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Almost Looks Real [Solo]

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#1Jan Ren 

Almost Looks Real [Solo] Empty Sun Oct 04, 2020 2:21 am

Jan Ren
Having completed a request from the theater's staff time and time again, Jan Ren got used to working for theaters by this point. Having dabbed his hand aplenty in Marigold and now in Hosenka too, it appears that these establishments always needed extra arms no matter where they were. It made him wonder, how had Masami fared by herself if such places were on so low funding. She mentioned doing several odd jobs on top of acting, and now the young wizard could see why for himself. They were practically miserable without the help of wizards for hire all around.

And yes, once again the Sinese was called to participate in yet another request by the theater staff. "Thank you for coming again, Mister Jan Ren." Manager Yua greeted, looking as refined as ever, unmoved yet smiling all the while. A sight he was well-familiar with by this point. "Of course, Miss Yua." He boasted, sticking his chest out in pride as he puffed out of his nose some. Attributing her gratitude to time and time again that he answered their call and fulfilled his mission to the utmost efficiency (by his capabilities anyway). "If it's for you, I will come running from miles away!" He added. Truth is, the womanizer had been practicing his lines as of late, and with such a poised and composed person, he was sure to receive proper feedback at least.

"My, how charming~" She jested in response, head cocked to the side slightly. 'Positive response', he decided. Up to now, Jan Ren had met with the lady in a private room by the theater, possibly a dressing room or an office of sorts. It had been renovated a while back and was now used as a simple rendezvous point for the woman and her clients, a fact the young man hadn't questioned. "So what will it be today? Don't tell me you're still indebted..." He asked; though to his surprise the lady had uttered a chuckle. A hint of her true self right there.

"Not at all. This time, we will be celebrating your help, Mister Jan Ren."

...Come again?

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#2Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
There's something new. Taken aback some visibly he raised an eyebrow in inquiry. Could it be? Did Fiore finally come to show him some appreciation for all his hard work?? In further detail it appeared that the lady had come to stage a makeshift play alongside another familiar character. This play featured the main character Jan Ren himself, playing the lead role as opposed to the villainous ones he did in the past. There were few lines involved as most was to be ad-libbed, only few scenes consisting of nothing but speech and a majority involving high-gear combat. Off the bat this meant, the Sinese was to physically display his capabilities on stage for a third time. Given the details thoroughly, the young man obviously accepted. His vanity factor skyrocketing as a charming lady like Yua recognized his efforts and decided to repay him.

As did someone else. "Matsukaze Tomura." The lad introduced himself, humbly smiling at the lead actor. An unfitting sight for sure. "Pleasured to work with you once more, Mister Jan Ren. I must thank you for our last two endeavors." There's a surprise. The Sinese completely wrote him off as a stuck-up punk who only cared about his own fame, yet here he was writing a play about some 'local hero' makeshift, alongside the theater manager. "N-No, it's my pleasure here, sir!! Ahaha!..." In a way, his misinterpretation made it all the more awkward to face this Tomura person. He was definitely the 'Main Character'-type, outshining him felt somehow wrong on his own home turf.

If the Blue Pegasus wizard had to point to some flaw in their plan however, as there inevitably was one, it'd have to be the lack of practice they allowed him before the play was to be staged. Oh right, they did advertise a new play up and coming... Starring 'a new local hero'. So this is what they meant!?

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#3Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
...The curtains soon rose over the stage as the crowd clapped their hands expectantly. One thing Jan Ren took from this place was how overwhelmingly successful it was in comparison to Marigold's near-failing theater. They could definitely benefit from coming to Hosenka at least once and study how this one managed itself. Rather nervously, the Sinese made his first appearance on stage as an 'official actor', showing his face not as an aid or bodyguard but as an actual planned part of the show. Luckily his experience with such aided him well as he brushed off improvising with Tomura like it was nobody's business; few actions scenes taking place as they demonstrated how the young man helped several men around Hosenka.

An extra battle scene fabricated as a feud of some sorts broke out between the two men, on stage. The tension between the hero and the sidekick rose and catching this vibe through her watchful eyes, the director ordered the music to begin playing as the two began sparring on-stage once more. Whatever they had argued over at the time was of no importance; as the mere show was enough to satisfy the crowd, passing a good minute or so until ultimately they ceased. Continuing with the script as it was granted.

And near the end of the performance, it happened. Lights out, as an eerie laughter filled the hall. "Uhh... Is this part of the script too...?" In this confusion and darkness, he allowed himself time and leeway to break out of character (asking silently enough for nobody to pick up on it). "...I'm afraid not." Matsukaze replied, his tone of voice speaking to his worry.

"This establishment is long past the way of salvation." The voice spoke; "I shall correct it! I shall correct everything!! Starting with..."

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#4Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
The lights suddenly turned back on, to reveal the masked villain from a couple requests ago. Whoever took him in must have done quite the terrible job restraining him, as the easily-recognized Noh mask pointed to only one conclusion. "Ayakashi!!" The Sinese yelled out, identifying the sudden unwanted guest; immediately shooting out a spell his way, only to miss as the figure landed on stage swiftly; a magic circle prepared by his hand, aimed at the audience -- "...You lot!!" A mass of white light shot out at the crowd as they were held in shock; scared for a moment before the beam dispersed into thin air, as if swallowed into a pond. A defensive spell? "What!?"

"It's okay." Tomura whispered, using their positioning as to not let on what was happening; "Our team must have set up a defensive spell. We can go all out on this guy now." He hinted, drawing out his sword with a corny line about justice, delivered well in a spectacular and captivating way only a true actor would be capable of. Simply getting into stance as he stared at Ayakashi's massive stature, the protagonist too prepared to fight. "You will disturb this place no longer, Ayakashi!"

"You... This is your fault!!" The demon-esque man yelled out, lunging immediately at the duo as they split; barely avoiding the giant's blow. "(Darn!)" He thought to himself, turning to face the foe's back; "(This stage is too small to fight him! In the first place, he wasn't that big last time!!)" Though he had no room to protest against reality. Leaping forward, he aimed a solid palm strike at Ayakashi, only to behold as the giant disappeared right before getting hit. "This cheap magic again...!"

Before locating the foe however, "Gyaah!!" a loud scream in pain came from behind. Turning around to witness Ayakashi holding onto Matsukaze's throat with one hand, lifting him up and reaching to smash him into the ground. "Matsukaze!!" The Dragon Slayer called out, making a quick leap to soften the hit; getting slammed into by his partner. "Ungh... Sorry, Mister Jan Ren...!!" Clearly he was in no shape to fight; having even dropped his sword. Only having access to his spells and barely managing to stand up; the Sinese hurried to carry the other back from yet another oncoming onslaught from the villain, narrowly escaping. Though he was fueled by adrenaline, he too felt major pain in his abdomen as the slam held that much of an effect.

"Guess I'm on my own then...! Matsukaze, just watch." Letting his partner down, the young man faced his opponent and made a bold declaration for all the crowd to hear; "Ayakashi will touch not a single soul here anymore!!" In response, the villain broke out in a loud laugh, halted midway as he disappeared again; reappearing surely, somewhere in the area.

Jan Ren responded with an almost instinctive jump and a spinning kick, his foot connecting firmly against the giant's face, breaking the mask on immediate impact and knocking the foe out in one fell swoop and a loud yell. "...As I thought." He commented, watching as the giant fell to the floor. The battle had only just began, but ended in no time at all. Much easier than it was last time, apparently.

Retreated backstage by his partner and the manager, the supporting cast were left on stage to take care of the aftermath; Tomura himself returning to deliver his closing messages, shamed that he couldn't help or stay to thank his helper enough. Out in the back, Jan Ren received his pay upfront -- with an apology from the manager. Things definitely went out of hand this time... But all was good with the Sinese's help.

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Almost Looks Real [Solo] 2_1
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