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From Era to Oak (Travel; Close)

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#1Shimura Shigaraki 

From Era to Oak (Travel; Close) Empty on Sat Oct 03, 2020 4:35 am

Shimura Shigaraki
Era was a beautiful place, that much was certain. But in truth, it brought back too many memories that Shimura would have rather forgotten, than to be reminded of. Granted, none of those memories were too terrible, but just because they were not terrible, does not necessarily mean that they are wanted to be remembered. It was pleasant while he was here, but well, it was simply time to leave. He was done remember his time in the rune-knights, and more importantly, he was done being reminded of his own friends and the Phoenix Feather Guild. Hopefully by leaving Era, Shimura could leave the good memories that he had created here as well.   But that was in truth, wishful thinking. Whatever the case, Shimura would leave late a night, mainly because he did not want to be bothered by the morning crowd. The magma magician would travel by foot, as usual, just so that he could enjoy all the sights and sceneries that there was to offer. Oak was where he wanted to go, mainly, because he heard that there was a damn good pub that the food was just to die for, a pub that Shimura was interested in. The magma mage also heard that the pub held the best of ale that the world could offer. Leaving Era, Shimura was hoping that he would be able to taste such a delicacy.


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