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Little Exorcism [Q: SOLO]

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Guiding a child on the way to Crocus City from Magnolia City, what exactly was Masami getting into? It was nighttime and even though the two were equipped—Masami was still wearing choir boy clothing—the girl he was escorting has been afraid of him for a while now. Or was she afraid of the dark despite being a light mage? She was a child, after all, so Masami held a hand out and uttered, "C'mon now, you don't have to be so scared," he said, because until now, he wanted to have an image of a very kind individual. The cathedral couldn't send anyone else but Masami, and it wasn't a problem for him to take these types of requests. Instead of taking his hand, the girl stopped her movement, and hid her book away from Masami.

"I don't want to give this to Lucifer," she said, and she was correct. Not knowing how she knew, but Masami was free to guess that it might have been her expertise in light magic that allowed her to see the demon soul inside of him. He pretended, "Lucifer?" and truly, the look on his curious face was genuine, as if he didn't know at all. Even the way he mentioned the name, accented in Joyan, had confused the girl, making her question what she knows. "We'll be travelling by foot—if you get tired, tell me." Although he did not want to, he had forced himself to hold the girl's hand. She was younger and if she was afraid, nothing will get anything done. Younger girls tend to annoy Masami by their irrationality, but that goes the same for younger boys as well.

Masami's forceful act slightly dragged the girl off of her feet, and she had struggled to get his grasp off of her touch. "Let me go, argh! You... demon! Lucifer! Go back to hell, Satan!" she shouted, even if they were in the plains and nobody to hear, a piece of Masami had become agitated by the latter name, pulling the girl and immediately releasing his demon soul. At that point, she'd stare right into the girls' deep black eyes with his scarlet ones, and then he'd slightly whisper: "You dare compare me to that lowly prick?" no longer was Masami present—he was, albeit Lucifer was more in control. It scared the girl so Masami switched back, and the weight of his long hair had disappeared.

Assuming that it was better to explain the scenario immediately, Masami had let the girl go, "You're a smart kid; know about demon souls?" he didn't want to smile anymore. Perhaps he'd know more from the girl, if only she didn't drop on her knees to cry. "Oh," exclaimed Masami, watching the girl weep. He was told by Father Jerad that she was frightful of little things but he hadn't expected that it would be this bad. He raised a hand, calling a larger one, enough for Masami to sit on. "Let's go to Crocus," again, he couldn't stop himself from being so forceful. Lucifer's presence had lingered and his eyes still slightly glowed in the dark, and he was aware of it all.

He held a hand out for the girl to reach, but she did not take it. Rather, she was not willing to; instead, with his strength, he had carried her to sit on the palm of magic, and then they'd fly away. She fell asleep a few minutes after, looks like her tired self had brought her to an emotional unease. To think that I was like you before, he had pitied himself, letting the girl's head lean on his shoulder, in which he had gently patted. It reminded him of his younger siblings, weren't they like this before? Sooner or later, they'd be in Crocus, and Masami would have no chance to sleep otherwise many odd things will happen. He let the wind seep through his hair as the flight spell brings them to the clouds, soaring through the night sky. At least, they didn't have to suffer the daylight's monstrous heat, instead being met with the night's cool breeze.

Crocus could be seen from afar, and it didn't have to take them more days of travel. Only a few more minutes; Masami didn't want to rush it.



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