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Overwhelming (Quest)

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Overwhelming (Quest) Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 6:50 pm


Wandering around Magnolia, Vice just wants to get things sorted out. Income for this new place is a simple necessity to take care of first. With basic agendas Vice has got a good idea of what his path will be in this new city. The trends and attractions pop up instantly in Magnolia, unlike Hargeon which waits for the traders. Entertainment should pervade every corner. Thinking about today's business, Vice accumulates strategy. The client called Tyler is a young boy searching for his vanished slavemaster. People say Tyler's master abandoned him, or died during battle. The general talk gives Vice the idea that this master lacks any importance, but little Tyler needs a story. Tyler thinks his master needs rescue, and this intelligent recollection drives the boy! Vice likes Tyler's name and that's all he can observe patiently. Can the client throw a bone and help out Vice for once?

Another low-grade fighting venture this time. The boy doesn't even want to act as bait! The intrigue is lost on Vice. Why is streetboxing popular, with mages around? Streetfighting is just commoner sport to the increasingly noble Vice. Tyler roots for current champions, but felt angry when a cocky newcomer won off a disgraceful strategy. Does Tyler even know if the other champions were disgraceful? What if his master's on the run cuz he's an evil pervert? Tyler is tired of the new champion being cocky, and so he wants to enlist a totally legitimate mage to beat Rodric. Yes, it's totally fair for a mage to fight a non-mage, as a little boy asked. Following along this hobo beater, Vice suspects he has found an evil noble boy. Vice hopes this little boy will pay him to beat up homeless strangers trying to have fun. Ah, maybe the reward for winning is what gives Vice what he sought in this childish endeavor.


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Rodric is a pretty boy newcomer for this upcoming sport, and won through a cheesy strategy. Not interested in looking much at Rodric, Vice omits the prettiness. The target might be important in background, but Vice figures not with all the haters. Rodric's extremely powerful, but he's slow and lets his guard down with kicks. Is this kickboxing, is that why Rodric kicks so beautifully he leaves himself open? Opportunities for observation will always be taken by Vice if he's going to be donating time for this sort of thing. Well, everyone has their pros and cons. It's admirable that maybe this Rodric guy trained to be strong, at least. Vice isn't sure he's setting a good example with this so-called good quest. What happens if multiple people take this quest, and decide to beat down Rodric? Vice is nice enough not to use magic, as it'd be obvious, but what if others did? It'd be like, they make the magic circles, and then if anyone questions it they threaten them with a mage's authority.

Imagine this kid hating a cheater but NEEDING a mage to take his quest. Can non-mage classes even take the quest? What pure evil is this? Vice doesn't pity Rodric, as he didn't make being a champion his goal strong enough! Vice doesn't like that he can't have the entirety of the quest prepped out, and notes how this kid has engaged other people. Spontaneous hobo beating that isn't so spontaneous. Vice wonders how quickly he'll get tired of Magnolia's evil requesters, like Hargeon. Traveling really is all about the people you meet. Coming up to the boxing arena, Vice's convictions grow stronger, and the closer he is to satisfaction. Vice might say he dislikes how normal people look up to mages, and he wishes they could be more abnormal. Carrying extra faith besides your own is considered a good burden for the good people.


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This fight will bring up the spirit of the people, today! Vice doesn't really want to abnormally represent his guild, but only because it'd be disaffectionate to himself. Most villainy likes to casually step on the toes of even common people. Isn't that kind of nasty? At the arena, Vice takes in the dead-end street. How will these people escape this naughty business they're doing, fighting in broad daylight? Most likely a sanctioned sport, maybe vested interests with bored nobles. What else is there to do in this scary mage world? Mingling with the crowd first, Vice tries to ensure the referee won't be against him. It's sad, at the highest levels of sport, organizations still cater to a home crowd's bias. Even the most hated athletes get a following though, and without their following, they can exert all sorts of pressure. If Vice was Rodric, he'd be pretty scared of Blue Pegasus, but Vice doesn't feel the need to rely on that.

A plain human, Vice doesn't expect Rodric to get fearful of Vice. Scheming is really a waste of time here, so Vice focuses his mind on the prize. Scheduling a match, or being in line waiting to be slaughtered. Does a lazy mage not take any quests? Rodric would realize why Vice is there, as a scary diligent quest taker.

Attention-seeking isn't part of Vice's appetite today, so he's not going to cheat, nor reveal himself. Long past the point of his life he needs to fight for money, Vice just wants things to end fast. Streetfighting for money, honor, or safety are different things. Vice signs up for the exhibition slave match with Tyler's assistance, as somehow this kid has a voice in this underground ring. People cheer for Vice on entering the ring, since the current champion is evil somehow. Rodric says he'll finish the fight in less than 60 seconds to taunt Vice!


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(300+ this post, other 3 are 300+)

Not minding the emotional appeal, Vice envisions how he'll skin this cute champion pet. Initiating the fight, Vice's normal stance is to avoid all punches anyway. Hopefully, if Vice drags out this fight, Tyler will be satisfied. If the client is satisfied, Vice doesn't need to be bugged again, as this outing isn't very enlightening. Rodric tries hard professionally, but he doesn't openly show it. Listening to the crowd word out the seconds as they go by, Vice takes things in stride too, as necessary with a spectator sport. Splitting his focus to count his promise isn't needed for Rodric. A secret technique called Super Serious Punch is about to come, before time expires. Rodric was apparently not seriously punching, so Rodric prepares to use his full power. Vice just keeps dodging everything, and punching Rodric, like he's a test dummy. Drawing aggro, drawing aggro!

Is Rodric going to transform next? How else will he beat a mage? Rightfully so, Vice dodges the maximum power punch easily. "You know, we're just having fun, you can really hurt someone like that." Rather irritated, Vice realizes that the punch Rodric let out could have killed someone. Vice considers killing Rodric for that max power punch, as it was perfectly capable of killing someone. Disgraced that he had to see the punch, Vice clings to Rodric in boredom. Not wanting to face the crowd more than necessary makes Vice happy. Sanctioning a potential killer puncher isn't on Vice's schedule. Clinching the spirit away from Rodric eventually brings the fight to an end. A bump-push casually flattens Rodric on to the canvas. In equivalent splendor, Vice walks away after snagging the champion's belt and prize money. The most provocatively amusing action is to give the former champion the belt back. Everyone is satisfied with a twisted happy ending. Mage gives the champion's specialness back, says Vice by his action. Time to leave these hobos! Vice gets a thank you from Tyler, who wants to see Vice fight more, but fighting isn't that pleasant an idea to Vice. He leaves this rowdy area.

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