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Oak to Marigold

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Oak to Marigold Empty Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:56 am

The empty road was beautiful, marred only by the monkey man who walked down its path. He was on his way to a warzone, and he couldnt help but be excited. His dream was even closer to being reality then he had thought. He would surely find strong fighters and wizards at this warzone. He felt the muscles in his body tremble in anticipation.  He was so excited at the possibility of an encounter that he couldnt control his bloodlust. As the man walked, his Mana poured from his body like a radiator. It flowed off of him and into the air as he continued on his path. The man Was excited.

When he felt the blade attempt to pierce his skin, he was mid daydream. The blade snapped at the tip, sending the metal tip spinning away. The bandit ran back and regrouped with the others. A full group of 10 or so. Each equipt with a bladed weapon or club of somekind.  The Bandit who had tried to stab him cursed looking at his blade. But he still brandished it, barking orders at Yugo. But Yugo wasnt hearing anything the man was saying. He turned and slowly walked toward the man. When the man slashed at Yugo, He caught the blade in his hand and held it there. The man didnt have the strength to pull the blade free.

Yugo smiled and proceeded to break the blade down, inches at a time by snapping the blade with a simple push of his thumb. When the man finally let go of his blade and backed away, Yugo chuckled and dropped the blade.

“Your all very lucky!” he said to the Bandits as he smiled. “Im gunna make sure to kill each and everyone of you. I wont leave any of you alive to suffer with the damage seeing all your friends die would leave you with.” he flexed and roared, as the man overflowed. He rushed the men and decimated the first man he hit, the mans entire chest exploded into a gory mess, the force of Yugos Punch having killed the man instnatly.  He laughed wildlya nd rushed the other men, each one fairing as well as the first man did.

He punched them to death, Snapped their necks, and occationally crushed a man beneath his heel as he rushed to another target. The massiv eman wasnt going to allow any to escape. He Slaughtered them with eagerly applied skill. He was good att he art of killing, and found an excitement in it that wasnt even riveled by food or sex. To Yugo, Battle was the ultimate high for him. He relished every moment in battle, and he found relief in the release it gave him.

He killed the final man and snapped his neck for good measure. The bandits were all dead, Slaughtered as if they were pigs. The demi human would step off the mans body and make his way toward the first location on the letter. He was eager to fight, more and more now that the bandits had wet his appitite. The Monkey man kept walking toward his target. He couldnt wai to see the carnage that would unfold.

He licked the blood off his hands and drank at a stream to wash it down. He cleane dhimself a bit and drank his fill. Once yugo was quenched, the man would stand up and make his way to meet the two other men. They would bring war to this world, and he would fight the strongest of the strong. He felt his heartbeat speed up and he eagerly ran to get there quicker.


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