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Traditional Hobbyist [Solo]

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#1Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
The experience he's accumulated in Marigold would come into play as Jan Ren held confidence in his ability to satisfy the crowd. Granted his intended role wasn't a big one, and the amount of lines presented would relegate him to a commoner's job at most. --Of course it did, they were looking for whoever wizard managed to carry themselves properly and manage to control their magic in a sufficient way. He only got lucky in the instance of being chosen, not the role itself.-- But having acting skills on top of everything would certainly elevate the play to newer heights, as the villain always needs to leave an impact.

Once he's arrived, Jan Ren met with the lead actor. Tomura Matsukaze, was it? An unstellar appearance; the Sinese branded himself more good-looking and overall a better personality, what with the other's quick dismissal; viewing the hired arm as nothing more than another actor in his play. Stuck-up, but poise. Definitely not the type he'd like to get along with, but considering the request at hand it appears that he had no choice but to attempt either way. It was Yua's request and the arrogant lad was only part of the play; even if he was playing the main character and regarded a coveted actor, this was ultimately about Jan Ren! If he wasn't there the play couldn't go on! Right!?...

...Probably not. They'd find someone else to fill the role. Supposedly he truly was relegated to a masses' role.

The outfit was thankfully not too difficult to move in. Having come to the country initially in long, baggy clothing, the young man was already used to moving around in such attires. The main issue came with the mask and wig; presented with a Momijigari mask to don at all times during the performance, not even given time to practice with the lead actor (as Tomura had to rehearse his lines and poses for today's play). Let alone the fact it fit oddly over his face and the attached blond hair felt itchy over the sides of his head, it also seemed like it'd move too much during action scenes; putting such equipment's quality to question. Could he really perform well like this?

"No, calm down, Jan Ren." He psyched himself off-stage, fully dressed and prepared to make his performance. "It is merely for this play! It will be over soon enough. It's all for Miss Yua, after all!" Ignoring the onlookers backstage as he possibly made quite the odd fellow of himself, the Sinese made up with the downsides of this request and decided to see it through to the end. It didn't take long until the climax of the play came and the assistant director backstage cued the Sinese' entrance.

...What were his lines again??
Oh right. He never had time to even run through them!!
Would ad-libbing work?? Or will it be to obvious?

--"Toh!!" Emerging from behind the curtains, making a spectacular landing (mask nearly falling off his face in the process) arrived the villain of the story. Not even looking the hero's way as his eyes remained fixated on the crowd. "Fiend!!" Yelled out Matsukaze, drawing out his sword and holding it in-front of him; fully prepared to duke it out. "You have finally shown yourself... Let us settle this once and for all!!" --What kind of play even is this? Honestly, I don't know. Not responding for a moment, Jan Ren began building up his magic power as he awaited proper cue from the hero. A fabricated fight scene was to be choreographed in the flashiest way, correct?

Wrong. In an instant, Tomura reached on-top of the villain and brought his sword down with a mighty swing and a loud battle cry. Narrowly escaping, the Sinese took a leap back as the hero soon gave chase. A missed swing, and another; before finally a downward swing connected with the villain's forearm-- Not even budging it. The villain seized this opportunity, as the hero's expression took to surprise in that instant; there could be no better chance granted. A solid punch to the gut caused the hero to bend in pain as his grip on the sword nearly loosened enough, and a followup knee to his face sent him flying in the air; making a quick recovery in midair and landing on his feet, lunging again. Well, he's got some fight in him after all, huh.

"Senkuuha!" He yelled out; flashy, isn't he. Swinging a free arm, a strong gust of wind blew as Jan Ren had to hold his mask manually to prevent it from flying away; feeling his body receive several cuts. "!? You cut through my armor!" This was a first. While his body had come encased in a layer of earth thick enough to stop even Tomura's sword, that spell simply pierced through it like it was nothing. Giving ample time for the hero to deliver a solid kick to the villain's side, sending him a feet away. "Not yet!!" Though his onslaught continued as he once more used another wind spell, to which the villain reacted with his own Earth's -- witnessing as the other's ultimately triumphed. "!!?"

The fight continued on for a good while until finally, the Sinese had allowed a final strike -- the one that seemed the most decisive -- to land; giving the loud yell of defeat as he took a (fabricatedly) weak step back, then another; clutching at his own chest. "You've... You've gotten, strong... ...Good..." He totally made that up on the spot. Falling down to his knees, tensed arms and hands going limp as they were tossed to the side; his upper body finally hitting the floor, mask blown away from his face. (Finally. Off with that uncomfortable piece.) The hero gave his last few words to close off the performance as the crowd reacted with a standing ovation. The curtains closed down upon them as the 'hero' helped the 'villain' up. "Hey." He started, stoic-faced as before;

"It was a good battle. You've earned your share well, wizard." ...Huh. Well, he'll take the compliment.

Joining the band of actors in their ending bows, Jan Ren took to the back to receive his pay, along with several positive notes from surrounding actors. Well, that was... A thing.

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