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What Lies Beneath [D-Rank]

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What Lies Beneath [D-Rank] Empty on Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:45 am

It wasn't long before the Icebergian's funds were left sparse enough to warrant her venturing towards the nearest Jobs board. Whilst many appeared to relate to civility and assisting in mild chore, the Half Elf was far more enthusiastic about searching for a means in order to challenge herself. To that end, amidst the job postings, was one for the exorcism of spirits and wraiths that had manifested within the catacombs of the nearby church. Whilst she had little experience in terms of exorcism, the thought of visiting the magnificent church that had been erected within the city was something that certainly attracted her attention.

Assembling at the catacombs entrance, she gazed in wonderment at the stylistic entrance of the underground cemetery. Having never ventured into one before, as many Icebergian warrior's bodies were sent to burn after their deaths, she couldn't help but admire the foreign architecture. Nodding to herself as she ventured through the archway, her entire body began to relax as she felt the temperature dropping. One aspect of life that she had noticed since arriving in Fiore was that the sunny skies constantly beated down on the landscape. Far from anything as intense as the deserts, she still considered the warm weathers to be quite vexing.

Upon venturing further into the dimly lit pathways of the catacombs, a sudden rush of air swept through, blowing her hair to the side as well as causing her attire to billow. Turning, she caught sight of a grinning figure within the dark, his form masked by a dull, spectral glow. Peering further through the darkness, she could tell that its form bore resemblance to a lanky male, his dark hair disheveld and waving as if it were being brushed by invisible winds. Standing firm, her back straight and her eyes level with the hunched over figure; Caelynn stuck a finger out towards him, a stern expression crossed over her face.

"Reveal yourself, Spectre," she ordered, her lips narrowing into a thin line. From the fading darkness of the catacomb tunnels, the lanky humanoid emerged, standing to his full height. Whether it be from a life filled with hardships and famine, or the manner in which spirits present themselves to those of the living, the ghost was unnaturally gaunt. The depictions of its flesh constricted the bone, giving him a particularly skeletal appearance. Winds swept by his feet, sharking around him in a circle.

The spectre gave a sorry smile to the Half Elf, who returned the expression in kind. "How may I assist in you?" she asked, extending a hand out towards the creature.

With a soft smile, the lanky ghost sat down cross legged along the ground, its form lightly hovering above the ground. "Please, listen to my story," the ghost asked, gesturing for Caelynn to kneel before him. With a soft smile, the Icebergian obliged and knelt before him, her two legs together and both her hands on her knees.

Some time passed, the winds that swept around the ghost were warm and kept the Half Elf from the discomfort of cold. Once the phantasmal being spoke its last word, the lanky being smiled and disappeared into a falling array of spectral blue energy. Smiling to herself, Caelynn stat back up and made her way out of the catacombs, her exorcism completed.


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