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Baska to Hosenka [Travel]

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Baska to Hosenka [Travel] Empty Fri Sep 25, 2020 3:22 pm

Having completed a couple tasks here in Baska City, Ziann was raring to go and help out more for the Cold Colliers and Neal the thief, but Neal had bad news for the Wind-Make mage. Yeah, he had passed the test at the mysterious building as a lookout and yes he had obtained Neal's disguise for him by stealing from the stalls of the market, but Neal wasn't ready for Ziann to further help with the Big Heist yet. He wanted Ziann to get more worldly experience and get a little stronger and more reputable before Neal'd let him in on the heist. That was a kick to the shin, but Ziann understood. He'd want to lay low a little bit in Baska City anyways, as blowing up the new mine and stealing from the Market had gathered a bit too much attention so far.

Not wanting to get in trouble with the law, but not caring enough to stop doing bad things, Ziann got a tip from Neal about some work that he could do in Hosenka for the Mob. He could travel that way, gather some more connections while working on his Magic, and gain the "Worldly experience" Neal was looking for before coming back to Baska City. The Cold Colliers would have to wait as well for help from Ziann, though they'd manage alone without the help of a novice mage for awhile.

Packing up what little he owned, Ziann drew his cape about him and headed off towards the East of Fiore. The journey was uneventful, a peaceful time where Ziann could compose his thoughts and try to keep a hold of his emotions. When he was in a manic mood, he'd lash out at trees and rocks with his Magic just because he could. When he was feeling more depressive he'd just shuffle along the roads or slump against a tree and take a break. It took awhile, but he eventually found himself looking up at the mountains surrounding Hosenka City and marveling at the size of them. He shuffled his way into the City as a nobody. How he would leave would be up to how long he decided to stay.

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