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Knight Time (Quest)

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Knight Time (Quest) Empty Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:41 pm

Shuffling around Hargeon, Vice is just staying for fun trouble. An outfit prepared for adventure has now found itself on the mage. On Vice an armor that covers all of him that it can, a little ring on the index finger, and a dark staff to accompany the left palm. Wholly clouding the armor is a simple tight-fit and dark grey robe. Vice has had what can only be considered explosive growth come to him. With his current assortment of an enhanced self, he feels confident to fight what he expects is the most basic B-rank mage. The only things he feels lacking in is spell count, and a general direction. Existentially, maybe a race change is in order, but Vice likes to operate under his own power. Although Vice also has a rare magic, it doesn't allow him to standout, or achieve any functionality.

A walking wasted mana pool is all Vice considers himself. In the face of others, at least, Vice's Void Magic also considers them a waste. Biding his time, Vice doesn't mind the current state of things. Rushing is nonsense with magic research. Prepared for today's scenic disappointment, Vice is only looking to finish up his business in Hargeon, as he mainly came for initial stability.

More combat experience could be good to have, but Vice finds it unlikely he'll get that in Hargeon reasonably. Tempering his expectations, the mage continues forward. Outwardly, playfully confident, Vice can still at least try to enjoy the scenery. Hargeon is a nice vacation in the security Vice pursues in the chaotic world. An emptiness in a person can get filled in Hargeon. Browsing a shopping district close to the docks, Vice has short and invisible contemplations. Where else could a person want to live? Traders are abundant in Hargeon, and therefore so are their cultures. Vacations bring all sorts of noble people to Hargeon, as well.


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Some people don't like having many choices and differences around them. Some others, like Vice, think that Hargeon isn't truly a diverse place for them to station themselves. The size and geography of Hargeon, simply put by Vice: an inferior place. Arrogantly evaluated, there's nothing unique, albeit uniqueness being an untouchable pursuit. Life's short, and Vice considers it all but a war game. Shifting his glance from the quaint shops that dot the streets, Vice occasionally playfully taps his staff on roamed pavement.

Unnecessary extravagance can be considered from Vice's outfit. In his opinion, there's never too much preparation. If he was still as magicless as he was, he'd just consider himself embarrassingly posturing. Now, Vice can confidently confront quests his way, whether he'll encounter direct fights or not. By and large, Vice is just looking to chill on his final days in Hargeon. Coming to a stop, he looks around at the docking areas. Professional and busy shipping is all around. All the up-to-date trends are working their way around the area. Some big stations and reserved stations for smaller characters. Vice reminisces on the fun he's had, and the research he's done.

Politics are everywhere and the only thing Vice could interject in without having magic. Knowing about the authorities in Hargeon was a casual day spent learning, and thus Vice is familiar with a requester he'll be pursuing. Ants can't be compared to dragons. Vice doesn't expect big quests at this time, but he's hopeful his requester will bring an interesting confrontation with thugs, at least. By preference, full of energy, Vice thinks Hargeon is too clean and boring. Stinging air lacking and lacking hostility doesn't push Vice to help anybody. Most people that live in Hargeon are able to help themselves, and coming to today's task, Vice is only going to be a substitute.


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It's a bright day, but cloudy boredom creeps fully to Vice. Waiting and relying on the requester can be boring, besides everything else in Vice's head. No longer tapping the ground with his staff, Vice doesn't look too bored to others at least. Feigning playfulness for a forsaken place isn't on Vice's agenda. Peering over, Vice notices the requester round the corner, while Vice is still on a clearing of dock pavement. Casual knowledge of this Collin character tells Vice he's just a common dreamseeker. Wordly experience trying to be found by Collin in Port Hargeon. Poor kid got initiated into working faithfully for the nobles, Vice guesses. Watching Collin approach, Vice rudely discards his attention, and listens to the nearby ships. A bit envious of the ships, Vice imagines he'll never return to this place. Consistency in trading, and consistency in general, can be made homely in itself. Physically bumping into Collin, Vice contrarily muses how these quests don't match his initiative personality.

"Greetings sir mage, I'm in a bit of a hurry you see. I just need someone reliable. Standard rules, observe our good city, and take care of any bubbling concerns. The lord called me, so I'm just here to make sure my help's on the right track. Good luck!" Keeping track with the racing words, Vice nods his head. Not taking a second look at his requester, Vice is confident his guild's administration can handle any wrongful work. Generally, Vice isn't looking to suck up to any noble backing, with him leaving the area. Assuming his guild speaks for itself, Vice doesn't like to pretend the culture of Hargeon isn't subservient to Blue Pegasus. Grandly scheming his mind away gives Vice a bit more seriousness as he begins today's quest. Beginning jogging at a provocative speed, Vice will just clear out whatever rabble is creeping around Hargeon today.


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(First post 317, second post 308, third post 312, this post 305.)

Winding around an internal map brings the mage eventually to two shady individuals. Overperforming or bringing overarching trouble isn't an interest of Vice's. Not even trying to eavesdrop, Vice takes a proceeding development in stride. Both shady men begin to speedily desert this now-shady and slimy part of Hargeon, after noticing Vice. If Vice felt an ounce of concern he might joke one of these piratey guys is named HULL. Comparatively, Hully is the more professional-looking one, so Vice doesn't want to deal with him. Whatever way Hully went, it looks kind of shady too, and that thought's coming from a Darkness Magic user like Vice. Targeting the weaker one, Vice doesn't feel the need to expose he's a mage. Weirdly enough, while Vice goes to Rambo jog to the thug, he thinks on how he had to note he's a mage for this quest. No matter, to Vice, he drags this thug out from wherever it was going to crawl out to. Venting maybe happens in a totally legal fashion, as Vice has to chase boring thugs.

Silently interrogating this evil bug, Vice eventually pokes it with his staffy stick. Enough time of hard poking brings the matter to an end and Vice learns about the other shady man. Conveniently, Vice  jogs back to Collin. Reporting today's matters back to Collin is done, and that guy can go deal with Hargeon's underbelly. Vice isn't looking for blind justice, and there isn't much that'll bring him to action. Not really deep down it's just that Vice isn't a great guy when he's using Darkness Magic. If his guild was attacked, Vice is the kind of guy to just ignore it if he can't do anything about it. The whole Berserker label and Darkness Magic guy that's actually lighthearted doesn't apply to Vice, unless he's provoked.

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