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Samhain: Bloody Bob

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Aku made his way into the next line shaking his head repeatedly. What kind of an event requires asking a series of ridiculous questions? In either case he ran his hand through his hair after lifting his hat, wondering how he'd gotten some of those questions wrong. The line for this particular event didn't seem to be all that long, which kind of caught the sorcerer off guard; however, he was beginning to understand the exact reasoning behind such when he came within eye shot of the nastiness that were uncovering. He stands there with the wretched scent of blood filling his nose, watching each person before him struggle to even think about dipping their head underneath.

It wasn't the thought of the blood that bothered Suna, so much as the idea of having to bite into eyeballs that began to make the young sorcerers stomach churn if not but for at least a miniscule moment. He heard them call for his turn to be next, yet didn't move at first. Upon a second calling he stumbles to the tub before plugging his nose. HE wasn't much of one to make a long thing of something so bad, and dips his head as quickly as possible.

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The blood witch ran through, and found herself to be blue. She was all alone now in the world, her family was doomed. In gloom and in spite, she brought out a light. She made way through the darkness, and came upon a carcass. A skeletal figure, told her to take seat. Orders from the dead? She'd play along, and moved her feet. She looked at the head, a skull of white bone. Perhaps she would fuck it. Perhaps it would moan. She wondered to no one, and sat at the chair. Here in the darkness, she could only stare. So stare she did now, with no time for the how. The skeleton did bow, and Maido, Sia broke vow. Before her, a tub. It had wonderful grub. A cauldron of blood, and eyeballs of mud. The size of an apple, she found them quite dapple. She pulled up her hair and tied it in bun. For now, she'd play games, and have her some fun.

She tightened the bow and brought her face low, revealing her fangs, the gaming bells rang, she bobbed her head in, sanguine and blood thinned. Her motive was clear, she was to bring cheer. The skeleton laughed and Sia tried harder. Could it be, perhaps, that she would be lead to slaughter? Her garter was black, an ancient taboo. She moved for the eyeballs, and tried to pick them from the stew. Would she succeed? Or would she fall short? It didn't matter, of course, it was a devil's retort. The game was still fun, regardless of buns. Eyeballs instead of apples? My, what a game well done. She bobbed her head in, and continued her approach. Were she to succeed or fail, the darkness would still encroach. The dark mist enveloped, and surrounded the game. Would she bite eyeballs, or be covered in shame?


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#30Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro was currently firing at the slimes in a different booth. He thought he had this in the bag as he used to wield a ranged weapon for a time but it turns out he was sorely mistaken. Not only was firing a gun vastly different from firing a bow, he didn't manage to hit a single slime. This caused him to think the game is rigged, slamming down the gun down on the counter before storming off. As he walked away in anger, he slowly came to the realization that maybe he wasn't as good at shooting a gun like he was at shooting a bow. In fact, he wasn't good at shooting a bow either but he liked to pretend to be good at it. After he calmed down, he figured he should go and play the very last game this area had to offer. Arriving at the final game,  skeleton greets them and tells them to take a seat in front of a tub with blood filled with rather sizeable eyeballs. He already knew where this was going, almost not wanting to play but he figured since this was the last game, it couldn't hurt. With an aggravated sigh, he began to bob for 'apples'



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Étaoin wandered around, before stumbling upon a bunch of booths with different games. Their purple eyes blinking, as the stood their tangled in the bandages, tilting their head as the skeleton figure pried them over, with a wag of the slender bony appendage. "Mh... Mr Skeletor?" The jaw of said booth owner chattered in acknowledgement, before the eerie whisper surrounded them both.

"Would you like to try, little one?"

Lowering their gaze from the bundle of bones, Étaoin blinked at the eyeballs floating in the red water, sniffing at the game. They were not too sure about what laid in that bucket, except the eyeballs, but if they were to bet money on the current situation and how it was Halloween, Étaoin figured that, that red water was not red wine. The game itself was very much like apple bobbing, like they used to do back in Caelum, except more gruesome to say the least. Nodding their head frantically with a grin, Étaoin soon knelt before the barrel, and began to complete their given challenge.

As the progressed through the attempts of gathering the eyeballs, convincing themselves that it was candy in red wine and not actual eyeballs floating in a barrel of blood, Étaoin raised themselves once the skeleton had announced time being up, and politely bowed their head to the bundle of bones with a excited “Thank you, Mr Skeletor!” Only to then advance onward and see what else was around to play.

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Odin had wasted too much time in Samhain doing absolutely nothing useful. Meeting with Zagan and the rest of Eternal Nightmare had been good, and playing the games had brought him some rare respite. However, there were a great many things he had to work towards, not the least of which was unlocking the spire in Oak Town to gain as the guildhall, and seat of power in Oak. Other than form the guild, he had met Arisa, some monkey looking guy, and terrorised a bunch of random teenagers. Maybe young adults actually, but either way most of them were now dead anyway.

There weren't many games left to be completed in Samhain, and the time when the city revealed itself was slowly passing, so Odin had to get started on the final group. That brought him to the marketplace in the city, amusingly named the Usual Haunts. There was a vat of blood, and floating within were a bunch of eyeballs. All Odin had to do was bob his head under the liquid and grab two of the eyes. He'd get three attempts, which didn't give him much room for error. He took a deep breath more for dramatic effect than anything else, before plunging his head beneath the depths.


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"You know what? Fuck the damn pumpkin pops, I don't care." He rolled his eyes as he slurped through the straw inside his metal cup. Ezekiel officially no longer cared about winning any of these games. He gave up on actually  trying to win any pumpkin pops. Instead, he was just going to enjoy the rest of the evening. He found himself becoming obsessed with winning and his mood was souring with every game. He was bigger than that. So, with a deep breath he closed his eyes, then opened them as he exhaled. The Vampire shook his cup, realizing that he was running low on his snack. The blood in his cup was blood that he had stored inside of the home he was staying at, so it wasn't really fresh. What he needed was fresh blood to fill him up. The Vampire bit his bottom lip, slowly strolling through Samhain until he began to smell blood not too far away from where he was. Where could this have been coming from? The vampire twisted and turned until his vampiric vision allowed him to see buckets of blood at a booth up ahead. Apparently there was some game involving blood? How interesting. With a smirk the vampire rushed over towards the booth, watching three contestants fish into the buckets with their arms behind their backs, trying to fish out eyeballs. Now this was definitely his speed. There was no way he could lose a game like this right? I mean he was a vampire, so blood was no big deal to him really. So Ezekiel stood on the line and waited his turn until finally the skeleton called for the next three contestants. Ezekiel stepped forward, sitting on the far left as a woman and another man took their seats beside him. On "go", the three of them began diving into the buckets.


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#38Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
It had been some time since Raymus had actually done anything most normal people considered fun. For the last number of months he had been doing his own thing of wandering around the country with no real aim in sight. He was still apart of Blue Pegasus although he felt his commitment to the guild weighing slightly. He owed a lot to the guild but as the last few months proved, it wasn't a motivator for the werewolf anymore. But that was a topic for a different day. As for tonights events, well the place this narration is taking place should be explination enough.

Ending up in the center of the country around spooky season, Raymus was pleasantly surprised at the amount of painstaking detail that went into this festival. There were stands and costumes, really just the special effects were very appealing. They even somehow managed to get the smell of blood down perfectly. Magic truly was a wonder. The smell was especially potent at one stand where a man dressed as a skeleton (in Raymus's eyes) stood. He gestured for the blue haired lad to sit (no pun intended with being half dog and all) and explained the game. "Bobbing for eyeballs?" *he asked with a slight tilt of his head. Strange but sounded like fun. Better than diving for some fruit anyway!

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This was his last stop for the night, maybe he would get lucky or maybe not. He approached the game booth with a sign that read "Bloody Bob", what kind of disgusting thing would he have to do now, he shrugged at the thought and proceeded towards the skeleton who greeted him and offered him a seat. Phoebus sat down and looked in front of him as there was a tub filled to the brim with blood. Was this real blood or just fake, he had no idea but then again he had no idea what he had eaten, or touched in the previous games so what could stop him now. His gaze fell on the large eyeballs floating about in the tub, the skeleton looked at them and then turned to him, he would have to bob his head into the blood and try to catch one with his mouth. He stared at the tub for a moment but in reality he was staring at nothing, he was simply contemplating his choices that led him to that moment. With a deep breath he bobbed trying to catch an eye and then repeated the process two more times, the final result was...


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Everything is now usual and orderly in this haunted corner. The final round is now just a bonus round. Vice had gotten worried momentarily, that he'd somehow only win on the last attempted game again. Stocks have been emptying Vice would think, with a decrease in traffic. Here to offer himself up, Vice hopes he doesn't get snatched up in a skeleton's desperation. Someone's clean bathtub was robbed for the next game. It's time for things to clean up, okay. Flinching, apparently Vice has to get dirty for this last game. A lightbulb pops in Vice's head, and then blinks back on. WONDERFUL! It's only the last game where Vice has to experience dirtiness, before he goes to take in the final sights of this accursed game land. Thinking about getting souvenirs in the shops turns Vice off. Why should Vice have to buy internal organs, when he can get real fresh ones from regular people later? Themes can break all sorts of fun. Experiencing so many games has brought Vice to feel like he's a challenged gamerboy. Perhaps now that things end here for Vice (not dead ;-;), he can experience the dawn of Samhain alone in his procrastination. Sunny ghouls and sun will burn away Vice's existence here too if things get closed off, but anyway, Vice has got a general feel that things are going positively. Spider senses are tingling and one of those eyes feels pissed off at Vice for making it wait. Game set and matcherino.


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