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The Next Incarnation

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The Next Incarnation Empty on Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:23 pm


How beautiful it was; the night sky. It was still one of Ezekiel's favorite things about this world. From below he could gaze upon his ancestors and remember their glory. He was a descendant of the Desiertans- royalty if you will. A part of him had been neglecting his desiertan heritage for so long because he grew up in Savannah, but with what he had recently learned about his tribe, things seemed to be changing. Now, he was learning more and more about his Desiertan heritage and had strayed away from his Savannan heritage. He was sure that his merging with Safiya also had something to do with his newfound obsession. He had done extensive reading on the pyramids of Desierto. Before, he only knew so much. It was the same with every culture for him. Though he knew the languages well enough, it was the deeper parts of the Lore that he didn't know too much about.

As the hundred-year-old elf strolled through the streets of Oak with his wrists cuffed by magical braces meant to block him from using mana, he held a small elderly book in his hand. The book was about the story of an ancient Desiertan woman who had risen from her life as a slave to a Vizier of the youngest Pharoah in history. She was extremely intelligent with an arsenal of magic that could cripple whole empires, but sadly she had been corrupted. Her life as a slave filled her with hate for men. Could one blame her? Of course not. She had been brutally beaten, raped, and sold over and over again. All in all the book was intriguing, to say the least. In fact, Ezekiel had been learning a lot about the hierarchy of Desierto. The brown man was so indulged in the story that he didn't even realize the group of Vampires stalking him from the rooftops.

Just as Ezekiel had been moving forward through the empty streets of the darkened city, the group of three jumped from above the roof and landed directly in front of him. Ezekiel looked up and stopped in his tracks when he saw the strangers before him. All of them had glowing red eyes. At the front was a man. Each of their attires seemed to be a bit more upscale than regular folk as if they were wealthy individuals. "Oh? Hello." Ezekiel raised an eyebrow before slamming his book closed. Slowly he put his book in the inside pocket of his cloak while his free hand held his staff beside him. The elf didn't take another step forward. The man was accompanied by a woman and another man both smirking evilly. "Can I help you, friends?" he asked.

The man at the front laughed, revealing his fangs as the other two behind him waited patiently. "Usually people run, not ask questions." Ezekiel nodded. These were vampires, obviously. However, he was not afraid of them or their stupid little fangs. "Oh no...you guys are...you guys are Vampires!?" His eyes widened and his body began to tremble. "I love when they tremble with fear." The female said. The man in front nodded. "Indeed we are.. and tonight you will be our-" Ezekiel tried to play the part, but this just felt too story-like for him to remain serious. The elf began giggling, holding his hand to his mouth. "hehehehehe! Oh dear heavens! I'm sorry, I tried to stay in character but you're too funny." He exclaimed. Suddenly the Vampires frowned.


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It seemed like the leader of the Vampires didn't need any more words. Instead, he lifted his hand forward and the silent man beside him was the first to jump forward. He lunged towards Ezekiel with his fangs revealed and his hands outward as if he was going to claw his face. The Wood Elf sighed and waited until the Vampire was close enough to smack him aside using his staff, sending him crashing into a building. The leader Vampire grunted and the female darted forward immediately. She was much faster than the other Vampire. She reached Ezekiel quickly and slashed Ezekiel across the face with her claws in the same exact spot that the ghoul in the catacombs had clawed him. "Watch the face please, bitch." Ezekiel said simply as he brought his staff towards her like a bat. The staff was aimed at his rib, but she was quick to block, then kicked the elf in his chest.

Ezekiel stumbled backward, frowning. He wasn't a fighter. He hated that not only was his face marked but now he was obligated to fight for his life. Unluckily for him, he couldn't use any of his spells. The female smirked then darted forward again. The two fought using their speed as a primary means to deflect each other's attacks until finally, Ezekiel used his staff to slam across her face, then flipped it to use the head of the weapon to crash against her mouth, swinging her around into the ground. Her head would slam against the pavement. Quickly he lifted his staff and stabbed her directly through the head, causing the blood to splatter on his clothes.

"RAAAAAHH!!" The other vampire screeched as he darted towards the elf. He was weak and slow. With ease, Ezekiel lifted his staff and stabbed behind him, causing the staff to pierce through the raging Vampires' heart. The dead bloodsucker fell, not too far from where his lady friend was. Now it was time to finish off the final vampire. This fight would be over in under five minutes if he continued on at his current pace. The elf turned to face the last Vampire with a warm and genuine smile. "I think that maybe, you fucked with the wrong bitch." He said confidently. His staff dripped with the ruby-colored liquid. The last standing vampire frowned then suddenly...his frown turned into a smile.

"You've managed to kill both of my underlings. I turned them about a month ago, you know. They weren't well adapted to their new powers but you... you have proven that taking your life would be a stupid decision." In the blink of an eye he appeared beside Ezekiel. The Desiertan's eyes widened as the man appeared directly in front of him. "What?" "I think I'll make you mine instead." he whispered. This one was faster than all the others. Zeke couldn't even react in time. By the time he took his first step back, the man had sunk his teeth into the elf's neck. "Gahh!!" he cried out as the Vampire began sucking his blood. The Paladin's body fell weak. It was like he was paralyzed. He could not fight back as he dropped to his knee. The man continued draining his blood...

So this is how it all ends? To a random fucking vampire. he thought. Then the world went completely black.


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Ezekiel woke up. The elf slowly looked around him. He noticed both of the vampires that he had murdered still dead which meant that he was actually alive. "What the hell happened?" He whispered. For some reason, the darkness of night did nothing to impair his vision. He saw the world around him as if the sun was providing light. His body felt...weird and for some reason...he was hungry but hungry for - Blood? he thought. Then it began to click. "Rise, child." That voice! Quickly Ezekiel turned behind him to see the last face he remembered before the world went black. As his eyes gazed upon the man before him, he felt a sense of comfort. Ezekiel stared at the man with widened eyes for about twenty seconds. The man glared down at him. "I said...rise, child." The vampire said again.

Ezekiel felt a strong urge to oblige. His mind was blank for a moment as he slowly reached for his staff and helped himself up. "That feeling that you're feeling in your gut, that extreme and almost painful hunger; it'll go away once we find you, someone, to feed on. Don't worry, it gets better after the first meal." Ezekiel began to sweat. There was no way this was happening. He couldn't believe it. He lifted his hand to feel his ears. They were still pointed and he could still feel that connection he had with plants around him. He just felt...empty yet much much stronger than he was before- physically at least. "I'm... I'm a-" "Yes... you're a Vampire. You should be grateful. This power doesn't just come by an-"

Ezekiel quickly darted forward, his staff piercing through his "Fathers" neck. The man began gurgling his blood, eyes widened. Ezekiel was still in shock, so he was unable to speak. His eyes were widened and his breathing picked up. He tried to fight the urge to feed on any nearby living thing but he couldn't. Quickly he turned away and vanished, darting through the city of Oak looking for something...anything.

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