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NQ: What lies beneath - D Part 2

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NQ: What lies beneath - D Part 2 Empty Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:49 am

The raging bull of a man named Yugo rushed forward, he slammed his fist squerely into the oldermans chest before he even had a chance to react. He had caught him off guard. But the old man was strong, even as he slid back he wasnt out for the count yet. The old man slashed the air mid slide back and took a chunk out of Yugos left ear and left shouldertop. Yugo rushed him again, and with a flurry of blows the mans sword finally broke, however the counters still occurred before then. By the end of the flurry the old man wasnt much worse off But yugo was hurt.

He didnt feel the pain however. All he felt was a raging bloodlust unlike any he had ever felt before. If this old man was the indicator of what the younger people in Fiore could do, he was extremely excited for his future fights. The Sevessians whole body felt like it was charged with pure electricity. Every nerve in his system was on fire pushing his body as hard as he possibly could. Yugo wasnt have more fun then a lecher in a whore house.

He grabs a nearby headstone and threw it like a frisbee at the old knight. It was destroyed by the kmights magic. Yugo growled as the old man spoke.

“You didnt think my weapon was my old means of using magic did you?” But as he went to move Yugo rushed him once again. The raging bull that was Yugo slammed full force into the old mans chest. He palm striked the old mans face as he lost complete control of his mental state. The Monkey Demi-Human slammed the old man into the ground before proceeding to beat the man to death. The flurry of blows that back were met with little resistance, the first blow had dazed the old man and had allowed Yugo to not have to deal with the counter spells the man had.

The violent Demi human was fully feral, having beaten the man to death already, yet still pounding away. Soon however, he came to his senses and panting he stared down at the corpse he had made.He growled and cursed the old man.

“Dying on me old man?! You should have lasted longer damn you!” he tossed another headstone in anger and let our a roar of anger and annoyance as his fun was cut short. He gathered the spilled bag of jewels and looted the old mans body as he wasnt gunna leave usable things on a corpse. He stole the mans rings, his necklesses, and anythign else of value he could sell or trade later. He stood up and then made his way back through the cemetary. He was hungry now, and could maybe benefit from a trip to the spas nearby. He Was still impressed by the mans abilities, even if he ahd died like a weakling.

“I fucking hate weaklings, The young people of this land had better entertain me better then he did...or ill just kill them all.”


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