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Currently in the News III [Open]

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#1Azure Fenic 

Currently in the News III [Open] Empty Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:55 pm

Azure Fenic

Most of the people that saw him either laughed or gave him worried looks as his clothes where covered in dirt and moss that came from his time in the forest just outside of the city. The main thing that caught his attention was a book about fairy Tales all across Fiore given that Fairy Tales always have some trough to them when they are written. Azure really didn't care for much else that was in the Market well except for the clothes as he could use a new look given his current one was all dirty and worn out.

While walking around the market some more he did his best to listen in on as many conversations that he could just so he had something to work with. Even if its just gossip I can find a use for it, he thought brushing the dirt off his chest and pulling out what twigs landed in his hair, Which didn't really do much for him as the dirt and twigs were all over him and it was gonna take a nice hot and long shower to get himself cleaned. Some of the Merchants that saw him thought he was some Poor soul that was in need of some charity but once he was cleaned up he could easily fix that misconception of him.

The scholar made his way back to the stand with the book he wanted and started to chat up the seller to see if he could get it for the low price of free. As he walked up to the merchant he realized that it would be better if he cleaned up first then tried to get the book. Okay, I have to find a place to shower and find some new clothes he thought looking at these dirty hands and feet. The more Azure thought about his current appearance the more he really wanted to change up his wardrobe slight but nothing too much crazy but a more updated look.

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