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Magnolia to Marigold [Travel;Flight]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Magnolia to Marigold [Travel;Flight] Empty Tue Sep 22, 2020 7:57 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe had sent word to Gunter about his plans; hopefully the man would get the letter and follow through rather than continue his usual pattern of getting drunk, fighting, and then drinking some more. This was a serious matter, and one that Tomoe knew he could only trust a special kind of person with. All things considered, Gunter was certainly a... 'special' person, when one factored in the way that he went about life. The man had almost no morals, virtually no fear, and an astounding desire to plunge himself into situations where he could very well die.

Just what I need. A violent, perhaps even suicidal pawn., Tomoe thought with a coy smile crossing his features.

At that, Tomoe took to the skies on his Pegasus, his winged lemur on his shoulder. Ascending skyward and picking up speed, the Joyan hadn't yet grown accustomed to the idea that he could fly faster than his own steed with his magic. That being said, the Pegasus would prove to have more stamina over a long span of time, so if nothing else, the creature was worth keeping around for that purpose still.

As the beating wings passed over various parts of Fiore from just below the clouds, Tomoe was singularly focused on one thought. [color=#ff6600]The first step to everything is the destruction of Penumbral Guard. I need to abandon my old humanity. It all starts with the sacrifices of those who remain within that tower's walls./color], Tomoe thought, fully willing to dedicate a mountain of corpses of his former allies in honor of HER.

Tomoe Tanaka would be reborn again once he'd finally annihilated the side of him that rejected HER in the first place. This was always the inevitable outcome, it just took a while to realize it. There was no outcome where he simply turned away from HER and became what the masses called a 'good person'. No, right here and now, he'd show the world that true justice lied with HER. And that the only way to save the world was with the deaths of all that were unnecessary. With enough dead souls cursing life itself, SHE would once more be anchored physically to Earthland and heal it, delivering it from destruction. A world of happiness would sprout forth from the deaths of those that came before, and Penumbral Guard would be the first of many on the path towards greatness.

After spending time alone in his thoughts, he was snapped back to reality upon approaching Marigold. He would descend slowly towards the town like a storm, willing to unleash hell on the place he considered 'home' for a point in time.

"Such a tiny blink of time.", Tomoe muttered as he made his way towards Penumbral Guard's guild hall.

WC: 140/140 (30% reduction from Pegasus)


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