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A New Mine [Solo]

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A New Mine [Solo] Empty Tue Sep 22, 2020 11:03 am

Ziann was standing at the edge of a dark cave after the sun had long set. He had a backpack slung on his shoulder, a miner's pick in his hand, and a hat with a lamp on it on his head. He looked into the mine with trepidation. He hated going underground where the air was stale and the wind wasn't present. As he stood there, the backpack with explosives growing ever heavier, he pondered how he had gotten there. It had all started just a few hours earlier when the sun was just starting to go down...

Ziann's feet were propped up on the table of the Inn he was staying at for the night, cape pulled around his head to obscure the lower half of his face. He was trying to stay low from the Rune Knights looking for a thief from their Markets. Ziann had just recently helped out a thief named Neal who had wanted a disguise for a job he was doing. Neal said there'd be future work, but to lay low for a day or so before the next task. Trying not to draw attention to himself wasn't working very well as the red stained cape and the black leather clothing with buckles all over it stuck out like a sore thumb. But, the Wind Mage didn't mind the stares. Beat having to talk to people.

As his eyes closed for just a second, he felt a piece of paper tucked into his hands. When he opened his eyes, the messenger was gone. Pulling open the letter, he read it carefully and quickly. Mattoro, the leader of the rebels Ziann had heard whispers about, needed someone with loose morals to perform a task for him. That fit Ziann's description, so he dumped his feet back to the floor and headed out of the Inn despite it already being dusk. He followed the directions to a small abandoned shack just outside the City where he met a man with impressive sideburns and scars all across his face. "You sent for me?"

Mattoro nodded. "I need someone to dispose of the new mine being built. It's a disgrace to me and the miners I lost when the last one collapsed. Here, take these explosives and make sure none of the innocent miners get hurt." Ziann immediately regretted his decision to take this job when he reached the cave. He had found a miner's footlocker that had some equipment in it and had changed into that so he looked like a new recruit for the miners. But he just had a hard time going into the mine.

Ziann's flashback ending, he was about to take a step into the depths when a hand was placed on his shoulder. A tall wood elf, of all people, greeted him with a smile. "First day?" Ziann just nodded. The elf patted his back, then gave him a strong push into the mine. "Have fun!!" Stumbling his way down the shaft to get where he was going, Ziann caught his balance and steeled his courage to go further in. The push had been nice, though. It was starting to get late, and the night shift was just beginning to get there, so Ziann had to hurry. He moved as quickly as he could, planting the explosives behind the main support beams and trying to figure out how to get the miners out so they'd be safe.

That's when the wood elf arrived again. She called out to the miners gathered in the common area. "Meeting above ground before the shift starts!" Perfect. Ziann shuffled out with the rest of them, holding his position at the back of the group. Once they were all out, he clicked the detonator in his pocket and smoke billowed out of the mine as the explosives took down the supports with a large BOOM!!! Ducking his head in surprise at how significant the explosion was, everyone else did the same and started to scatter in the confusion. The perfect opportunity to escape. Dashing off in fear and a little bit of exhilaration, Ziann reported to Mattoro who promised him more work in the future, if he was up to the challenge.

Now there were two Baska residents who Ziann had ties to. Both of them on the wrong side of the Law. That didn't bother Ziann one bit.

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