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Ring a Ring O' Roses [solo]

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#1Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Taking this kind of job brought inevitable thoughts about that one young girl. Masami said she was a performing actor in Joya, or mentioned something along those lines, right? Keeping watch of such young children as they're cultivated into child actors... She must have had people hired to look after her as well. Unless the state of affairs in Joya turned out different to how it was Hosenka. Regardless, this was obviously one request he'd spend the majority of his time comparing to her experiences.

Arriving at the theater early in the morning, waking up especially early just for this day. The newly settled inn wasn't too close by and as such, Jan Ren needed to account for further time spent on just reaching his destination. After a quick brief from the charming manager, the young man awaited as one by one the parents dropped their kids by the theater. All sorts of ages, from disturbingly young to near young-adults. Seems Hosenka was trying to build up quite the cast of actors for itself; and with the numerous forms of Joyan theater to take from it was sure to be an enriching operation.

Shortly enough, Jan Ren learned of the difficulties held in this job. Not that he'd underestimated his workload at first, but never did he expect it to surface so quickly. Barely an hour into rehearsals and workshops and the children already started bickering. One in a crying fit, the other mischievously disobeying the teachers' instructions, a girl quitting midway and so on. Couple that with how they appeared adamant to fight each other, for some reason; and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. Inevitably, the Sinese stepped in, trying to calm the kids down each to their own way. If one kid needed a break, so be it; if one was stepping out of line, scolding was in order. Somehow, he had the feeling he'd be turning into the butt of some joke(s) these kids would eventually make.

No matter.

Come lunchtime, then dinner. While he managed to keep his cool for the most part, it turned evident that the young wizard too was getting fed up with dealing with these kids and their troubles. While the manager did a good job mitigating those issues and decreasing them to a minimum, his aid was still required. He expected Joyan kids to be far more disciplined! Is this the Fiorian spoiling he's witnessing?

As the sun began to set and rehearsals were over, the children's parents turned up each at a time to pick up their kids. It was up to the Sinese, again, to hand them over to their parents; apparently as manager Yua could not be bothered. Strange; as an actor, he figured she'd be good at remembering their faces and could spare the meager half-an-hour. With the exception of a single pair not seeming like the ones who'd dropped their kid this morning, all were delivered; and said girl was handed over to the manager for proper handling.

He sure wasn't going to wait around for her parents to arrive, and neither did Yua intend for him to. Quickly enough, Jan Ren received his pay for the day. Finally, off the job.

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