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Valentine Stevenson

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#1Valentine Stevenson 

Valentine Stevenson  Empty Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:21 am

Valentine Stevenson


Name: Valentine Stevenson

Age: 28 (August 17th, x761)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right Breast, purple

Face: Daisuke Kambe - Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited.


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 191 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Overall: An attractive young man, Valentine stands about six foot seven inches, and he weighs about one hundred and ninety-one pounds. He possesses a runner build, which is often hidden by his various layers of clothing. His hair is black and more often than not slicked back, and he has black eyes, and pale skin. Valentine often wears various layers to his attire. He is known to commonly wear a three – piece suit, consisting of a black blazer, a waist coat and pants of the same color, and a white buttoned undershirt. Furthermore, he almost always wears a dark brown pelted fur coat, that reaches down to his ankles, over his shoulders. On some occasions he can be seen wearing a black turncoat under his large pelted fur coat, but that is only when the weather is extra nasty. Valentine is also known to wear dark dress brown shoes, which often appear black when wet, and a watch on his right arm.

Extra: Valentine has a large x-shaped scar located within the center of his chest, a gift from a dark mage that he had engaged in battle. Unfortunately, the wound has not completely healed, and while there is no visible damage besides the giant x shaped star, there is damage to his lungs. Because of this damage, Valentine is known to cough a lot, and in some cases, he coughs up blood. He takes medicine in order to manage the damage, but his smoking habit is more often than not counter productive.


Personality: As a former rune-knight squad captain, and a law-abiding citizen, Valentine was a vastly different person that he currently is after that terrible event. Before the event, Valentine was compassionate, and even kind to his subordinates, taking vast interest in their well-being and safety. However, after the event, and the betrayal, Valentine personality had taken a complete one-eighty, turning the noble rune-knight into a violent criminal. After he was betrayed by the knights, or proclaimed to be betrayed by the knights, Valentine has held a deep hatred for them and the systems that he claims had forgotten him. While he was not truly betrayed by them, Valentine has it permanently engraved in his mind that they have, a delusion that he is seemingly unable to let go. In fact, any mention of his rune-knights would more often than not, ruin his mood quickly and easily.

Valentine presents himself as being a sophisticated and intelligent individual, one who seems to have a large amount of self-confidence and pride. More often than not, Valentine would appear to be cool and collected, and for the most part, bored of everyone and anything that he comes across. But this façade is not full proof, and it is certainly not infallible. There has been multiple times in which he has expressed visible excitement, or even lost his cool when in the heat of the moment. In a similar manner, he is known to be quick to anger when in the presences of being insulted or disrespected. In truth, Valentine holds respect in high regard, and even as a rune-knight he demanded that other respect him. Ironically, Valentine is however, known to openly mock and disrespect those whom he deems to be inferior or weaker than him.   

However, those that he does have respect for, and sees as his equal or better, Valentine would show respect for, even admiration at times. But even then, Valentine is not above calling people out for their stupidity, or mocking others even those that he respects for their weaknesses or shortcomings. But of course, Valentine is not on insulting mode twenty-four seven, and in certain situations, or whenever needed, Valentine is capable of biting his tongue and being charming or nice. This, however, is only when he needs someone for something, or when he wants to manipulate someone into doing his bidding, and usually, it will immediately falter when he is done with said person. Valentine admittedly holds some trust issues, and in truth, he prefers to keep people at arm’s reach.

Not only does he try to keep people at arms lengths, but he actively reminds himself to view people as nothing more than tools for him to use. However, that of course does not work a hundred percent of the time, and much to his irritation and dismay he has become attached to numerous people over the years. Though, he has been known to purpose mess those relationship, attachments, and friendships up so that he can be without a weakness. Valentine, holds a lot of trauma from that dreaded night, and it occasionally leaves him restless with nightmares. Not only has the trauma haunted him and cursed him with depression and anxiety, but it has also caused him to become cruel and even heartless.


  • Art: Holding a mild admiration for art and all things beauty, Valentine holds a deep love for art.
  • Wine: The man loves a good wine. Valentine considers himself some sort of connoisseur of fine wines. 
  • Money: Valentine has learned that besides magical power, money is the most powerful thing in the world. Mainly because, money has the power to buy people loyalties. 
  • Revenge: Being a petty person, and one that can hold grudges for a very long time. Valentine does admittedly take joy in finally getting revenge on people who had wrong him. 


  • Oranges: Valentine has severe acid reflexes, and oranges simply give him a stomach ache that would bother him for hours, and hours.
  • Spiders: Valentine finds spiders to be abhorred abomination that should have never existed.
  • Disrespect: Valentine has a huge ego, and absolutely hates it when people have disrespected him or insulted him.
  • Foolishness: People who are idiots should not exist, period, end of story, goodbye


  • Revenge: Valentine wants revenge on the system that had failed him so long ago, more importantly, he wants to burn the government down so that a better one could be made. More importantly, Valentine wants to personally pick off anyone who had every wrong him, or someone he cares about, and watch them drown while choking on sand.   
  • Power: Valentine wants to become one of the strongest men within existences. To become as feared and respected as one of those wizard lords or saints.


  • Attachment: Valentine was considerably close with his superior, and the people who worked with him while as a Rune-Knight. Seeing that the organization has betrayed him, and mortally wounded him. Valentine is afraid that by forming attachments he would be weak and left in a vulnerable state.
  • Betrayal : Valentine is afraid that someone who is close to him would betray him, and once again put him in a position where he was vulnerable. He never again wishes to be in that position.


I am rerolling Shimura Shigaraki into this character. Here is proof of the purchase, and proof of death

Strength: 4

Speed: 32

Constitution: 32

Endurance: 32

Intelligence: 32


Magic Name: Sandstorm

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Enhancement: Mana Burn (offensive)

Magic Description: Sandstorm is a unique magic that allows the user to generate and manipulate massive amount of sand.  Valentine usually transform one or more appendages into sand constructs or use one of his appendages to generate massive waves and tsunami’s of sand. He can also generate sandstorms that can devastate a wide area. More importantly, Valentine can generate more sand by absorbing moisture within the surrounding landscape, causing the ground to crumble and crack. This magic is capable of offensive spells, defensive spells, supplementary spells, and self-buff spells.


History: Valentine came from a modest household. Coming from the ancient city of Oak, Valentine’s parents were law-abiding bakers who lived an average house. By consequence, Valentine lived an average and admittedly, bland, and uninterested childhood. Like most kids his age, Valentine went to school and occasionally, helped his parents out at their bakery. In truth, Valentine found himself more often than not, bored as a child and carving more excitement and adventure. When he was growing up, Valentine saw the rune-knights as the most interesting group of people within the world, and he largely got his thirst for excitement by living vicariously through their stories. He would often travel to the local barracks so that he could hear whatever tall tales that they might possess, of course, some of their stories were total bull crap, but as a stupid kid he believed them.

Valentine became close with an older rune-knight who was from another land and held a unique sand-based magic that the young Valentine was so amaze with. Well, at first, he was not amaze with the old desterian’s magic, but after the older knight showed him a few tricks that he could do Valentine became obsessed with learning the magic and becoming a rune-knight. Valentine would then choose to join the rune-knights at the age of sixteen, much to the dismay and irritation of his parents, who had only wanted a peaceful and quiet life for their son.

While in the academy, Valentine showed a seemingly unshakable resilience and ambition that placed him on a higher pedestal than most recruits. Valentine determination to be the best, caught the attention of multiple higher-ranking captains and knights. Eventually, he would graduate the academy at age eighteen, and be stationed in Era, Fiorie’s capital. Valentine would eventually rise to through the ranks, and in the next three years he would be placed in charge of his own small squadron. As a rune-knight, Valentine was known to follow the rules to the letter, and rarely break them. Eventually, he caught whiff of an underground slave trade, and went to his superior with this information.

The superior urged him to let this discovery go, fearing, that there may be some elite people within this underground slavery ring that might posses to much power. Of course, being the headstrong and eager recruit looking for another promotion, Valentine stubbornly ignored his superior’s warnings and proceeded with the investigation. Sure enough, there were some powerful people involved within this underground slavery ring, and seeking fame and glory, Valentine plotted to expose them all. With permission from the captain, Valentine would organize a trap in which he would capture all those involved in the illegal organization.

Unbeknownst to him, Valentine’s plot would backfire on him, and the Captain would betray him, giving information to the illegal organization. As soon as the trap sprung, all hell was let loose, prepared the illegal organization fought back, resulting in the death of his squad and Valentine being severely injured in the process. For about a month or two, Valentine was stuck in the hospital recovering, his mind constantly trying to piece together how his plan failed. Eventually, the captain would slip up, and Valentine piece two and two together, and he would discover that the Captain had betrayed them. Angered and distraught, the two men would get into a fight, Valentine still recovering somehow managed to get the upper hand; forcing sand through the captains lungs and suffocating him.

Valentine would quickly flee the hospital, and go into hiding, fleeing from Era and returning home. Unfortunately, the damage caused by the attack never fully healed, and even know he is known to have a terrible cough, further agitated by his smoking. Hiding in his hometown, Valentine would nearly go insane with grief and hatred for the government and the knights that had betrayed him. After the death of his mother from nature causes, Valentine would officially decided to go down the path of darkness and despair, and seek vengeance against the corrupt system.

Reference: No one

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#2Valentine Stevenson 

Valentine Stevenson  Empty Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:50 pm

Valentine Stevenson
Death Coin Reclaims

  • Experience: 157,750
  • Rank: B-rank
  • Attribute Points: 127

Attribute Reallocation

  • Strength: 4
  • Speed: 32
  • Endurance: 32
  • Constitution: 32
  • Intelligence: 32

Other Information

#3Venus Rosé 

Valentine Stevenson  Empty Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:46 pm

Venus Rosé

Hey! I'll be grading your application.

  • Scooping gives you half EXP so your new character should be C-Rank, not B-Rank.
  • Please mention the colour of guild tattoo.
  • You should only be getting 64 stats in your attribute allocation, halved from the attributes from your original character.

Bump when done.

#4Valentine Stevenson 

Valentine Stevenson  Empty Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:56 am

Valentine Stevenson

Using a death's coin that allows me to scoop 100% of my exp and stats.

#5Valentine Stevenson 

Valentine Stevenson  Empty Sun Oct 11, 2020 11:31 am

Valentine Stevenson
Added guild color, and change the starting spell enhancement to mana burn.

#6Venus Rosé 

Valentine Stevenson  Empty Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:14 pm

Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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