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001. neko gacha!!! [solo]

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001. neko gacha!!! [solo] Empty Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:42 pm

Tired and restless, Maneki kept his eyes shut and tried his best to go back to sleep. It was getting rough inside the close space he was in, and the fruits that surrounded him were starting to bounce everywhere. Maneki who did not remember how he managed to get himself inside this crate did not move an inch from his spot, yet only letting his ears pick up the sounds of wheels outside of the vehicle... vehicle? He hugged his knees and eventually, his eyes opened to see such a dark space, some pieces of light seeping from the outside of the crate's edges. Then, he got himself out by pushing the top lid off in a brash manner, the impact causing the apples to implode from the box. "NYAHHHHHH, my back... is nonexistent!" he shouted while scratching his head in a wild manner, trying to scratch his headache away. Obviously, that was not going to work anytime soon.

Despite the vehicle's bumpy manner, Maneki managed to stand perfectly still. This is one of the perks of being a Nekomata: the balance allowed him to stay on one as he is. His eyes stared back into the crate, tempted by the small space it was. 'My... that's tempting...' reckless and rebellious, the Nekomata held the crate's opening then spilled everything that was inside. He'd chuckle before placing himself back inside, feeling the relaxation of tight spaces—he made an effort of placing the lid back on, too. Until now, he acted like a childish human—except, he was also a cat, therefore he should act like it, should he not? He kept the empty sake bottle held between his legs and stomach, then he'd slowly go back to shallow sleep.

The next thing Maneki realized was that the crate he was in, had started to move on its' own... or was it being moved by someone else? He could hear the voices of men questioning the spilled apples, the messy compartment, but didn't question the contents of the crate and proceeded to delivering it to where it was supposed to be: the Fairy Tail guild. This was his opportunity to become what he has always wanted to be... an SSR character of a gacha game! Maneki waited until someone opens the lid, however he was not aware that at where he was, there were no Joyan men, nor people who spoke the Joyan language. Then, the voices of children ran up to the box, and Maneki could determine the differences of each and every scent. Finally, when they screamed for their favorite red fruit, Maneki emerged from the box to shout: "TA-DA~! MANEKI-NEKO AT YOUR SERVICE!"

And then there was silence... and maybe some crying, hungry children who expected something better.

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001. neko gacha!!! [solo] Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 11:22 pm

"W-What? Am I too frightening? Oh—" the Nekomata was going to apologize, but then that idea was immediately extinguished by a very mean one of the same variable. He had slipped out a flashlight out of nowhere then shone its' light by his chin. "Indeed, I am a demon from hell, mwahaha!" the children did not speak Joyan—now, they thought that Maneki definitely was a demon and was enchanting demonic spells, so the children ran away while crying. Maneki, who had no awareness of what he did, had snarled and laughed to himself. What met his end was the most expected thing ever: water spray, out of nowhere, just like how his flashlight suddenly disappeared after he had finished using it.

"SCREEEEEEEEE—" Maneki's claws made an attempt to scratch the water spray off, but then they'd continue spraying. Where did that even come from?! Since it won't stop, Maneki hopped back into the crate then placed the lid to keep him hidden... much ninja! Such shinobi! You could almost see the sparkles out of the box due to many praises. Anyway, the villain was a member of the guild, and she was a woman (an NPC, of course) who seemed grumpy—Maneki knew because he was peeking from the box the whole time, and now they were just staring at each other. Eventually, the woman kicked the box... hard. "Get out, cat!" she said the crate exploding into individual pieces, revealing Maneki's Nekomata self.

Now, his cat ears and two tails were in full view, and every hair strand was raised up. He clawed himself onto the guild's wooden floors and stayed on one spot, on all-fours in balance despite being recently thrown. "We didn't order a damn Nekomata," she said, and it was in Joyan, "thanks for scaring the kids, now we're just going to have cat for lunch." Did Maneki hear that right? C-Cat for lunch... NOOOOOO! That sounds terrible! Maneki now sees this woman as not only an absolute threat, but a beast! How dare she try to threaten Maneki like that?! He snarled at her, and she was the most relaxed out of everyone.

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