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A Chance Meeting [Open]

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#1Alice Duranndal 

A Chance Meeting [Open] Empty on Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:05 pm

Alice Duranndal
Alice was walking down the streets getting more stares at her directions as it isnt everyday someone sees a nekomata with beast like arms and legs. her ears softly twitching and tail swaying behind her. Biting into an apple with her fangs, the juices flows down the side of her mouth as she purred softly. enjoying the apple quite abit, as it was rare for her to be able to relax, not having to cut someone down, disembowl, or decapitate. Nor having to rough someone up, steal or kidnap.

Walking down the street as she soon finished the apple. Throwing it behind her as she kept on walking, easily moving without making a single sound, she swipped another apple from a stand. Not a soul noticing as she hide it in her sleave. Pulling it out as she bite into it, purring softly as she let out a soft mewl by habit. Her tail swaying behind her as she walked over to a bench, sitting down to relax as she kicked back.

"The Apples here are really good, Good thing most of the shopkeeps are idiots, I wonder if anything fun will come my way, If not....I could try to entertain myself with a pick up fight to the death. She laughs

#2Yuki Mori 

A Chance Meeting [Open] Empty on Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:29 pm

Yuki Mori
Yuki ambled along Oak’s cobblestone street, her grimoire placed above her head to somehow shield her face from the noontide’s unforgiving sun. Wrapped in a gloomy aura, she lazily dragged her feet, vacillating of her destination. The day did not work out well for the lady who incessantly failed on landing upon any sort of employment or mission that could fund her stay in the city. The city’s mission board had its quests either taken or contained requirements that she lacked. Her poor social skills proved to be quite a burden as well, having been turned down by everyone she offered her services with.

It would have been a wise decision for Yuki to come back at the inn for a rest; however, she couldn’t face the innkeeper just yet without some jewels in her possession. Her legs started to throb in pain, after hours of job hunting. Of all the misery she went through the day, what could her solace be other than a place of rest? As she threaded the streets of Oak City, her eyes glistened at an empty bench that suddenly panned to her view. Her gloom was suddenly overturned to vivacity, finally finding her oasis of comfort. Much to her dismay however, another person outpaced her on claiming the bench. The victor, who appeared to be a beast-like humanoid that mostly resembled a cat, claimed the throne retreating to a cozy rest. In an instant, Yuki’s glee faded back into melancholy. Disheartened, she turned back to look for another place of rest.

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#3Alice Duranndal 

A Chance Meeting [Open] Empty on Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:45 am

Alice Duranndal
She looked at the girl, her ears perking up as her tail swayed playfully behind her, noticing how she is a Joyan, which means she could be more friendly towards this one, deciding to speak in Joyan rather then Fioran.

"Hey, your welcome to sit down with me, after all it is a public bench with more room then one person, I would be glad to share it with a fellow Joyan. She says with a friendly smiles as she was wraing a kimono, traditional for joyan samurai, having a katana at her waist as she bites into the apple, smiling as the juices of the apple run down her mouth, the apple was indeed quite juicy. She sat down and once she did she introduced herself.

"My name is Alice Duranndal, not a Joyan name, but my father was raised in Fiore, and I came here to make new experiences, To be groomed to take of my clan as the Cheiftein, The Head of my clan after all, and wait do you understand Joyan or were you raised in Fiore, I normally like speaking my native language much better then Fioran, Sorry if it is incovienennt. She lays back finishing the apple.

#4Yuki Mori 

A Chance Meeting [Open] Empty on Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:59 pm

Yuki Mori
Before she can fully turn around, a voice calls out to her, obviously from the stranger at the bench. Much to her surprise, the stranger speaks of a language from her motherland. Yuki faces the nekomata who gives way and invites her to sit in a space beside the stranger. The feeling of familiarity somehow urges her to accede to the stranger’s invitation however, her timidity  keeps her from moving her feet. With the weariness of her feet however, she cannot help but gather the meager courage that she has and shambles toward the bench. It helps that the nekomata’s attire appears to be much Joyan, making Yuki’s diffidence somehow subside.

As soon as she takes her seat, the stranger continues with an introduction. Yuki faces her companion in courtesy as she listens to the nekomata’s personal information. Her lips form a wry smile, trying to warm up with Alice, the name the stranger gives her, yet uneasy due to her lack of self confidence.

Oh yes I do understand Joyan. And uhmmm my name is Yuki. I uh...am glad to meet you today.” Yuki responds, her lips tremors in shyness. To make up with her stuttering, she slightly bows her head as a gesture of her politeness. For a moment, an awkward silence fills the air between the two until Yuki follows up with her speech. “And oh thanks for the seat.” She pulls her head back up, her body now resting on the bench’s backrest.

#5Alice Duranndal 

A Chance Meeting [Open] Empty on Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:45 am

Alice Duranndal
She grinned, in a cheeky way as she was glad to be around another Joyan, as Joyans knew the predujice of nekomata's outside of Joya, it was quite a fresh breath of relief for the nekomata samura as she rather not be around non joyan humans for long, having a deep hatred of them.

Her tail wagged softly as with a purr she jumped up from the bench. Streatching as she cracked her neck.

"Well it was nice to meet you, and I do hope we can meet again. Sadly I have to go on my way, you see I have some jobs to do, and some of these jobs someone like you wouldn't be able to handle. I suggest you stay away from me if I am taking one of these jobs. I rather Avoid accidentally killing you.

She said in a teasing way, sticking her tongue out as he tail was swaying behind her, her clothing having a comidation in her clothes for her tail, Multiple layers of cloth as it was a rather big hole, to prevent the rubbing of the clothes against the base of her tail. A truly uncomfortable sensation to say the least as she runs off.

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