw nothing for a few moments till she saw a game where people were answering questions. It seemed fun and her intelligence was pretty high, but will the game go by meta or just by random numbers that the generator of a dice tell if she wins or not. It was most likely the latter as she went up to it and sat down. No escort was needed. The skeleton looked at her and then looked at other things before looking at her notes. The questions next started...


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#20Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter leaves the gun corner, he sees another nearby tent, he enters and sees what's going on, greeted by the same skeleton holding a remington. "Welcome to my game corner! No funny business or I'll blow your fucking head off!". He then cocks his shotgun. Gunter looks back at the other skeleton from earlier who is still waving at him. It's about time to get down to business. "I'm gonna ask you a few questions!" the skeleton said while pointing a shotgun around, and accidentally blows a hole in the tent's roof. "Whoops! Anyway, if you answer right you'll get a reward!"

Gunter is confused seeing this skeleton with a shotgun. Is it the same skeleton? Or copies? Different people? These are questions he had, but he'd get no answers. Gunter is given a piece of paper, and goes about reading it and not really knowing what these things are talking. Questions about a mister "Fritty Krueger" and "Jason" and some Thing. Unclear. Weird. It all confuses him so he just guesses.

After Gunter answers the questions of how he'd do it from the villains' perspective to the best of his knowledge, he slides it over to the skeleton, who looks at it, throws it and blasts it in midair with his shotgun, turning the paper into confetti pieces. He then gives Gunter his grade on the test, Gunter gets his results, and looks back at the skeleton who's now cocking and pointing a shotgun at him. "Get the fuck out of my tent now."

With that, Gunter gets out of the tent.


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This time, a skeleton from one of those booths had started to beg for Masami to play their games. The child would refuse, each and every time his leg gets pulled by the skeleton's weary demands. That skeleton will continue to beg Masami even if he was playing in the other booths (which probably why he kept losing in those games, maybe), so Masami had to give this poor skeleton a chance and play his game. Unfortunately, they were about questions; Masami knew that he sucked at riddles, especially if they were facts... but! Since these games relied on luck, most of the time, it probably won't be that bad, after all.

No... it looks like it would be "that" bad, after all.

The questions left Masami speechless every time—maybe he should've gone to school and absorbed all that knowledge, only to get thrown into skeleton games in a mirage city for Halloween's. Just like the rest of the booths, this one didn't last so long, too. It only took Masami a few seconds up to a minute to finish the whole session, and then was given a nice, wave of good-bye, and an appreciation as a consolation prize.

Intelligence: 30+

Samhain: Spoopy Questions Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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Two games attempted, two games completed, and Alyssandra was on a roll. The gun was difficult to handle compared to what he was used to, but that only stopped him from hitting every target in the game. Hitting four out of a possible six was still child's play to the ranger, even if he still didn't like guns. Bows felt more powerful, and more magical as well, as the wood itself was often inscribed with runes. As he walked away from the current game and towards the next one, Aly brought out his own bow to look at it. He had owned it for so may years, having made it himself from the yew trees that grew in Caelum. It had been the first bow he had made, and it had stood the test of him, becoming stronger with each use. Perhaps not the most impressive to look at, but it had served him well.

The final game of the marketplace was likely to be the hardest for Aly, as it required him to speak of a topic he knew nothing about: horror trivia. The wood elf knew very little about the dark, he knew there were books on it but he could never be sure of an answer. This would like be his toughest challenge yet.

Base Int: 1

Samhain: Spoopy Questions Unknown

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