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What's Mine is Mine [S-Rank][Konyo]

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What's Mine is Mine [S-Rank][Konyo] Empty Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:20 am


A resigned frustration had overwhelmed Konyo in these past couple of weeks still adapting to what had become his new life as a woman. Perhaps the most interesting change was the societal one where he was commonly looked down upon by not just men but women. Maybe it was simply because he was a woman or that he now resembled a blossoming teenager. Either way it was something he still needed to come to terms with. At least that’s what his peers would like him to think. “To hell with what people thought!” He uttered. He was going to stand his ground and force those that dared disrespect him to recognise him.

Already within his guild, he had reinforced his image hiring famous sculptors and artists to make countless statues and paintings of him all of which were turned to gold. His self indulgence had only been increased with this huge change in appearance. This was clearly a big concern of all those within the guild, with members clinging to the shadows when his presence was known. With each passing day he could feel the differences between many of his guild members grow while any similarities diminished save for those he’d consider his peers either from holding great power, wielding a nine heroes relic or being a dragon slayer.

Perhaps in his own ignorance, or more likely arrogance, he would be visiting the miners once more albeit in a diplomatic attempt to quell the issues between them. He had done so a few times before using their children or offering wealth beyond their grandest dreams, all remained useless. Perhaps a true heart to heart would be a way to forge the bonds that would be needed to ensure they remained hard at work instead of being rebellious and uncooperative. Only time would tell whether his attempt would be successful.

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It was midday already, having already spent the earlier parts of the day training and completing paperwork, Kon retreated to his quarters albeit briefly changing from his informal attire suitable for those tasks and into something a bit more appropriate. It would be hard for the men to treat the man turned woman seriously in this form but all he could do was try his best to ensure that he maintained the best appearance for his guild. At least the best appearance a guild that promotes slavery and child assassins. Either would be looked down upon by the royalty let alone both. While the latter was more common knowledge, rumors of the former were beginning to spread throughout Northern Fiore. It was only a matter of time that Central Fiore and the rest of the country learnt about what they were doing here. For now however they had much bigger issues to deal with.

The crimes of a “minor” guild such as Sentinel Syndicate were nothing compared to the risk of what was to come, the return of dragons and a forewarning of all outwar. Many of his former peers had shifted sides, Konyo meanwhile remained true to his core philosophies and opted to fight alongside Light Guilds against the foe to come. Perhaps his affirmed position to help the country and not fight it had given the guild some leeway in terms of their crimes. Of course his guild hadn’t been entirely absolved of their crimes with many of the guild members holding significant bounties, he, himself holding a significant bounty. Had the call for his head been suspended or had no-one dared attack him? It seemed highly unlikely even in preparation for things to come that the government would has systematically suspended specific bounties but he’d seen stranger things in the past.

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For now Konyo would need to think more on the micro level and try to find a way to reach common ground with these miners. Something which might be a bit difficult. Konyo wasn’t the strongest person nor would they share similar backgrounds. Kon coming from a prestigious family from Bosco raising up in ranks from the rune knights to the holy knights. Fighting against people above and beyond his own strength. All the while these men were struggling day to day under whomever ruled over them. Perhaps that was something he could alleviate. All their lives they must have had terrible overlords pushing them above their breaking point just to see the smallest increase in the bottom line. Maybe he could incentivise them into work for better living conditions, minimum wages, fixed hourly rates, safer working conditions, bring up the mine to today’s standards and even kit the miners out with technology scarcely seen outside of tech demos.

Whether or not that would appeal to them he didn’t know, it was something he could easily achieve with funds not being the bottleneck rather the manpower and their shared reputation. Recalling the general reception he received last time with the public, it might be wiser for him to send out some men to organise things for him while he met with the new mining head. The last one having been fired being unable to keep up with his tasks as he recovered. Surprising considering Konyo had organised a prosthetic for the limb he had taken from him. They were something that took awhile to get used to or was it something to do with it being from the man who actively tore off his original arm? Konyo hadn’t spoken to him since the incident so he didn’t know personally. Just another broken man too proud to accept help. That’s how he saw it at least.

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Konyo couldn’t afford to look into the micro-level like that, men had fallen in their hundreds if not thousands under his rule. Clearly he had to rethink his strategy at least with how he saw people as a resource rather than individuals with clear thoughts and feelings. A harsh shift for the guild master with him often having a difficult time understanding his own emotions, especially since becoming a woman. This community outreach would hopefully give him some time to reflect upon what the people wanted assuming they were willing to talk to him in the first place. He had threatened their children and maimed their friends. It would be difficult for them not to give him an audience, instead it would be a case of how easy they were willing to make it. He would begin by going to the hall near the mine and call for all the local community members.

No longer capable of teleportation nor having his airship being on another mission, Kon left his floating island by foot, launching himself off the edge as was the norm, creating a massive crater as he landed. Chunks of debris spread across the surrounding area, sending dirt and muck across, Konyo’s tailored suit dress. The dirtied clothes might serve in his favor when interacting with these people, it was always hard to tell when interacting with commoners for the Guild Master. Something he had always been trying to learn how to do, but each time he only seemed to make things worse. Today might be that he figured out how to be socially responsible with his lessers, or they’ll do something stupid like try and kill him. He always assumed the worst in people only hoping for the best. Truth be told, Konyo didn’t have much hope for Humanity having seen the brutality they are capable of doing.

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Making his way towards the hall, the number began to swell, many still unaware of who he was walking past him as though they were his equal, Konyo almost spat at the ground in disgust. The very idea sickened Konyo, how could they ever compare themselves to his majesty. He might not be a Nephilim anymore but he still held himself in a higher standard. It would not be long now until the emotions of the people rose and fell with his introduction as he entered the hall. Thrusting open the doors of the hall with the left turning to gold, Konyo made his iconic entrance unmistakeable bringing the men to their knees and drawing tears from the women. They truly feared the man turned a teenager. It was almost comical how they feared someone that looked as though they were half-way through puberty.

Truth be told, Konyo thought he was going through it all over again, having become full of angst, hungry for unusual foods, cranky and emotional, almost bipolar at times. It was truly unusual, he didn’t remember being this chaotic when he was a teenager though he didn’t really have time to focus on his growth. Who would have time when you’re stuck in the mountains under the thumb of the strictest Bosco educators?, Konyo winced at the thought of the belting he and his brothers received for making the slightest mistake while they were living there. Where were they now? Were they even still alive?, These were questions Konyo did have the answer for and frankly didn’t know whether he wanted to know about. His surviving brother had never been close with Konyo and the divide between them would have only increased in the almost decade they’ve seen each other. The family was all the matter for some, Konyo that bond was nothing, these men and women it was everything.

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Forming a bond that was comparable to that between him and them would be nearly impossible given the track record he had between them. He had slain, maimed and kidnapped countless of their men, women and children for his nefarious deeds. Reconciling their differences would only be something they could offer him. All the same Konyo would extend and overbranch in the hopes that they would take it. Even if they didn’t he might be able to start a repore with them. Utter silence filled the hall save for the whimpers in the corners, women moaning the loss of their families. It was even in this Konyo could not relate while he had lost family, he did not feel a shred of guilt, sorrow or regret with their demise. Raising his golden hand, Konyo posed as a power figure, only to be shattered as he spoke with his feminine voice stopped by an aggressive hulking monster of a man. “I bring great tidings, I’ve come to….” “Come to what?!, Come to take our eyes, our hearts?! You've already taken our children, our brothers and sisters, what do you want?” Taken aback for a moment, Konyo continued. “To aid you in anything you need, I have gathered resources with your enduring help, the help offered by your children, these I can offer you in return as a thanks for your work and in the hopes you will continue to do so.”

Raised voices all began to attack Konyo, questioning his integrity and pleading for their children. “If only they knew what their children had become.” He muttered to himself. Those wide-eyed future dirt-farmers were now talents in ways even Konyo had never thought possible indoctrinated to the cause, his cause. Raising his hand reaffirming the position of power he held, Kon instead grumbled. “Fine, it seems you don’t want my help. Instead I will get down to business and start getting the mine back in working order.” Pointing at a miner still slick from coal, he barked a simple order. “Take me to your formerman.” With a visible and audible gulp, the miner simply pointed across the room where a dozing, intoxicated worker laid. Pushing aside those between them, Konyo pulled at the foreman and dragged him by the scruff of his clothes. Howls and curses spewed from his mouth as he woke. “What do you want?!” “Take me to the mine!” Violent outbursts were something he was accustomed to perhaps it was his transition or his new magic either way he was beginning to enjoy himself.

Reaching the mine, Konyo was left face to face with an unusual opponent, a diminutive wyvern. A lesser parallel variant of a dragon. It seemed to be feeding on both man and coal, taking chunks out of almost everything in its wake. “So this was why I hadn’t been getting any coal recently?” Releasing his grasp on the man, Konyo launched himself at the distracted wyvern, shattering its left wing with a single punch, before tearing off the limp appendage with a follow up. This creature was truly crippled now, with them only capable of slight lunging while gallons of molten blood poured from the injury. Seeking to put the creature out of its misery, Kon followed up by thrusting his golden clad hand into the chest of the beast rapidly turning flesh to metal. The death of the beast would service as a remind for the miners as to the service the syndicate provided them while also giving them something to melt down and profit from.

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