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Count the Blessings [Q: SOLO]

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Count the Blessings [Q: SOLO] Empty Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:34 am

Being dropped in Magnolia had allowed Masami to visit the city's cathedral, and he didn't expect getting into another workload of efforts. Not so immediately after he'd enter, with the intention of asking for guides unto where the Fairy Tail guild—the one his guild master Tomoe Tanaka told him about—is and how he'd be able to pick his items back in Hosenka City if his guild master doesn't pick him up sooner or later. Still, he doesn't know why he was brought to this location; why Magnolia City out of all the cities? Did this city have something in particular compared to the rest, other than the famous Fairy Tail guild? Or maybe it's the holy cathedral, the building that Masami is taking afoot on at the moment? Nevertheless, when Masami had entered, he was right in-time of recruitment. For someone who liked helping, Masami immediately took the simple job of collecting flowers called "Blessia," a species of floral herb used to treat illnesses—an herb Masami knew not off, he was interested enough to get on his way after being told the appearance of the said flower.

Small flowers with orange petals and a red bud, they supposedly grow in shrubs. All around Magnolia city, Masami ventured in search for the said flowers. Even though most of the recruited members were in groups, mostly children who went on an Easter egg hunt, Masami had ventured alone. While he did so, his eyes gazed over the structures of Magnolia City, and he didn't want to admit that he was amazed. He was traditional and he only liked mostly Joyan culture, but truly this city had its' own culture, and Masami respected that. Apparently, no matter where he goes or looks, there were none of the said flower. He had pricked his fingers multiple times due to thorny shrubs, and all those led to no luck. He had to switch places.

When he ventured off to the East Forest, Masami had noticed that he no was no longer with the other recruited members, nor were they any where near him. In the spot he is in, the flowers they have mentioned a while ago were to be found, and they were scattered and many. Masami has learned how he gets his fingers pricked, thus he had learned. Collecting "just enough," he visited the cathedral the second time, only to return the flowers and say no word. He had earned the reward he was promised so that he may leave and go along with his main task. Before he made a step out, he spoke: "Would you allow this child to stay for a little while longer?"

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