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Do We Have a Deal? [Kon]

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The church was probably the best place for Ezekiel to be discreet. None of Odin's followers ever entered the building. Why? The Elf had no idea but as long as he could have pure privacy here then he was at ease. It may have had something to do with Odin's followers trying to hide from Ezekiel. He already knew they were following him every time he left the pub- or so he assumed, he just never made it obvious that he knew. It was better to be seen as completely oblivious to what was happening. His enemies could underestimate him that way. After weeks of being imprisoned and abused, he assumed that there was a little bit of trust. The Lich had placed strong magic upon him that wouldn't let him leave the city. Ezekiel's own magic wasn't strong enough to break the curse but at this point, he didn't have plans of running away. Odin and his followers were up to something, he had to find out what that was.

While everyone thought Ezekiel was complacent, he really had been making moves behind the scenes. The Desiertan had specifically heard of the forests of Fiore being under the rule of a specific guild. After days of figuring some things out, he found a way to contact the guild master. All it took was a nice amount of jewels for him to send someone to them. The idea was to make sure that Worth Woodsea was prioritized and protected. He feared that under anybody else that Worth Woodsea was endangered. So, he asked for a meeting with this guild master. At first, he thought about pushing the guild out of worth woodsea but after hearing rumors of how much this guild had actually conquered and what their guild master was capable of, politics proved to be a better solution. Perhaps he would have to join this mysterious guild to achieve what he wanted, who knew?


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Papers sprawled all around him, reports, documents of regional and national importance, obtained both legally and through more nefarious means. Many of which were dry monthly records of the business under his protection, which he cast to the side. Those he took particular interest were those which posed potential threat or gain to the guild and his goals. Concern grew whenever he saw an irregular document sensing them as things to come. Just as what was happening now. Shuffling in his chair resting on a large pillow to give him extra height since turning into a woman, he wrestled his way towards a document of that very nature. Standard lettering and format as other guild papers save for the red outline. Whomever had sent this needed something, something urgently.

The location was perhaps the strangest part of the document, Oak Town, a place which had occupied over half a dozen dark guilds in the almost decade period since he came to Fiore. While he had spies there just as he had everywhere else, it came as a shock. “Why Oak town?” Eyes narrowing as he scanned the document, it was revealed that there was an enquiring upstart interested in the guild. Hesitation fell upon him as he looked at his gold gauntlet. Pushing past the urge, no carving, to protect the ever corrupting Midas, He ran his metal fingers through his lush, lilac hair and walled himself off from his surroundings entering a deep and isolating meditative state.

Arriving in the shadows like a spirit rising from the ether, Konyo took a glance of his surroundings, a church, the oakland church, he had only been there a handful of times, but he could still feel the impure stain Illumin left. Where he was didn’t truly matter, it was who wished to speak to him which interested the Guild Master. With few in the church representing value in power or strength mostly elderly or infirm, Konyo made a calculated guess that the person was purely not there or at least not yet.

Mana: 6,800/7,800

Spells Cast:
Name: Thought Projection
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1,000
Requirements: Diplomat
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: ~
Cooldown: 7 Days
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user closes their eyes and enters a meditative state in which they disconnect themselves from the world around them. The user then creates and conjures a projection of themselves elsewhere in the world, where they are capable of hearing, sight, and speech only. They cannot physically interact with the world around them, meaning they cannot attack or cast spells. Meanwhile the projection can be destroyed after taking 1x S-Rank damage. For the projection to succeed it must be somewhere they have either been before or someplace someone close to the user is present.


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Finally. The big rectangular doors stood mighty between Ezekiel and the inside of the Oakland church. His staff was in his right hand, tapping the ground with every other step he took like a cane though his legs were working perfectly fine. Before the plant mage would enter the extraordinarily large building, he glanced around to spot any of Odin's henchmen. They usually did a bad job at blending in, literally wearing black hooded cloaks and trailing not too far away from Ezekiel. His eyes could only spot two so far, both on his far left. Facing forward, he would pretend like he didn't see them at all. The wood-elf was smarter than his stalkers. He had managed to convince them that he believed in Illumin so he imagined that they would never suspect the church as a means for secret activity. With a warm smile, he pushed the doors of the cathedral open. It was an hour past midnight. As expected, the building was nearly empty with the exception of three or four elderly folks and one younger woman.

The Desiertan raised an eyebrow. He wondered if she was the person he was meeting tonight. Either way, as he strolled down the aisle he turned to all the leather-skinned humans and nodded, acknowledging their existence just as he did with the smaller girl who was closer towards the alter. If his eyes had met with hers, he would hold them there for a moment. Without words, if she was the one he was supposed to meet, then both of them would have gotten the message loud and clear. Once he reached the front of the church he would take a left and begin walking into a room where a number of confessionals could be found. Ezekiel didn't give any information about who he was to the messenger he sent to fetch this guild master- only that was looking for them and the time he'd be here.

If the girl was who he suspected, then he expected her to catch on and follow. If she wasn't then he was sure the person he wanted to meet would be smart enough to figure out where to meet him. The Desiertan was a new and improved being. Having merged with the former Ainko, his magical prowess had grown, and his personality was more...intense. A white cloak covered his body with only his brown skin, golden earrings, and jeweled necklace giving his appearance any sort of personality. Fiore changed him. The innocent and Naive kid he once was was ripped from existence. On one end of the confessional stall, he sat awaiting his acquaintance until they finally arrived. "Are you the ruler of the North?" he'd ask blatantly.


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His assumptions were immediately made correct as a curious individual, with spiked ears and tanned skin entered the church. His physical abilities were immense save for his strength, meanwhile his mana was surprisingly low for someone of his calibre. “Curious...Was this the man who seeked audience with me?” Gazing over the man intently as they began to approach him, only to turn away. Respecting his unspoken desire to speak with Konyo in a more private setting, he accompanied them into an isolated section of the church itself. The mystery man was first to break the silence questioning his position. “Ruler of the North” Much to think of it, Konyo had never really put too much stock in titles either given or otherwise, preferring to let his actions dictate how people thought of him. Despite his dislike it was an ever growing appropriate one. He however saw himself as something else. “Arbiter of the North, perhaps, ruler of Sieghart Mountain, while it could be said I control the Northern region of Fiore, the other sections, Worth Woodsea, Orchidia City largely operate self-autonomously.”

Why the man wanted was odd as the Guild and Guild Master were already recognized as holding much of the region just as many other guilds could say the same with their own. “That, of course, should be common knowledge, what I’m finding odd is how little I know about you, tell me what is your name and why do you seek an audience with me?” Civility, pleasantries, all of them had their place, however, he would meet this man with a similarly casual etiquette. A tall task for someone who fought the residence of this very building. Konyo could feel the hair on the back of his neck even from Sieghart Mountain. This was a foul place to be, his psyche longed for the return of his body. And yet there he remained as an Astral body talking to this man.


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"I see..." Ezekiel smiled warmly. It seemed as though this little lady was being humble with her title. She called herself arbiter of the north- which wasn't far off from a ruler and claimed the title of Seigharts ruler. Truth be told, the elder elf knew little to nothing of this woman, except that she was a leader of an otherwise secret organization. For the most part, Ezekiel knew nothing about that either. Admittedly he half expected a man to be speaking to him, Alas he would never base someone's ability to lead based on their gender. He didn't always identify as a man himself after all. This conversation would be one based on the sincerity of their words considering they wouldn't be able to see each other all too well. That was exactly why Ezekiel picked this exact place to speak. "But you control it nonetheless which means essentially, your forces protect or oversee the forest, no?" He added before the woman spoke again. It was up to her to determine whether or not there was a deeper meaning behind the words he used. Perhaps "protecting" the forest was not her intention. If not, Zeke imagined that she would make it clear- though he also expected that she may not have.

Soon after her former words, she asked to know who she was speaking to. Ezekiel rubbed his chin and for a moment there was complete silence. "You may call me Z, for now. I am a man seeking to preserve nature. A tree-hugger." He began with a chuckle. "Different people have different goals and aspirations- motives if you will. Mine is simply to protect the very earth that we take advantage of on a daily basis." He paused again, caressing his chin. "You have reign over worth woodsea... and such a region is bountiful with wildlife, which I have a...specific bond with. Because of that, I believe that it's only right for me to offer my services to you." His words rolled off of his tongue slickly. They were gentle but perhaps not so warm- this was a business meeting after all. "I don't know you Ms..." He left an opening for the woman to fill in her name. Whether or she did, Ezekiel would resume. " but I imagine running a secret guild must be time-consuming at the very least. I can't help myself from assuming that you took control over Worth Woodsea for just that; control. Of course, that's not something I am against. However, I was born to protect nature. I can tell you first hand that the specifically worth woodsea- the region you control- is not well-protected at all. Men continue to abuse it. They continue to use the area to conduct wild experiments or commit heinous crimes, hell, at this rate there will be no Worth Woodsea for you to hold. Even under your "control", it is still not well-protected at all. I can hear the cries of our mother at this very moment."

"I can help you. Worth Woodsea is an important part of conserving our earth. I think that I understand that more than most people do. Give me the power necessary to protect the forest region of Fiore and I will swear loyalty to you. Let me give to you...the power of nature." He smirked. "Unless of course, you have no interest in that." He shrugged.


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And so the man before him, revealed both his identity or at least a Moniker of sorts and his desire to protect Worth Woodsea. A curious place that Konyo never truly invested any manpower or resources outside of the bare minimum. What's more this man had chosen to seek an audience with him seemingly to purely protect them and even to join the syndicate. He had listened throughout this Z individual’s speech only replying to reveal his name. “Sokolov, Konyo Sokolov.” Otherwise he allowed him to continue critique and explain the state of the Worth Woodsea. Something he had never really considered, however with this man it seemed a matter of life and death. What would be his extent of his dedication towards the forest was one of the bigger questions. “I’m more than comfortable with having a man of your calibre join my organisation, curiously outside of the direct control we have over the Worth Woodsea you don’t seem to have any issues with the guild itself and the wrongdoings that we have committed and are continuing to do. Is the area that critical for you to ignore and even participate in crimes against humanity?”

Honesty at the start, he had learnt was better than facing another incident of a member leaving due to different philosophies. Konyo had grown weary of dealing with petty arguing particularly with the weak and powerless. With each day he became more and more tempted to simply glass those that annoyed him. Restraint was always something he struggled with but fortunately he could always heal those he destroyed. “Otherwise, Z, or whoever you are welcome to the syndicate.”


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Not many people understood the importance of Worth Woodsea. Worth Woodsea was a vast amount of land capable of anything if put into the right hands. Konyo had been smart to secure it for herself but having Ezekiel on her side would prove to be an even smarter move. Ezekiel nodded as the woman introduced herself. He didn't know how powerful she actually was just yet, but he could feel that she wasn't one to be taken lightly. She was a guild leader after all. Kon had politely listened to Ezekiel's words, then continued with her own. Her next question was an important one for anyone joining any guild. Kon wanted to know if the Elf was okay with how to guild operated. Zeke tapped his finger on the wooden arm rest of his seat."Well...the truth is, I don't really care what goes on in the guild. I am in no position to judge. Protecting the earth means that I have to be willing to to do whatever it takes to make sure that nobody harms it and if that means joining an organization full of villains, then so be it. I will forever be loyal to you, if you are loyal to our planet." He said softly. "Even if that means committing crimes against humanity. After all, humans are the reason our mother earth is dying. Plus, you don't strike me as a normal human."

Konyo welcomed him with open arms. The two had hardly met and yet there she was giving Ezekiel the opportunity to join her guild. Perhaps within the moments the two had talked she could see that there was nothing for to be skeptical of. Either way the elf was pleased to hear it. He stood up, "Then from this day forth, consider me the newest member of your faction. Where can I find headquarters, I'd like to meet you in person, if you would." Then he'd leave the church.

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