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老弱 / Roujaku [SQ: SOLO]

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老弱 / Roujaku [SQ: SOLO] Empty Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:25 pm

"Are you prepared now?" Zeami asked the boy who sat across the other end of the small table. With a bottle in the middle of the table, Masami was finally prepared... finally.

After enough bedtime rest, Masami dashed to Zeami's home the next morning, immediately after he had woken up from quite the rest he had needed after all those draining moments. Although he was unable to properly rest, he was put into a deep sleep for being tired. He threw himself to slumber and it was as if it only take a few seconds for morning to rise once more. He had to be both spiritually and physically well for the spells to be conducted and the cure to be created, so he nodded at Zeami when he had asked the question. "Very well," said Zeami, once again changing forms that made him more of a spirit rather than a human; at this point, Masami was no longer surprised. However, now that Zeami was not wearing a mask, Masami was finally able to tell who it was, and it was the last thing that surprised the boy. "You are—" "Please touch the tips of your fingers."

Masami did exactly as Zeami told him to, as always, "Now, close your eyes and focus the enchantment at the bottle. I will be chanting the incantations," at this point, the casual atmosphere between the two made Masami feel as if he was being forced to create the cure. Although, he wanted—no, he needed this, after all. He wants to process his reaction over Zeami's appearance—no, there was something about his identity itself. However, if Masami attempts to question, he'll get cut off once more. As he was told, he (attempted to) focus(ed) his magic unto the bottle in front of him, his fingertips touching each other and his eyes closed, unable to see the sparking glow over the liquid that was forming inside the bottle. Then, after a few seconds, it was finished.

Peeking from his own eyelids, Masami instead finds himself looking at the cure in front of him. "Very good, you don't have to try it out to know that it is effective," said Zeami after covering half of his face with the paper fan he had unfolded. Masami, amazed, leaned closer; his eyelashes almost touched the glass itself. "This will certainly heal mother?" still, the child was in enough doubt as to question. With the paper fan Zeami folded back, he hit Masami's forehead with it. "Go, pack it up, send it to Joya. You still have things to do in the theater, right?" he said, and Masami was silly enough to act as if he was hit by great power. Then, to Zeami's surprise, Masami's sharp eyes gazed at his pale blue orbs, as if he knew everything that happened ever since the start. Zeami knew enough about Masami, but what about the boy in return? With a grin that formed on his lip corners, Masami utters, "I forgot how much of a child you acted, Kiyomota."



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