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Oak to Marigold [Travel|Flight]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Oak to Marigold [Travel|Flight] Empty Tue Sep 22, 2020 7:56 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Upon receiving the message delivered by the courier that Yugo slaughtered, Gunter knows where he is needed. He grabs any essentials that would be needed for the upcoming raid. Thus, he grabs the essentials: his smokes and his liquor. What man couldn't have a toast to the ashes of the guild he would soon be burning down after having left no more than a week ago? Some would condemn him or call him evil for this, but the only person he'd ever met was Tomoe. And even then, Tomoe was the guild master and only person Gunter had ever met. Clearly some treacherous actions were going on behind the scenes. Gunter was going to meet his new acquaintance, perhaps even friend, at the bridge of Penumbral Guard. Yugo, who very much seemed exciting, was probably going to show up. Who knows? If not, maybe Yugo wasn't the man he thought he was. Time would tell. Regardless, anybody who would show up at that bridge was a true warrior indeed.

Gunter looks over at Kratos who's packing his essentials as well. Three knives off of some thugs that had attacked them the day before, and a small child he picked up for a snack along the way. Unconscious, of course. They weren't monsters of course, they were going to be humane about it. Gunter looks at Kratos and says "Alright I'm gonna get the last finishing touches ready, you finish packing."

Gunter heads downstairs to the first floor of the pub he's spent most of his time at during his short stay in Oak. It's early in the morning, not many people here yet. Perfect, it's just what he wants. Gunter flips the 'open' sign to 'closed', and locks the front door. The bartender asks him what he's doing as Kratos also makes his way down, with all that be heard from him is the occasional thud and a child going "Ow!". Gunter dims the blinds, closing him. He ignored the bartender's raising voice and questions, because dead men tell no tales. In the bar is Gunter, Kratos, the owner, and four patrons. Kratos tosses the sack with the child in it towards Gunter, and then immediately slams his fists to bring forth stone spikes, killing everybody in the bar and making sure that Gunter is just out of range of the spell. What can be seen next is massive stone spikes coming out from the ground, piercing and impaling everybody except for Gunter, Kratos' child snack, and the sadistic Dardian who cast the spell itself. All that can be heard is the gurgling of patrons and the owner as they choke on their own blood. Kratos dusts himself off, looks at Gunter and says "Alright. Looks like we're good to go." As they walk by, Kratos looks at the owner and says "It's only courteous to clean up after ourselves." and then flicks a Jewel tip at the dying owner.

Gunter unlocks the door, and the two head out, Kratos with his child sack in hand. They load the sack up on their Leviat outside, and both Gunter and Kratos hop on the creature and fly in the direction of one such Penumbral Guard guild hall. This was going to be fun. As soon as they're in the air and on their way to the guild, Kratos opens up the sack, and all that can be heard from Gunter's perspective is the squeals of a little boy crying in terror, followed by ripping, tearing, and the occasional crunch before the screams fall silent.

Word Count: 593/300 (50% reduced from Leviat)


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