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Basic Duties [Solo]

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#1Ricardo De Sylvainn 

Basic Duties [Solo] Empty Fri Sep 25, 2020 2:33 pm

Ricardo De Sylvainn
Were they perhaps under the impression he was a goody-two-shoes that'd do anything requested of him?
Or did it have to do with his latest mishaps with the daughter of one of the local lords?

Either way, it was rare for Rick to be specifically scouted out for a certain request. So much so that he nearly refused taking it, not feeling like the task would be as enjoyable as he'd like it to be; especially considering the supposed opponent suggested. Though for our convenience -- and finding some practical merit not just in the upcoming pay but in some joy coming out of this request -- the young punk had ultimately agreed to taking the mission on himself.

Getting rid of some punks vandalizing the streets of Hargeon with graffiti didn't sound like much of an issue. It dealt not in athleticism but in persuasion, one way or another; and coming from a noble household of sorts, Ricardo was confident that if things deteriorated to a state which requires so, he could simply negotiate and raise a bargain. That said, he held absolutely no intention of doing so. The reason being, it simply didn't sound fun.

No, it'd be much more fun to confront them head on and perhaps... Even partake.

Unfitting for this mission as it was, Rick was wild at heart and that couldn't be helped. As he spotted the punks having their way with vandalizing the city walls, the young man introduced himself and soon enough, joined the several teenagers in their misdeeds. Dabbing his own hand in graffiti art. Despite having never done this before, the results were actually quite decent, and Ricardo found himself rather satisfied with his work. Now all this was fun and games, but if he was going to get properly paid, stopping these guys was also a necessity.

Halfway into their time together, the pseudo-nobleman suddenly blurted out that he was sent there to come in contact with the lot and ultimately stop them. Naturally, such was met with sufficient revolt as the bunch did not take kindly to being hard-stopped so suddenly, as well as used. Truth is, Ricardo had used their company simply to enjoy himself and had no intentions of letting them go. Forcing them to clean off their -- and his -- pieces of art on the streets, using some underhanded and amoral methods. Namely... Threatening them. Equipped with a bow and easily dispatching of one of them to the ground in a swift lock was enough to convince the teenagers that they weren't getting off the hook this time.

It's a real shame. He took a liking to these guys.

At the end of the day, Ricardo returned to the commanding officer with several empties cans of spray pain, dumped at the office with a smirk. Admitting to have completed the request as stated, Ricardo took off with the sufficient Jewels after having been paid. What he hid from the policeman however, was that he kept one of those full cans to himself... And thoroughly abused it as he made his literal mark on the city walls as well.

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