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Ziann Weiss

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Name: Ziann Weiss

Age: April 10th X759

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless, for now

Tattoo: Ziann's Tattoo will be a bloody Crimson color and will be located on his back over the shoulder blades.

Face: Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 152 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Overall: Ziann is a fairly tall individual, with a commanding presence. His piercing red gaze is often seen as intimidating or just plain creepy. He likes to wear a lot of black, coupled with plenty of buckles and belts all over his outfit. He's never seen without his blood red cape, though, even while sleeping. The cape appears to be stained as if it wasn't always red...

Matching his black clothing is Ziann's dark colored hair that stretches down far past his shoulders to the small of his back. To keep it out of his eyes he wears a red strip of cloth around his head that appears to have been torn from the cape he's always wearing.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Ziann is a terror, both emotionally and physically. He has a rare form of Bipolar Disorder that changes his mood from Manic to Depressive very suddenly. While his Manic or Depressive moods can often last days or longer, as is common for Bipolar patients, he also can feel himself changing from one to the other multiple times over the course of a day at his worst. This inability to be consistent at one attitude makes him appear to be sour and miserly. He often lashes out in his Manic moods, only to feel deep shame at his lack of control the next moment.

He's also physically a terror. He has a dark, sadistic streak that manifested at an early age. He has no problem skinning cats and dissecting live frogs and doing generally psychopathic acts. He's rough on those around him, even those he would consider close to him. He has no problem aggressively asserting himself during his Manic moods, only to back down and be submissive the next minute in a Depressive state.

Generally considered to be an angry, bad kind of guy, Ziann is simply acting out of a dark mental state. While he does commit bad acts, belongs to a Dark Guild, and would definitely take on Bad Jobs, he doesn't necessarily revel in the malicious acts. He acts tough, but on the inside he's very insecure about his emotions. He has lived with his mental condition his whole life and has learned to cope with the ever changing chemistry of his brain.


  • Food: Ziann loves to eat. You couldn't really tell from looking at him, as he's solidly in the "normal" BMI range, but he loves all manner of food. Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, Desserts. All of it. He's hard to pull away from a good meal.
  • Heights: Standing at the top of a building, or the edge of a cliff, or even flying with Magic is something that Ziann lives for. He loves to feel the wind on his face, the sun on his back, and the crisp feeling of a high vantage point.


  • Animals: Animals are dirty creatures. Not only dirty, but smelly and irritable and irritating. Ziann does not care for most animals; he's yet to find an animal that didn't cause his wrath for some reason.
  • Being Underground: Zian feels trapped when he's forced to be in a cave or a basement or some other area where there isn't a lot of room to move around. It's not technically claustrophobia, as it doesn't incite panic or anxiety or fear, but he just doesn't like being confined.


  • Control: Ziann would like nothing more than to control his emotions, control his environment, control his enemies. He's in a constant power struggle within himself and strives to control his outside factors to better cope with his internal struggles.


  • Women: Ziann doesn't get women. He definitely feels off put by them, especially if they try to approach him and talk to him. He's not attracted to them, so he feels awkward around them. He will often go out of his way to avoid interacting with them.
  • Losing Control: Losing Control could come in many different ways for Ziann's fear. Incarceration is the biggest of the fears, followed by losing complete control over his emotions, followed by being forced into a marriage.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Wind Make Magic

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Enhancement: Upgrade Spell-Type [Defensive]

Magic Description: Wind Make Magic is simply the creation of constructs made of wind. The user of Wind Make Magic can form gusts or blades or shields of wind, for example. Their only limits are their creativity and their raw magical power.


History: Ziann Weiss was born to human parents, one Jensen and Amelia Weiss. They both were born and raised in Fiore and married young. Ziann was their third child, of a total of eight children. Their first two were twins (identical girls), then they had Ziann, followed by a set of triplets (fraternal one girl and two boys) then two more girls. Ziann, in the middle of a set of twins and triplets, received nearly no attention for most of his childhood. He was the odd one out, the lone sheep, the "boring one". He had to learn to entertain himself, which manifested in less than wholesome activities such as dissecting frogs that were still alive or plucking all the feathers off the neighbor's chicken.

Ziann's psychopathic tendencies seemed to go unnoticed mostly because of his extreme mood swings that he was prone to. He would be loud, boisterous, and unable to sleep at night one week but the next week wouldn't get up until after 3pm every day. The Doctors tried a few medicines for this condition, but Ziann refused to take them. They made him feel groggy and out of control of himself. Sedated. He didn't care for that, so he would slip the pill into the pet dog's food bowl when no one was looking. It took three dead dogs to finally figure out that they were taking antipsychotics regularly instead of Ziann.

When he turned eighteen, Ziann left home behind and didn't look back. He travelled the region casually, practicing his Wind Make magic with the eventual intention of being able to fly. That was his biggest desire, to practice enough to be able to lift himself up off the ground and get away from the world for a little while. He hadn't started practicing magic until later in his life, so he was 30 by the time he finally had enough power and practice to start pushing for Jobs. He felt drawn to the dark jobs offered by the shadier folk and started with those. Not having a Guild yet, he could do whatever he wanted to and that is what appealed to him.

Reference: I was referred by an ad from Kenzo on another RP site.

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