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All-Consuming Darkness - Medium Dragon Raid

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All-Consuming Darkness - Medium Dragon Raid Empty Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:00 pm


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A deep, echoed roar covered the entirety of Magnolia: the sound of the approaching being causing weaker mages to instantly begin evacuations of civilians while the stronger mages attempted to erect defences for the city itself. They had never encountered something of the strength of Egiros, and so could only create defences for what they expected: a dragon was definitely not something they had expected.

Flying through the sky, his roar echoing throughout the entire of East Fiore, Egiros the Darkness Dragon announced his arrival long before he appeared in the skies above Magnolia City. Home to the Fairy Tail guild, an apparently powerful collective of mages that may have posed a challenge once upon a time, the desolate city proved weaker than anything the dragon had seen in his time. One hundred years ago there would've been twenty mages appearing with the intent to stop him, and many would have had the power to do just that, but no longer. Mages had lost their power over the centuries, and that left an opening for beings such as Egiros to take advantage of.

The Kardia Cathedral was his first target, a monument to the god Illumin who the people believed would protect them. They had no idea that their god had long since abandoned them, and they were the only ones capable of saving themselves. A deep chuckle echoed throughout the entire city and the dragon laughed at the hypocrisy of Fiore's religion, "Where is your god now, puny mortals? Don't you see, You are weak, powerless before our kind." A magical roar would be enough to reduce many of the shops within Magnolia to charred rubble. The dark dragon was powerful, and it would take more than the simple civilians of Magnolia to defeat him, assuming anyone even possessed that kind of power.

#2Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi, being in the vicinity of the Dragon attack was quite excited, being her first  Dragon Fight, she was quite eager to start pounding some dragon meat herself, her fists igniting as she climbed the tallest building near it. Using her Winged Dhullin to quickly reach the top, a Gahstly Flaming winged horse flying to the peak as she jumped off to stand proudly atop the tallest building, looking down at the dragon, she could only Admire it, the pure strength it held captivated her, she couldn't help but wonder how it tasted.

Looking down as she soon screamed at the top of her lungs Grinning like an idiot.


She proclaims, standing tall above the dragon, having the look of a battle hungry beast in her slitted eyes. She let out a loud roar, inhuman and more dragonic as she breathed fire into the air to show the beast that she means buisness. She was Ready to fight of her life.


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Rania Okano was participating in divine services at Magnolia Town’s cathedral. The priestess had been a worshipper of Illumin’s for a few years now and she thought of her magic as a blessing received from the grand deity, bestowed upon her to heal and assist as many as she possibly could. The emerald-eyed beauty was just finishing up, when her prayers were interrupted by a roar so terrible and deafening that it made the hairs on her neck stand up and a shiver run down her spine. Rania separated herself from her guild mates, comrades and Port Hargeon for a while in order to recollect what was left of her old life here in Magnolia and after visiting her former home town she grew melancholic and had decided to stay a little while.

A blessing in disguise, as it would turn out to be.

For a moment the healer thought it might have been an earthquake. The ground was rumbling, she could almost hear buildings falling apart and quickly pulling her things together and grabbing her scepter, the Paladin ran outside to see what all the fuss was about. The moment she saw what was going on a lump formed in her throat and she held on tight to her weapon. ”What the hell–,” she whispered, but her voice eventually broke and Rania could merely gawk at the monstrosity before her: a dragon. Before Rania could grasp the situation and take a look around to see many of the town’s citizens fleeing the scene, her trail of thoughts was interrupted by the voice of a girl challenging the ancient beast to a battle, while introducing herself as a Dragon Slayer.

It all seemed unreal in this moment, but she didn’t allow herself to think too much about it. Rania’s eyes searched the scene until they caught sight of a small figure standing on top of a tall building. She had never seen that person before, but if that girl was an ally then Rania would have no choice but to support her – it's not like the dragon had any pure intentions after all.

Note: I apologize for the delay! All my stats, my equipment and my spells can be found in my SHEET, thank you.

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At the sight of the dragon, the majority of Magnolia's inhabitants did the expected: they ran, they screamed, some prayed and they generally gave off a fear so pungent that the dragon could smell it even from his position higher up in the sky. However, there was one girl who did what could only be called the unexpected. A voice came from above Egiros at the highest point of city as a young girl, who looked more like a tooth pick than any actual threat, did her best to provoke the dark dragon. She roared her fury and stated her intentions for the 'big stupid lizard' which basically amounted to demanding a fight. Now Egiros wasn't stupid. In fact, he was one of the more intelligent of his draconic brethren, and so he wasn't the kind of dragon to bother himself dealing with one individual child when the entire city was to be destroyed. But then, within the very last words she shouted, she became an person of interest.

Dragon Slayers: humans and other races gaining magical powers designed specifically to destroy dragons like Egiros. He had never actually seen one in his life, but he had heard stories of the power they held. He almost didn't believe that someone so small could truly hold that much power, but the sound her voice made when she roared confirmed it. A fire dragon slayer, but still a danger to a darkness dragon such as he.

"I think I'll choose the third option..." The dragon began to inhale deeply, having flown up to now be level with the girl as he growled at her, "YOUR DEATH!" At that moment, Egiros opened his mouth to allow a dark stream of magic to fire forwards, aimed directly at the dragon slayer's location. He still didn't believe her to pose too much of a threat, and so his spell was perhaps an underestimation of her, but it would be enough to understand just what kind of power he was dealing with.

At this moment, the dragon had not yet realised that the number of foes he would have to contend with were not one... but two. And that, while perhaps the dragon slayer didn't possess an element that could punish the dragon's scales, there was someone else in Magnolia City who could.

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi was glad that the dragon had taken the bait, Excited that the fact the darkness dragon had such an attitude, making this fun. Seeing him fly upwards, to her level, seeing the colossal Dragonic Beast preparing to roar, she grined doing the same. Breathing in as flames head toward her mouth, Coming from the surrounding areas, the building that were on fire soon being extinguished by her, her cheeks puffing up as the flames were intense. Building up as she waiting for the dragon to  roar, planning to prove to him that she can overpower him in pure strength of roars. Upon releasing his roar, she could see the black fire heading towards her. Overjoyed she let out her own roar as soon their two roars collided, Which would win, A Fire Dragon or Darkness Dragon. After a few moments, her flames started to push his back.
Little by little her flames overpowered the dragons, before a sudden explosion happened between them as her roar blasted through the smoke. Soon would impact against the dragons maw. Dealing strong A rank damage to the dragon due to it being diluted from the clash, and the fact she deals x 2 damage to dragons. The Dragon being knocked out of the sky if impact had been hit.


Spells Mana 950/1150:

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It appeared that today was Rania’s lucky day. Once the Paladin snapped out of it, she only took a few seconds to recollect herself, and disregarding the terrible circumstances the woman decided to thoroughly think this through at a later point in time, for there was none to be wasted right now; there were more pressing matters at hand after all. The self-proclaimed Dragon Slayer (not knowing what exactly a Dragon Slayer was, Rania could only make assumptions based on the girl’s statements) straight up challenged the mighty beast to a fight and as expected, the dragon wasn’t at all impressed. Announcing that it would kill the girl regardless, the two of them exchanged spells that were different from anything Rania had ever seen or heard before: the roar of a dragon – or two, she supposed.

Now that the dragon appeared to be distracted and occupied, Rania thought it would be the perfect time to strike. Neither of them seemed to have noticed her as they were too busy yelling at each other and since the girl was quite far away from Rania, the Paladin decided to focus on the problem at hand instead: the dragon itself. From her experience, anything that bled could be killed and dragons, while incredibly powerful, couldn’t be immortal and invincible – otherwise there would be no point in having Dragon Slayers, right? Anyhow, back to business. Grabbing her Hierophant Staff tightly, Rania aimed the weapon at the sky while crossing the distance between herself and the dragon – not too much, but just enough to make sure he was within her range and she could actually hit him.

She quietly whispered something to herself, and shortly after a golden beam of light would fall from the sky and land onto the dragon’s large neck, damaging it where it struck. Rania’s spells were meant to heal, but could do damage should she consider someone or something a serious threat to herself and others. Since this was most certainly the case in this situation, her spell would have no healing effects whatsoever and merely damage the flying monstrosity. Rania’s focus was on the dragon. He would surely notice her now, and she would be ready for whatever he was going to throw her way.

MANA: 60/2000
Enhancements: Homing
Cooldown Reduction: 40%


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It seemed that pure power would not be enough to defeat someone like a dragon slayer. It also appeared that the girl was telling the truth, she did possess the power to slay dragons. Colliding the roar of a dragon with a similarly powered spell, the fire slayer's attack pushed on through, taking Egiros by surprise as he suffered the damage from it, feeling the heightened power since it came from a slayer. He roared in anger, this time without magic, at the fact he'd allowed the girl to overpower him like that. As far as he was concerned, that would be the last time.

As the spell collided with the dragon and he took the damage, he decided to try something else. Perhaps magic wasn't the way to go, but physical strength would be. Spinning his powerful body around in a full circle, Egiros would attempt to swing his tail at the girl. He used enough power that he would destroy the building she was standing atop, meaning she would at least have to move around more, assuming she even survived the attack. Once she was taken out, Magnolia itself would fall.

And then came the announcement of the second mage. Unlike the dragon slayer, she did not shout her presence to notify the dragon. Instead she rudely decided to cast a spell, with a beam of light coming down from above directly intended for Egiros. He had no way to know of it, and no way to dodge it, grunting as the spell pushed him down further. He hadn't quite been grounded, hovering perhaps 8m above the ground, but they had gotten annoyingly close to taking the dragon out of the sky, something he would not abide by. Looking around the streets, Egiros would finally lock eyes with the light mage and his expression would be one completely of rage. However, he kept his nose active to detect if the dragon slayer had survived, and where she would be now.

"Pesky humans."

Damage Received: 1A, 1B
Health Remaining: 3S, 1B

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi saw the tail attack coming and such she jumped up rather high, Finally noticing she wasnt alone in this fight, she grinned and such seeing the dragon's attention to the Light mage. Not letting the Dragon be able to attack her. Instead of landing, She fell down. Falling towards the dragon itself. Igniting her fists as she spins in a motion that increases her speed. Not wanting to give the dragon a chance to react. Soon she initiates her attack, throwing fire fiery punches at the dragons back upon impact, causing 1 meter explosions to occur. Small but rather strong enough to know the dragon down 2 meters per stike. As she did the attack, she screamed at the top of her lungs just before impact as to not give away the element of surprise.

"Fire Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Crimson Lotus - Fire Dragon's Fist" She yeld as to add abit of umph to her attack. Showing her strength and dominance in each attack, being more destructive and wild then the last. Causing D rank damage per hit for a maxinum of B rank damage to it. Having done her attack she would land on the dragon itself. Riding it as her grip was inhuman, digging into its scales.


Spells Mana 850/1150:

Spell Cooldown:


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Ignoring the Dragon Slayer was becoming a pastime that Egiros could no longer afford to do, as the girl jumped off the building with the intention to land upon the dragon and attack him. However, she had made one mistake, a mistake that could prove to be rather fatal to her in the end: she forgot that she was facing a dragon. Dragon Slayers received much from the creatures through their magic. They received the elements, the resistance to damage, and the ability to consume the spells of anyone who possessed the same element of magic as they themselves had. All incredibly potent powers, and yet there was one other perk of being a dragon slayer. One that this girl failed to realised would be far stronger on a dragon that her measly attempt: sense of smell.

While his eyes had been on the Light mage, his nose was trained on the dragon slayer, and so he knew of her movements as she made them. She could not surprise him, and now she'd have to suffer from it. A shroud of darkness covered Egiros' back as soon as he knew she had moved, protecting him from any damage that the girl could inflict. He now knew what her skill level was, and he was ready to protect from her roar should she try anything like that again. The shroud would defend against the damage from her punches, but that was not the end of the dragon's retaliation. He felt the punches as they connected to his defence, and he would wait until she stopped attacking him to cast his second spell.

A magic circle covered Egiros, and instantly an explosion of darkness spread out from around him, covering everything in a 16m diameter, with Egiros as the epicentre. The damage he could output from this spell was devastating, but unfortunately it also hurt him in the process. At this point, he didn't care, and would gladly take a hit if it meant ripping this dragon slayer in half.

Damage Received: 1S, 1A, 1B
Health Remaining: 2S, 1B

Spells Cast:

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