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Samhain: Bloody Bob

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Samhain: Bloody Bob Empty Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:56 am


Name: Bloody Bob
Reward: 1x Pumpkin Pop
Participants: This game requires one user.
Description: Can you grab an eyeball or will you drown trying?

  • To play the game, the player approaches the game booth where a skeleton greets them and tells them to take a seat in front of a tub with blood filled with rather sizeable eyeballs.
  • The user rolls a dice three times in one post to bob their head into the blood and try to grab an eyeball with their mouth. Odd numbers are misses, and even numbers are hits.
  • If the user manages to get two or more hits, they win the prize.
  • When the game has concluded, the user is considered removed from the topic.

#2Juni Anastos 

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Juni Anastos
Juni hopped around the festival grounds in a big bunny suit while carrying a basket full of brains made of jelly and food coloring. She wanted to participate in all the games and spooky activities that came along with the equally fun and spooky town of Samhain. Skipping about she found herself near a game booth with a skeleton man greeting her and asking her to take a seat in front of a tub of blood filled with eyeballs. Juni smiled as she did as she was asked, pulling off her bunny headpiece to show a face pained in the same fashion as someone being skinned. She was told what the rules of the game were and how to win it, and it all seemed very simple. Placing her bunny headpiece down she got herself ready. The skeleton man, or at least she thought it was a man, one couldn't really tell the gender of skeletons. Did skeletons have a gender? Juni's mind was now on a whole new round of questioning and not at all on the game at hand.

Now she was thinking about this Skeleton and it's gender as the Skeleton gave the ok for her to go on ahead and start. Dunking her head in the tub of blood, her eyes closed shut she fished around for an eyeball before coming up for air. She didn't know if she had gotten one but she was soon dunking her head back into the blood tub, bubbles floating to the surface as she got deep in the sticky thick liquid that tasted a lot like strawberry than pennies. Was this really blood or maybe something else? Once again her head was up for air and once again and her last time it was going down for one more go. This time she would get something and even if she didn't she was having fun. Coming back up for the last time she waited to see how well she did.


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#4Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham


Erebus held a pumpkin head trick or treat bag, he had no candy yet, but was amassing a thrill for excitement and wanted nothing more than to collect all the wonderful candies that he could ! In entering the festival, Erebus strolled around the area, and first noticed Juni playing a game, Erebus mistakenly assumed she was bobbing for apples, until she raised her body, and was drenched in blood. Yucky! Erebus loved it though! He ran on over, his speed funneling the air around him so that he arrived in the knick of time as she walked off. Erebus read the title above, 'Bloody Bob'

"That's just sick, I could lose my head!... It's absolutely wonderful, alright I'll play!"
He could tell a number of things about this game, one-- it was kinda disgusting for just one pop as a reward, but in addition, it was a challenge worthy of attempting. Hitting his pipe one time Erebus went over the rules, vocalizing them to himself, and muttering as he nodded, trying to make sure he understood the rules like the game administered.

Picking up some dice, the Rogue blew into his hand and spun, striking a cool dance move, as he threw the dice against the skeleton's table. Erebus guessed this dude was a Lich who worked for the Samhain's holiday festival, but he really didn't know for sure. Erebus' green hair bounced as he did, his eyes shut as if to show he were praying a silent prayer, wishing a silent swish, or overall just eager to surprise himself.

"C'mon! C'mon!"

Erebus opened his eyes, to look down at his numbers, if he were as lucky as fortune favored him. Then he knew that pop, and that eyeball, were his to be reaped with his teeth!



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Okay, this went from weird, to even weirder. First she lost a trivia on horror questions against a skeleton, something that left her bewildered and now as she wandered along the festival grounds searching for her next event to participate in, Esperia found herself in front of a large booth, that was once more manned by a skeleton. Standing next to a booth with some peculiar looking eyeballs, at least she doubted they were the real deal, the skeleton proceeded to entertain her by explaining the nature of the game as two other participants were already trying out the game:

So one had to use their mouth to try to catch one of the eyeballs, and if they caught at least two of them within three tries, they would win? It was a peculiar game to say the least, and she had this nagging feeling that either a victory would be glorious, or it would lead to an embarrassing, not to mention wet lose. Heaving a sigh as her curiosity won against her better judgement, Esperia waited for the others to finish their game, upon which she took a seat and mused softly. "Nothing to lose I guess~"

And then it was time to put the challenge to the test! She wasn't sure if she was going to succeed in catching any, but at least for now the waters were calm, meaning the eyeballs were floating mostly in the same places, but the moment she dived in with her head, it was likely they would start to move again, meaning that it was both a game of speed and accuracy, and maybe luck? Okay, who was she kidding: this all relied on luck! So no better way than to first mutter a prayer for good fortune before diving in there, right?! Nothing to lose, but her pride...

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#8Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Later in the night, Tomoe was on his way to the booth known as the "Bloody Bob". It was just as disgusting as it sounded, with Tomoe sitting himself down in front of a tub of blood. Was it... real blood? No, no. It couldn't be, right? They wouldn't actually make a person dunk their head in something like that, right? Tomoe looked up at the skeleton, who looked the same as the last one, and pulled out a whiskey flask to drink from while staring into the undead's empty sockets with malicious intent. If this was some kind of fucked up dare or game of chicken, this crimson cutthroat wasn't one to be played with. Even if it ended with him coughing up real blood and perhaps even getting some new and exciting type of disease from it, he'd see his objective through to the end.

"All you need to do is stick your head in there and find the ball - eyeball, that is! Kyeh-kyeh-kyeh-kyeh-kyehhhhh!"

Tomoe directed a look towards the bonehead like he was going to kill him again, at which point he backed off. The Hunter then directed his attention back towards the tub in front of him, and took another swig of whiskey to prepare for the next minute or so of dickery. He'd need to go in, mouth only, and dig this eyeball out of the blood pool. What kind of night was this going to be, anyway? He needed to go home, but something compelled him to go to these booths and play these games. Then again, the pull of pumpkin pops did persuade him to give it a try, probably more than jewels would have.

"Alright, let's get this shitshow started."

With that, Tomoe cracked his knuckles, pocketed his whiskey flask, and prepared for an entirely new kind of drink. This time, and only this one time. He didn't need to gain back his addiction to blood, even as one that was no longer a vampire. He'd make short work of this game, success or failure, and move on without another thought.


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Steel was walking around this almost commercial center of monsters. It was a market and surrounding the market there were taverns and inns of all shapes and sizes. Even strange sizes like L’s and W’s. The buildings here made no sense but then again this was no normal realm. This was the town of halloween. Walking through this market square Steel stumbled upon a market stand. In this stand there was a skeleton. This stand had one attraction to it. There was a tub. The tub was full of blood. The skeleton asked Steel if he wanted to play a game. If Steel won he would get a pumpkin pop. A local candy that also doubled as a currency at this carnival of the undead and monstrous beings of Samhain.

Steel agreed and nodded. Removing the pumpkin from his head and placing it on the ground next to him. He then sat down on his knees in front of the tub of blood it was then he noticed the eyeballs. The skeleton explained that Steel was to get the balls using his mouth. He had a short amount of time to do it and his eyes were covered so he could not see. Of course the bag over his head had to be removed first or else he would not be able to use his mouth to get the balls.


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Victor had shot slimes. It truly did seem that drinking whiskey made your aim better. Or at least up to a point. As Victor had now drunk so much whiskey even whilst already knackered that he had to take a little pit stop. He puked in an alley. Then he took a piss and walked out of the alley. He was in his best mood. This place that seemed to be known as Samhain was actually kind of fun. And the food was great. At least the foods that Victor had eaten so far. Candied apples, hot dogs and other weird festival foods. This place was great. It was just a huge party.

Running along, skipping in the streets Victor actually found himself another game booth. This game booth however in comparison to the ones before was kind of disgusting. There was a huge tub of blood in it. And in the blood there seemed to be eyeballs floating. Ew. Victor thought to himself as he looked over at the Skeleton and back towards the tub. The skeleton explained that to win this game Victor would have to wear a blindfold and catch some eyeballs in his mouth. EW. Victor thought to himself but then again what wouldn’t you do for pumpkin pops. And so the blindfold went on and down into the tub Victors head followed.


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Question after question she kept on answering correctly. Her smarts did not really fail her at all. Thankfully, where her strength was not, her brain was there. Too bad about the other game. She just was losing. Well, even if she does not get the final prize then at least she will get some other things she wanted. Shrugging it off she went to the next game which was more bloody than the slaughtering itself. What kind of crap was this? It reminded her of that story about the girl getting pigs blood poured onto her by some punks.

Poor Karie

The girl just did not stand a chance nor did the people who were trying to be nice to her. All dead. She went up to them and found out that this was to bob some eyeballs. Gross. She made a gagging sort of expression as she thought about an eyeball being in her mouth. It was super unsanitary. Her eyes rolled and went to the bucket to pop for some eyeballs. How many did she need? How many tries were there? She already forgot because she just went in and at it. Her eyes kept closed, but thing something within her got triggered and sadly... things went down.


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#16Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter enters the next tent, he's met with another skeleton with a remington. He says out loud "What the fuck is going on?" The skeleton gives greetings, and welcomes him to his beautiful bobbing... he couldn't come up with the last word. "The point of the game is basically..." he brings out a tub full of blood and eyeballs and slams it next to Gunter. "I need you pretend you're about to suck dick, bobbing back and forth to get those testicles - I mean eyeballs in your mouth. Think you can do it, son?" Gunter looks at the skeleton, very confused, and says "Yeah I get the gist of it. Be gay for a day."

Gunter then puts his hands on the side of the tub, slamming his face into the tub of blood, gargling on the blood as his head's in there trying to get the eyeballs. He the pulls his head out, wipes the blood off his face, and the skeleton comes over to see how he did. After the skeleton gives Gunter his results, Gunter would then leave. Outside he'd look around to see three identical skeletons waving around shotguns. "Do come back again!" all the skeletons say in sync.


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"Eww..." was Masami's reaction when he looked at the tub of red-colored liquid, which was deemed to be blood; except, if you are in disbelief, you'd assume that it's simply red-colored water... it's just that it looked too awfully realistic to be "just" water. Perhaps things such as flour or cornstarch are added in; the task was to soak your head in and catch (hopefully, fake) eyeballs using your mouth. If you get two or more with the limited amount of time given, then you win the booth. Attempting to be a daredevil, Masami would stare at the tub and breathe in before sinking his head in. He could feel the density of the liquid... yuck!

After the attempts have been completed and that the bell had rung to signal the completion of the game, Masami raised his head up and taught himself how to breathe once more. The red-colored liquid had started to mark his clothes, too, as well as his hair. Must have been a lot of food coloring; the kid was too disgusted to even care if he won or not, some of those bits even entered his mouth! A bath; yes, a nice, warm bath is needed, as immediately as possible.

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Dressed up in his cyborg outfit, Alyssandra walked through what he assumed was the marketplace of this spooky new location that had come into Fiore. He had never heard of Samhain, but he knew of the stories of Halloween back in the forests where he had grown up. He knew the general idea of dressing up as something different and experiencing all sorts of games and spooky fun. He had never gotten to try a candied apple, or bob for apples, or any of the other surprisingly numerous apple related activities that one did during this period of time.

But today wasn't a day for apples, as Aly made his way through the crowds to the first stall he knew was involved in today's plans. Today was a day for games, and the wood elf ranger loved playing games. He had played so many growing up, however he realised that all of his were to do with firing his bow and arrow at a far away target: sometimes he was blindfolded, other times he had to balance on one foot. These games were not like that, and Aly's fears were confirmed the moment he found the first game. He had to bob his head down into a vat of blood and pull out on of the eyeballs. Not just once, but twice out of three chances. Taking a deep breath, Aly made the plunge.

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#22Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
There were many games and many fun things to do around Samhain. It would have been a crime not to try and partake in everything it had to offer, or at least that's what Genevieve told herself. Pulling out a map of Samhain that she was given from the nice skeleton people when she entered, the first thing she did was look at the things she could do. Samhain was a big place and she only had so much time to explore it in all its glory. Deciding it would be best to start in the main area that branched off into the others she found herself searching out her first game. One could probably tell she was excited as she smile on her face wouldn't fade when she walked up to her first game booth.

The nice skeleton man greeted her before presenting a large tub of red liquid with eyeballs inside. Genevieve felt herself recoil at the sight and started to put two and two together, that red liquid was blood. The skeleton man chuckled and assured her that it wasn't real and asked if she still wanted to play. Genevieve was a little shaken up but since it wasn't real she agreed to play. With the rules spoken and the directions given she partook in her first game of the night, her white nurse outfit getting stained with even more blood.


Samhain: Bloody Bob NRhlo2C

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Samhain, a mysterious town that was home to just about any spooky thing you could imagine. That’s where Ikazuchi currently was. He had heard the rumors about a town of monsters that appeared around this time of year, and he simply couldn’t resist visiting. The only catch was that he must walk the streets in disguise to be welcomed by the residents. That was he came to have his current appearance, one which took the form of an Oni from the childhood tales that his father told. A red oni mask, red skin dye, a loincloth made time mimic the striped patterns of a tiger, and a kanabo. Such an outfit would be perverse anywhere else, but it allowed him to fit in perfectly among the Samhain residents in order to visit the local attractions.

Ikazuchi found himself in front of one of the many game booths spread throughout the town. His initial excitement had shifted to disgust after only a few moments in this location. Normally bobbing would be for apples in water, but in this case it looked like large eyes in blood. He was thankful for the mask that hid his feelings from the surrounding residents. It was only after witnessing several people clearly like himself who were visiting take a shot at it that he was able to resolve himself and approach the booth.

Kyeh-kyeh-kyeh! After watching for so long, you’re finally going to give it a shot? Let’s see what you can do!

Just like that, Ikazuchi found himself sitting over a seemingly blood filled tub looking at the eyeballs floating in the liquid. ‘Fuck it!’ This was his thought as the skeleton tied a blindfold around his head. A slight splashing could be heard after that indicating that the tub had been stirred up to make it fair. “Am I good to go now?” To this question he received an immediate reply. “Whenever you’re ready!” There was excitement in that skeleton’s voice, clearly looking forward to the show. Throwing away his hesitation, Ikazuchi finally took the plunge into the liquid to give it his best shot.

WC - 350


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