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Quest: crash the Cash House

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Quest: crash the Cash House Empty on Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:21 am

Yugo made his way through the streets of Oak. He was headed toward a Cash Drop he had heard about while interregating someone for his Client earlier on. He smiled as the common person got out of his way. He was starting to get a bit of a reputation in oak it seemed. He didnt mind the attention. It meant his enemies would be more likely to come and fight him at any times, not just when he would seek them out. He wasnt against being seen as a villain if it meant he could live a fun and fight filled life. He was on his way to raid thje cash house for his client, if he had known working for a crime family would be this fun he would have signed up ages ago.

He approched the cash drop, but found it completely empty. He growled angrily as he was now annoyed no one was there to challenge his advance. He began to toss and overturn anything he could move, which was just about everything in the little building. He would easily find the bag of money, But as he went to take it he felt the tip of his finger get sliced off by a flying disk. He stood back up and cursed.

“Come out of the Shadows Coward. Where are you? You cut my damn finger.” He cursed and after a moment he grabbed a chair and threw it into the shadows, forcing a figure to run from the shadows and attack Yugo. The figure was quick and attacked without hesitation. Yugo blocked each kick and strike, but he dodged the short blade the man had. He didnt trust it to not be poisoned in someway. He hated dealing with sneak thiefs and rats that hide in the shadows.

Yugo blocked one of the mans attacks and grabbe dhis leg, throwing him against a wall and charging into it to crush him. The man dodged at the last second. “Get back here Rat!” He rushed the man again and grabbed him as he scrambled to run. He threw the man into the wall and Began to pummel him senseless. He slammed his fists into the mans head until he was nothing more then a headless corpse. The mans lifeless body fell to the ground. Yugo growled and kicked the mans body before spitting on his corpse. He returned to the bag and pulled it out of the ground roughly.

He made his way out of the cash house as he threw a match behind him. The gas leaking out of the pipe was flammable, and as it caught flame the place exploded with Yugo making his way to the drop off point. He would hand off the bag, and be given his reward. He took the money, said goodbye to the client and made his way to the nearest bar. He was going to have drink and let his finger heal. He cursed the little rat he had crushed as he walked away.


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