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Name: Maneki (招き)

Age: 15th of October x621 [168; first crafted], 4th of April x766 [23; reborn as Nekomata]

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sinese (adoptive; deceased)

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan (adoptive; deceased)

Class: Sorceror

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Back of right hand

Face: Hoshiguma Doji - Onmyoji


Height: 5'5"

Weight: 62kg.

Hair: Ivory

Eyes: Scarlet red

Overall: Nekomata; this one has ivory cat ears and two tails of the color that matches their long hair—the back part is tied straight down, and then red-colored eyebrows. Maneki looks like an average boy in his twenties with features that let him lean more towards supernatural rather than human. His nails, from fingers to toes, were sharp and he wore an odd style of clothing: in the inside he'd wear black elastic thin-fitted graments and his clothes were in traditional Joyan. The bottom's side slit into two and golden rings of bells floated around his wrists and would cling-and-clang per movement. A bottle of sake wrapped around his waists and he'd never leave without it. Maneki has very slanted eyes and with the power of anime, is able to see despite his eyes closed.



Personality: This Nekomata has the worst personality traits he could ever inherit from being a cat. He was rebellious and a stray, likes to jeer and judge, and often more annoying than he could even think of. Maneki has no pride to hold so he expressed himself as if he had no secrets at all—talking when unneeded and likes to have fun. His cat side kept him hygienic but since he used to be a stronghold of wealth—a statue of luck—he did not like working and would rather wait until blessings finally come to him, so people would often notice his slothful personality more rather than his sarcasm. Still keeping the memories from a hundred years ago, Maneki has experienced unintentionally eavesdropping, and it became a habit until now. Without a hundred-percent of human understanding, Maneki has a habit of accidentally prying his nose to where it didn't belong, and eavesdropping—he also tends to stalk without knowing it, and in multiple points he'd get touchy and too physically close.

Since he does not like to take most circumstances seriously, all his mistakes were left in a very wholehearted deal—to him. Beckoning; he tends to act like nothing happened and continue his enthusiastic days with the teasing and lazing around, Maneki also has a hard time viewing the right people as those in authority, so he hardly ever listens whenever he is being scolded. Maneki is a very self-unaware person who'd speak whatever comes to mind; like a cat, his attention span would either only focus on one thing or not focus at all, and he finds his own self unpredictable for not understanding what it means to be both a human and a cat—a "Nekomata" as they call it. As a teammate, Maneki is hardly a very useful person with all his whining, judging, sneering and beckoning—perhaps unless there's yarn or snacks in return, maybe?


  • Wealth: Maneki was a lucky cat figurine, and those things are supposed to bring wealth. Well, with magic, apparently Maneki gets his fortune while being a stray, even though he does not consider himself "wealthy". To him, wealth brings everything: wealth brings health, wealth brings happiness... wealth means not having to work!

  • Getting drunk: Oh, yes, getting drunk is very different to this Nekomata. He couldn't even explain what he feels in a drunken state—or perhaps he explains a little bit too much?

  • Being treated like a cat: Yarn? Snacks? Headpats and physical contact, attachment and being served? Maybe—if only he was a cat forever. Maneki likes playing simple games such as chasing targets and eating good 'ol food that carnivores eat. What a wonderful cat life!

  • Hygiene: Ever since he was a just a figurine, he was well taken-cared of despite being brought back due to misfortunes. He remembered every single effort that was given to him even before he turned half-human, and that lingered even a hundred years after.


  • Misfortune: Feeling bad for past mistakes certainly is inevitable, and it's a topic Maneki was never comfortable in talking about despite being awfully freeform and expressive. He was a cat that (supposedly) brings fortune and if that doesn't happen, then something is wrong.

  • Working: Ew, working. Only humans do that—Maneki is a Nekomata which makes him a half-cat and half-hu... uhh, dang. Nevertheless, he'd never work! But people keep forcing him and tempting him with balls of yarn, snacks and sake! Not running away was never written in the contract, right?

  • Giving advices: In fact, Maneki likes acting as if he was the most immoral being in the world. He didn't want to give others the perception of him being that "wise old saint" because he finds it tiresome for people to depend on him—at the same time, he has the fear of being wrong, so what if he gives the wrong advice, after all?


  • Being a Nekomata: It was hard being a lucky cat figurine for a hundred of years, and he has lived far too long, but it was a good thing that he became a Nekomata; he was now both a cat, which he had always wanted to be, and now he is also human! Now that he's a Nekomata, he has hoped to live forever, if that's even possible.

  • Becoming a deity: Anything's possible, right? Maneki recalls that humans have this thing called "determination" which allows them to seek for something greater... so the Nekomata should do, too! He turned from a simple figurine into a live boy, so there should be something far greater ahead, right? Oh! Deities don't have to work too, isn't that right?!


  • Turning back into a figurine: Sure, it's good doing nothing and sit all-day long while waving a single arm up and down forever... not. Maneki likes this Nekomata life, and there is no way he is willing to go back.

  • Losing powers: He's nothing—if he cannot bring wealth nor luck, then he's nothing. If he was back to the misfortunate lucky figurine he was, then he'll be nothing. And, if he was nothing, then there's nothing more that will ever hurt him other than that.


Strength: 1

Speed: 11

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: Maneki-neko (招き猫)

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Magic Description: Maneki-neko Magic (招き猫魔法) is a type of lost magic ought to bring wealth and great luck to the current location the user is stationed at. As a Sorcerer, the user is able to utilize Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive and Self-Buff spells.

Note: This magic is technically just basic Arcane Magic and doesn't have any other purpose but to contribute to the character's plot.


History: "This Maneki-neko (or "beckoning cat") was a Joyan figurine first crafted in 15th of October x621. Like all of the lucky cat statues crafted for a certain shrine, this one was believed to offer luck and wealth to its' owner's establishment, and was even believed to attract wealthy customers inside the business. For every time it was sold, the seller would receive complaints about receiving misfortune instead of luck, and that the Maneki-neko "did not work" as it was supposed to—they gave it back, and it repeated over and over again. It took a few seasons for the craftsman's seller to grow old and weary, leaving the business and finally leaving this single Maneki-neko into the shrine he used to station himself upon and sell his crafts. The figurine was left alone and grew antique, to the point where its' porcelain body would crack and its' arm no longer working.

One day, when an old couple visited this Maneki-neko's shrine to pray to its' deity, hoping to clear their debts and earn happiness through finally receiving a child, the abandoned Maneki-neko's arm started to move, and the couple described it as sounding like a music box because it was broken. Eventually, it was taken home and as the old couple wished, all their debts were cleared in a single week—however, they were still unable to receive a child. The lucky cat figurine eventually broke and its' head separated from the body. The woman did not want to throw it away (for it "would be such a waste" if she did) so instead, she had turned its' head into a charm along with other beads, then she'd wear it as an accessory around her waists.

The old couple visited the same shrine every week and the woman brought the Maneki-neko's head every where she went. Two years after, her husband got sick and prayed to the same shrine for his healing, and eventually he had breathed his last in the shrine. Because of her kept frustration, she wept inside the shrine and had blamed the Maneki-neko, breaking it into pieces by smashing it to the shrine's floors. The next thing she saw was a boy that hurt himself from the figurine's fragments, and that he was bleeding with no clothing to help himself. He had appeared exactly like the cat from the figurine, except he was human. Thus, the woman took him in and they buried her deceased husband together. Three years after, the woman died, and the Nekomata had to fend for himself like a stray cat for every year he lived. He was a stray and found himself in Fiore because he got lost, shipping himself into a whole different country, so he named himself the same as what he was, and was the vessel of memories of those hundred years," the storyteller then paused to take a sip from his tea and before he'd continue, Maneki took the chance to enthusiastically laugh while clapping his hands.

"Nyahaha! Funny," Maneki said, "that's exactly my story." But, he wasn't done, so he offered his wine cup and looked at the storyteller right in the eyes, "Except, you made it look like I never cared in the first place. It's such a pain having to be human, you know? You feel all sorts of things you never felt when you were just a statue—but you'll never understand because you were never one." A frustrated piece of Maneki smothered itself when he consumed the wine, then afterwards he'd sigh and say, "That'll be our secret, okay?"

Reference: Masami's alternate character

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